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									Spirit & Sparks
 JUNE 2009

The Congregational Church of Weston, UCC, 130 Newton Street, Weston, MA 02493
www.congwestonucc.net 781-899-5417 781-647-1165-fax


         This church year’s liturgical calendar has
made for tidy monthly turnings. May 31st is (or was,                 What does it mean? What does it mean to
depending upon when you read this) Pentecost                 and for you? It does NOT mean that this is the birth
Sunday, when we focus on the many meanings of                of the Holy Spirit itself. This Shekinah or Spirit, this
both the Holy Spirit and Church as well. Indeed,             Ruach Jahweh or “breath of God,” is much in evidence
Pentecost Sunday is often celebrated as “the                 throughout all Scripture, from the first narratives of
Birthday of the Church.” So June begins the “long            the creation, to the incarnation of Jesus, to all the
green growing season” of what is also called                 stunning evidences of the received power in the Book
Ordinary Time with its one day vibrant splash of             of Acts, and much, much more—right off the pages
liturgical red! And as our program year winds down           and into the millennia. Pentecost confirms what Jesus
we do indeed start to wind up with our own Jubilee           promised—that beyond his physical and earthly
anniversary year, commemorating the birth of this            absence he would yet remain a spiritually powerful
particular church, gathered in 1959. What a young            presence. And while there are many intriguing and
church we are, especially within the                         conflicting Biblical accounts of how and when Jesus
Congregationalist tradition!                                 became the Christ, it is totally clear that the once
                                                             human Jesus is now changed into the spiritual Christ,
         But more of our own Jubilee in the first full       present to each of us, interceding for each and all,
blast of autumn – what now about Pentecost? What             breathing Spirit into us even when (especially when!)
are the key faith meanings of Pentecost in our               our own exhalations are “ sighs too deep for words.”
progressive Christian approach? In the Biblical
tradition there are two occasions when the Holy                       And there is more! Pentecost is not just a
Spirit commences out of the power of the risen               manifest power intended for each and every
Christ. In the Gospel of John, Jesus appears to the          individual believer. It is an affirmation that the
disciples (excepting the absent Thomas) on Easter            earthly body of Jesus has been transformed into the
evening, greets them with words of peace, and                spiritual essence of the church. We are not just a
breathes on them, saying “Receive the Holy Spirit.”          collection of individuals, we Christians. No, we are
Luke, who wrote not only the third Gospel but also           something that participates in the Resurrection itself!
the Book of Acts, opens the latter narrative with the        We are together the Risen Body, the world-wide
story of the Ascension, followed quickly by the              church, called to act in ways congruent with that
descending of the Holy Spirit, with rich imagery of          understanding as givers of new life; as resuscitated
tongues of fire and a descending dove, fifty days            resuscitators!
after Easter This Spirit appears to fall not just upon
the known disciples, but upon the many, and with                                           (continued on page 2)
the most amazing consequence that they understand
each other even though they speak different

Enough theology! In one of my favorite prayer books, Guerrillas of Grace, Ted Loder prays it so well:

        send the gift of your Spirit
                 to fill this place
                            and myself
                                       and the world.
        Touch me
                 with truth
                            that burns like fire,
                                       with beauty
                                                  that moves me like the wind;
        And set me free, Lord,
                 to try new ways of living;
                            free to forgive myself and others;
                                       free to love and laugh and sing;
                                                  free to lay aside my burden of security,
                                                             free to join the battle for justice and peace;
                                                                        free to see and listen and wonder again
                                                                                   at the gracious mystery of things and persons;
                 free to be,
                            to give,
                                       to receive,
                                                  to rejoice as a child of your Spirit.
        And Lord,
                 teach me how to dance,
                            to turn around
                                       and come down where I want to be,
                                                  in the arms and heart of your people
                                                             and in you,
                 that I may praise and enjoy you forever.

“Amen” to all of this! See you in church!


