1. Q: Can I apply with prerequisites in progress?
       A: Yes, as long as the prerequisites will be done by the program start date. On the
application, there is a place to list the courses that you are currently taking, or will take to
complete the prerequisites. Please list the courses there.

2. Q: What is the start date for the 2009 term?
       A: August 25, 2009.

3. Q: Can I take pre-requisites in the Summer semester?
        A: Yes, you may take pre-requisites in the spring and the summer in order to complete
the pre-requisites by the start date of the Traditional BSN program.

4. Q: Are there any pre-requisites that can be taken concurrently with the program?
       A: No, all pre-requisites must be completed by the start date of the program.

5. Q: What if I took the science courses more than 5 years ago?
        A: If your sciences are older than 5 years, you will need to repeat them. There is one
alternative option that we will accept if you previously have taken Anatomy with lab and
Physiology with lab or Microbiology outside the 5-year timeframe. Excelsior College offers
college credit exams for Anatomy/Physiology and Microbiology. We will only accept Excelsior
College science tests if you have previously taken the respective course. Excelsior does not
offer a Chemistry or Physics exam, so there is no option to challenge out of these two courses.
For more information about that test, please go to

6. Q: Can I take the pre-requisites at your school?
       A: We do allow students that option. If you want to take the pre-requisites at Mount St.
Mary’s, then you can apply to the Mount to be a Pre-nursing student.

7. Q: Can I apply for this program even if I already have a Bachelors Degree in another
        A: Yes, you may participate in this program even if you already have a Bachelors
Degree. Please note: the program will still take you three years to complete, even if you have
completed all the general education classes, because the nursing classes are arranged in a three-
year sequence. Students cannot take the junior-level nursing courses until after you complete the
sophomore-level nursing courses, etc.

8. Q: Can I take courses through my Master’s program or University Continuing
Education Program to meet the pre-requisites?
       A: No, we will not accept courses that are considered as continuing education courses.
1. Q: How do you calculate the GPA? Do you look at just the grades received in the pre-
requisite courses?
        A: We look at all the transferable, undergraduate courses that you have taken before. We
add together the total number of undergraduate grade points that you have earned and divide that
by the total number of units you have completed to get the cumulative GPA. If you repeat a
class that you previously failed, we will only count the second attempt. However, there is a
repeat rule for this program that states that if you fail more than one prerequisite, you are no
longer admissible to this program.

2. Q: Are you strict about the 2.7 overall GPA and 2.5 science GPA requirement?
       A: Yes, we are strict about the fact that we only consider candidates that have at least a
2.7 overall and 2.5 science GPA to be considered for admission.

3. Q: My GPA is below a 2.7. What can I do to raise it? What are my options?
        A: You can take additional undergraduate courses in order to try to pull up your GPA.
We only include courses that you complete before the application deadline in our GPA
calculation, so the last term that you can take courses that will affect your admission GPA is Fall
2008. If you won’t be able to raise your GPA by the end of that term, you will need to give
yourself another year to take courses, and then apply for the Fall 2010 term. If your GPA is
below a 2.5, you may want to consider applying for the A.D.N program because our GPA
requirements for that program are 2.5 overall with a 2.5 in the sciences. The A.D.N program is
an evening and weekend program.

1. Q: Do I need to send you a transcript for a college where I only took one class, a class
that doesn’t pertain to nursing?
       A: Yes, we require applicants to submit transcripts from each college they have attended
regardless of the number of courses they took there. We do not consider your application
complete until we receive transcripts from each college.

2. Q: Do I need to send you transcript for a college that I attended over 5 years ago?
       A: Yes, we require applicants to submit transcripts from each college they have attended
regardless of how long ago you took courses there. We do not consider your application
complete until we receive transcripts from each college.

3. Q: Do I need to send you transcripts from my massage/C.N.A course?
       A: Yes, we require applicants to submit transcripts from each college they have attended.
We do not consider your application complete until we receive transcripts from each college.

4. Q: Should I have the people that are writing the recommendations, write a letter on
letterhead instead of having them fill out the nursing reference form?
        A: For the Traditional BSN program, we require students to submit the reference form. If
the person that filled out the form has more comments for us, they can attach a letter to the form.
Reference forms can be downloaded from our website at
5. Q: Will you accept admission documents that are postmarked by February 1st? Or do
the documents have to be received in your office by February 1st?
        A: We will accept a postmark of February 1st. But it is to your advantage to apply submit
all of your application documents at least one month prior to the February 1st deadline because
this gives you adequate time to check your application status online to see what documents we
have received and the documents are still needed in order for your application to be complete.

