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St. Edward Mercy
                                                                                                                  June 2006
5401 Ellsworth Road                                                                                                Volume 6
  P. O. Box 17000                                                                                                    Issue 2
  Fort Smith, AR

                                                 Lest We Forget . . .
                                                    Regina Mason, Development Director
                         My role with the Mercy Foundation allows        day. Countless lives have been sacrificed for
                      me to work with good people, staff and volun-      the freedoms we as American’s enjoy.
                      teers. If I have given back to them even a small   Whatever your thoughts, please remember the
                      piece of what they have brought into my life, I    soldiers and their families and thank them for
                      will be very      thankful. I have the pleasure    what they have done and still do. I am
                      of seeing       the generosity and                 thankful to                 live in a country
                      kindnesses the                                                                  where I can worship
                      people of this                                                                    wherever and
                      community are                                      \                              whenever I
                      willing to give time                                                                choose, know
                      and time again.                                                                      that our
                      I am blessed.                                                                          children can
                         Memorial Day is                                                                      go to school
                      much more than a                                                                       each day and
                      three-day weekend                                                      not be afraid, and have
                      that marks the                                     the freedom to openly share my feelings with
                      beginning of summer.                               other Americans.
                      To many people,                     especially        It isn’t often that the media provides us with
                      the nation’s thousands               of combat     coverage of the “good” things that happen in
                      veterans, this day, which has a history            war. There are many. Men, women and chil-
                      stretching all the way to the Civil War, is an     dren with horrible burns, which would other-
                      important reminder of those who died in the        wise die are provided healthcare by American
                      service of their country.                          soldiers. These same men, women and chil-
                         Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. made the follow-     dren stand on hot dusty roadsides and blow
                      ing comments at an address he delivered for        kisses and say “thank you” to our soldiers. You
                      Memorial Day in 1884. “So to the indifferent       see, I am married to a soldier. He has held the
                      inquirer who asks why Memorial Day is still        hand of a small child day after day while
                      kept up we may answer, it celebrates and           burned flesh was removed from seventy-five
                      solemnly reaffirms from year to year a national    percent of his little body. Through his tears
                      act of enthusiasm and faith. It embodies in the    this little boy would express his thank you to
                      most impressive form our belief that to act        our soldiers. At times there were the tears of a
                      with enthusiasm and faith is the condition of      soldier intermingled with those
                      acting greatly”.                                   of the child.
                         I hope that your Memorial Day plans includ-        Yes, I am proud to be an
                      ed remembering the significance of this proud      American. O
                                              Letter from a Patient . . .
                                              IF IT CAN HAPPEN TO ME, IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE
    St. Edward Mercy Foundation

             BOARD   OF   DIRECTORS
                                                 On March 14 of this year, I had an eye-          Those of who live near St. Edward
                 Mark Rumsey                  opening experience. I had a heart attack.        Mercy Medical Center are fortunate to
                                                 It came in the evening as I was sitting       have such a truly outstanding hospital
                Jerry Stevenson
                     President                on the couch watching TV in my Roland,           close by. St. Edward Mercy Emergency
                 Michael Redd                 Oklahoma home. It came as a big sur-             Department, Heart Center and other pro-
                  Vice President              prise, as I am only 53 years old. At five        grams are top-notch. I can tell you this as
                    Sharla Lau                foot eight and 150 pounds, with a physi-         both a healthcare professional and a
                                              cally demanding job, I was in excellent          patient.
                 John Womack
                                              shape. Or so I thought.                             I was confident that the doctors, nurses,
                   Doug Babb                     I went into denial for a short period, I      and others at St. Edward Mercy who took
                William Buergler              confess. There is never a good time for a        care of me knew exactly what they were
                David Cravens                 medical crisis,                                                              doing. I could
            Leigh Randall Crawford            but this was                                                                 trust them with
                  Joan Devero
                                              worse than                                                                   my life. I see
                  Wade Dunn
               Elizabeth Haupert
                                              most. My son,                                                                them in action
        Sister Mary Werner Keith, RSM         Neal, a U.S.                                                                 on a daily basis.
                  Tom Kennon                  Marine, would                                                                I see the hard
                  Drew Linder                 be leaving for                                                               work, the dedi-
                John R. Meyers                Iraq in four days.                                                           cation, the
                   Joseph Post
                                              Besides, my                                                                  compassion and
                   John Sulcer
                   Rick Taylor
                                              symptoms                                                                     team work. I
                Richard Udouj                 weren’t the                                                                  see the CAR-
                                              stereotypical                                                                ING.
             EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS               ones – tightness                                                             That night
                                                                            Gary Sharum (right) with son Neal.
                                              in the chest and                                                       three months ago, an
                   Ronald Cox
                Executive Director            shortness of breath. I experienced neck          angiogram revealed two blockages in my
                Catherine Gaines              and abdominal pain and nausea. But soon right coronary artery. A cardiologist
                Auxiliary President           I realized that I should get to an emer-         placed two stents in the coronary artery to
       St. Edward Mercy Medical Center        gency room right away.                           hold it open. Because I received such
              Timothy Waack, M.D.
                                                 You see, I work in health care. I care        prompt and expert treatment, I was able to
             Chief of Professional Staff
                                              for cardiac patients all the time. I’m an        return to work in just three weeks.
                   Robert Agee
     Chair - Mercy Hospital Turner Memorial   ER nurse.                                           Not many people get a second chance,
               Development Council               My wife, Melinda, insisted that we go         like I have. I have been given an opportu-
                 Charlotte Davis              to St. Edward Mercy Medical Center,              nity to pass on to others the same excel-
                Auxiliary President           where I work. We passed two other hospi- lent, life-saving care I received.
           North Logan Mercy Hospital
                                              tals on the way, but we knew that it was            St. Edward Mercy Medical Center was
                                              worth the few extra minutes it would take        recently named a Consumer Choice
                     STAFF                    to get to St. Edward.                            Award winner for the second year in a row
                Regina Mason                     I knew exactly what would occur when          by the people of Fort Smith as the most
            Development Director              we went through the ER doors. I would be preferred hospital in the region. It was one
                 Melissa Key
                                              quickly and thoroughly evaluated, my con- of only three hospitals in Arkansas to be
             Executive Assistant
                                              dition stabilized, and I’d be sent to the        so honored.
               Celia Martinez
          Donor Relations Coordinator         cardiac catherization lab for sophisticated         This excellence is made possible by the
             Martha Pendleton                 tests.                                           doctors, nurses, and technicians who dedi-
             Grants Coordinator                  I would receive state-of-the-art treat-       cate their careers to caring for patients.
                 Susan Krafft                 ment, and my life would be saved.                As a not-for-profit organization and part of
          Special Events Coordinator
                                              That’s exactly what happened, and it’s           the Sisters of Mercy Health System, the
                                              why I’m writing to you today.                    hospital welcomes all neighbors in need,

Letter . . .
regardless of their ability to pay.             Giving to Mercy Foundation . . .
Philanthropic gifts enable St. Edward
Mercy to keep this important commitment
and still provide the latest facilities and     Mercy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation.
equipment for our patients.
   If you love and value the hospital as
                                                All contributions to the Foundation directly benefit
much as I do, I hope that you will make a       St. Edward Mercy Health Network programs and com-
tax-deductible gift of $25, $50, $75, $100
or even more to assist us in our life-saving    munity projects in Western Arkansas and Eastern
   We’ll be deeply grateful for any amount      Oklahoma. While gifts of cash are the most popular
you’re able to give.
                                                method of supporting the Mercy Foundation, there are
                                                a variety of options available to potential donors.

Gary Sharum, R.N.
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                                 A contribution has been made to
                                ST. EDWARD MERCY MEDICAL CENTER
                                                    in honor of
                                  Mary Jane Doe

                                                                                By: Dr. Jane Doe
             P. O. Box 17000                                                   Happy Mother’s Day
             Fort Smith, AR 72917-7000

