Diary of a Wimpy Kid (PowerPoint) by hedongchenchen


            Jeff Kinney

Hailie T.
           Main Characters

Manny-3 years old, Greg and Rodrick’s brothers, Playful, Tattletale
Greg-13 years old, Manny and Rodrick’s brothers, Not active,
Keeps quiet
Rodrick-16 years old, Manny and
Greg’s brothers, Mean, Selfish
Rowley- 13 years old, Best friends with Greg, Childish, Likes
ponies and pink
Manny    Greg      Rodrick    Rowley

        •Brothers / friends
             •All boys
         •All go to school
 Manny                                        Rowley
•3 year old boy                •13 year old boy
•Brother of Rodrick and Greg   •Friend of Greg
•Tattletale                    •Babyish(likes ponies)
•Goes to preschool             •Goes to middle school as Greg

Rodrick                                      Greg
•15 year old boy               •13 year old boy
•Brother of Greg and Manny     •Main character
•Is in a band                  •Brother of Rodrick and Manny
•Goes to high school           •Tries to act older than he is
                               •Goes to the same middle school
                               as Rowley
The setting of this story is: at Greg’s
The summary of this story is…it’s summer vacation
and Greg wants to do something fun. Well his
moms idea of fun isn’t exactly it. She has plans
to go to church, the public pool, and going to the
beach. Well Greg wants to have fun with his
friends. And hen he finds out that the girl he
has a crush on he doesn’t mind going to the
public pool anymore until his mom follows him
around. Then he decides to go on family vacation
with his best friend Rowley and wants to go on
the roller coaster called the zipper but Rowley
doesn’t so they don’t get to go so Greg has no fun the
whole summer.
                       Turning Point-

The turning point, or conflict, of this story is…when Dad wants a dog
for his birthday. He knows his family hates dogs.
He used to have one when he was little and it died, but Dad really
wants a dog.
The outcome, or resolution, of this
story is… Dad’s family buys him a dog
for his birthday. He’s very excited and
Greg’s actually is a little excited. But
Mom really hates the dog.

I would recommend this book to children maybe
Somewhere between the ages of 9-12 or 13 depending
on what you like. It is a humor book and in my opinion
teaches a little lesson. Ok I don’t want to give the
whole book away so that’s about it.
                               About Me-

Hi I’m Hailie. I’m in 6th grade at Sunrise
Elementary. I was born on July 5th 1998. I live in
Florida. I have a big family. That’s about it so….

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