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									‘Th e Christmas Party Venue’

     Christmas & New Year 2009
Add some sparkle to your Festive Season

          Ticket Hotline: 01277 650400
               Monday - Friday 9.00am - 6.00pm
              Saturday & Sunday 9.30am - 2.00pm
                E-mail: events@stockbrook.com
    All Inclusive Christmas Parties
             Full roast Christmas dinner with all the drinks included
                                                Price Includes:
        • 4 Course Dinner • Dancing To Our Resident DJ
 • Reception Drinks • House Table Wine • After Dinner House Bar
November                              December continued                             December continued
Friday      27th Nov   £45.00         Tuesday    8th Dec           £45.00            Saturday   19th Dec   £65.00
Sunday      29th Nov   £41.00         Wednesday 9th Dec            £45.00            Sunday     20th Dec   £55.00
December                              Friday     11th Dec          £65.00            Monday     21st Dec   £45.00
Tuesday     1st Dec    £41.00         Saturday   12th Dec          £65.00            Tuesday    22nd Dec   £45.00
Wednesday   2nd Dec    £41.00         Sunday     13th Dec          £55.00            Wednesday 23rd Dec    £45.00
Thursday    3rd Dec    £45.00         Monday     14th Dec          £41.00            January
Friday      4th Dec    £62.00         Tuesday    15th Dec          £41.00            Friday     8th Jan    £45.00
Saturday    5th Dec    £62.00         Wednesday 16th Dec           £45.00            Saturday   9th Jan    £45.00
Sunday      6th Dec    £55.00         Thursday 17th Dec            £62.00            Friday     15th Jan   £45.00
Monday      7th Dec    £41.00         Friday     18th Dec          £65.00            Friday     22nd Jan   £45.00

                                Exluding Bank Holidays. Terms and conditions apply
                                      ‘Th e Christmas Party Venue’
New Year’s Day Feast
      Eat Your Fill From Our
  Sumptuous 3 Course Hot And Cold
         Buffet Selection.
       Bookings from 12.00 noon
          inc. service charge & VAT
     See in the New Year at a party to remember...

Grand New Year’s Eve Party
Live Entertainment, DJ Roadshow & Festive Savoury Bites...
               in one of Essex’s finest venues

                    Tickets £39.00
                         8pm til late

          Ticket Hotline: 01277 650400
            Queens Park Avenue, Stock, Nr Billericay, Essex CM12 0SP

Registered Office: Stock Brook Manor (Golf Club) Limited, 73 Wimpole Street, London WIG 8AZ
                               Company Registration No: 2535759
Booking Form
  Please find enclosed the Stock Brook Christmas & New Year Brochure. If you have attended
one of these functions before you will know how popular they are, so please do not delay when
returning your completed booking form. A non-refundable deposit of £10.00 per person is required
within 7 days of making a booking.
   Your name and address will automatically be given to our social events team - so they can keep you
informed of the forthcoming functions to be held at Stock Brook. Should you prefer not to receive such
mailings, please contact the Marketing Department.
  To make a reservation please call 01277 650 400 to confirm availability and then return the
attached booking form with your confirmation deposit of £10.00 per person.
  We look forward to welcoming your Christmas Party to Stock Brook Country Club.

Date of                                              Special Requests:

No. tickets/
Price per person:

Deposit paid - £10 per person:                       PAYMENT DETAILS:

                                                     Visa      Mastercard          Delta         Switch/Maestro
Contact Name & Party Name:
                                                     TOTAL AMOUNT:

                                                     Expiry date:      /    Valid from:      /

Contact Address:                                     Issue No/debit card:

                                                     3 Digit security number:
                                                     (on reverse signature strip - last 3 digits)

                                                     Card No:

Telephone Day:
                                                     Final payment and any dietary requirements,
                                                     must be received no later than 5 weeks prior to
                                                     your party night. Please note: No alterations can
Telephone Evening:                                   be made after this date.
                                                     On behalf of myself and my guests, I have read and
                                                     understood and accept the terms and conditions
                                                     overleaf and will inform my guests of the same and
                                                     get their acceptance before the event.