Gifts to St. Edward Mercy Foundation
JANUARY 1, 2006                  THROUGH          APRIL 30, 2006
DESIGNATED                        Hon: Dr. Paul Kradel             Sarah Sullivan                      Hon: Dr. Allen Beachy           Hon: Dr. Timothy Waack
REMEMBRANCE GIFTS                 Jim & Ann Hatchett               SEMMC Auxiliary                     Elvin & Sally Frick             Gary Don & Doris Reed
                                  Hon: Dr. Bob Barker              The Catholic Charismatic Center     Hon: Dr. Sumer Phillips         Dick & Mary Udouj
Designated for SEMMC -            Sue Martin                       William & Jayne Vick                Elvin & Sally Frick             Hon: Dr. Mike Berumen
Hembree Mercy Cancer Center       Hon: Dr. Chris Hardin            Mem: Mrs. McLeod Sicard             Hon: Dr. Stephen Manus          Jim & Ruth Berry
Hon: Dr. Cole Goodman             Tommie Hargrove                  Mr. & Mrs. H. L. Hembree            Elvin & Sally Frick             Hon: Dr. Norma Basinger
Business Insurance Consultants    Hon: Dr. Stephen Seffense        Mem: Mont Echols, Sr.               Hon: Dr. Jeffrey Evans          Jim & Ruth Berry
    Inc.                          Amy Jordan                       Mr. & Mrs. H. L. Hembree            Elvin & Sally Frick             Hon: Dr. David Hunton
Hon: Dr. Daryl Eckes              Hon: Dr. Hannah Beene            Mem: Nancy Jeannine Wilson          Hon: Dr. Timothy Waack          Jim & Ruth Berry
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Spradlin        Amy Jordan                       Max Correll                         Elvin & Sally Frick             Hon: Dr. Michael Muylaert
Hon: Dr. Michelle Eckes           Hon: Dr. John Swicegood          Philip & Lisa Thompson              Hon: Dr. Joseph Queeney         Jim & Ruth Berry
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Spradlin        Amy Jordan                                                           Elvin & Sally Frick             Hon: Dr. Michael Coleman, Jr.
Hon: Dr. Demondesert              Hon: Dr. Kevin Phillips          Designated for Mercy Hospice        Hon: Dr. Becky Yarborough       Jim & Ruth Berry
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Spradlin        Amy Jordan                       Mem: Bell Elkiss                    Stanley & Pearl Wessel
Hon: Dr. Joe Queeney              Hon: Dr. Sumer Phillips          Gladys Ritchie                      Betty Graves
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Spradlin        Amy Jordan                       Mem: Bill Joe Hoffman               Hon: Dr. Jack Magness
Hon: Dr. David Mackey             Hon: Dr. Tony Flippen            Beall Barclay & Company, PLC        Stanley & Pearl Wessel
Mrs. Rita Z. Scherrey             Carl & Grace Brown               Floyd Traylor Motor Company, Inc.   Hon: Dr. Eldon Pence
Hon: Dr. Marilyn Barr             Jim & La Vonnne Hayes            Mary Jacobs                         Ed & Shirley Vance
Mrs. Rita Z. Scherrey             Carole Bercher                   U.S. National, Inc.                 Hon: Dr. Janet Guyer
Hon: Dr. Gary Edwards             Hon: Dr. Rebecca Fleck           Mem: Bonnie Clayton                 Shirley Johnson
Alan & Shareen Pruitt             Carl & Grace Brown               Clayton Welding Service             Hon: Dr. John Swicegood
Earl & Teddy Martin               Hon: Dr. William Dudding         Mem: Dewey Neel                     Betty Graves                    Hon: Dr. Paul Kradel
Hon: Dr. Stephen Manus            Billie Adams                     Crawford County Courthouse Staff    Hon: Dr. Mike Callaway          Jim & Ruth Berry
Earl & Teddy Martin               Hon: Dr. John Weisse             Employees from the Office of        Lawrence W. Fitting             Dick & Mary Udouj
Tommie Hargrove                   Billie Adams                         Hearing & Appeals               Hon: Dr. Phil Agent             Hon: Dr. Michael Marvin
Mem: Dr. Rick Martin              Mem: David Rankin                Tena Rackley                        Janet Collins                   Jim & Ruth Berry
Earl & Teddy Martin               Joey Sattazahn                   Mem: Dr. S. Reaves Lee              Hon: Dr. Rick Robbins           Hon: Dr. Casey Laws
Hon: Dr. John Wells               Pierce Farris                    Dick & Mary Udouj                   Dr. Jim Herndon                 Jim & Ruth Berry
Anna Ramsey Family                Gimo Berry                       Mem: Forrest Johns                  Hon: Dr. R.E. Sanders           Hon: Dr. Timothy Bell
Herb & Helen Couvillion           Lucy Warner                      Fort Smith Elementary Principals    Dr. Jim Herndon                 Jim & Ruth Berry
Calvin & Mary Remy                Wiley & Mary Smith               Margaret Harmon                     Hon: Dr. Timothy Bell           Hon: Dr. Melissa Rainwater
Hon: Dr. Thomas Kelly             Mem: John Scherrey               Phillip & Lora Boyd                 Dr. & Mrs. Jim Remerscheid      Jim & Ruth Berry
Herb & Helen Couvillion           Albert Snider                    Sandy Sanders                       Hon: Dr. Tony Flippin           Hon: Dr. Rebecca Yarborough
Hon: Dr. Ron Robinson             Amy Scales                       Mem: Jean Shumate                   Marjorie Boer                   Barbara & Bill Fitts Family
Calvin & Mary Remy                Amy Sembritzky                   Leon & Mary Raney                   Hon: Dr. Paul Kradel            Hon: Dr. Donald Shows
Sue Martin                        Betty Wheaton                    Mem: Lawrence Follis                Marjorie Boer                   Dick & Mary Udouj
Hon: Dr. Michael Marvin           Bettye Clinton                   Laynie Veitch                       Hon: Monsignor John O’Donnell   Hon: Dr. Stephen Maness
Calvin & Mary Remy                Bonita Church                    Mem: Molly Mahl                     Elvin & Sally Frick             Dick & Mary Udouj
Hon: Dr. Michael Calloway         Brenda Altman                    Estate of Molly Mahl                                                Hon: Dr. Casey Stewart
Calvin & Mary Remy                Bubba & Cheryl Arnold            Mem: Richard Cumbie                 Designated for SEMMC – Music    Dick & Mary Udouj
Hon: Dr. Narender Gorukanti       Carter Hunt                      Frank & Fern Walton and Family      Therapy                         Hon: Dr. Chris Hardin
John Yuhas                        Dele Silver                      Mrs. James Kell                     Hon: Hollye Dickinson           Dick & Mary Udouj
                                  Larry Conlee                     Shady Grove Freewill Baptist        Ms. Antoinette M. Beland        Hon: Dr. Michael Standefer
                                  Dr. & Mrs. William Curry             Church                          Ms. Dorothy E. Hosford          Dick & Mary Udouj
                                  Edna LaFontaine                  Mem: Sonny Johnson                                                  Hon: Dr. Sumer Phillips
                                    Elaine Hayes                   Frank & Jane Clark                  Designated for Sister Rebecca   Ruth Boal
                                   Janean Saunders                                                     Ann Hendricks, RSM Education    Hon: Dr. Michael Wolfe
                                      Jim Echols                   Designated for SEMMC -              Endowment                       Ruth Boal
                                          Marc & Brenda Whitaker   Materially Poor                     Hon: Dr. Gary Edwards           Hon: Dr. Taylor Prewitt
                                            Randall & Janie        Hon: Dr. Donald Shows               Gary Don & Doris Reed           Lucy Buergler
                                                Camardese          Elvin & Sally Frick                                                 Sam Sicard
                                          Ray & Lucille Lammert                                                                                     –See Gifts on page 5

Gifts to St. Edward Mercy                                                    ~      FROM PAGE FOUR

Hon: Dr. Robert V. Sanders         Hon: Emma Elizabeth VanHersh   Designated for North Logan        SEMMC – Mercy Northside          SEMMC – Bricks, Stones, Trees
Lucy Buergler                      Mr. & Mrs. Sam Fiori           Mercy Hospital – Smith            Diabetes Outreach Program        Fund
Sam Sicard                         Hon: Devon Edward Graham       Memorial                          Kingsbury Charitable Trust       Gene & Charlotte Davis
Hon: Sr. Rebecca Ann               Family of Joshua Graham        Mem: Nabila Jaafar                SEMMC Auxiliary
    Hendricks, RSM                 Hon: Gunner Russel Gibbons     Jim & Betty Maddox                Sisters of Mercy Health System   SEMMC – Mercy Cycling
David & Wanda Fugett               Russell & Jenny Gibbons        NLMH Co-Workers Help Fund                                          Sponsorship
Bill & Lucy Buergler                                                                                SEMMC – Commitment to            Rogers Industrial Supply
Mem: Betty Warner                  Designated for SEMMC –         Designated for SEMMC –            Caring Campaign for Centers of       Company
Fred & Frances Waelder             Prescription & OTC Fund        Bricks, Stones, Trees Memorials   Excellence                       Comfort Inn (The Summit
                                   Hon: Dr. Allen Beachy          & Recognition                     Cooper Clinic, P.A.                  Group, Inc.)
Designated for Mercy Northside     Jeanne Foster                  Hon: Patsy Linder                                                  Aspen Hotel (The Summit
Clinic Obstetrical Program         Hon: Dr. David Kocher          Drew Linder                       SEMMC – Home Care Charity            Group, Inc.)
Mem: G.O. Bicknell                 John & Jan Eddleman                                              Century Club                     M. T. Francis
J Herman Cook, Jr.                 Hon: Dr. Chris Hardin          Undesignated Fund                 Sammy Erwin                      Zero Mountain
Mem: Sula Jane Bicknell            John & Jan Eddleman            Mem: Dad Couch                                                     Cooper Clinic, P.A.
J Herman Cook, Jr.                 Hon: Dr. Diana Roe             Mike & Karen Couch                SEMMC – Materially Poor Fund     Scott’s Bike Shop, Inc.
                                   Phillip & Susie Bunch                                            Century Club                     Long John Silver’s Inc.
Designated for Palliative Care     Hon: Dr. Michael Standefer                                       Sister Mary Reginal Mooney,      Benefit Bank
Fund                               Gretchen Hill                  DESIGNATED GIFTS                  RSM                              Stephens Production Company
Hon: Dr. Christina Jefferson       Hon: Dr. Brad Smith                                                                               William & Lynn Walker
Gladys Ritchie                     Gretchen Hill                  SEMMC – ICU Renovaton             SEMMC – Music Therapy            Bill D. Reynolds
Hon: Dr. Leo Drolshagen            Hon: Dr. Paul Kradel           Fund                              Century Club                     Dr. Andre Nolewajka
Gladys Ritchie                     Gretchen Hill                  Dr. & Mrs. Albert MacDade         Sammy & Rachel Fiori             Dr. Christopher Greer
                                   Hon: Dr. Jeffrey Evans                                           Fiori Charitable Fund            Dr. Teri Clark
Designated for Mercy Northside     Gretchen Hill                  SEMMC – Pastoral Care                                              Dr. David & Mrs. Barbara Diment
Women’s Health Fund                Hon: Dr. Peter Fleck           Endowment                         SEMMC – Palliative Care Fund     Jim Birch & Associates, Inc.
Hon: DeDe Lux                      Evelyn Rambo                   Century Club                      Sammy & Rachel Fiori
Carl & Grace Brown                 Hon: Dr. Shawn Miller          Smith Chevrolet-Cadillac          Fiori Charitable Fund
Hon: Dr. Paul Kradel               Evelyn Rambo                       Company
Joan Devero                        Hon: Dr. R Cole Goodman
Hon: Dr. Wanda McMichael           Alma & Pat Bell                SEMMC – Mercy Northside
Deborah Gill                       Hon: Dr. Robert Nowlin         Clinic Obstetrical Program
Hon: Dr. William Dudding           Alma & Pat Bell                Century Club
Ron Cox                            Hon: Dr. Rick Robbins          Alan & Becky Wear
Hon: Sr. Judith Marie Keith, RSM   Dr. Jim Herndon                Dick & Sue Litzinger
Archie Crittenden                  Hon: Dr. R.E. Sanders          Kenneth Moore
Hon: Sr. Rebecca Ann               Dr. Jim Herndon                Lance & Deana Infield             Endowment –                              MERCY HOSPITAL
    Hendricks, RSM                 Hon: Dr. Stephen Seffense      Lawrence W. Fitting, P.A.         Maternal Childcare               SCOTT COUNTY -
Archie Crittenden                  Anna Ramsey Family             Wear Construction Management,     Nursing Excellence               Undesignated
Mem: Margaret Chambers             Hon: Dr. Sumer Phillips            Inc.                          Century Club                     Century Club
Sarah Burke                        Gay Williams
Mem: Matthew McGowan               Hon: Dr. Cole Goodman          SEMMC – Mercy Northside           Endowment – Mercy Lifeline       NORTH LOGAN MERCY
Ben & Debi Thayer                  Gay Williams                   Women’s Health Fund               Century Club                     HOSPITAL – Smith Memorial
Mem: Nabila Jaafar                 Hon: Dr. Theo Feild III        Century Club                      Jessie Rockwood                  Sedna Energy – J.J. Smith Trust
Dr. Moussa Yazbeck                 Linda Kelley                   Deana Infield                                                      Laura Staton
Mem: Martha Leclair                Hon: Dr. Michael Callaway      Milt Earnhart                     SEMMC – HEAP
Kathryn Howard                     Charles Cox                    Sally Lick Vick                   Century Club                     NORTH LOGAN MERCY
                                   Hon: Dr. Darryl Francis        John P. Shields                                                    HOSPITAL – Undesignated
Designated for SEMMC – LDRP        Charles Cox                    Marion Ciulla                     SEMMC – Mercy Hospice            Century Club
Fund                                                              Lawrence W. Fitting, P.A.         Century Club
Hon: Calee Breann Conway           Designated for SEMMC –         Richard & Karen Hahn                                               SEMMC – Undesignated Gifts
Angela Rosa                        Radiology Education            Katherine Croom                   SEMMC – Cardiac Rehab            Century Club
Hon: Daniel Levi Bushkhul          Hon: Maude Jeter Rogers                                          Bob & Margaret Ann Hawkins       Moss Family Trust O
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Fiori               Dr. Paul Rogers, Jr.

