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					                                                                                 INTERIOR SOLUTIONS NEWSLETTER

                                                                                                                       MARCH-APRIL-MAY 2009


Even with the current state of the economy, Interior Solutions
is looking toward the future and seeking opportunities that
will allow growth and expansion. Two exciting opportunities
have presented themselves resulting in two new branches in San
Diego, California, and Tucson, Arizona.
The San Diego branch is excited to complete their new showroom
in the East Village of downtown San Diego, in the historic Wonder
Bread Bakery building that was built in 1894. Upon completion
of the showroom, the branch is expected to open its doors for
business starting in June. In Tucson, where the sun never stops
shining, the new branch is already up and running and settling into
its new office on Research Loop. They are eager to add their
knowledge and experience to the Interior Solutions team.                                                        SAN DIEGO BRANCH TEAM

                                                           PETER HARRIS FEATURED IN OFD MAGAZINE
                                                           Peter Harris, General Manager of Interior Solutions, was featured in the March edition
                                                           of OFDealer Maganize. Pete was quoted in the article “TOP THREE DEALER
                                                           DRIVERS FOR BUSINESS” as saying, “When times are good you sell, and when
                                                           selling gets difficult you plan for selling.”

                                                                                  INTERIOR SOLUTIONS NEWSLETTER

                                                                                                                        MARCH-APRIL-MAY 2009

                                  GIFTS OF TIME

“We make a living by what we get,
we make a life by what we give.”
                                             -Winston Churchill

                                                                             ELEONORE REUNODJI AND SIBLINGS AT COMCAST CARES DAY

                                                                  On Saturday, April 25, Interior Solutions’ employees participated in
                                                                  Comcast Cares Day at Lincoln Elementary in Salt Lake City. This event
                                                                  allowed participants to help out a local school by giving back with service.
                                                                  Comcast made a donation to the school for every volunteer that participated.
                                                                  Principal Tracy Vandeventer was thrilled with the number of volunteers that
                                                                  took time out of their Saturday to help out the school. The volunteers
                                                                  painted interior walls, added motivational quotes in the hallways, scrubbed
                                                                  lockers, and planted flowers outside.

   Interior Solutions Design Manager, Sabine Schabel, spoke to Utah
   State University’s 200- person Interior Design program this past April.
   She spoke on sustainability, green design, and the progress we are
   making as a company in the area. She also spoke about the
   importance of fulfilling clients’ needs even when it doesn’t fit your
   particular design style. “You win some and you lose some,” Sabine
   said, describing examples of some projects that matched her design
   style and some that didn’t.

                                                                                     INTERIOR SOLUTIONS NEWSLETTER

                                                                                                                            MARCH-APRIL-MAY 2009

                                                                JEREMY PITTS TO BE TUCSON BRANCH MANAGER
                                                                   Jeremy Pitts is joining our team as the new Branch Manager in Tucson,
                                                                   Arizona. He received his BS in Physical Geography from Louisiana State
                                                                   University in 2001. During his career in contract office furniture, Jeremy
                                                                   has worked as an Installer, Order Entry Coordinator, IT Director, Order
                                                                   Fulfillment Manager, Project Manager, and Operations Manager, overseeing a
                                                                   very broad range of duties and activities related to contract office furniture,
                                                                   facilities management, commercial relocations, and effective business
                                                                   leadership. Prior to joining Interior Solutions, Jeremy worked with Workspace
                                                                   Dynamics in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on a 1600+ workstation project in a
                                                                   LEED certified building. We are excited to have him join our team and look
         JEREMY PITTS                                              forward to his future accomplishments.

San Diego is ecstatic to have Mac McCardle join Interior Solutions’ new office as Branch Manager. Mac brings 28 years of experience as a dealer
in the contract furniture industry to our team. He started his career as the VP and Chief Financial Officer for a large Steelcase dealer, Fisher
Office Interiors. He then went on to open two of his own dealerships representing Haworth, Business Environments, and Allsteel Furniture
Resources. He also owned Office Systems Installation, an independent warehouse, delivery, and installation company. After selling his share of
Furniture Resources, Mac went on to take management and leadership roles with other major corporations in building their contract furniture
operations. These companies included Technology Integration Group, which had 18 branches nationally, and OM Workspace, where he was the
General Manager and later promoted to Regional Manager.
As Regional Manager he was responsible for 25 branch locations.
Mac was then recruited to Systems Source as President in October
2007, filling the position vacated by the founder and owner of this
25 year old Knoll/Kimball dealership headquartered in Orange
County, California, with a branch in Los Angeles.
Kimball introduced Mac to Pete Harris of Interior Solutions in
October 2008. This introduction led to Mac’s current position as
the two have worked together to open the San Diego Kimball
Select Dealership in 2009.
                                                                         WONDERHAUS BUILDING - SAN DIEGO BRANCH SHOWROOM AND OFFICE

                                                                                  INTERIOR SOLUTIONS NEWSLETTER

                                                                                                                       MARCH-APRIL-MAY 2009

                                                                          Diana is joining our San Diego branch as an Account Manager
DIANA TRACY JOINS INTERIOR SOLUTIONS                                      specializing in healthcare. She is a third generation San Diegan
                                                                          with a diverse career in the healthcare industry. With an
                                                                          accomplished 20+ years in supply-chain management at Scripps
                                                                          Health, Diana served as a Senior Buyer and Contract Analyst,
                                                                          focusing on facility services, furnishings, and contracts. Diana
                                                                          transferred her knowledge and expertise to the development of
                                                                          the first healthcare focused business model for a commercial
                                                                          furniture dealership serving San Diego’s medical community. She
                                                                          created a highly successful healthcare team offering value as a
                                                                          single source solution through the integration of furniture,
                                                                          medical products, and specialty services.
                                                                          Her unique backgroud provides a related partner who truly
                                                                          understands and cares about her clients’ needs. She is focused on
                                                                          her clients’ best interests and the solutions she can provide to
                                                                          meet and exceed their expectations.

 John is a seasoned professional with 25 years experience in the office
 furniture industry; 23 of those years in the San Diego market.
 His accomplishments include numerous sales successes that created
 satisfied, long-term client relationships. John was most recently the
 District Account Manager for Kimball Office, servicing dealers in San
 Diego, California, and Oahu, Hawaii.
 John’s consultative approach with customers provides the successful
 match of the right furniture solution and service to the customer need
 and budget. Most importantly, his start-to-finsh commitment and
 face-to-face interaction results in long-term and satisfied customer
 relationships. We are happy to welcome him as a new Account
 Manager for the San Diego branch.                                                                                          JOHN WALK