Conf/letter sent:
GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS                                          Allergies: All of our products are likely to contain nut
Dear Patron                                                         derivatives and other allergic reaction causing products. We
In order to maintain our high standards of catering and             therefore accept no responsibility whatsoever for any and
service, Stock Brook Country Club requests that before              all allergic reactions howsoever caused. It is the booking
reading our Christmas programme you note our Terms and              person or persons sole responsibility to check with all
Conditions of booking.                                              persons, guests, employed or connected persons, all of
Payment Schedule                                                    their respective allergies and make appropriate alternative
A non-refundable deposit of £10 per person (Christmas               arrangements. Booking persons must hold the Company,
bookings only) is required within 7 days of making a booking.       the Club and all their connected persons HARMLESS and
The final balance for the evening will fall due not less than       INDEMNIFIED against all of their acts and or omissions.
5 weeks prior to your booked function date. At this time no         Alcohol: It is against the law for person under the age of 18
refunds can be made. We will accept both company and                years to purchase and/or consume alcohol on the premises.
private cheque or cash for all parties. Credit cards may be         Any person supplying alcohol to an under age person is in
used for parties of up to 10 people only. For cancellations after   danger of committing a criminal offence. Booking persons
this point or for failure to arrive, a FULL CHARGE per person       are responsible to inform management of anyone who is
will be made and no refund given.                                   under age and to supervise those persons throughout the
PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT TAKE PROVISIONAL                             function and avoid breaking the licensing laws. Management
BOOKINGS                                                            and staff are under strict instructions to refuse such persons
                                                                    request for alcohol. Further, licensees are not allowed to
Opening Times                                                       serve anyone who has been drinking and is obviously not
Pre-dinner reception commences at 7.30pm – there will be            fully in control of their person, maximum consumption 8
strictly no admittance before this time. The discothèque            alcoholic drinks.
concludes at 12.45am. To comply with licensing regulations
the building will close at 1.00 am.                                 Liability Limited: The booking person or persons are solely
                                                                    responsible for themselves, their guests, employees and
All Inclusive Christmas Party Nights                                connected persons and must hold the Company, the Club,
Reception Drinks: On arrival your party will be able to             the Directors, officers, employees, representatives, agents
enjoy a supply of soft drinks, house table wines, Bucks Fizz        and connected persons, harmless from all loss, cost, injury,
and beer.                                                           damage and /or liability sustained. We strongly recommend
Evening Meal & Table Drinks: A 4-course Christmas Dinner            comprehensive insurance cover for all eventualities.
with all the trimmings will be served with a supply of house
table wine, beers and soft drinks only.                             Christmas Opening Times
Free Evening Bar: The free spirit bar opens at 10.00 pm,            Our Sunday Carvery will be open during the Christmas
one drink per person per visit. This will include house spirits,    period. Christmas menu service will not be available from 26th
house wine, lagers, beers and soft drinks. The exclusions           December to 30th December 2009.
include bottled beers, liqueurs, champagne and specialist           New Year’s Eve            Closed for Lunch
branded spirits (eg Glennfiddich, Hennessy XO, Vintage Port                                   (See enclosed menu for dinner)
& Brandy etc). A full list of drinks is available upon request.     New Year’s Day            New Year’s Day Feast
Drinking Up Time: Staff will begin to collect unused wine                                     (See enclosed menu)
bottles 15 minutes after the bar closing time. All drinks                                     Closed for Dinner
must be consumed within 45 minutes after bar closing time.
Last orders will not be called and the bar will be closed at        All prices include VAT.
12.45am. Extension for New Years Eve until 1am                      The management reserves the right to amend prices if the rate
Personal Conduct: Any person behaving disorderly will at            of VAT changes.
first be cautioned. However, if they continue to be, in the
opinion of the Management, a nuisance to other guests they
will be required to leave. No refunds will be given.
Dress Code: Smart casual dress is a minimum requirement
on all Christmas Party Night evenings. No blue denim or
trainers and gentlemen are required to wear a shirt with collar.
Seating Arrangements: While we will try to accommodate                          Queens Park Avenue, Stock,
your preferred seating arrangements, unfortunately no                          Nr Billericay, Essex CM12 0SP
guarantee can be made.                                                    Tel: 01277 650400 Fax: 01277 633063
Cloakrooms etc: Stock Brook Country Club accepts no                         Sales office open 7 days per week
responsibility whatsoever for guests property whilst on the                      Mon-Fri 9.00am - 6.00pm,
premises, inside or outside of the building including car                        Sat-Sun 9.30am - 2.00pm
parks, roadways etc.
                                                                             E-mail: events@stockbrook.com

                 Registered Office: Stock Brook Manor (Golf Club) Limited, 73 Wimpole Street, London WIG 8AZ
                                              Company Registration No: 2535759

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