Century Club                                  ~   A Co-Worker Giving Program
The Century Club is a co-worker giving program for the purpose of helping the St. Edward Mercy Health Network meet the special needs of today and
the challenges of the future. Co-worker participation in this program has enhanced our ability to assist the St. Edward Mercy Health Network
Materially Poor Fund and lend support and comfort to the terminally ill through Mercy Hospice. Other programs funded with co-worker contribu-
tions (primarily through payroll deductions) include Hembree Mercy Cancer Center, Indigent Prescription & Over-the-Counter Drug Fund, Mercy
Northside Women’s Health, Music Therapy Program, Palliative Care Program, Pastoral Services Endowment Fund, and Sister Rebecca Ann
Hendricks Education Endowment. Co-workers at St. Edward Mercy Medical Center, Mercy Hospital Turner Memorial, Mercy Hospital of Scott
County, and North Logan Mercy Hospital are to be commended for their efforts in continuing the ministry of the Religious Sisters of Mercy.
MARATHONER               Daws, Regina D           Green, Rosemarie      Langston, Pamela J     Pickle, Michael C      Vaughan, Shirley A      Brooks, Amanda
Ashing, Michele          Dehart, Joann            Gunselman, Mary S     LeFlore Debbie         Piercy, Jacqueline L   Walker, Donald W        Brooks, Misty A
Avery, Edward C          Diffee, Freda            Gunselman, Ray B      Lewis, Jeanna          Piquet, Lisa J         Wallace, Jacqueline K   Brown, Edith B
Bader, Deborah D         Dixon, Shvawn M          Gunter, Laura A       Lilly, Melissa J       Pinkston, Susan E      Ward, Cindi             Brown, Irma P
Bagwell, Teresa          Dobbins, Julia S         Haning, Tiffany J     Looper, Chalon         Pledger, Donna K       Ward, Tammy J           Brown, Linda
Ballard, Danielle C      Dotson, Paul D           Hannaman, Betty C     Mackey, Phyllis        Post, Frank            Warnock, Deborah        Brown, Patricia C
Banks, Calvin E          Doyle, Michael S         Hannon, Ruth M        Maddox, Jim L          Powell, Diana L        Watson, William         Brunk, Betty
Banning, Patricia A      Drake, Paul W            Harley, Gail          Maness, Sr. Mary       Powell, Harry          Weaver, Suzann T.       Burlison, Inga L
Barnett, Stephanie       Dugan, Shirley J         Hathaway, Zoe E       Carolyn, RSM           Presley, Mona          Webb, Diana             Caffey, Carrie R
Bass, James H            Dugas, Treisa L          Hendricks, Sr.        Maples, Thomas W       Presson, Judith A      Webster, Patricia       Christenberry, Karin L
Bass, Wanda L                                                           Mariott, Marie         Pruitt, Rebecca A      Weik, Barbara A         Chronister, Debbie S
Becker, Brian J                                                           Martin, Ronnie J     Rambo, Diana           Wiley, Kimberly D       Chronister, Peggy
Beineman, Tonya D                                                         Martinez, Celia D    Ramsey, Alaina         Williams, Christy       Clack, Deborah L
Bellinghausen, Janet L                                                    Mason, Regina L      Reinoehl, Don          Williams, Elizabeth A   Cluck, Chloe
Bielke, Denise C                                                          Maxwell, Father      Riggs, Roberta M       Wilson, Delores         Cooper, Terry L
Bishop, Gail A                                                              John               Rinke, Joanne          Wilson, Monte           Cope, Carmen B
Bohl, Dian E                                                              McClure, Janis E     Rinke, Karen L         Winters, Janelda L      Cox, Cathleen S
Botello, Chad A                                                           McConnell, Pam J     Roark, Mary            Wolff, JoDeen A         Cox, Nena J
Boyd, Velma                                                               McFerran, Carol A    Roffine, Brianna       Wood, Roger W           Crain, Patricia A
Bramucci, Cyndi                                                           McFerran, Margaret   Rogers, Brenda J       Wylie, Chiquita A       Crandell, Jenny
Brashier, Donna R                                                         McMaster, Sherri L   Rosenfeld, Gayle N     Yandell, Suzannah       Davidson, Jaime L
Brock, Linda A                                                            McMillan, Sharon K   Roten, Bonnie I        Young, Ronni d          Davis, Amanda
Brosnan, Paula J.                                                         Merrill, Marci       Rozell, Nanette        Zeccola, Linda          Davis, Bethany K
Brown, Eileen L                                                           Millican, Fred       Russell, Heather L                             Depriest, Joyce A
Burcham, Erma I                                                           Mizell, Melinda      Sangster, Dionne M     EXTRA MILER             Dickens, Crystal
Buehrere, Deborah K                                                     Mooney, Sr. Mary       Scamardo, Donna J      Adair, Brenda           Dominic, Chasiti
Burnett, Lionel R        Duggin, Lisa C           Rebecca Ann, RSM      Reginald, RSM          Scrivner, Nilda        Adams, Velta R          Donaghue, Shawna D
Callahan, Judy K         Duncan, Marilyn M        Henry, Shirrell       Moore, Rebekah A       Senneff, Bill          Allison, Ricky L        Dotson, Della E
Canada, Carol            Duncan, Ruth A           Hickman, Thelma       Morales, Gabriela G    Shell, Alice F         Almenario, Angela M     Douglas, Athena J
Carlton, Laurie          Dunn, Gregory M          Hinkle, Virginia      Morrison, Sr. Mary     Shepard, Demetria      Anderson, Maurica B     Douglas, Dane A
Carney, Tara R           Durden, Margaret D       Hobbs, Sally K        Eloise, RSM            Shoemake, Polly A      Andrews, Steve M        Duenas, Sergia
Carrick, Carol L         Dye, Angela              Hulsey, Jennifer A    Myers, Betty J         Simmons, Jeannie A     Arnold, Dawn C          Dupire, Nancy C
Casey, Virginia A        Elizondo, Cynthia S      Huntington, Susan J   Myles, Lori A          Simon, Sr. Mary        Atchley, Karen S        Dupire, Nancy L
Ceniceros, Andy          Elliott, Roberta J       Jackson, Janet        Nash, Delona M             Alvera, RSM        Awbrey, Kathryn M       Elam, Karen R
Chamberlain, Annette     Evans, Darrell W         Johnson, Anthony E    Newman, Paul P         Simpson, Dorothy M     Ayers, Paula            Ellis, Mellonie
Chrisman, Ellen          Fields, James            Johnson, Emily D      Nichols, Tammie C      Smith, Wilma D         Bailey, Tracey J        Ellis, Stefanie
Clement, Marcia M        Finnegan, Sr. Mary       Johnson, Monica D     Niles, Ashley          Southern, Laura A      Baker, Debra K          Elmore, Kenneth A
Clifton, Sr. Madeline,   Chabanel, RSM            Johnson, Regina       O’Bar, Dorothy M       Spinas, Wendy J        Baker, Tiffinee C       English, June A
    OSB                  Flanagan, Dorenda K      Johnson, Tracy L      O’Dell, Tammy          Steelman, April        Barnes, Dwayne D        English, Rita
Cluck, Terrie L          Flippo, Susan R          Jones, Debra A        O’Hearn, Kelly B       Stevenson, Jerry       Barnes, Victoria        Enoch, Paula Y
Cochran, Patsy J         Fluitt, Gregory O.       Jones, Jonathan R     Olsen, Nedele M        Stone, Veronica        Bearden, Shirley D      Eubanks, Brenda K
Conley, Patricia L       Foley, Ashley            Jones, Patricia S     Orsbun, Dana L         Sutton, Fredda         Bearden, Venessa        Farquhar, Dee A
Conn, Lola D             Frazier, Natalie S       Kaelin, Janice        Owen, Heather R        Swicegood, Deborah     Beck, Janet             Fisher, Irene E
Cook, Jack A             Foster, Mary F           Kain, Teresa          Page, Charlotte        Szendre, Claudia L     Bently, Shannon         Fletcher, Kimberly M
Corcoran, Krista         Fryette, Sharon A        Kazy, Heather R       Parker, Joe            Tabor, Kelly           Beverly, Dixie          Floyd, Betty J
Corley, Katie            Gaines, Austin           Keith, Sr. Mary       Parker, Lou Ann        Thompson, Audra M      Biggers, Kelly M        Forte, Curtisstine
Cox, Ronald C            Gasaway, Paula M         Werner, RSM           Paxton, Carolyn M      Thresher, Cynthia H    Blakemore, Laura L      Fout, Jennifer
Culver, Ava J            Gautier, Doug            Kelly, Ruch C         Payne, Francis R       Travis, Barbara        Blankenship, Cynthia    Fout, Mary A
Czaplicki, Karen E       Gist-Jewell, Sharron     Key, Melissa K        Pearson, Sandra K      Travis, Susan          Bohanan, Sandra         Franklin, Jacqueline S
Daniels, Demetria        Gooch, Tracy L           Kradel, Eileen C      Perry, Martha          Trayler, Latrecia M    Borengasser, Martha     Fulton, Sherri L
Dasso, Cameron R         Gossett, Beckey J        Lakowski, Daniel      Peterson, Kym R        Tyson, Dawn M          Bradford, Loretta R     Garcia-Hunt, Beth
Davis, Lois F            Graves, Judy             Lamproe, Karen        Phelps, Kathie A       Udouj, Janice A        Brewton, Sheila         Garner, Tracey M

