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					                                                        Action Planning
                                                       Outline Template

There is no one true way to write a strategic/action plan, but sometimes it is
helpful to have a model from which to work. Many NAMI State Organizations
have crafted excellent plans that you should feel free to use for reference.

                              NAMI of MyTown
                            2011-2013 Action Plan

I.      Mission Statement

II.     Vision Statement

III.    Organizational Values

IV.     Goals (full list)
        A. Goal #1.
        B. Goal #2…

V.      Goals (itemized list)
        A. Goal #1…
              1. Strategy #1…
                     a) Tactic #1…
              2. Strategy #2…
                     a) Tactic #1…
        B. Goal #2…

VI.     Time Line

VII.    Evaluation

VIII.   Appendices
        A. Background
              1. Why you chose to develop a strategic plan
              2. Planning process used
        B. Planning Committee members
        C. SWOTs analysis
        D. Anything else of importance in your planning process

                                                              Strategic Planning = Action Plan

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