LEAD Newsletter July 2008 by AnthonySeuseu


									Volume 2, Issue 2                           July 2008

       PDP kicks into gear with Alberta session

                                                                                      Cohort 14
       The LEAD Canada Professional              by Hugh Maynard
       Development Program has gone              Manager, Professional
       from strength to strength since
       since the re-launch in November
                                                 Development Program
       2007. The second domestic ses-
       sion of the C12 Cohort and the       from the Canadian program since
                                                                                    August 10 to 15
       first session of the C13 Cohort      C8.                                     Toronto, Ontario
       PDP were successfully completed
                                            The program was carried out
       from May 11-16th at the Augus-                                           LEAD Canada invites applications
                                            with great success including a
       tana Faculty of the University of                                        to Cohort 14 of its professional
                                            presentation by Mark Anielski
       Alberta in Camrose, Alberta.                                             development program for people
                                            (author of “The Economics of
       Great thanks go to Varghese Ma-                                          interested in leadership training
                                            Happiness: Building Genuine
       naloor of C11 for assisting with                                         within the challenging sphere of
                                            Wealth), a visit to the Imperial
       the arrangements as well as for                                          sustainable development. With
                                            Oil Cold Lake oil sands facility
       his contribution to the program.                                         the support of HSBC Bank Can-
                                            (thank you to Peter Baltais of C6
       Five C12’s participated along        for the arrangements), and the      ada, the City of Toronto and
       with seven C13’s for a total of 12   community visits connected with     Humber College this training
       Associates. Four of the C12’s have   the proposed Round Hill coal        event will run from August 10 to
       now completed the training por-      gasification project, which was a   15, 2008.
       tion of the program and are all      case study prepared specifically    It will be followed by a second
       set to become the newest Fellows     for the program.                    domestic session in Vancouver,
                                                                                BC in April 2009, and an interna-
                                                                                tional session in China in October
                                                                                2009 (dates to be confirmed.)
                                                                                The theme for the first domestic
                                                                                session in Toronto is ‘Sustainable
                                                                                Cities’ and program and registra-
                                                                                tion details are available on then
                                                                                the LEAD Canada website:


                                                                                    For more information call
                                                                                  1-866-532-3539, ext. 704

                                                                                   Deadline for applications is
                                                                                  Monday, July 21st, 2008

       Cohorts 12 & 13 at the Augustana Faculty of the University of Alberta
       (Camrose) in May, 2008.
                                                                                       Supporting Sponsor
                                                 See more pictures on page 3
                                                                                                         PAGE 2

       LEAD Fellows’ Get-togethers
                TORONTO                                                  CALGARY
  Thursday, July 17th, 2008 at 5:30pm                     Sunday, July 27th, 2008 at 5:30pm
  Pilot Tavern                                            BBQ at home of Karen West
  !!"#$%&'()*n,"-.'/0"o2"3on4'5"*&o6'"7)oo(8"             <=!>"7o."#(?"NA"-n'*("9B#"C"D*(E''"9(*;)"DA8"
  9o(on0o5":n0*(;o"                                       #*)4*(F5"G)&'(0*"