                                                                                           Joe Mayher
                                                                                           Pastor and Teacher

Spirit & Sparks                                                       2                                                             June 2009
                                WORSHIP THEMES FOR JUNE 2009

 June 7 – Special Guest Preacher and Teacher, Dr. J. Mary Luti, Director of Wilson Chapel at Andover
         Newton Theological School, and Visiting Professor of Worship and Preaching.
        Worship Theme: No One is Alone
        Lessons: Acts 27: 13-25 and Mark 4: 35-41

         Special after church session in the Library! Join Mary for a conversation about her experience
         serving Christ Church, UCC, in Cambridge that caught a vision for its life together and for its many
         ministries, internal and external, and has been focused ever since on living into it faithfully. This has
         meant becoming a church more intent on spiritual development and more sharply committed to “making
         disciples,” young and old. Practically it has also meant learning to do church business in new ways,
         especially engaging the shift from “board culture” to ministry culture. Our Deacons and Church Mini
         Council consider this to be a very important session for us to learn from and ask questions about as we
         seek a greater faithfulness here in our own programmatic and structural arrangements. Please come!
         This session will run concurrently with Faith Discovery’s rehearsal for Children’s Sunday.

 June 14 – Children’s Day and Jubilee Church Picnic
        Our Faith Discovery children will lead worship, sharing with us what they have learned
        in their three-week Workshop Rotation experience themed on God’s creation.
        Our worship time will be followed by an enhanced All -Church Picnic to advance our Jubilee year
        celebrations. Please consider inviting someone to church with you! (See the Faith Discovery and Jubilee
        Picnic articles for further details.)

 June 21 – Last Regular Worship and Father’s Day
        Worship Theme: Scattering and Gathering
        Lesson: Mark 4: 26-34

                         SUMMER UNION SERVICES BEGIN JUNE 28
 The First Parish Church located on Boston Post Road, near the Town Green will host Summer Union Services
 June 28 through July 26. Services then switch to the Congregational Church beginning August 2 with the final
 Summer Union Service on September 6. Regular worship services will resume on September 13. Look for the
 listing of preachers and themes in the July/August summer edition of “Spirit and Sparks.”

Our Pastor and Teacher, Joe Mayher, will be away             Diocese of Western North Carolina. The event will
from June 5 through June 9. On Saturday of that              be held in Asheville, and will include a little time for
weekend, he will be leading a workshop on adult              Joe and Cindy to explore that beautiful part of the
education at a conference sponsored by the Episcopal         country.

Spirit & Sparks                                        3                                                   June 2009
                                           JUNE REMINDERS
Date                     Altar            Ushers#              Fellowship Hour#             Light Bearer
6/7                                       Higgins                                           Katie Valle
6/14                                      Gunderson             All-church Jubilee picnic   Ali von Lichtenberg
Children’s Sunday
6/21                                      Weinzierl                                         Eric Reeder
Fathers’ Day

* Altar Flower arrangements cost $52 when the church office orders through Leiby’s or you may provide your own.
# Instructions for Ushering or hosting Fellowship Hour are in the Events Binder.
(P) Perennial Donor

While many of us are away on summer vacations,              temporarily tap our bank line of credit. This year, in
and/or take a hiatus from church year commitments           order to help us avoid unnecessary interest charges,
(and even attendance) the work of the church goes           please consider making a payment toward your annual
on, and we continue to incur expenses for salaries,         pledge during the next several weeks. Thanks and
maintenance, and other operating costs. Because             have a wonderful summer!
pledge receipts typically slow down during the
summer months, meeting these financial obligations          Paul Reeder
can put pressure on our cash balances and force us to       Finance Chair

Our doors will be open to the public, rain or shine,        prizes will make for a fun intergenerational 50th
for our annual all-church picnic this year! Do you          Jubilee Celebration for all! Sunday School tours
have neighbors or friends who might be interested           available. Workers needed so please volunteer today!
in joining CCW? This would be a fun Sunday to
invite them to our service, which will be led by the         Please RSVP by June 7 to Jean Valle
children, and they can stay for lunch at the picnic.        (JeanieV2000@yahoo.com) with menu contributions
Hot dog and hamburger will be provided with                 or sign up in the Events Binder after church on
potluck sides, salads and nut-free desserts                 Sunday.
contributed by members. Children's games and

Spirit & Sparks                                         4                                             June 2009
Coming down the home stretch! And lots still to do!