                                                                                                  Century Club Enrollment . . .
Garrett, Jessica D      Lawley, Jamie            Porter, Joy H         Ward, Sandy
Gay, Kristy H           Lawson, Sarah            Posey, Julie          Waterbury, Carol J         Our thanks go out to all co-workers who par-
Gentry, Sherri          Layne, Annette           Post, Heather D       Watson, JoAnna K           ticipated in the Century Club enrollment. For
Goins, Kathy R          Leach, Christina         Prescott, Bridget     Watson, Nadiya
Greene, Sam             Ledbetter, Jaime         Price, Donna D        West, Kealyn S             those co-workers who did not have the opportu-
Greenwood, Patsy        Lemons, Jeri D           Price, Natasha        West. LaQueena             nity to join Century Club or re-enroll, we
Guise, Paula            Lemons, Jessica D        Puckett, Sandra D     Weyrick, Leanne K
Hall, Elmer H           Lewis, Sabrina           Queen, Sheila K       White, Gayla
                                                                                                  want to assure you that it is not too late. Our
Hamilton, Tammy         Lewis, Sharon            Quimbo, Helena        White, Mary K              request is that you please call the Mercy
Hanegan, Edna L         Little, Kimberly         Rathburn, Misty       Wilkerson, Amber M.
                                                                                                  Foundation Office at 314-1133 to inquire
Haney, Mark             Lovell, Joyce M          Real, Melissa         Wilks, Angela
Hankins, Charles        Lunsford, Mary           Reeder, Evelyn K      Williams, Gay              about joining and getting your Century Club
Hanna, Melissa          Mahar, Jeanie            Releford, Cynthia     Williams, Nancy K          gift. Again, thank you for giving.
Harris, Ginger          Mangum, Willie M         Remler, Amy N         Willis, Lashawn
Harris, Jane            Markham, Cheryl          Reynolds, Wilson J    Wood, Kimberly D
                                                                                               Broom, Alisa D            Elmore, Michele       Hyman, Shirley E
Harvey, Kerry           Martin, Anna M           Rhoden, Robyn         Woods, Sharon
                                                                                               Brown, Diana              Erwin, Melissa D      Irons, Kevin
Harvey, Noel R          Martin, Melody J         Richard, Christy L    Woolsey, Jennifer
                                                                                               Brown, Donald             Essman, Mary J        Jackson, Annetta C
Hearn, Zona             Matthews, Barbara J      Richmond, Eddy        Wright, Karen F
                                                                                               Bryant, Vivian C          Everitt-Smith,        Jado, Frances
Henry, Karen            May, Michael E           Richmond, JoAnn       Yakley, Lori S
                                                                                               Burleson, Kimberly            Stephanie         Jamison, Janice S
Hill, Kimberly A        McDonald, Jennifer A     Ridenour, Amy         Yandell, Kayla R
                                                                                               Burnett, Ruth E           Ferguson, Paula A     Jetton, Jennifer
Hill, Tamra L           McFerran, Justin         Riley, Margie         York, Jennifer
                                                                                               Burrows, Jodi R           Fletcher, Tuesday     Johnson, Elizabeth C
Hixon, Benita S         McFerran, Melinda G      Robinson, Cindy L     Younes, Donna A
                                                                                               Cain, Helen S             Flores, Melissa       Johnson, Latasha D
Houston, Tamara L       McKendrick, Cheryl A     Rogers, Becky A       Tammy Young
                                                                                               Cain, JoAnn               Fortin, Lisa C        Johnson, Tina K
Huggins, Sandra         McKinney, John W         Ruckman, Damon        Zolliecoffer, Misty D
                                                                                               Calma, Amelia             Foster, Sheila M      Jones, Cheryl
Huggins, Billie J       McLamb, Nancy S          Rucker, Bethany K     Zouzas, Debra W
                                                                                               Campbell, Jamie           Foster, Tiffany       Jones, Gloria D
Hughes, Elisabeth A     McMahan, Teresa K        Ruiz, Edna
                                                                                               Carmack, Jennifer         Frias, Melinda        Juarez, Mary
Hulsey, Barbara J       McQueen, Dana            Sampley, Bettie S     MILER
                                                                                               Cates, Joyce A            Garza, Kimberly       Kane, Dyiana L
Hurst, Kathy L          Mendenhall, Katheryn     Scalf, Adrian S       Aary, Christa G
                                                                                               Cathey, Harrold W         Gibson, Melany        Kates, Patsy A
Jackson, Gina           Mendoza, Stella L        Scherrey, Gayle R     Adams, Kara
                                                                                               Chandler, Leslie A        Gist, Emily Brook     Kehler, Katy A
Jackson, Lisa           Merrill, Natasha M       Schluterman,          Addis, Cathleen D
                                                                                               Charles, Jessica          Graham, Leslie M      Kelch, Sandra F
James, Alberta          Miller, Barbara K        Elizabeth             Albertson, Karen E
                                                                                               Childress, Kimberly       Graham, Sherry        Ketchum, Kelley
Jimenez, Rosalina       Miller, Phyllis M        Schneider, Janet      Alexander, Georgia
                                                                                               Chitwood, Kara            Gramlich, Rebecca     Kilbourn, Lisa S
Johnson, Deborah J      Mitchell, Teresa A       Shannon, Becki        Alridge, Erika W
                                                                                               Chrisman, Leanna L        Greeson, Sandy        Kilgore, Brandy
Johnson, Melissa F      Mizell, Patricia         Sharum, Kevin A       Anders, Mark D
                                                                                               Chronister, Danielle L.   Gregory, Robert S     Killian, Janice A
Jones, Nancy            Monroe, Cheryl A         Sheridan, Brandi      Anderson, Jessica
                                                                                               Clark, Kimberly D         Grizzle, Devonne      Klan, Tania K
Keener, Sherrilynn S    Montague, Kimberly L     Smith, Dan R          Anderson, Joanna
                                                                                               Cline, Mary               Guthrie, Loretta      Klein, Amanda
Kelton, Gloria L        Montgomery, Megan        Smith, Dianna L       Anderson, Melanie
                                                                                               Cole, Ashley              Hamby, Patricia A     Kleiss, Peggy L
Kendrick, Christina L   Montgomery, Yvette       Snipes, Sandra M      Anderson, Rita D
                                                                                               Collins, Doris            Hardy, Crystal L      Kluthe, Laura
Kennedy-Cardenas,       Moore, Dawn A            Speaks, Rhonda        Andrepont, Veronica
                                                                                               Collins, Thomas B         Harmon, Casey M       Koeth, Laura
    Leona               Morris, Stephanie R      Starr, Theresa        Arters, David
                                                                                               Compton, Mary             Harris, Denise M      Kohler, Heather
Kilgore, Ricky K        Morton, Jennifer R       Stout, Dana           Arthur, Bobbie J.
                                                                                               Contraras, Kelly          Harshbarger, Karen    Lane, Beverly
                                                 Sullivan, Teresa L    Atsu, Sr. Eunice M
                                                                                               Cooper, Jodi L            Hawley, Martha        Langston, Lori
                                                 Sweeten, Michael D    Atwell, Cassandra
                                                                                               Croom, Cindy              Haynes, William E     Lashley, Jenny
                                                 Symonds, Rebecca M    Avery, Elizabeth L
                                                                                               Crowe, Ludmila            Heard, Karla          Lawson, Charlotte M
                                                 Taff, Justine         Baker, Staci L
                                                                                               Curtis, Donna K           Heffley, Sharon K     Leininger, Janet M
                                                 Taylor, Loucretia     Ballard, Nikki
                                                                                               Dart, Linda S             Helmle, Glenda        Lewis, Amy
                                                 Templeton, Charity    Barker, DeAngela
                                                                                               Davis, Alisea             Helmle, Miranda       Linville, Kimberly E
                                                 Thomas, Ida           Barnes, Stephanie
                                                                                               Dean, Audra C                 Gayle             Lockwood, Jennifer
                                                 Thomas, Leslie        Bauer, Jamie
                                                                                               de Miranda, Debbie        Helms, Cindy M        Lorenz, Ginger
                                                 Tickler, Sherri K     Bell, Pansy E
                                                                                               Detweiler, Sue            Henry, Dana L         Madden, Teresa M
                                                 Torrey, Larhonda K    Bell, Vanna
                                                                                               Diede, Christian B        Henson, Kelly B       Mahar, Kimberly
                                                 Tucker, Anita L       Berrios, Andrea
                                                                                               Dillard, Leslie           Hentschel, Janie      Mahar, Tiffany L
                                                 Turner, Natalie L     Bly, Pamela T.
                                                                                               Downs, Cynthia K          Herring, Kari A       Mainer, Rebecca J
                                                 Turpin, Christopher   Bolduc, Tiana M
                                                                                               DuCharme, Deborah J       Hertz, Karen          Maness, Sister
                                                 G                     Bone, Jacob
                                                                                               Dye, Clarence J           Hill, Joanne A        Carolyn
Kilgore, Stacy          Newman, Corazon          Tyson, Velda          Bowers, Robert
                                                                                               Dyer, Robin J             Hogrefe, Valerie      Mann, Keri
Knubley, Carrie         O’Hearn, James E         Vanhook, Jeffrey A    Brantley, Dorothy D
                                                                                               Eckelhoff, Barbara S      Holden, Cheryl        Marley, Judy A
Krallman, Sarah         Oliver, Linda A          Wahl, Julie           Branton, Kara
                                                                                               Edgemon, Debra            Hudson, Mary H        Martin, Heather D.
Lafontaine, Linda       Parsano, Karen           Walker, Cheryll       Bridges, Myra L
                                                                                               Edwards, Desta            Hunsucker, Cheryl D
Larimer, Nancy A        Pennington, Jennifer L   Ward, Nathan D        Brooks, Linda M                                                            –See Century Club
                                                                                               Ellison, Joni L.          Hunter, Lora                     on page 9

