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					      Investor Conference:
          Calgary, 27 April 201

   Golden Opportunities
J. Mazumdar, MS Geo, MS Min Econ
     Alexandra Bukacheva, MS, CFA
        Haywood Securities, Canada

This report is neither a solicitation for the purchase of securities nor an offer of securities. Our ratings are intended only for clients of
Haywood Securities Inc., Haywood Securities (USA) Inc., and those of Haywood Securities (UK) Limited and such clients are
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Haywood Securities (UK) Limited (“HSUK”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Haywood Securities Inc. authorized and regulated in the
UK by the Financial Services Authority as a stock broker and investment adviser and is a member of the London Stock Exchange.
Estimates and projections contained herein, whether or not our own, are based on assumptions that we believe to be reasonable. The
information presented, while obtained from sources we believe reliable, is checked but not guaranteed against errors or omissions.
Changes in the rates of exchange between currencies may cause the value of your investment to fluctuate. Past performance should
not be seen as an indication of future performance. The investments to which this report relates can fluctuate in value and
accordingly you are not certain to make a profit on any investment: you could make a loss.
Haywood Securities, or certain of its affiliated companies, may from time to time receive a portion of commissions or other fees
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Haywood Securities, Inc., and Haywood Securities (USA) Inc. and Haywood Securities (UK) Limited do have officers in common
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Dissemination of Research
This report is prepared by Haywood Securities Inc. for use by Haywood Securities Inc., Haywood Securities (USA) Inc. and Haywood
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default; (b) in the event of a dispute, access to the UK’s Financial Ombudsman Service; (c) protection of money held on your behalf
under the FSA’s Client Money Rules.

Analyst Certification
I, Joe Mazumdar, hereby certify that the views expressed in this report (which includes the rating assigned to the issuer’s shares as
well as the analytical substance and tone of the report) accurately reflect my/our personal views about the subject securities and the
issuer. No part of my/our compensation was, is, or will be directly or indirectly related to the specific recommendations.        3

• Gold Market
  – Last decade, Supply/Demand, What to Watch
    for in 2011
• Investments Proposal
  – Small Cap Gold, Stages of Development,

Long May You Run
10 year bull trend…

                 $1,250                                                                            +25%

                 $1,000                                                            +30%
 USD per ounce

                                                                                    $837    $865
                                                                   +15%     $636
                                                  +20%              $513
                  $500                    +20%      $417    $438
                           $273    $277

                          2000    2001    2002    2003     2004    2005    2006    2007    2008    2009     2010

                                     Source: Capital IQ                                                            5
Long May You Run
10 year bull trend…
• Inflation hedge -> Store of value
• Safe Haven -> Diversification
• Debasement of fiat currencies -> Store
 of value





          USD               Oil       CRB/UBS Comm        S&P 500        US Treasury     MSCI World ex-
 -0.25                                    Index                             Index             US




         Source: World Gold Council – Over 3 years ending 2010 based on weekly returns                7
Risk versus Return

     Source: World Gold Council , Bloomberg, Barclays Capital   8
Emerging Markets



                            Small Increases in Holdings would have
                            significant impacts on gold market

       Advanced    Developing Asian Central/ Eastern   Middle East/   Sub-Saharan   Other Western
       Economies      Economies        Europe          North Africa      Africa      Hemisphere

                    Source: World Gold Council                                                      9
                                                            2009          2010
                                                                 Shift in Demand to Physical Holdings
                                  66 Moz
                         57 Moz
 Gold (tonnes)

                 1,500                                                  44 Moz 43 Moz


                                                       14 Moz                               17 Moz
                  500                            12 Moz                                           10 Moz

                           Jewellery             Technology              Investment             Other

                                    Source: World Gold Council                                             10
Change in Official Sector
                                   82 Moz                           2009         2010
                  2,500   75 Moz

                                                    54 Moz 53 Moz
  Gold (tonnes)




                                                                           1 Moz (3 Moz)
                           Mine Supply                     Scrap       Official Sector
                              Source: World Gold Council                                   11
Scrap – Swing Supply

         Source: World Gold Council and GFMS   12
  Speculators & ETFs

• Net Speculative Position (Longs minus             • ETFs are representative of a buy & hold
   Shorts) is falling leaving room for                  mentality are slowly increasing after
   positive jumps in gold price                         liquidations in February 2011 after
                                                        Japan Crisis

                          Source: COMEX, ETFs and Standard Bank                                 13
Gold Q1/11
Every Which Way But Loose
       Current Levels US$1,500/oz – “…there is at least a 1 in 3
       likelihood that it could lower its long-term rating on the US
       within 2 years” S&P Ratings Agency

               Source: World Gold Council
Gold Market
What to Watch For
  Inflation in the emerging markets –                Impact of commodity
  prices, specifically oil, on essentials driving up CPI globally
  US Recovery –      Monitor US job (less) recovery, stagflation,
  Federal Reserve reactions, misery index = unemployment rate +
  Geopolitical –    MENA crisis, impact on oil prices and global
  China growth –       Impacts of raising interest rates to slow
  economy and on commodities, inflation rates
  Japan crisis – Knock on impacts on supply chain and demand of
  raw materials in the short term
  Euro Zone Debt – Impacts on Euro/USD exchange rate
  Other- ??

Investment Proposal
Small Cap - High Beta
                                    Gold Price, USD     Gold ETF     HUI      USD (DXY)   S&P/TSX Gold
                                Junior Gold Miners Have High Betas to Gold

   Index 100 = Jan 2010






                                                  Source: Capital IQ and Haywood
Investment Proposal
Small Cap - Reward
                                                                     Production ->
        Grassroots Exploration -                                     Growth
        > Advanced Exploration     Development ->Production
       Southern Arc – TSXV:SA      Midway Gold – TSXV:MDW, MDW-US
       Revolution Res. – TSX:RV    Andean American Gold – TSXV:AAG                   Orvana
                                   Andina Minerals – TSXV:ADM                        Minerals –
  80                               Carpathian Gold – TSX:CPN                         TSX:ORV

  60                                                                                 Risk Averse
       Risk Lover                                                                    Operators,
       Geology, Potential                                                            Quarterly,
       Upside, Prior                                          Risk Averse            Mgmt,,
  40   Success, Mgmt,                                         Dev. Eng.,             Guidance
       Analogues                                              Timeline,
                                                              Permitting, Prior
  20                                                          Success, Mgmt,
                                                              Underpromise and
                                                              over deliver

                              Source: Haywood Securities
Investment Proposal
Small Cap - Risk

                                      Minerals –

                                      Risk Averse

         Source: Haywood Securities
Investment Proposal
Small Cap - Exploration
                               Financing                Project Related              Management Changes

                                Volume                                                        Credit Shock
                                Price                                                                                            10
  ADM Share Price, C$

                        $4.0                                                                       6.62Moz

                                                                                                                                      Volume, Millions
                                                         $10M                                                    recovery revised
                        $2.0                        1.44Moz                                   New CFO and VPD 9.8Moz           4

                               $9.5M           $17.6M                                                                     $25M
                        $1.0                                                                                     $15.5M          2
                                                                                                             New CEO

                        $0.0                                                                                                     0

                                           Source: Haywood Securities
Investment Proposal
Small Cap - Development

          Source: Haywood Securities
Investment Proposal
Small Cap - Development

          Source: Haywood Securities
Investment Proposal
Small Cap - Producer

  Haywood – Non Target
  Flash Reports Began

                         Source: Orvana Minerals

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