On Sunday, June 7, the last Sunday before                   memory and helping them to feel at ease, so
Children’s Sunday the children will go                      your every effort to achieve simultaneous
directly to the Lighthouse Keeper room                      arrival at 9:20 am would be so much
instead of going into the sanctuary. We will                appreciated!
finish up our preparations for June 14,
Children’s Sunday. After worship, and after                 Do plan on staying for the Jubilee Picnic
a little sustenance, we will practice in the                after worship. Awesome crafts and games
sanctuary so the children can walk through                  are planned, plus a fabulous spread of food,
the service, practice their song in the                     taking our traditional intergenerational
sanctuary, and practice talking with the                    picnic to a whole new level in celebration of
microphone. This is a very important                        our 50 years of worshipping together.
practice for the smooth running of the                      BRING A FRIEND!
worship service they are leading. It will be
over by 1 PM, if not earlier.                               June 21 is our last worship Sunday together.
                                                            We’ll have a One Room Sunday and if the
On Children’s Sunday, June 14, ALL                          weather is nice, there could be some outdoor
children should be at church by 9:20 AM.                    time with some activities that “play” with
This is important for refreshing their                      our ever-growing environmental awareness.


The Barton Center for Diabetes Education runs two           Washable tempura paint: Pathfinders
camps in Massachusetts for insulin-dependent
children with diabetes--Camp Joslin for boys and            Safety scissors: Lighthouse Keepers
Clara Barton Camp for girls. Barton is in need of art
supplies to stock art rooms for children attending          Rit dye (all colors): Explorers
camp this summer. Christian Education and
Outreach will take a collection from the children on        Thank you for supporting Camp Joslin and Clara
Children's Sunday, June 14. Barton would greatly            Barton Camp, where education, recreation, and
appreciate the following donations, which we're             shared experiences combine to support and motivate
proposing to designated classes:                            children with diabetes. For more information, go to
                                                            www.bartoncenter.org .

Spirit & Sparks                                         5                                            June 2009
First, what is Camp IF? Camp if is the springboard             charge for the camp, nor even for the bus
for the Anti-Defamation League of New England’s                transportation from Riverside MBTA station. A
“Interfaith Youth Leadership Program.” The                     recommendation is needed from a participant’s
program brings together Muslim, Jewish and                     mosque, synagogue or church. Perhaps you know of
Christian teens for several days of community                  a young person who might benefit from, as well as
building and training about interfaith dialogue and            contribute to, this highly formative experience.
relationships, prejudice reduction and anti-bias
training, and education about the three traditions. All        Our Pastor and Teacher, Joe Mayher, helped to
this leads up to post-camp regional action teams.              conceive the idea of this camp based program, and
The camp will be held in a different time frame from           has served the overall program as Senior Facilitator
the past week-long format due to the beginning of the          since it inception in 1996, with the camp a key part of
Muslim month of Ramadan. A pre-camp session will               the program now for this seventh summer. Please
be held on August 13 locally, and camp will be held            speak to him with any questions, and/or find the
for four days at Camp Kenwood-Evergreen in Potter              camp brochure on our Information area in the church
Place, N.H., from August 16 to 19. There is no                 hall corridor.

                      Chuck Whitney is hoping to               If you have any, please contact Chuck (email:
                       collect historic photos or slides       cwhitneyccw@comcast.net) and bring them to church
                       of CCW and its people for a             some Sunday. Chuck will copy them with his camera
                     slide show at a one of the Jubilee        so you don't even need to remove them from your
                  celebrations.                                albums.