How Planned Gift Savvy Are You?
     As you consider what will happen to          DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY                       poses.
any wealth you have accumulated in your           A written legal document that lets an indi-
lifetime, there are many sources and pro-         vidual designate another person to act on       GUARDIAN
fessionals who will be anxious to “advise”        his or her behalf in the event the individual   An individual legally appointed to manage
you. The following is a list of terms that        becomes disabled or incapacitated.              the rights and/or property of a person inca-
apply to planned giving. They will help                                                           pable of taking care of his or her own
you to have a better understanding of what        ESTATE TAX                                      affairs.
the professionals and “would be” profes-          A tax imposed at one’s death on the trans-
                                                  fer of most types of property.                  INTER VIVOS TRUST
sionals are talking about!
                                                                                                  A type of trust created during one’s lifetime
ADMINISTRATOR                                     EXECUTOR (OR PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE)           to hold property for the benefits of him/her-
The person appointed by the court to man-         The person named in a will to manage the        self or another person.
age one’s estate when he or she dies with-        estate. This person will collect the proper-
                                                  ty, pay any debt, and distribute your prop-     INTEREST
out leaving a will. Administrators have the
                                                                                                           Any right or ownership in property.
same duties as executors.
                                                                                                           The term applied when an individual
A sum of money payable yearly or at
                                                                                                           dies without a will.
other regular intervals.
                                                                                                           JOINT OWNERSHIP
                                                                                                           The ownership of property by two or
Property, such as real estate or stock,
                                                                                                           more people, usually with the right
which has increased in value.
                                                                                                           of survivorship.
                                                                                                           LIFE INSURANCE TRUST
An individual designated to receive
                                                                                                           A trust that has an individual’s life
benefits or funds under a will or other
                                                                                                           insurance policy as its principal
contract, such as an insurance policy,
trust ,or retirement plan.
                                                  erty or assets according to the will.           LIVING TRUST (REVOCABLE)
                                                                                                  A revocable trust established by grantor
A gift or legacy left by will, typically per-
                                                  FIDUCIARY                                       during his or her lifetime in which the
sonal property or assets.
                                                  A person or institution legally responsible     grantor transfers his or her property into the
CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY                           for the management, investment, and distri-     trust.
Typically an agreement in which you trans-        butions of assets. Includes trustees, execu-
                                                  tors, and administrators.                       LIVING WILL
fer cash or other assets to a charitable
                                                                                                  A legal document directing that the maker’s
organization in its promise to pay you an
                                                  GIFT TAX                                        or signer’s life is not to be artificially sup-
annuity for life.
                                                  Tax on gifts generally paid by the person       ported in the event of terminal illness or
CHARITABLE TRUST                                  making the gift, rather than the recipient.     accident.
A trust having a charitable organization as
                                                  GIFT-TAX ANNUAL EXCLUSION                       MARITAL DEDUCTION
                                                  The provision in the tax law that exempts       A deduction allowing for the unlimited
CODICIL                                           the first $12,000 (as adjusted for inflation)   transfer of any or all property from one
A legal instrument made to modify an earli-       in present-interest gifts a person gives to     spouse to the other generally free of estate
er will.                                          each recipient during a year from federal       and gift tax.
                                                  gift taxes.
CORPORATE FIDUCIARY                                                                               POWER OF ATTORNEY
An institution that acts for the benefit of       GRANTOR                                         A written legal document that gives an
another. One example is a bank acting as          The person who transfers assets into a trust    individual the authority to act for another.
trustee.                                          for the benefit of him/herself or others.
                                                                                                  POWERS OF APPOINTMENT
COST BASIS                                        GROSS ESTATE                                    A right given to another in a written instru-
The original value of an asset, such as           The total property or assets held by an indi-   ment, such as a will or trust that allows the
stock, before its appreciation or depreciation.   vidual as defined for federal estate tax pur-   other to decide how to distribute the prop-

Planned Gift Savvy . . .                                                                             Bricks & Stones
allows the other to decide how to distribute        The individual or institution entrusted with        Is there someone special in your life?
the property. The power of appointment is           the duty of managing property placed in a        Do you have a loved one whom you would
“general” if it places no restrictions on           trust. A “co-trustee” serves as trustee with     like to publicly
whom the distributees may be. A power is            another. A “contingent trustee” becomes          remember or honor?
“limited” or “special” if it limits who the         trustee upon the occurrence of a specified       The Mercy
eventual distributees can be.                       future event.                                    Foundation offers var-
                                                                                                     ious opportunities for
PROBATE                                             UNIFIED CREDIT                                   recognition.
The court process for determining the               A federal tax credit that offsets gift tax and      In the garden plaza,
validity of a deceased person’s will.               estate tax liability. For gift tax purposes,     which is adjacent to the Centers of
                                                    the unified credit remains $345,800 through      Excellence entrance, there are beautiful
TESTAMENTARY TRUST                                  2009, which is equivalent to an applicable                           trees, stones, and bricks
A trust that is created upon death by terms         exclusion amount of $1 million. For estate                            waiting to be engraved
of a person’s will or living trust.                 tax purposes, the unified credit is $780,800                          or noted with a special
                                                    in 2006 through 2008, and $1,455,800 in                                marker in tribute to
TESTATOR                                            2009, which is equivalent to an applicable                             the life of someone
An individual who dies leaving a will or            exclusion amount of $2 million in 2006                    very special. This area is a lovely
testament in force.                                 through 2008, and $3.5 million in 2009.          quiet place where you can rest on a bench,
                                                                                                     enjoy the sound of running water and enjoy
TRUST                                               WILL                                             the landscape.
A written legal instrument created by               A legally executed document that directs            If you would like to learn more about
grantor for the benefit of him/herself (dur-        how and to whom a person’s property is to        how you can honor someone special to you,
ing life) or others (during life or at death).      be distributed after death. O                    call the Mercy Foundation at 479-314-1133
                                                                                                     or e-mail rmason@ftsm.mercy.net or
TRUSTEE                                                                                              cmartinez@ftsm.mercy.net. O