1. Q: How many applicants did you have last year for how many spaces?
       A: For Fall 2008 we had 219 applicants for the Bachelors Degree in Nursing program.
This applicant pool included those that wanted entry into the nursing program or entry as a pre-
nursing student. Out of those applicants, 75 completed the application process by the deadline
and met the admission criteria for the BSN program. We expect to offer admission to 14 transfer
students directly into the nursing program. We expect to have a waitlist in case more spaces
became available.

2. Q: How many spaces do you have for this year?
        A: The number of Pre-Nursing students that maintain their eligibility to advance into the
nursing program influences the number of spaces we have for students that want to transfer
directly into the BSN program. So we initially we start off with 10 spaces for transfer BSN
students, but during the summer, we may have additional spaces become available. These
additional spaces will go to transfer students.

3. Q: Was there a waitlist last year? How many students from the waitlist were offered
        A: We did have a waitlist for Fall 2007. We admitted 8 people off of the waitlist. We
expect that we will have a waitlist for Fall 2008 also.

4. Q: If I am put on the waitlist, does that give me priority for a space in the program next
       A: Students that are not offered admission off of the waitlist will need to reactivate their
application in order to be considered for the following start term. There is no guarantee that a
student that was previously waitlisted will be granted admission for the following term because
they will be competing against a new pool of applicants for a space in the program.

5. Q: What times are the classes and clinicals for this program?
        A: The classes are two weekdays from about 7:00am –3:30pm. The clinicals are two
weekdays from around 6:30am- 2:00pm. The classes take place at the Chalon campus and the
clinicals are conducted at hospitals and healthcare facilities in the Los Angeles area.

6. Q: Will I get to choose where I do my clinicals?
        A: BSN students are assigned to clinical groups. Geographic location is taken into
    account when the clinical group assignments are being made. You are also able to request a
    carpool group, and the clinical instructors to their best to accommodate.

7. Q: If I start as a pre-nursing student, do I have a guaranteed space in the nursing
program for my second year?
       A: There is not a guaranteed nursing space for students that start with us as pre-nursing
students. However, priority is given to those students who complete at least one year of
prerequisites at Mount St. Mary’s College. If you start with us this year as a pre-nursing student,
you will be considered in this priority population for a space in the nursing program next Fall.
During your second semester, you will need to apply for a nursing space through the nursing

8. Q: Do I have to take religion classes?
       A: Since we are a Catholic institution, we require our students to take Religion and
Philosophy classes as part of our general studies requirements.

9. Q: Do I still need to take Religion classes if I went to a Catholic high school?
       A: Yes, you will need to take college-level religion classes to meet that part of the
general studies requirements

1. Q: What do I need to submit if I took courses at a university in another country?
        A: Applicants that have attended institutions outside the US are required to have an
international evaluation done of their transcripts. You will need to submit an official detailed
report of the international evaluation as well as transcripts from the university you attended.

2. Q: Where can I have an international evaluation done?
       A: You will need to contact a transcript evaluation service. The company that we
recommend is Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute. Their contact information is or (310) 275-3530. You will need to have a comprehensive (or detailed) report
done of your transcripts. Please submit an original international evaluation to us. We will also
need you to submit original transcripts to us as part of your application.

3. Q: It is difficult to get an original transcript from my foreign institution, can I just
submit a copy of it to you?
        A: We require official transcripts in order to consider an application complete. If it takes
a long time to obtain a transcript, you should begin the process of obtaining the transcript well
before the application deadline, in order to give it a chance to arrive on time.

1. Q: Why do I need to submit a transcript from the institution that I attended when I
participated in a study abroad program? Can I just have my study abroad coordinator
write a letter on my behalf to waive the international transcript?
        A: We require that you submit transcripts from each institution that you have attended;
the transcript states the courses that you took at that institution. Though your degree granting
school will list the courses that you took while studying abroad, you were literally taking the
courses at another institution. We will still need the international transcript from the college that
you took classes through, while outside the country. We will not accept a letter from the study
abroad coordinator in lieu of the foreign transcript

2. Q: Do I need to have an international transcript evaluation done of my foreign
transcripts from my study abroad program?
       A: No, we will waive the international evaluation if your degree granting institution
sanctioned the study abroad program.

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