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Can medications make your hair texture change?

I used to have totally straight hair. Now some of the hair in the back of my head is sort of kinky - not curly. Could medications make my hair change texture? I
used to take a ton of medication but lost my health insurance and don't take it any longer. Will it go back?

Asked by Anna Frederick at Aug 14,2011 17:40

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Some medicines, and some illnesses, change hair texture, amount of curl, and even color by changing the scalp and hair follicles. Most of the time things return
to the pre-medicines and pre-illness state. I can take time, though, since your hair grows from the scalp out, so you will have to be very patient. When I was
almost 3 years old I was in a very bad pickup truck accident that resulted in severe scalp injury. It healed, but until I was about 14 I had a platinum blond streak of
hair from where the worst injury was. It gradually recovered and my hair began to grow in brown -- brown is my natural color -- but is still a bit lighter.

Answer from Mary at Aug 14,2011 17:49

i have the same problem! my hair did the exact same thing! my advice is do not mess with it! i did that and progressed to pulling it ive got a few small
bald spots. :( it might grow back normal eventually but probably not while you are on the medication. ask your doctor that prescribed it about the side effects of
the medication so that you know when something is normal or not. good luck! :)

Answer from Mallory at Aug 14,2011 19:11

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