In honor of Director Marianne Fricke’s and Lead                foster connections to nature as Marianne and Becky
Teacher Becky Deptula’s eight years of service, the            have throughout their tenure at the school.
families from Countryside Playschool are creating a
children's exploration garden outside the classroom.           If you are interested in contributing to the garden,
A Countryside parent has graciously agreed to design           $20 is the suggested donation. All contributions may
the garden. Plant material will encourage sensory              be left in the labeled envelope in Susan Kuhr’s
exploration by the children, while also attracting             mailbox.
native birds and butterflies. The garden will help

Spirit & Sparks                                            6                                               June 2009
Jessica Schendel for the Outreach Committee

        In the spirit of Jubilee, the Outreach              who could benefit from coming
Committee is proposing an adult service project to          together for economic assistance and
be held in the fall. Currently under consideration is       psychosocial support. Through a
a weekend spent working for Habitat for Humanity            series of trainings, led primarily by
in Portland, Maine. This is a branch of H for H             members of pre-existing associations in the
with which Joe has worked several times in the past         network, new groups are organized into official,
with successive youth groups. They are very well            legalized associations that can raise money and
organized and use their volunteer help to the full.         open a bank account. Once legalized, the new
We would like to do this in late September or               association joins the EFA network, which provides
October, to coincide with the church Jubilee                them with access to seed money for income
celebrations.                                               generation projects and network-wide activities,
                                                            such as trainings on health, nutrition, leadership and
       It would be helpful for our planning                 financial management.
purposes if we could get an idea of the number of
people who might be able to join us on such a                       The Outreach Committee will be having a
weekend. Please let someone from the Outreach               collection to support the work of EFA on Sunday,
Committee know if you are interested in becoming            May 31st. Beyond that, through Rebecca and her
involved.                                                   fiance Andrew Koleros, we hope to maintain a
                                                            long-term connection with this organization.
Education Fights AIDS (EFA)
                                                            Council on Aging
         On May 17, Rebecca Schendel and Board
member Michael Nilon gave a talk after church on                    Before everyone scatters to the summer
the work of EFA in Cameroon and Rwanda. The                 breezes, let us remember our neighbors at the
presentation outlined the basic mission of EFA              Council on Aging who rely on the generosity of the
International, which is to promote the successful           food pantry supporters. We would like to increase
future of African youth/children infected and/or            our donation for the month of June before the
affected by HIV/AIDS through the provision of               summer months begin because so many people are
education and empowerment activities. EFA's                 away. On behalf of the Outreach Committee thank
primary program is the HIV+ Youth Empowerment               you very much and enjoy the lazy evenings filled
Network in Cameroon. The organization's regional            with fireflies coming our way.
staff in northern Cameroon works with local
officials to identify groups of HIV+ young people

Wear your jeans to Church and lend a hand with              Looking forward to seeing you!!
spring clean up. Bring yourselves, gardening tools,
gloves, work spirit and enjoy the chance to catch up        P.S. Don’t forget to sign up for summer watering.
with your friends and neighbors while getting the           The sign-up sheet is in the church book.
church spruced up for 2009! Indoor and outdoor
tasks. All ages welcome.

Spirit & Sparks                                         7                                             June 2009
 Mon            1          2:30pm               Weston-Wayland Learning Center
 Tue            2          7:30pm               Outreach
                           8:00am               Weston High Department Heads
                           1:00pm               Spiritual Direction - Meditation Room
                           7:30pm               Deacons
 Thu            4          10:00am              MACUCC New Clergy
                           4:00pm               Weston-Wayland Learning Center
 Fri            5                               Countryside Playschool’s last day
                           11:00 am             Organ Practice
                           7:00pm               Spirit of Life Movie Night
 Sat            6          9:00am               Violin Lessons
 Sun            7          8:00am               Spring Workday
                           10:30am              Worship, Dr. Mary Luti, guest preacher
                           11:30am              FD Practice for Children’s Sunday
                           11:30am              Special Session with Dr. Mary Luti
                           5:00pm               Spirit of Life Catholic Service
 Mon            8          8:00am               Weston Public Dept. Heads
                           2:30pm               Weston-Wayland Learning Center
 Tue            9          1:00pm               Spiritual Direction - Meditation Room
 Wed            10         8:00am               Spiritual Direction - Meditation Room
 Thu            11         4:00pm               Weston-Wayland Learning Center
                          6:00pm                WWIAG Annual Meeting – Temple Beth Elohim
 Fri            12         11:00am              Organ Practice
 Sat            13         9:00am               Violin Lessons
 Sun            14         10:30am              Children's Sunday
                           12:00pm              Jubilee Picnic with Faith Discovery Alumni
                           5:00pm               Spirit of Life Catholic Service
 Mon            15         2:30pm               Weston-Wayland Learning Center
Showing events until 6/15/2009. Look for more

