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Dark (fishy) smelling urine and vagina. soaked a tampon in Hydrogen Periodioxe and put in my vag for 10
mins. ?

It was coated with a thick white sorta clumpy coating. but, the smell is gone. No w, i have left lower back pain. I cant go to the drs, I have no insurance, does
anyone know what this is or what i should do?

Asked by Jaime H at Aug 09,2011 13:34

Sounds like you might have thrush or some sort of infection. You can pick up hrsuh cream and tablets from your local chemists! I would never suggest putting
hydrogen peroxide in your vag though.that could make you infertile i reckon!

Answer from chewmychincalver at Aug 09,2011 13:37

That could easily be signs of a kidney or bladder infection. Dark urine means something is failing/sick in your body. The fishy smell is indicative of a serious
infection, whether and STI or just a yeast infection. You should have never put hydrogen peroxide in your vagina. You may have killed the temporary 'bad'
bacteria' in your vaginal but that wont help you because I can assure you whatever is causing these symptoms is deeper than your vaginal canal. And, hydrogen
peroxide also kills any 'good bacteria' you had to fight the bad bacteria. You've made your situation worse by doing that. I understand that you have no health
insurance, but there are plenty of state/county run health clinics that are based on income clinics. I'm going to list the site to help you find them below but it's up to
you to call all of the places and make sure they're based on income, and offer womens health. I go to my BOI health department, annually, for my pap-smear and
free birth control. I have insurance now, but for the last 2 yrs I had none. Tell them that you have no insurance, no job, and that your parent/boyfriend pays for
everything. They'll put you down as '0 copay' and everything will be free. Except if they write you a prescription of something that you'll need to pick up at a
pharmacy. I really hope you find someone to see because it sounds like to me you need a urine screen and possibly even a blood screen.

Answer from Kate at Aug 09,2011 13:48

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Answer from Ruth Griffin at Aug 10,2011 10:17

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