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									PRESS KIT

More Money, More Business, More Time Off

100 NE 5th Avenue, Suite B2, Delray Beach, FL 33483 | Ph(954) 429.3114 | Fax(954) 429.3465
              About Strategic Profits

              They call Rich Schefren the “coach to the Internet Gurus” His unique philosophy about how
              to build real businesses online gets big money results for his clients. And that’s the reason he
              formed Strategic Profits in 2004. The company provides coaching for online entrepreneurs
              who want to grow their businesses strategically and ultimately get “free” of the daily grind.

              Business Growth System, the company’s core product, has revolutionized business coaching.
              With its combination of audio, visual and written materials – clients can learn in the way that
              suits them best. The program content leverages over 20 years of Rich’s successes and early
              struggles to build his own Internet business.

              Company programs sell out quickly because of the outstanding results achieved by
              entrepreneurs at all levels --from one person home-based businesses to multi-million dollar
              ventures aiming for more. Many of the program’s graduates are now Internet marketing
              experts in their own right.

              Although Rich Schefren is the driving force behind Strategic Profits, the company has
              expanded to 10 full time employees who now work with Rich to develop products
              that expand the reach of Rich’s teachings. The company’s sales revenues exceeded
              $4 million in its first two years and are expected to be in the $10 million range for the
              coming year.

              Strategic Profits has fueled its extraordinary growth by publishing free valuable content
              online. Not only does this create strong relationships with potential customers and the online
              community, but encourages feedback. The company uses the feedback to quickly create
              relevant products that address the struggles and provide solutions for online entrepreneurs.

              Strategic Profits helps its clients achieve: “More Money, More Business, More Time Off.”

                    Our Purpose

                    “We strive to provide a proven system that allows smart,
                    but overwhelmed business owners to quickly consolidate
                    profitability, eliminate wasted effort, and put the best
                    possible version of your business on autopilot. So you rake
                    in more money, spend less time in the office (and more
                    time on vacation)… while everything runs (and grows) with
                    amazing professional efficiency!”
RICH’S BIO   Meet Rich Schefren, President of Strategic Profits

                                                                  unique marketing ideas, the business had revenue
                                                                  growth from $1.5 to over $6.5 million in just
                                                                  three years.

                                                                  Next Rich invested $7500 to create a hypnosis
                                                                  center which expanded to multiple locations and
                                                                  generated over $7 Million a year, within four years.
                                                                  Rich then wanted to share his success secrets and
                                                                  developed a program for other hypnosis centers
                                                                  to achieve the success he had. When he made
                                                                  $287,000 in one week selling the program, he
                                                                  knew he was on to something big.

                                                                  Rich parlayed his offline successes and marketing
             Rich Schefren is the Founder and President           prowess into an information product business.
             of Strategic Profits, and the “coach to the          Over the next 2 years he established joint
             Internet Gurus.”                                     ventures with the major online marketing players
                                                                  that generated in excess of $4 million in revenue.
             After graduating from Case Western Reserve           Many of these marketers secretly sought his
             University, summa cum laude as an accounting         advice to help them turn their businesses into
             major, Rich was recruited by Arthur Anderson’s       profit-producing powerhouses.
             Strategic Planning Division. There he garnered
             several awards and then jumped at the                His passion was ignited to share what he’d
             opportunity to take over his family’s struggling     learned with all struggling internet marketers
             clothing business.                                   who wanted to build real businesses and freer
                                                                  lives. That’s when Strategic Profits came to be.
             When Rich turned that business into Soho’s           And the story continues to unfold…
             hottest eclectic clothing boutique, with loyal
             customers like Prince and Uma Thurman, he was        Rich lives with his wife Debi and their daughters
             hooked on being an entrepreneur. Through his         Ava and Elle in Florida.
RICH’S BIO   Name any TV or cable network or major newspaper and they’ve probably done a feature on Rich or one
             of his businesses.
             He’s been profiled on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Entertainment Tonight,
             ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC, Vogue, GQ, MTV, VH1, The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel,
             Cosmopolitan, The Daily News, The New York Post and many others…
                                                                              Weekly Q&A Calls
                                                                              With Rich - Live calls
                                                                              where      he     answers
Business Growth System, the flagship product                                  your specific questions
of Strategic Profits, is the premier cutting-edge                             about choosing and/or
coaching system available today. This interactive             growing your business. This is almost like
coaching product teaches Internet entrepreneurs               having weekly one on-one sessions with
how proven offline business building strategies               him because he almost always stays on
                                                              the line to answer every question that
and mindsets can turn a website into a thriving,
                                                              comes in. In reality, he usually ends
sustainable business.                                         up outlasting everyone on these calls,
The proprietary eLearning Platform has                        which means nearly every question gets
                                                              answered. This is one of the most popular
revolutionlized the delivery of coaching products.
                                                              components in this program, and it is
This platform delivers streaming video, streaming             also one of the main reasons we have to
audio and digital transcript and workbook                     limit the number of coaching spots that
documents, to match the learning style that best fits         are available.
each client.
Business Growth System provides entrepreneurs                                 Mastermind Forum -
with a complete foundation for running a                                      Meet and network with
successful company. After finishing the program,                              like-minded individuals to
clients are able to run and build million dollar                              mastermind, create joint
operations without breaking a sweat.                                          ventures, share resources,
                                                              and compare results! Some of the smartest
                                                              Internet entrepreneurs hang our in our
Program Features Include:                                     forum. And you’re sure to be among good
                                                              company when you have a problem that
• In-Depth Profit Modules                                     needs to be solved!