  Cell: 514-609-2636                                      RSVP: 403-247-0204

LEAD Canada Planning Session
Hn"EonI$nE0;on".;0J"0J'"!KKL"*nB     6')oR%'n0".;0J"=X"OPGQ"R(oB          ['6;'.;n4"0J'")*/0"0J(''"F'*(/"o2"
n$*)"%''0;n45"J'),"M*(EJ">0J"*0"     4(*%/";n"LK"Eo$n0(;'/"*n,"o6'("      OPGQ"#*n*,*"*E0;6;0F5"0J'('"J*6'"
0J'"N*(&o$(2(on0"#o%%$n;0F"          =LKK"Y'))o./".o(),.;,'?"9J'"         &''n"/o%'";%Ro(0*n0")'//on/"
#'n0('";n"9o(on0o5"OPGQ"#*nB         0(*;n;n4"R(o4(*%"J*/"*"E(o//B        )'*(n',".J;)'"$n,'(0*Z;n4"R(oB
*,*"J'),"*"R)*nn;n4"/'//;on"0o"      /'E0o(*)"*n,"E(o//BE$)0$(*)"'%B      I'E0/5"F'0"0J'"('6;6*)"o2"0J'"o(4*n;B
/0*(0"0o"&(;n4"*))"0J'"R;'E'/"0oB    RJ*/;/"0J*0"'nEo$(*4'/"&o0J");/B     S*0;on"J*/"Eo%'"0J(o$4J";n"4oo,"
4'0J'("/;nE'"0J'"o(4*n;S*0;onT/"     0'n;n4"*n,")'*(n;n4".J;)'",(*.B      /J*R'"*nF.*F/?"9J'"E$(('n0"*E0;6;B
('B)*$nEJ";n0o"0J'".o(),"o2"R(oB     ;n4"on"0J'"(;EJn'//"o2"R*(0;E;R*B    0;'/"*('")'*,"&F"Y'))o./"*/"0J'"o(B
I'E0/"*n,"0(*;n;n4"R(o4(*%"/0*(0B    0;on"2(o%"%*nF"R(o2'//;on*)"*n,"     4*n;S*0;on"4(*6;0*0'/"0o.*(,/"*"
;n4";n"!KKU?"                        E;6;)"/'E0o(/?"9J'"R(o4(*%",o'/"     /oE;*)"'n0('R('n'$(;*)"%o,')?"
"                                    no0"'n4*4'";n"*,6oE*EF5"%*;nB        AJ;)'"0J'"'%RJ*/;/"o2"0J'"R(o4(*%"
9J'"Eon0'V0";/"0J*0"OPGQ"#*n*,*"     0*;n;n4"n'$0(*);0F".J;)'"'%&*(ZB     ;/"on";//$'/"o2")'*,'(/J;R"2o))o.;n4""
;/"R*(0"o2"0J'".o(),T/")*(4'/0";nB   ;n4"on"*"nonBR*(0;/*n"*RR(o*EJ"      0J'"0J'%'"o2"E);%*0'"EJ*n4'"-;n"
0'(n*0;on*)"NW:"2oE$//',"on"         0o"0J'";//$'/";n6o)6',".;0J"/$/B
                                                                                           Continued on page 4
)'*,'(/J;R"*n,"/$/0*;n*&)'",'B       0*;n*&)'",'6')oR%'n0?"

“Spidergram” of LEAD Canada’s strategic plan developed at the March, 2008 planning session in Toronto.
     PAGE 3


      Sustainability in a Changing World

                                                                                        A group of Associates during one of the many
     The newest Fellows from C12: (l to r)                                              discussion sessions during the program at the
     Doug Pinto, Lyn Ponniah, Erin Silbe and                                            Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta
     Lawry Trevor-Deutsch.                                                              in May.

                                                     Energy & Cities
                                                  The stylized graphic for the May
                                                  session focused on the connection
                                                  between energy, cities and sustain-
                                                  ability, with the upcoming August
                                                  session to be held in Canada’s

                                                                                        Todd Hayward, C13, of HSBC Bank Canada,
                                                                                        supporting sponsor of the PDP, Varghese Ma-
                                                                                        naloor, C11, and Dana Reiter, C13, survey a
                                                                                        reclaimed site at Cold Lake after extraction was
                                                                                        completed from the oil sands operation.

