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									                                        Timothy J. Buckley

         “Adobe Systems Inc. and the Aldus Corporation -- two personal computer software

         companies that played crucial roles in the rise of the $2 billion desktop publishing

         industry -- announced their intention to merge yesterday in a stock swap valued at

                         more than $500 million” (New York Times, 1994)

       Mr. Timothy J. Buckley was a 1974 graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a

bachelor’s degree in political science. Buckley used his liberal arts education to pioneer the

development of the desktop publishing industry, the database compiling software industry,

diagramming software for business solutions, and open-source software. Buckley’s

contributions are a direct relation to the value of education he received with his liberal arts

degree. Timothy J. Buckley’s “involvement in, and development of start-up technology firms

led to affiliations with the biggest names in technology: Aldus, Adobe, Lotus, Visio and

Microsoft” (2008 Alumni).

       Buckley began his career with a start-up technology firm located in California, named

Aldus. Aldus is primarily responsible for the creation of Pagemaker, a system first used by

Macintosh Computers. Aldus was later purchased by Adobe in 1994. Buckley continued to

contribute to technological innovation through the Approach Software Corporation. Approach

Software, a corporation known for its creation of data software programming capable of

compiling databases, was acquired by Lotus Development Corporation in 1993.
       After helping to launch Approach Software Corporation, Timothy J. Buckley, served as

Sales Executive for Visio. Visio was a publicly traded company who was acquired in 2000 by

Microsoft for $1.5 billion in stock. Visio now serves as part of Microsoft’s Business

Productivity Group led by Vice President Bob Muglia who stated that they were “thrilled to

welcome Visio, a pioneer in delivering unique diagramming solutions to business and enterprise

customers, to the Microsoft family of business products” (Microsoft).

       Prior to forming his present corporation, Buckley served as Chief Operating Officer for

the Redhat Corporation. The Redhat Corporation was founded in 1993 whose mission is to serve

as a “catalyst in communities of customers, contributors, and partners creating better technology

the open source way” (Redhat). It provides Linux and open-source services through reliable and

cost effective solutions. At Redhat, Buckley helped convert the company from an operating

system used by students to a practical enterprise company. Redhat Corporation has offices in 28

different countries, and provides open-source solutions to companies including The New York

Stock Exchange, Charles Schwab, Amazon.com, DreamWorks and AOL.

       After serving as Chief Operating Officer for Redhat Corporation, Timothy J. Buckley

founded Buckley Investments, LLC. Buckley Investments, LLC, is a consulting firm located in

Raleigh, North Carolina. In addition to serving in his consulting company, Buckley also serves

on numerous boards and as an advisor to companies including Voyager Capital, Southern Capitol

Ventures, Revolution Computing, Channel Advisor, Stripes Group, and Hatteras.

       Timothy J. Buckley has also contributed to Penn State University by serving on the

Liberal Art’s Task Force, which develops the curriculum for the business minor. Buckley’s

contributions included the development of a course that allows enrolled students the opportunity
to connect with alumni and learn about the career possibilities awarded through a Liberals Arts

degree; LA 200. In addition to serving on the Liberal Art’s Task Force, Buckley is also a

member of Penn State’s Development Council. Timothy Buckley, wife, Frances, and four

children have also created scholarship opportunities through the Liberal Arts Department.

       Tim Buckley has been a powerful asset to all and every job he has and is working. He

has taken knowledge away with him learned at previous and current jobs. Mr. Buckley has been

extremely successful in his work which shines through is his accomplishments and previous

work ethic. Having Mr. Buckley speak to our class will be extremely helpful. He has held many

job opportunities and is a perfect source to advise and guide students’ beginning processes of

entering the work force. Mr. Buckley has been a President, CEO and founder of companies

which exemplify his work ethic and knowledge. He is extremely knowledgeable on how a

company is run and how important it is to have various responsibilities and learn from

experiences. Mr. Buckley has been credited by several companies which we will be able to gain

more knowledge about throughout the show in our upcoming class.

       In 2008, Mr. Buckley won the Penn State Alumni Fellow Award for his efforts. The link

to his acceptance speech follows: http://streams.wpsx.psu.edu/Timothy_Buckley10022.html.

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