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       here are many
       reasons why                      Maritime Travel’s Inside Scoop
       “what goes
on in Vegas stays in
Vegas. “ You can
get married easily
(maybe too easily),
spend all night and
day at casinos, sing                              Know before you go: travel isn’t just your
along to a show, dine                                destination, it’s also the journey
well—you’ll come
home just to relax…
Read and take this
Inside Scoop packed
                                        W               here else can you visit a circus, New
                                                        York, Paris, Venice and a pyramid in
                                                        the same day? Whether you’re
                                        headed to the casinos or the shows, Las Vegas is
                                        another US city that never sleeps. There’s so much
                                                                                                               Pack strategically
                                                                                                 The world is overrun with black bags: put coloured
                                                                                                 tape or ribbon on your luggage to spot it quickly.
                                                                                                 Put your name outside and inside and remove old
                                                                                                 tags. In your carry-on, pack valuables such as
with handy tips.                        to do (some of it a cheesy kind of charm) it will be     jewellery; over-the-counter and prescription drugs
                                        like a vacation when you finally make it home…Tips:      in original containers with a list, dosage and your
                                        • Plan a transition day before and after your trip       doctor’s phone number (syringes/needles for
                                             —often needed if an airline changes flights,        personal medical use with caps in original labelled
                                             besides, you’ll benefit by slowing down.            containers). Although you might love the nightlife
                                        • Be realistic: we know you want value in balanc-        and fancy heels that go with it, do pack comfy
                                             ing choices with your budget; no matter what,       shoes for walking.
                                             relax and enjoy. Unless you pay for upgrades,           Pack most liquids/lotions/gels in checked bags
                                             requests are requests only, such as a suite.        (inside plastic bags)—due to carry-on restrictions,
                                             These are premium (why upgrade fees apply).         the maximum size container is 100ml (3.4 oz). All
                                        • At 100F/38C from June-August, 55F/13C                  must fit in 1 clear/resealable plastic bag of no more
travel: delighting in                        December-February, the weather is reasonable        than 1 litre (often available when you first enter
the spirit of adventure ●                    and dry (it is the desert).                         airport security), then place the bag in the tray
a vacation from home to                 • Vegas is in the Pacific Time Zone (think Van-          provided. Items regular travellers pack in carry-on:
explore places that are                      couver) and observes Daylight Savings Time.         pen/notebook, disinfectant hand wipes, munchies
not your home ● knowing                 • Check with your provider for cell/phone card use       (no fruit, meat or veg over borders). Permitted in
                                             (and roaming charges). Internet access                                                carry-on: cell
life is different there and                  is at hotels (public terminals are costly).
knowing this is a point of                                                                                                         phones, laptops,
                                        • Major credit cards are accepted pretty                                                   portable music play-
travel ● enjoying the                        much everywhere, as are travellers                                                    ers, canes, dispos-
journey, not just the                        cheques (take photo ID) and US cash.                                                  able razors, umbrel-
destination ● a privilege                    ATMs abound and rates vary: check with                                                las and nail clippers.
best used with patience,                     your bank for debit card use. For credit                                              Items you can’t take
humour and curiosity                         card security, call the company to report                                             on include knives
● fun ● coming home                          the dates you’ll be away.                                                             (an obvious no-no),
with great tales to tell ●              • Vegas is a very easy place to spend                                                      corkscrews and
                                             money—if you’re going on excursions,                                                  sports gear such as
                                             (how about the Grand Canyon?) book in                                                 racquets, golf clubs
                packing                      advance as less cash is needed while                                                  and pool cues.
                 list on                     you’re there, better for budgeting.
                overleaf                                                                        Tip: Shopping on "the strip” (Las Vegas Boulevard)
                                        • We strongly recommend Maritime Travel cancel-         can be pricey—while there are malls, fashion stores,
                                             lation/interruption and medical insurance.         chains and souvenirs (do you need another t-shirt?),
Your Counsellor                         • You must have a valid passport www.ppt.gc.            you might want to save your $$ and time to enjoy
Our knowledge and experience                 ca/index.aspx?lang=eng. Keep a separate            the array of shows each night—whether headliners,
helps turn dreams into first-rate            photocopy of your ID page with other records.      solo artists, major bands, magic or even different
vacations. Ask your counsellor          • Travel with a positive attitude—with extra            Cirque du Soleil shows, there is truly more than you
about any details, including:                security issues, having patience and a spirit      can enjoy in one visit. See
• tickets to top-notch shows                 of adventure will carry you through anything!      and ask your counsellor about tickets.
