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get rid of lower belly flab? in a month?

my goal this summer was to be fit and stay active. I jog 3 miles every other day but no matter what i do, the lower part of my stomach keeps "flabbing" out. It's not
that bad, but it bothers me a lot and when i wear tight shirts and i have to suck my stomach in when i stand up or walk around and it ANNOYING! How do i get rid
of this fat?

Asked by Mandarin at Aug 10,2011 22:31

Best answer

Try zumba ( DVDs, wii game or classes which ever you want) it's just dance an you can lose 6 dress sizes in like a year! Atleast! Also it doesn't even feel like a
work out and you can burn between 400 - 1000+ plus calories in just an hour! ( depends how much effort you put in)

Answer from katie love at Aug 10,2011 22:50

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