                                                                                        Peter Baltais, C6,
                                                                                        not only organized
     Gary Sanberg, C4, gave his perspective                                             the tour of the Impe-
     on sustainability and leadership. He is                                            rial Oil operations at
     Director of Stakeholder Relations for the                                          the Cold Lake oil
     Ministry of Municipal Affairs in Alberta                                           sands facility, he got
     and spoke eloquently of being a Fellow                                             to be photographer
     and the contribution that it had made to                                           as well.
     his work.
                                                                 Katherine Hodges,
                                                                 C13, and Annetta
                                                                 Grant, C13, were the
                                                                 liaisons between
                                                                 groups for the Pris-
                                                                 oner’s Dilemma exer-
                                                                 cise: XX to YYour
                                                                 proposal, just don’t
                                                                 shoot the messen-

     The C12 and C13 Associates at the Imperial Oil Cold Lake                           A member of the Round Hill community dis-
     Operation. They were joined by Adeshina Sadiq, C10—                                cusses a point with Eugène Omboli, C13, on the
     Nigeria (front centre), and his wife, Moriam Sadiq (rear                           proposed coal gasification project that will affect
     centre), who now live in Calgary.                                                  a large area east of Edmonton.
!"#$"%&'() – having a !"#"$%, being able to &$''(%"&)*+ it, ,("-. *0(#*, and '$,"-"1+ $*2+0# for collaborative action