• cancellation/interruption &
    medical insurance                                                      What to do…what to do…
• excursions to Hoover Dam,             While casinos are a big draw, there’s no lack of entertainment, nightlife or restaurants—but some of the
    the Grand Canyon or Red             best entertainment is sitting down for a rest and people-watching. Las Vegas buffets are legendary and
    Rock Canyon.                        used to have the reputation of being low-priced. Those days are pretty much gone, but most hotels and
                                        some restaurants still offer good value with lots of variations. There’s also many specialty restaurants,
                                        such as the Gospel Brunch (House of Blues; line up early to get tickets as it regularly sells out) and 2
                                        dozen kinds of cheesecake (Cheesecake Factory). While movies and CSI: Investigation are largely shot
                                        on Hollywood sets, you’ll see many outdoor shots used. And yes, you can get married at one of the
MT LV1   2009        See over/pg 2...   numerous chapels, even a drive-through...ask your counsellor for details.         (continued…)
                  Your airline                            (continued…)              What to recommended sites:
       s your plane might be coming in from               Bellagio Hotel’s: free evening fountain light and sound show. One of the best things on the
A      elsewhere and delayed, confirm your
flight prior to departure. Transport Canada can
                                                          strip. If you plan to eat about then, you’ll have a great view during dinner across the street
                                                          outside at Mon Ami Gabi, Paris Las Vegas. Check out its Eiffel Tower replica: built at half-
prohibit items as security risks www.catsa-               scale, the detail is intriguing and the view from it is terrific. Mirage Hotel’s Volcano Eruption: “Travellers should arrive at the             runs every 15 minutes from 6 to11:30 pm. Through the Mirage lobby is Siegfried & Roy’s
airport earlier than usual, exercise patience and         Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat: if you crave a bit of nature and peace (albeit with helicop-
contact their airline for further information             ter tours overhead) then head to this enclave in two areas—the garden with tigers and other
on their flight(s).” Airline staff are on duty            wild cats, and the dolphin pools. You can upgrade to a VIP tour or be a dolphin trainer (for an
some 2-3 hours prior: due to staffing and                 extra fee, booked ahead with your counsellor). Imperial Palace’s Auto Collections is one of
security, check-in closes 1 hour before                   the world's largest and finest car collections showcasing antique, classic, muscle and special-
departure. If late, you’re not entitled to board          interest cars (and if you win big at a casino you can buy your favourite). The Stratosphere
(or a refund). Unless booked ahead, seats are
first-come first-served. Note: many airlines              Insanity, Big Shot and X-Scream (named so for good reasons) are unlike any other rides:
have reciprocal “code-share” arrangements.                hang 900ft above the strip, shoot 160ft up (the width of an NFL football field) in 2.5 seconds
Air Canada                     1-888-247-2262             and bounce, or be spun around upside down...these rides are not for the faint of heart or
WestJet                        1-800-538-5696             good after a queasy night out, so plan for a wee sit down afterward. Golfing is great here—
Delta                          1-800-221-1212             you might want to try the 9-hole night course (with lights) at the Angel Gate Golf Club. If you
Continental                    1-800-523-3273             didn’t get a good view out of your plane window, you might want to book a helicopter tour of
American                       1-800-223-5436             the city: tip; do this at night. There are numerous nightclubs, all with unique aspects such
US Airlines                    1-800-428-4322             as being on rooftops (great views), light shows and specialty drinks. Most hotels have
                                                          casinos—they want to keep you there so there are no clocks! Set a limit to spend and stick
Baggage: Size/weight restrictions for checked             to it (Vegas isn’t so much fun in jail or after losing your mortgage money…).
and carry-on varies: check with the airline.
Entry & Departure: you must have a passport.                                                     Other attractions
                                                          With the explosion of activities on the strip, the north end/downtown was neglected, hence
               When you arrive                            The Fremont Street Experience. A portion of the street was covered with screens and
M       cCarran airport (LAS) is close to the strip
        where most hotels and attractions are,
                                                          shows are projected at night, but otherwise it’s like the strip. The Venetian is a wanderer’s
                                                          treat with gondola rides under bridges and past cafés: after photo-taking (for a fee at the end)
and which you’ll see when you land (great view            a gondolier might serenade you on this brief water tour. Treasure Island offers a pirate show.
at night). If an airport transfer is not part of your     Tips: This is a sneaker state...don’t worry what you look like, just be comfortable. While ho-
package (usually with a voucher), depending               tels seem as if they might be close, their sites are massive and it takes time to walk among
how many people are in your group, a taxi or              them. Even walking to the monorail that connects areas of the strip
limo could be cheaper than an airport shuttle.