• Comprehensive Action Guides
                                                                             2 Private Workshops -
• Live Q&A Discussion Calls with Rich Schefren                               This is your chance to
                                                                             network with fellow
• The Revenue Roundtable - An interactive client-only forum                  coaching members, learn
                                                                             the latest from me, and go
• Strategic Profits Live - Live programs 2 times a year                      deeper into anything you
                                                              need solved. You pay to get there, stay
• Internet Business Resources Listings                        there, and eat… we’ll take care of the rest.
Mike Filsaime                                  Jim Edwards                                   Leslie Buterin

“You’ve probably heard of my success but       “The most important thing Rich has drilled    “Rich is the consummate business coach. His
you’ve probably never heard of the secret      into my thick skull is the fact that every    ability to quickly discern where I’m ‘stuck’ in
strategist I had in my corner advising me on   aspect of my business can be reduced to a     my businesses and address those specific
every move.                                    “system.” Once I understand the “system,” I   issues is nothing short of amazing. He has a
                                               can take quick steps to improve that system   way of asking questions that get to the heart
He has been my business growth coach           so I can produce more, while spending less    of the matter which in turn frees me to move
for more than a year. I’ve worked with him     money, and doing it in less time. Rich has    forward with clarity and purpose. Being
one on one and implemented his strategies.     taught me how to work ON my business          coached by him has been the single most
Before I met him, I was doing okay online;     instead of IN it.”                            influencing factor in turning my struggles
we made $15,000 a month. In May 2006,                                                        and ideas toward profit.”
we banked $184,000... Now WE DO OVER           - Jim Edwards
300k A MONTH and that was not associated                                                     - Leslie Buterin
with any launch of a product. Those are the
kinds of numbers I’ve grown accustomed to
seeing after working with Rich.”

- Mike Filsaime
Jay Abraham                                          Dan Kennedy                                       John Carlton

“The lessons Rich is sharing transform the           “Rich is a bona-fide, multi-media entrepreneur,   “I have many, many good friends in the online
lives, business fates and financial destinies        expert in streamlining business operations,       marketing world… but there are only a handful
of hard-working, ambitious and deserving             managing fast and dramatic growth, and            who I RELY on to get the bottom-line great
online marketers…”                                   profiting from EVERY direct - response media.”    info from.”

“He’s helping them build themselves                  “His unusual mix of marketing and business        “When the chips are down, or I absolutely
true, sustainable businesses - not merely            management prowess has brought a who’s            need to get clear advice from an experienced
unsuccessful, short-term relationships.”             who of the marketing world to him, to partner,    and battle-tested marketing veteran… I call
                                                     or for assistance in their businesses– in         Rich Schefren.”
“The quality work he’s doing to help people          decreasing chaos while increasing profits…”       “He is also the trusted advisor to online
online become truly successful, is something                                                           wizards like Jim Edwards, Mike Filsaime, and
I personally respect, appreciate, admire             - Dan Kennedy                                     Rob Bell (from 1shoppingcart.)” “(He’s) hard
and laud.”                                                                                             to get access to. (I’m one of the few who can
“Rich is someone worth turning to for online                                                           reach him with a phone call, and I consider
marketing & strategic business-building coaching.”                                                     that privilege critical to my own success.)”

- Jay Abraham                                                                                          - John Carlton
SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS   I n t e r n e t We a l t h A l l i a n c e | M i k e F i l s a i m e ’s – 7 F i g u r e

                       B u s i n e s s Wo r k s h o p | K e n n e t h M c A r t h u r ’s J V A l e r t

                       Live! | Agora Organic Marketing Conference | Glazier-

                       K e n n e d y I n f o S u m m i t | F r a n k K e r n ’s U n d e r a c h i e v e r

                       C o n f e r e n c e | C a r l G a l l e t t i ’s A n n u a l S e m i n a r | Wo r l d

                       Internet Summit |                  A r m a n d M o r i n ’s B i g S e m i n a r 2

                       | G l a z i e r – K e n n e d y I n f o r m a t i o n S u m m i t | E a r l y To

                       Rise Information Marketing Boot Camp | Big Seminar

                       3 | C a r l G a l l e t t i ’s S u p e r C o n f e r e n c e | K e n n e t h

                       M c A r t h u r ’s J V A l e r t L i v e | B i g S e m i n a r 4 | A g o r a

                       S e m i n a r | Wo r l d I n t e r n e t S e m i n a r | B u s i n e s s G r o w t h

