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					POSITION                 Director, Public Relations

DEPARTMENT               Marketing and Public Relations

REPORTS TO               Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations

To manage comprehensive public relations and media relations programs to support strategic
goals and system marketing and public relations plans for key clinical and ancillary areas. To
provide public relations counsel, editorial services and crisis planning/response for key strategic
initiatives, programs, special projects, events and/or breaking news or potential crises; ensure a
positive and cohesive public image through various collateral materials, internal publications,
websites and employee communications; communicate the system mission and vision to the
media through an ongoing media relations and communications program, including the
development and dissemination of news, feature and photo releases, proactive and reactive
media contacts and crisis communications.

   1. Manages public relations staff to ensure appropriate messages, image, use of materials
      and funds are in place. Provides communication counsel to vice president, marketing and
      public relations and other system leaders and department directors. Develops key
      messages and strategies for use with internal and/or external audiences.

    2. Works with marketing and public relations management team to develop strategic and
       tactical marketing plans to support clinical areas, ancillary programs and the system as a
       whole, and identifying appropriate methods, tools, budgets and vehicles to achieve plan
       goals. Actively participates in department management team and provides input to other
       team members.

    3. Ensures media relations program is in place to respond to media inquiries in accordance
       with media relations’ procedures and represents the system in a professional manner to
       the media and other outside organizations. Makes appropriate arrangements for
       interviews with hospital personnel or volunteers. Serves as system spokesperson and
       escorts media representatives on system’s property. Develops and enhances relationships
       with appropriate media representatives and provide opportunities for media relations
       staff to build similar relationships. Oversees 24-hour, on-call coverage for media relations
       and acts as first point of contact for crises, issues or other nonroutine after-hours needs,
       and serves as part of on-call rotation.

    4. Advises vice president of marketing and public relations and other system leaders on
       issues affecting the system and on public statements. Serves as member of the crisis
       intervention team, advising of public relations and media concerns on critical issues and
       serves as member of code green initial response team. Manages the public relations
       team during code green and other crisis situations. Develops and manages employee,
       volunteer and general public communications on issues affecting the system.

    5. Oversees system’s internal style guide, ensuring that it is current and that editorial
       standards are met in all written materials. Provides consistent editorial feedback to staff
       to enhance quality of written work. Oversees content of employee and community
       newsletters to ensure appropriate messages, editorial style and delivery methods.
    6. Manages budget and functions of the media relations staff and provides growth and
       development opportunities. Supervises the activities of outside firms used in public
       relations’ efforts.

    7. Provides editorial review on letters, proposals and other communication pieces developed
       by other departments. Researches, writes and disseminates news releases, features
       stories, photo releases and story pitches to appropriate media and special presentations,
       speeches, talking points and other communication pieces for CEO and other system
       leaders. Monitors placements and feedback from media and other audiences.

    8. Monitors and analyzes media trends and coverage of system-related news and takes
       action as needed to ensure appropriate messages are being relayed through the media.

Bachelor's degree in journalism, public relations, communications, English or related field.
Minimum eight years of public relations or communications experience. Must have news media or
media relations experience, crisis communication skills and strong knowledge of communication
and public relations practices, methods and strategies. Must possess basic management
principles and have three years of supervisory experience as well as experience in developing and
maintaining budget. Must have proven communication skills and abilities in writing, public
speaking, and interpreting concepts/ideas into written and/or verbal form to selected audiences.
Audiences include news media, general public, staff, volunteers, other healthcare workers, etc.
Must be able to work well under pressure and deadlines and be flexible and adaptable to
unexpected changes. Must have a valid state driver’s license and personal transportation
(automobile) in good working condition.

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