Century Club ~                               FROM PAGE SEVEN
Masterson, Sandra I      Netz, Monica               Remy, Jennifer F        Sharum, Melinda G        Vinson, Elizabeth        Williams, Tessa
Mastin, Debbie           Nichols, Patricia K        Rice, Aaron             Sims, Darla              Vowell, Michelle         Williamson, Leslie L
Mathis, Judy L           Nicholson, Catherine       Rice, Milissa N         Smith, Melissa           Walker, Mary             Wilson, Amy L
Maxwell, Cheryl L        O’Daniel, Jo A             Richards, Cassandra     Smith, Sharon L          Walters, Whitney         Young, Larry B
May, Timary              Oder, Lisa                 Richardson, Jean M      Snider, Bobby            Ward, Dorlis F           Zeiler, Deborah L O
McAdoo, Pamela           Oldridge, Phyllis J        Riggs, Rachel           Snow, Leilani            Weaver, Sara
McCaslin, Barbara S      Owens, Julie D             Riordan, Hannah         Spangler, Mary C         Welbern, Maxine M
McClorey, Tony P         Owens, Sherilyn J          Riviera, Samuel A       Spicer, Cynthia          Weymouth, Yolanda E
McCluney, Debbie A       Palafox, Maria             Robbins, Clayton        Spradley, Natalie        Whitmire, Melissa
McDonald, Enola T        Parker, Lorie              Robinson, Charity D.    Stanley, Carolyn         Whittaker, Marlene S
McGuire, Donna J         Parnell, Patricia G        Robinson, Kyra D        Staton, Bonnie           Whittenburg, Davonna L
McKeown, Elizabeth H     Patton, Angelia            Rogers, Amy             Steed, Joshua            Williams, Kristin
McTaggert, Freida        Payne, Carol               Rogers, Chantelle       Stevens, Diana G         Williams, Renee L
Melville, Nick           Pence, Jaclyn J.           Rojas, Maria M.         Stormes, Holley
Metcalf, Nancy S         Pendergrass, Tina          Romena, Judy            Stover, Julie
Michalek, Josephine F    Perkins, Melanie           Romo, Brenda G          Stroh, Julie
Millard, Holly           Phillips, William L        Ruggles, Amy            Sudar, Rachel L
Miller, Betty F          Pittman, Lisa              Sacco, Deana            Sutliff, Ginger L
Montes, Sonia            Porter, Rhonda J           Safranek, Nancy         Sweet, Cindy J
Moore, Delores S         Portillo, Aleida           Sanders, Steven R       Taylor, Kathy
Moore, Lee A             Pruett, Robert C           Sanders, Theresa K      Taylor, Sondra S.
Moore, Sarah A           Ramsey, Amy K              Sandifer, Mary Ann      Testerman, Tracy
Morales, Elpidio         Randolph, Sheila           Sapaseut, Noy L         Thomas, Kay E
Morales, Jason           Ray, Karen J               Schaefer, Tammy J       Thrift, Karen
Moy, Brian               Reaves, Angela             Scherrey, Elizabeth M   Thrift, Michael R
Murray, Candace L        Rebsamen, Barbie           Schuster, Amy           Turner, Dana
Murry, Stephanie         Rector, Sunni L            Scoggin, Shelly M       Turner, Deborah C
Nelson, Sheila A         Reed, Brenda               Scott, Margaret         Turner, Janet
Netherlain, Noemi        Reed, Gina M               Septer, Tamera K        Umholtz, Armita

   My name is Jerry. I have one of the best jobs in the world. The people I                Cox, Kelly           Elmore, Kenneth        Grizzle, Terry
                                                                                           Cox, Nena            Elmore, Michele        Guire, John
work with give money from their paychecks to help each other. It doesn’t                   Cox, Ronald          Elmore, Sevoy          Gunselman, Eric
seem to matter how much money they make, they still give.                                  Cox, Tabitha         English, June          Gunselman, Mary
                                                                                           Cox, Vickie          Enoch, Paula           Gunter, Laura
   There was a time when my family and I were going to be homeless.                        Crawford, Wanda      Erickson, Diane        Habersetzer, Brenda
 Our home and all of our belongings had burned to the ground following a                   Criswell, James      Erwin, Heather         Habersetzer, Jim
                                                                                           Crowe, Ludmila       Erwin, Melissa         Haisten, George
lightning strike. I can’t begin to explain how it feels to suddenly have noth-             Crowley, Jimmy       Eubanks, Brenda        Hall, Ken
ing but the clothes you are wearing. Though I tried to hide my concern I                   Culver, Ava          Evans, Darrell         Hall, Tabrina
                                                                                           Culverson, Tiffany   Evans, Joyce           Haller, Leann
could see the fear in the eyes of my wife and two little boys.                             Cunningham, Caron    Farmer, Barry          Hamby, Patricia
   It has been a slow climb back to where we were before the fire, but with                Cutsinger, Nicole    Farmer, Stephen        Hamlin, Deborah
                                                                                           Czaplicki, Karen     Farrar, Judy           Hamm, Lee
the help of the Mercy Fund or I should say with the help of my co-workers,                 Dahlke, Karen        Farris, Alice          Hampton, Diane
my family and I were able to get started on the road to recovering from our                Daniels, Demetria    Featherston, Autumn    Hampton, Glenda
                                                                                           Darr, Edwin          Ferrari, Stephanie     Hanegan, Edna
loss.                                                                                      Darris, Alfance      Fields, James          Haney, Mark
   Mercy is an every day occurrence at St. Edward and it starts with the                   Dasso, Cameron       Figueroa, Elsa         Hankins, Charles
                                                                                           Davidson, Jaime      Flippo, Susan          Hannaman, Betty
people who work here. Thank you for the opportunity to work with some of                   Davis, Amanda        Flores, Melissa        Hannon, Ruth
the kindest people I have ever known.                                                      Davis, Lois          Floyd, Betty           Hanson, Maria
                                                                                           Davis, Sarah         Floyd, Ronald          Hanson, Susan
The following St. Edward Co-Workers give to each other through their gifts to the          Davis, Vennie        Foley, Ashley          Hardin, Ashley
                                                                                           Daws, Regina         Followell, Cathy       Hardy, Crystal
Mercy Fund. These individuals truly live the Mercy spirit! The Mercy Fund is               Dean, Audra          Folsom, Janine         Harlow, Karen
administered by St. Edward co-workers. If you would like more information about            Dean, Misty          Forst, Lora            Harmon, Gail
                                                                                           Deason, Larry        Forst, Rhonda          Harp, Rose
the Mercy Fund please call one of the following members of the Mercy Fund                  Deatley, Michael     Foster, Mary           Harper, Christina
Board: Dane Douglas-President (Facility Services), Sandy Edgemon (Human                    Dehart, Joann        Foster, Tiffany        Harrington, Milagros
                                                                                           Delong, Cheryl       Fout, Jennifer         Harris, Ginger
Resources), Bonnie Sullivan (Housekeeping), or Donna Brown (Sterile Processing).           Demiranda, Deborah   Francis, Fayanna       Harris, Jane
                                                                                           Deuster, Raymond     Franklin, Carolyn      Harris, Janie
Abernathy, Donald       Bartlett, William      Brock, Linda         M.Annette              Dewitt, Mary         Franklin, Jacqueline   Harvey, Noel
Adair, Bradley          Barton, Bonnie         Brooks, Linda        Chambers, Ladonna      Dickens, Crystal     Franklin, Linda        Hathaway, Zoe
Adair, Brenda           Bass, James            Brooks, Morgan       Chandler, Leslie       Dickerson, Lary      Franks, Jordan         Hawkins, Andrea
Adams, Catherine        Bass, Wanda            Brosnan, Paula       Charles, Jessica       Diffee, Freda        Frazier, Natalie       Hawkins, Kimberly
Adams, Kara             Bauer, Jamie           Brown, Angela        Charlton, Sharon       Dillard, Leslie      Frederick, Gordon      Hawley, Martha
Adams, Velta            Bearden, Vanessa       Brown, Donald        Childress, Kimberly    Disch, Angela        Freeman, Lela          Hawthorne, Vicki
Alexander, Jamie        Beasley, Gary          Brown, Donna         Chrisman, Ellen        Disch, Debra         Freitas, Alfred        Hayes, Carolyn
Allison, Ricky          Beatty, Theil          Brown, Edith         Christenberry, Karin   Dixon, Shvawn        Frisbie, Betty         Haynes, Willie
Almanza, Wendy          Beck, Janet            Brown, Eileen        Christy, James         Dobbins, Julia       Frisby, Joanna         Hearn, Timothy
Almenario, Angela       Becker, Brian          Brown, Helen         Chronister, Danielle   Dominic, Chasiti     Fryette, Sharon        Hearn, Zona
Alridge, Erika          Becker, Joan           Brown, Irma          Chronister, Debbie     Donovan, Lindsey     Fulton, Sherri         Heavener, Pamela
Anders, Mark            Becker, Lisa           Brown, Joy           Chronister, Peggy      Dority, Saundra      Gabbard, Stanley       Helms, Cindy
Anderson, Debra         Becker, Stephanie      Brown, Joye          Chronister, Tammy      Doss, Clifford       Galvan, Eriverto       Henry, Dana
Anderson, Janet         Belcher, Amy           Brown, Patricia      Clack, Deborah         Dotson, Della        Garner, Jamie          Henry, Shirrell
Anderson, Joanna        Bell, Vanna            Browning, Robin      Clark, Barbara         Dotson, Paul         Garrett, Stephanie     Henson, Kelly
Anderson, Maurica       Bellinghausen, Janet   Brunk, Betty         Clark, Kimberly        Douglas, Athena      Gasaway, Paula         Herring, Kari
Anderson, Melanie       Belt, Shelia           Buehrer, Deborah     Clay, Cary             Douglas, Dane        Gautier, Douglas       Hewett, Deborah
Andrews, Steven         Bench, Patricia        Bunch, Sonya         Clayborn, Mary         Douglas, Heidi       Gay, Kristy            Hewett, Francene
Anglen, Breanne         Berry, Elizabeth       Burcham, Erma        Clement, Marcia        Doyle, Michael       Gentry, Elizabeth      Hickman, Thelma
Angus, Laura            Bielke, Denise         Burchfiel, Pamela    Clifton, Madeline      Drake, Paul          Gentry, William        Hill, Kimberly
Anhalt, Stacie          Biggers, Kelly         Burleson, Kimberly   Cline, Jack            Duenas, Sergia       Gertz, Melinda         Hill, Shelia
Armistead, Sarah        Bishop, Gail           Burlison, Inga       Cline, Mary            Duffin, Jean         Giacinti, Karla        Hill, Tamra
Arnold, Dawn            Bishop, Nancy          Burnett, Lionel      Cluck, Chloe           Dugas, Treisa        Gibbs, Carolyn         Hinkle, Virginia
Arters, David           Blankenship, Cynthia   Burns, Eric          Cluck, Terrie          Duggin, Lisa         Gibson, Melany         Hixon, Benita
Arthur, Bobbie          Bly, Pamela            Burrows, Jodi        Cochran, Patsy         Duncan, Marilyn      Gibson, Michele        Hixon, Kevin
Atchley, Karen          Boatman, Billy         Byrd, Carly          Coe, Darla             Duncan, Nancy        Gilbert, Kathryn       Hobbs, Sally
Atwell, Cassandra       Boen, Carol            Byrd, Joseph         Cole, Alisa            Duncan, Ruth         Gilbreth, Kenneth      Hodges, Cynthia
Atwell, Joy             Bohanan, Sandra        Byrd, Karla          Cole, Ashley           Dunison, Betty       Gilmore, Stephanie     Hoffsommer, Mary
Auldridge, Bonnie       Bohannan, Cynthia      Caffey, Carrie       Cole, Bobby            Dunlap, Teressa      Gipson, Carolyn        Holbrook, Dabnei
Avery, Edward           Bolcao, Sheryl         Cain, Helen          Cole, Drema            Dunn, Gregory        Girdner, Tony          Holmes, Larry
Awbrey, Kathryn         Bolin, Seth            Caldwell, Michelle   Coleman, Mollie        Dupire, Nancy        Gist-Jewell, Sharron   Homer, Lisa
Ayers, Paula            Bolton, Alissa         Calicott, Joyce      Collier, Maria         Dupire, Richard      Glander, Robert        Hopkins, James
Bader, Deborah          Bonds, Richard         Calle, Juana         Collins, Carol         Durden, Margaret     Glenn, David           Hornor, Rebecca
Bailey, Stephanie       Bone, Jacob            Calloway, Menchu     Collins, Vernon        Duvall, Remedios     Goc-Ong, Romeo         Horton, Steven
Bailey, Tracey          Borengasser, Martha    Calma, Amelia        Conley, Patricia       Dye, Clarence        Goff, Stacy            House, William
Baker, Staci            Boster, Ashlee         Campbell, Elygenia   Cook, Jack             Dyson, Ronda         Gossett, Beckey        Houston, Tamara
Baker, Steven           Botello, Chad          Campbell, Jamie      Cook, Reta             Eady, Sandra         Graber, Mary           Howard, John
Baker, Tiffinee         Bowers, Robert         Campbell, Linda      Cooley, Jody           Easom, Delilah       Graham, Sherry         Howard, Karren
Ball, Kimberly          Boyd, Phillip          Carney, Tara         Cooper, Gary           Eddy, Vicki          Gramlich, Pamela       Howard, Lynn
Ball, Lisa              Boyd, Velma            Carrick, Carol       Cooper, Jodi           Edgemon, Debra       Graves, Judy           Hoyt, Dolores
Ballard, Nikki          Bradford, Loretta      Carter, Holly        Cooper, Terry          Edgemon, Richard     Green, Donna           Hoyt, Martin
Banks, Calvin           Brantley, Dorothy      Carter, Lane         Coots, Linda           Edgemon, Sandra      Green, Rosemarie       Hudson, Yvonne
Bankston, Donald        Branton, Kara          Cartwright, Linda    Cope, Carmen           Edwards, Rebekah     Greene, Samantha       Huggins, Sandra
Barlas-Collins, Deann   Brashier, Donna        Case, James          Corbin, Lora           Elam, Karen          Greene, Timothy        Hughes, Jorge
Barnes, Dwayne          Brashier, Virgina      Casteel, Glenda      Corcoran, Krista       Elkins, Mark         Greenwood, Patsy       Hulsey, Barbara
Barnes, Janice          Bratcher, Diane        Catlett, Melanie     Core, Deborah          Elliott, Roberta     Greeson, Sandy         Hulsey, Jennifer
Barnes, Stephanie       Breen, James           Cesario, Larisa      Corey, Chella          Ellis, Jimmie        Gregory, Robert        Hunt, Julia
Barnes, Troy            Brewer, Mary           Chacon, Fawnda       Corley, Katie          Ellis, Mellonie      Grizzle, Devonne       Hunter, Lora
Bartlett, Erin          Brewton, Sheila        Chamberlain,         Cox, Cathleen          Ellison, Joni        Grizzle, Johnnie       Huntington, Susan