                       S y s t e m L i v e Wo r l d - W i d e We b i n a r | B u s i n e s s G r o w t h

                       S y s t e m 2 0 0 7 B i g E v e n t | C a r l G a l l e t t i ’s A n n u a l S u p e r

                       C o n f e r e n c e | B i g S e m i n a r 5 | Pi p e l i n e Pr o f i t s S y s t e m

                       Seminar | Information Overload Seminar | Mike

                       F i l s a i m e ’s 7 F i g u r e B u s i n e s s Wo r k s h o p | B i g S e m i n a r

                       6 | China Import Seminar | Jim Edwards Boot Camp

                       | B i g S e m i n a r 7 | M i k e F i l s a i m e ’s I n t e r n e t M a r k e t i n g

                       M a i n E v e n t | F r a n k K e r n ’s S e m i n a r | A g o r a Pa r i s ,

                       F r a n c e C o n f e r e n c e | E a r l y To R i s e B u s i n e s s - B u i l d i n g

                       Boot Camp | Big Seminar 8
     Strategic Profits News
Internet Business Guru Releases Revolutionary Coaching Platform and Tells “Opportunity Seekers” to Get Lost
                                     his groundbreaking report, the         revenue increase of $1.5 million per   reason why most Internet market-
                                     Internet Business Manifesto, was       member. One client, Mike Filsaime,     ers fail is because they seek to make
                                     released and resonated with thou-      now an industry success story, had     a quick buck, rather than run a real
Rich Schefren, the Internet’s lead-  sands of Internet business owners.     an increase from $15,000 a month       business. The key to success in his
ing authority on turning a website   The report, which has been viewed      to $184,000 a month while working      view is to think strategically – not
into a business is opening up his    over 127,934 times, speaks to every    with Rich. Since that time his prof-   opportunistically.
coaching program once again…         business owner – online or offline.    its have soared to over $300,000/
with one condition. He only wants    If you haven’t seen it, visit...       month. Motivating success sto-        With his past success, Rich knows
serious entrepreneurs, willing        ries like these are not the excep-    his coaching program will sell
to do what is necessary to suc-      thing.                                 tion. As Rich says: “They happen      out once again – which is why he
ceed, as his clients. His new Busi-                                         all the time.”                        doesn’t want opportunity seekers.
ness Growth System launches on According to Rich Schefren, “Every-                                                He wants to make sure that all the
Thursday March 15, 2007.              thing I do is dedicated to giving     The last time Rich opened his coach- spots are taken by people who are
                                      smart-but-overwhelmed business        ing program he broke an Internet intent on becoming successful en-
Rich’s new Business Growth System owners a system that enables them         sales record at the time by taking in trepreneurs, not those who are out
coaching program is an interactive to quickly consolidate profitability,    $3.5 million dollars and selling out to chase get-rich-quick schemes and
eLearning platform – with many eliminate wasted effort and put the          500 spots in 2 days. In February, a false promises.
add-ons – including an opportu- best possible version of their busi-        limited release of his new coach-
nity to participate in an elite mas- nesses on auto-pilot. Every entre-     ing program sold out 100 spots in For more information on Strategic
termind group and two live confer- preneur I’ve met wants to rake in        6 minutes.                            Profits, visit:
ences. The state of the art eLearning more money, spend less time in the
system provides an opportunity for office (and more time on vacation)       Rich delivers results like these by
entrepreneurs to learn at their own while everything runs and grows         exposing the faulty beliefs that In-
pace, through a variety of audio, vi- with amazing efficiency.”             ternet marketers have about busi-
sual and printed material.                                                  ness. His groundbreaking Internet
                                      Rich coaches some of the Internet’s   Business Manifesto distinguishes
Rich Schefren became a phenom- most successful entrepreneurs. His           between “opportunity seekers” and
enon in the blogosphere when first coaching group had an average            entrepreneurs. Rich believes the


                   “Rich Schefren has a habit of walking
                   into a company and turning it into gold.”
                                                              MILLIONAIRE BLUEPRINT MAGAZINE

              “Schefren’s company, Strategic Profits, brought in $3.5 million from entrepreneurs who
              wanted his advice during the very first week his coaching classes were made available..”
                                                                                            MILLIONAIRE BLUEPRINT MAGAZINE

“I love coaching. After 10 hours, I feel better than when I started because it’s mentally
engaging. I like talking to people, and I like solving their problems.” —Rich Schefren
                                 MILLIONAIRE BLUEPRINT MAGAZINE

                  “Understanding who you are, and what your strengths
                  are, is crucial to winning in business.” —Rich Schefren
                                                                              MILLIONAIRE BLUEPRINT MAGAZINE

“Too many people try to be successful in business by changing who
they are, and you never can be really successful that way..” —Rich Schefren

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