• Have your hotel voucher handy for check-in.
                                                          can be a hike. Do NOT jaywalk across the strip: fines are hefty (yes it’s fake grass on the
• The legal drinking and gambling age is 21
                                                          boulevard). With the heat, wear a hat and sunglasses, and drink lots of water (enterprising
   (no matter if your provincial age is 19). Bars,        vendors often pop open a cooler and sell cold bottled water on overpasses).
   and VIP/topless hotel pools are for over 21s.               Go ahead, take the kids                                                    Packing checklist
• Avoid timeshare sales; some hotels have
   lobby presentations offering your next trip
   (for a fee): there’s no “free” trip.
                                                          n trying to broaden its appeal, Las Vegas
                                                          began marketing its attractions to families
                                                      so there are things to do with kids that don’t
• Getting around is easy—wear comfy walking                                                                                 a valid passport for each person
                                                      involve the more adult pursuits. While some                           driver’s license/insurance if renting car
   shoes and small US bills for the strip’s Deuce     hotels and attractions such as Circus Circus
   (two-level) or city buses. You can’t see                                                                                 copies: passport, travellers cheques,
                                                      and Excalibur can keep them busy, you won’t                           ID, cancellation/medical insurance
   everything in a day so do sections, e.g.,          want to stay in the entire time.
   Stratosphere at the north end, mid-section,                                                                              itinerary/contact info to home contact
                                                      • Because casinos are designed to keep peo-                           credit cards/cash, fanny pack for
   the lower strip (and famous sign at south             ple inside, it can be disorienting to find your
   end). The Deuce goes from Freemont St. to                                                                                these & passports
                                                         way out; kids are allowed to walk through
   the south end’s Las Vegas Outlet Center.                                                                                 cell phone/charger or phone cards
                                                         casinos with you but stick to the marked
• Yes, people can walk around with alcoholic             pathways and don’t linger.                                         sunscreen, toiletries, ear plugs
   drinks in tall plastic glasses...The cutest are    • When walking along the strip, don’t accept
                                                                                                                            personal hygiene supplies, facial tissues
   from Paris Las Vegas: take home a plastic             the small cards advertising adult services,                        medications/prescriptions, sunglasses
   Eiffel Tower or the ceramic balloon.                  that people snap to get your attention. The                        hat, sweater/jacket, swimsuit/coverup
                                                         kids will see them as they litter sidewalks.                       magazines, notebook/pens
              When you leave                                                                                                women: dressy outfit; men: shirt/dress
                                                      • If you like to swim, the pools are terrific but
     o a room sweep for belongings. Although                                                                                pants & jacket
D    there’s usually a noon check-out you may
                                                         being outdoors, many are not open Decem-
                                                         ber to March (The Mirage closes for Decem-                         easy care clothes
be able to pay a late fee if you have a later flight.    ber), or when below 60F/15C. There are                             sandals, really comfy walking shoes
Or, pack what you need for those few hours and           fees for cabanas and daybeds.                                      camera, extra film or memory card, map
check luggage with the hotel. Do not buy or           • Take student ID; some bus drivers make 12                           address list for postcards/emails
accept anything suspect or that can be taken             year olds (who don’t look 17) pay adult                            binoculars (also for shows)
from you at customs such as plants, narcotics,           fares. Also good for buffet child discounts.                       Your sense of adventure & humour!
wood or endangered species parts. See
I Declare www.cbsa-asfc. Our 24/7 Emergency Service
pub/bsf5056-eng.html).                                We constantly survey airlines, local tour companies and hotels to ensure
                                                          they meet our customer service standards, so don’t let a problem ruin your
Canadian citizens: for emergencies, Las Vegas             holiday. Nearly all issues can be handled quickly on site—first seek help
                                                          from the venue’s local staff. Otherwise, call our Emergency Travel Service
is served by Consulate of Canada offices in Los           at 1-888-551-1181.
Angeles, California, at 213-346-2700. You can             Deposits are non-refundable & non-transferrable. Schedule changes can      
call Foreign Affairs at 1-888-949-9993 or email           occur and airlines and tour operators have the right to change flight and/or
                                                          tour times, alter, combine services or substitute accommodations. Your counsellor will work with you to ensure you receive                                  information as soon as possible and ensure satisfaction. For details, see your brochure and ticket terms and conditions.

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