        LEAD Canada Inc.                                   LEAD Canada planning
        Mailing address:                                   Continued from page 2
        PO Box 250
        Ormstown QC J0S 1K0
        hugh@quanglo.ca                                    /FnEJ".;0J"0J'";n0'(n*0;on*)"R(o4(*%85"0J'('";/"*".;));n4n'//"
        1-866-532-3539                                     0o"'n4*4'".;0J"o0J'("oRRo(0$n;0;'/";n"0J'"*('*"o2"/$/0*;n*&)'"
        Board of Directors
        Carole Therrien, President (C7)                    "
        Mehrdad Nazari, Vice-president (C7)                KEY DIRECTIONS for LEAD CANADA
        Hugh Maynard, Secretary & Treasurer (C6)           OPGQ"#*n*,*";/5"2;(/0"*n,"2o('%o/05"*"0(*;n;n4"o(4*n;S*0;on"
        Victoria Antoniu (C8)
        Alex Langshur (C5)                                 .;0J;n"0J'"Eon0'V0"o2"&';n4"*"EJ*n4'"*4'n0"0J*0"E*n"'n4*4'";n"
        Linda Lusby (C5)                                   R(oI'E0/"*n,";n;0;*0;6'/"0J*0"Eon0(;&$0'"0o"/$/0*;n*&)'",'6')oRB
        Jeannette Murry (C12)                              %'n0?"
        Lawry Trevor-Deutsch (C12)
        Douglas Worts (C6)
                                                           Professional Development
        Newsletter editor—Hugh Maynard                     9J'"Eo('"o2"0J'"0(*;n;n4"*E0;6;0;'/".;))"&'"0J'"^(o2'//;on*)"Q'B
        Contributors: Mehrdad Nazari
      LEAD Canada pre-selected                             "
          for GRI training                                 Resources
      9J'"W)o&*)"['Ro(0;n4"Hn;0;*0;6'"-W[H85"*"            %'n0/5"*/".'))"*/"4'n'(*0'";nEo%'"2(o%"/'(6;E'"R(o6;/;on"
      %$)0;B/0*Z'Jo),'("4o6'(n',";n/0;0$0;on"Eo)B          -0(*;n;n4"(')*0',8?"G",;('E0o(B%'%&'("/Jo$),"2oE$/"on"2$n,B
      )*&o(*0;n4"0o"R(o6;,'"*"4)o&*)"/$/0*;n*&;);0F"       (*;/;n4"*n,"&$/;n'//",'6')oR%'n0?"
      ('Ro(0;n4"2(*%'.o(Z"-/''"                            "
      ...?4)o&*)('Ro(0;n4?o(485"J*/"R('B/')'E0',"          Organization
      OPGQ"#*n*,*"0o"R(o6;,'"W[HBE'(0;2;',"0(*;nB          9J'"_Hn/0;0$0;on`".;))"Eon0;n$'"0o"')*&o(*0'";0/"Eo(Ro(*0'"
      ;n4";n"#*n*,*?"9;%;n4"2o("/$EJ"*n";n;0;*0;6'"        /0($E0$('".;0J"*"&o*(,"*n,"Eo%%;00''/";n"o(,'("0o"'22'E0;6')F"
      %*F"&'"R*(0;E$)*()F"2*6o(*&)'";n"0J'"'V0(*EB         R$(/$'";0/"6;/;on"*n,"2$)2;))";0/"%;//;on?"P6*)$*0;on"o2"R(o4('//"
      0;6'"/'E0o(?"9J'"('E'n0"G,6;/o(F"W(o$R"['B           *n,"('/$)0/"-/$EE'//"2*E0o(/5";n,;E*0o(/5"R'(2o(%*nE'"%'*/$('B
      Ro(0"on"0J'"[o$n,0*&)'/"on"#o(Ro(*0'"DoE;*)"         %'n08"J*/"0o"&'Eo%'"*n";n0'4(*)"Eo%Ron'n0"o2"*))"*E0;6;0;'/5";n"
      ['/Ron/;&;);0F"-#D[8"*n,"0J'"#*n*,;*n"PVB            R*(0;E$)*("0(*;n;n4?"OPGQ"#*n*,*";/"no0");%;0',"0o"I$/0"Y')B
      0(*E0;6'"Hn,$/0(F"J;4J);4J0',"E(o//B/'E0o(*)"        )o./";n"0'(%/"o2"%'%&'(/J;R"&$0";/"oR'n"2o("'n4*4'%'n0"
      Eon6'(4'nE'"*(o$n,"W[HT/"('Ro(0;n4"/0*nB             .;0J"o0J'("EJ*n4'"*4'n0/?"7'Fon,";n,;6;,$*)"%'%&'(/J;R5"*n"
      ,*(,/?"N'V0"/0'R/".;))"('\$;('"OPGQ"#*n*,*"          'V*%;n*0;on"o2".J*0"0FR'/"o2"o(4*n;S*0;on/"%;4J0"&'"R*(0n'(/"
      0o"2;n*);S'"*"('n'.*&)'"M'%o(*n,$%"o2"               o("*22;);*0'/"n'',/"0o"&'"$n,'(0*Z'n5"*n,".J*0"E*R*E;0F".;))"&'"
      ]n,'(/0*n,;n4"-M:]85"2$n,";0/"R*(0n'(/J;R"           ('\$;(',"0o"%*;n0*;n"0J'/'"0FR'/"o2";n;0;*0;6'/a"
      2''/5",'6')oR"E*/'"/0$,;'/"*n,"/'E$('"W[H"           "
      E'(0;2;E*0;on?"OPGQ"#*n*,*".;))"0J'n"&'"             Communications
      ('*,F"0o")*$nEJ"*n,",');6'("*"/'(;'/"o2"!B,*F"       #o%%$n;E*0;on/"('%*;n/"*n";n0'4(*)"R*(0"o2"OPGQ"#*n*,*T/"
      0(*;n;n4"'6'n0/?"OPGQ"#*n*,*"no.".')B                R(o4(*%5"no0"on)F"0o"%*;n0*;n"Eon0*E0".;0J"0J'"n'0.o(Z"&$0"
      Eo%'/"2o$n,;n4"/Ron/o(/"0o"J')R",'6')oR"             *)/o"0o",'6')oR"0J'"&(*n,";n"/$RRo(0"o2"0J'"0(*;n;n4"*n,"R(oB
      *n,")*$nEJ"0J;/";%Ro(0*n0";n;0;*0;6'?""              I'E0"*E0;6;0;'/5"*n,"0J;/";n"Eon/;,'(*0;on"o2"onB4o;n4"o$0('*EJ"

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