Spirit & Sparks                                       8                                      June 2009
Tue           16    1:00pm            Spiritual Direction - Meditation Room
Wed           17    7:30pm            Church Council Planning Night
Thu           18    4:00pm            Weston-Wayland Learning Center
Fri           19    11:00am           Organ Practice
Sat           20    8:00am            Spirit & Sparklers Article Deadline
                    5:00pm            Violin Lessons Recital
Sun           21    10:30am           Worship
                    5:00pm            Spirit of Life Catholic Service
Mon           22    2:30pm            Weston-Wayland Learning Center
Tue           23    1:00pm            Spiritual Direction - Meditation Room
Wed           24    8:00am            Coalition to Mobilize Change in Alcohol (CMCA)
Thu           25    8:00am            CMCA Training
                    4:00pm            Weston-Wayland Learning Center
                    7:15pm            Women's Spirit
Sat           27    8:00am            SERVE
                    9:00am            Violin Lessons
Sun           28    10:00am           Summer Union Services begin – First Parish Church
Mon           29    2:30pm            Weston-Wayland Learning Center
Tue           30    1:00pm            Spiritual Direction - Meditation Room

       June   4    Michael Higgins                                June 12     Craig Tanny
       June   5    William Franks                                 June 23     Ann Jacoby
       June   7    Molly Nye                                      June 30     Jeff Heuer
       June   8    Charlie McVicker                               June 30     Nicki Jimenez
       June   9    Carolyn Paquin

Spirit & Sparks                              9                                                June 2009
                       Weston-Wayland Interfaith Action Group

                           Annual Meeting and Pot Luck Supper
        “Security in Our Time: Can I be Safe if You are Not?”
                         Speaker:               Dr.         Adil          Najam
Dr. Adil Najam is the Frederick S. Pardee Professor of Global Public Policy at Boston University. He also serves
as the Director of the Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future and a Professor of
International Relations and of Geography and Environment. He served as a Lead Author for the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), work for which the IPCC was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace
Prize along with Al Gore. Prof. Najam has also taught at MIT, University of Massachusetts and at the Fletcher
School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University. He has written over 100 scholarly papers and book chapters, he
serves on the editorial boards of many scholarly journals, and his recent books include: Pakistanis in America:
Portrait of a Giving Community (2006); Envisioning a Sustainable Development Agenda for Trade and
Environment (2006); Environment, Development and Human Security: Perspectives from South Asia (2003);
and Civic Entrepreneurship (2002). Prof. Najam is frequently interviewed by and writes for the popular media
and is the founding editor of the blog Pakistaniat.com.

                  On:     Thursday June 11, 2009
                  Time:   6:00 pm
                  At: Temple Beth Elohim, 10 Bethel                                   Road,     Wellesley

    Potluck: Bring your favorite specialty for 10! According to the first letter of your last name:

    Courtesy Request: in respect of Jewish and Muslim practice, please avoid dishes with chicken, meat or shellfish

       A through K      Main Dish (casserole, vegetarian pasta, fish egg, or other)
       L through P      Dessert
       Q through Z      Salad or Vegetable

     Rsvp by June 1st: Tahera Razvi      syed_razvi@comcast.net 781-235-6427 or
                           Roz Rosenthal rozzieRooh@aol.com     508-769-1315

Spirit & Sparks                                       10                                                June 2009

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