Mercy Fund . . .
Irons, Kevin           Lightfoot, Sherry      Mitchell, Teresa         Phillips, Cynthia       Roecker, Rebecca         Speaks, Rhonda        Wallace, Robin
Isom, Mary             Lilly, Melissa         Moheit, Sharon           Phillips, Mary          Rogers, Amy              Spears, Frances       Ward, Nathan
Jackson, Annetta       Lincks, Tracey         Mondier, Mary            Phillips, Susan         Rogers, Barbara          Spicer, Cynthia       Ward, Stephen
Jackson, Gina          Linson, Rhonda         Montague, Kimberly       Pickle, Michael         Rogers, Becky            Stanley, Carolyn      Ward, Tammy
Jackson, Janet         Linville, Kimberly     Montgomery, Megan        Piercy, Jacqueline      Rogers, Brenda           Stark, Christopher    Warden, Erin
Jackson, Lisa          Little, Barbara        Moore, Carolyn           Piguet, Lisa            Rogers, Chantelle        Starr, Theresa        Ware, April
Jackson, Nathan        Lofton, Keisha         Moore, Christopher       Pinkston, Susan         Rojas, Maria             Staton, Laura         Warner, Lucy
James, Alberta         Loggains, Terry        Moore, Delores           Pittman, Perry          Romero, Sonia            Stepp, Tanya          Warren, Christie
James, Donna           Long, Michelle         Moore, Ella              Pittman, Jay            Romo, Brenda             Stockton, Dayna       Warren, Glenda
Jeffcoat, J.D.         Lopez, Rose            Moore, Janet             Pittman, Laura          Rosenfeld, Gayle         Stone, Sherry         Warren, Martha
Jeremiah, Amy          Lopez, Tony            Moore, Lee               Pittman, Lisa           Roten, Bonnie            Stone, Veronica       Waterbury, Carol
Jetton, Jennifer       Lorenz, Ginger         Moore, Orland            Pittman, Stacey         Royal, Kenneth           Stormes, Holley       Waters, Patricia
Jimenez, Rosalina      Lovell, Joyce          Moore, Sarah             Pitts, Betty            Rozell, Nanette          Stout, Dana           Watson, Gail
Johnson, Anthony       Ludwick, Christina     Morales, Gabriela        Pledger, Donna          Ruckman, Damon           Stover, Julie         Watson, William
Johnson, Emily         Lunsford, Mary         Morales, Jason           Plunkett, Cary          Ruggles, Amy             Stroh, Julie          Watts, Ramona
Johnson, Gleason       Mabry, Kathryn         Morris, Cynthia          Plymale, Joe            Russell, Heather         Stubblefield, Helen   Weaver, Ellen
Johnson, Heather       Mackey, Phyllis        Morris, Jesse            Podojil, Rebecca        Rye, Linda               Stuhan, Carolyn       Weaver, Sara
Johnson, Joseph        Magness, Jennifer      Morris, Patricia         Poe, Bethany            Sacco, Deana             Sullivan, Bonnie      Webb, Denise
Johnson, Monica        Mahar, Tiffany         Morris, Randa            Porter, Carol           Safranek, Nancy          Sullivan, Teresa      Webster, Patricia
Johnson, Regina        Mainer, Rebecca        Morris, William          Porter, Joy             Sagala, Usman            Summerhill, Ronnie    Welbern, Loyd
Johnson, Robin         Mankin, Jana           Morse, Judith            Porter, Rhonda          Sagely, Teena            Sutliff, Ginger       Wells, Elisabeth
Johnston, Priscilla    Mankin, Michael        Morton, Jennifer         Portillo, Aleida        Sampley, Bettie          Sutton, Fredda        Welty, Glinda
Jones, Alan            Mansell, David         Moss, Jill               Posey, Julie            Sanders, Theresa         Sweet, Cindy          Werner, Jason
Jones, Debra           Maples, Thomas         Mundy, Brenda            Powell, Harry           Sanderson, Rebecca       Syfert, Charles       West, Gloria
Jones, Gloria          Mariott, Marie         Murray, Thomas           Presley, Mona           Sandifer, Mary           Symonds, Rebecca      West, Kealyn
Jones, Kimberly        Markham, Cheryl        Myles, Lori              Presson, Beverly        Sangster, Dionne         Szendre, Claudia      West, Loretta
Jones, Patricia        Marley, Judy           Nash, Delona             Presson, Jerry          Sawyer, Rae              Tate, Sammy           West, Ronnie
Jones, Susan           Marshall, Elna         Needham, Margie          Presson, Judith         Schaefer, Tammy          Taylor, Karen         Westbrook, Ashley
Jones, Traci           Marshall, Robyn        Neissl, Paula            Presson, Sandra         Scherrey, Mary           Taylor, Loucretia     Westphal, Margie
Jordan, Bonnetta       Martin, Heather        Neissl, Susan            Preston, Melinda        Scheurer, Shawna         Taylor, Sondra        Weymouth, Yolanda
Joyce-Brewer, Carree   Martin, Mandy          Nelson, Sheila           Price, Natasha          Schluterman, Dorothy     Teague, Cheri         Weyrick, Leanne
Kain, Teresa           Martin, Michael        Newberry, Magan          Privett, Lisa           Schluterman, Elizabeth   Teague, Dana          Wheatley, Stacy
Kazy, Heather          Martin, Ronnie         Newlon, Dawn             Pruett, Robert          Schluterman, Laura       Teague, Emily         Wheeler, Elnora
Keck, Aaron            Martin, Terri          Newman, Paul             Pruitt, Mary            Schmidt, Carolyn         Terrall, Ammalea      White, Heather
Kehler, Katy           Mason, Brenda          Nichols, Mary            Pryor, Carolyn          Schmidt, Justine         Thacker, Lyndle       White, Mary
Kelch, Sandra          Mason, Regina          Nichols, Patricia        Puckett, Sandra         Schneider, Darla         Thomas, Leslie        Whitman, Earl
Kelly, Cynthia         Masterson, Sandra      Nichols, Tammie          Purcell, Vicki          Schneider, Janet         Thomason, April       Whitmire, Melissa
Kelton, Gloria         Mathews, Lola          Nicholson, Catherine     Putnam, Merrill         Schuetz, Edward          Thresher, Cynthia     Wiederkehr, Victoria
Kendrick, Beverly      Matthews, Barbara      Niles, Ashley            Quimbo, Helena          Scott, Amber             Tickler, Sherri       Wigington, Travis
Kendrick, Christina    Maxey, Alan            Noble, Melissa           Rahier, Terry           Scrivner, Nilda          Tiger, Felecia        Wilbourn, Connie
Kennedy-Cardenas,      Maxwell, Cheryl        Norberg, Judy            Ramsey, Alaina          Seckler, Debbie          Tinsman, Elizabeth    Wiley, Kimberly
    Leona              May, Michael           O’Bar, Ashley            Ramsey, Richard         Selby, Ellen             Tober, Carolyn        Wilkerson, Amber
Ketchum, Kelleen       May, Timary            O’Daniel, Jo             Rankin, Denna           Self, Diane              Todd, Michael         Wilks, Angela
Key, Melissa           Mazyck, Rick           Odom, Jeffery            Ray, Karen              Selfridge, Doris         Townsend, Lisa        Willhite, Carol
Kilgore, Brandy        McAdoo, Pamela         Ogdon, Phyllis           Ray, Ross               Sengmanivong,            Trammell, Patricia    Williams, Christy
Kilgore, Doris         McCaslin, Barbara      O’Hearn, James           Real, Melissa           Kathleen                 Travis, Barbara       Williams, Finis
Kilgore, Ricky         McCellan, Benny        O’Hearn-Howell, Kelly    Reaves, Angela          Septer, Tamera           Travis, Susan         Williams, Joe
Killough, Pamela       McCluney, Debbie       Oliver, Byron            Rebsamen, Barbie        Shaffer, Gary            Trayler, Latrecia     Williams, Kristin
King, Carolyn          McConnell, Pam         Oliver, Linda            Rector, Sunni           Shaffer, Nancy           Trinidad, Ana         Williams, Melissa
King, Jessica          McCoy, Stephanie       Olsen, Jade              Reed, Lisa              Shankle, Sherry          Trinidad, Jose        Williams, Nancy
King, Rebecca          McCraney, Kathy        Osborn, John             Reeder, Brooke          Shannon, Becki           Tucker, Anita         Williams, Shelly
Klan, Tania            McCroskey, Marie       Owen, Heather            Reeder, Evelyn          Sharp, Cynthia           Turic, Florinda       Williams, Tessa
Kleiss, Peggy          McDaniel, Christine    Owens, Julie             Reeves, William         Sharum, Gary             Turner, Amanda        Williamson, Leslie
Kohler, Heather        McDonald, Jennifer     Pachl, Vala              Reinoehl, Donald        Sharum, Kevin            Turner, Casey         Willis, Patricia
Krafft, Susan          McDonald, Susan        Page, Charlotte          Releford, Cynthia       Sharum, Monica           Turner, Dana          Willyard, Lori
Krueger, Carol         McFerran, Carol        Parker, Joe              Remler, Amy             Shelby, Janie            Turner, Natalie       Wilson, Dolores
Kulbacki, Ruth         McFerran, Justin       Parker, Lorie            Restine, Tessa          Shell, Alice             Turpin, Christopher   Wilson, Lindsey
Lafontaine, Linda      McFerran, Margaret     Parker, Lou              Rhoden, Robyn           Shelton, Larry           Tyler, Maryjane       Wilson, Mary
Lakowski, Daniel       McFerran, Melinda      Parnell, Larry           Richard, Melanie        Shepard, Demetria        Tyson, Dawn           Winters, Janelda
Lambdin, Gwen          McGahey, Audrey        Parnell, Patricia        Richards, Cassandra     Shipley, Hattie          Tyson, Velda          Wise, Cheryl
Lamproe, Karen         McKeown, Elizabeth     Parrott, Danna           Richards, Karen         Shipley, James           Udouj, Janice         Wolsey, Mary
Lane, Beverly          McLamb, Nancy          Parsano, Karen           Richards, Sandra        Shockley, Judy           Udouj-Roebuck,        Womack, Ronnie
Langston, Dedrea       McMaster, Sherri       Patterson, Gayla         Richardson, Jean        Simmons, Jeannie         Cristelyn             Wood, Bessie
Lasiter, Deborah       McPherson, Brad        Patton, Angelia          Richmond, Joann         Simpson, Dorothy         Vandervort, Teresa    Wood, Jennifer
Lauricella, Donna      McQueen, Dana          Pawlak, Wanda            Rickard, Sally          Simpson, Virgil          Vanhook, Jeffrey      Wood, Kimberly
Lawley, Jamie          McTaggert, Freida      Payne, Carol             Riggs, Roberta          Slavens, Gloria          Vankooten, Sheila     Wood, Roger
Lawson, Charlotte      Medina, Nancy          Pearce, Larry            Riley, Margie           Smith, Daniel            Vanriette, Florence   Woolsey, Jennifer
Lawson, Sarah          Melendez, Felicito     Pearson, Sandra          Riley, Sandra           Smith, Dianna            Vaughan, Shirley      Wright, Deanna
Ledbetter, Jaime       Melville, Jamie        Pence, Jaclyn            Rinke, Joanne           Smith, Lareina           Vaughn, James         Wright, Joy
Lee, Ron               Mendenhall, Katheryn   Pendleton, Martha        Rinke, Karen            Smith, Lynda             Vearrier, Karen       Wright, Karen
Lee-Anderson, Marsha   Mendoza, Hector        Pennington, Jennifer     Riordan, Hannah         Smith, Michelle          Vinson, Elizabeth     Wright, Kimberly
Leflore, Deborah       Mercado, Vilma         Peoples, Kevin           Riser, Kathy            Smith, Nancy             Vinson, John          Wright, Regina
Leininger, Janet       Meredith, Barbara      Perdue, Emily            Riviera, Samuel         Smith, Sharon            Vowell, Michelle      Wyatt, Kristy
Lemons, Jeri           Merrill, Marci         Perkins, Melanie         Roark, Mary             Smith, Staci             Vowell, Rachael       Yandell, Suzannah
Lemons, Jessica        Metcalf, Nancy         Perriello-Moore, Tracy   Robberson, Leigh        Smith, Tamara            Waggoner, Patricia    Young, Larry
Lennier, Elisabeth     Miles, Carolyn         Perry, Martha            Roberts, Anna           Smith, Wilma             Wahl, Julie           Young, Loyd
Lenoir, Richard        Miles, Cheryl          Person, Melissa          Roberts, Charles        Smither, Denise          Walker, Catherine     Young, Tammie
Leonard, Patricia      Millard, Holly         Peters, Treva            Roberts, Pamela         Snider, Bobby            Walker, Cheryll       Younger, Marlene
Lett, Candace          Miller, Betty          Peterson, Kym            Robinson, Charity       Snider, Tina             Walker, Donald        Zeccola, Linda
Lewis, Amy             Miller, Leslie         Pettit, Jennifer         Robinson, Cindy         Sorey, Sharon            Walker, Grace         Zolliecoffer, Misty
Lewis, Jeanna          Miller, Ruben          Petty, Maureen           Robinson, Kyra          Sosebee, Kimberly        Walker, Mary          Zouzas, Debra O
Lewis, Sharon          Miller, Venessa        Petz, Cynthia            Robson, Sharon          Sosebee, Rebecca         Wallace, Jacqueline
Lewis, Zona            Mitchell, Charles      Phelps, Kathie           Rodriguez, Sanjuanita   Southern, Laura          Wallace, Paulette

