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					                                                   STRATEGIC SELLING
                                                     & PLANNING IN
                                                   TURBULENT TIMES
                                     Regardless of the size and scope of your company or business, what it really takes to not
                                 just survive but proactively grow and prosper regardless of the current economic situation is
                                 a cohesive team of skilled Strategic Thinkers. Our greatest challenge today is that most
                                 sales professionals are still tending to rely on a similar “Skill-Set” that had brought them to
                                 this point in their careers, jobs or professions rather than shift to “Function Outside the Box”
                                 mentality. It’s for this very reason strategic sales thinkers have so consistently defied all the
                                 odds for strategic accomplishment.

                     So what would it take to apply some of this same Strategic Thinking Insight to your sales strategies and
                  business development planning situation? Why not take full advantage of one of the most advanced Stra-
                  tegic Thinking and Planning Programs currently being offer by one of the pioneers of pro-active strategic
                  thinking, Dr. Pete Johnson of the Strategic Performance Institute in Laguna, California USA.

              Dr. Pete Johnson - A Proven Track-Record of Results:
                 Twenty-nine year veteran of the professional speaking and consulting industry whom has addressed
                   more than two thousand audiences worldwide and consistently earns the audience’s highest ratings
                 Worked exclusively for the past six years under direct contract U.S. Army’s advanced technology com-
                   mand working strategic plans for Homeland Defense
                 Corporate job experience / credentials include a long running information technology career with IBM,
                   General Electric, Litton Industries, Data General and McDonnell-Douglas
                 Vietnam Veteran with two tours of duty back in the 60s
  Unique         Educational background includes degrees in Electrical Engineering, Business Management (MBA) and
Interactive        a PhD in Human Resource Development
Workbook         Business Sector Strategic Thinking Expert for the US Army Staff College’s Senior Leaders Course for
                   High-Ranking Military and Civilians at their Ft. Belvoir, Virginia Campus

   Knowledge Development Objectives:
   Designed specifically to help “Companies, Businesses and Sales Professionals” learn more about how to:
    1.    Identify the Current Critical Strategic Issues that may derail or impact Sales Performance and Strategic Success.
    2.    Shift your sale focus from that of individual sales initiatives to functioning as a Strategic Sales SEAL Team.
    3.    Reevaluate your current Strategic Sales Skill-Set and determine how to leverage your
          current strengths.
    4.    Reevaluate your current and past customers and clients to determine every possible
          point of leverage for growing or expanding additional sales.
    5.    Developing a solid strategic understanding of your current target market trends and
          decision behavior patterns and a strategy to pro-actively capture greater sales.
    6.    Out-think, Out-position and Out-maneuver the competition and create a more pro-
          active sale initiative.
    7.    Apply a unique Strategic Business Development Model that can guarantee to produce
          visible, measurable results and progress-on-plan in as short as six weeks from the
          very start.
    8.    Develop sale motivation and team synergy to ac-
          complish strategic goals and objectives.
    9.    Prioritize and focus your company’s current sales
          and marketing resources to produce an even
          greater return on investment.
    10.   Develop and apply a highly organized follow-
          through Implementation Tracking System that
          keeps all of your strategic sales priorities on track.
                  The Strategic Performance Institute
              (949) 752-7800 
            “See For Yourself - Video Preview -”
                 About “The Strategic Performance Institute”
   Dr. Pete Johnson of SPI is an internationally acclaimed marketing strategy expert. His unique combination of
 natural instincts, hands-on experience and practical methodology shows your organization how to turn challenges
 and change into opportunities for growth and accomplishment. His track-record of results are a matter of record.
   Today’s management professionals are already over worked and overwhelmed with existing priorities. What
 they need are direct answers and solutions on how to solve their issues faster and permanently. As a strategist,
 Dr. Pete immediately cuts to the core of the issues and outlines innovative solutions that will turn your next confer-
 ence or meeting into a results-oriented think-tank.

What Makes Dr. Pete’s Programs So Unique:
 #1. Extensive Attendee Participation vs. Typical Broadcast-type Delivery Style. Regardless of the audience size
   every program incorporates highly interactive small-group discussions and attendee input which for a more
   personal hand-on experience.
 #2. Audience Discussion on Current Relevant Critical Issues vs. Motivational Stories and Inspirational Exam-
   ples. Preliminary research is certainly important but Dr. Pete’s unique “Town-Hall” type format is unprece-
   dented for conferences.
 #3. Real-Time Relevant Content vs. Pre-Determined Power Point Slide Show. All too often through participant
   involvement during the program it becomes relevant to reply directly to issues and questions brought out by
   attendees immediately adapting to the interests of the audience.
 #4. Audience Participatory Workbook Handout vs. Reprinted Power Point Slide Notes. Key points and note tak-
   ing is important but implementation worksheets elevate “Take-Away Value” to an entirely new level, request a
 #5. Follow-Through Implementation Materials and Support vs. “Just Do It!” and “Do It Now!” messages. Long
   after the excitement and enthusiasm for the speaker’s dynamic, entertaining presentation becomes long for-
   gotten attendees will still be faced with critical issues that will require direct strategic attention… “Free Follow-
   Up Assistance”… how can this be?

 --- and of course… “A Dynamic, Animated, Entertaining Speaking Style”.

                 Call today for a Free Sample of Our Comprehensive Interactive Sales Strategies & Planning Workbook.

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