  What’s Happening!?
  June 16               Mercy Hospital Turner Memorial golf tournament at Ozark Recreational
                        Club ~ Proceeds will benefit Mercy Hospital Turner Memorial

  June 17, 18           55 Alive Driving Course ~ 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
                        St. Edward Mercy Hennessy Center

  June 19               “Birdies Fore Babies” ladies’ golf tournament
                        Proceeds will benefit the Mercy Northside Clinic

  June 20               Mercy Choice Seminar ~ 4:00 p.m.
                        “Breast Surgery Options – Enhancements, Lifts & Reconstruction”
                        Dr. Ann Passmore
                        St. Edward Mercy Centers of Excellence Sicard Education Room

  June 22, 23           55 Alive Driving Course ~ 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
                        Bank of the Ozarks, 5401 Rogers Avenue

  July 26               Mercy Foundation Board Meeting
                        Mercy Plaza Conference Room

  July 29               “Delta Blues” to be held at the “Rib Room” in downtown Fort Smith
                        Sponsored by Delta Investment Management and Financial Center, Inc.
                        Proceeds are designated to the Mercy Foundation charitable funds

                       If you would like information about any of these events, please call
                                  ST. EDWARD MERCY FOUNDATION

                                                                              RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

                                                                             FORT SMITH, AR 72917-7000   I   P. O. BOX 17000

   Permit No. 457
Fort Smith, Arkansas
    U.S. Postage

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