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									   The Cardiff
Broadband Centre
   Beverley Evans
Cardiff Broadband Centre

Cardiff Broadband Centre
  Broadband in Action
                   What is Broadband?
       A bigger ‘pipe’ for exchanging data
          10 to 40 times faster than dial-up modem
          Phone line available at same time
       Always-on Internet access
          No need to dial up each time
          Immediate receipt of eMails, orders etc.
       Affordable (from £1 per day)
          Fixed cost makes financial planning
           more straightforward
          May reduce costs
       Easy to install
          Engineer
          Self-install
      Delivery technologies

   ADSL
   VDSL
   SDSL
   Broadband Satellite
   Broadband Mesh Radio
   Fixed Wireless
   Electricity cables
     Asymmetric DSL (ADSL)

  Local       downstream

            Maximum 2Mbps         Customer
            typically 512kbps

             Typically 256 kbps

            Existing telephony
ADSL performance trade off
           High rate          Low rate
           low range         high range

             8 Mbps
              4 Mbps
               2 Mbps
                 1 Mbps
                  512 Kbps

 “Broadband will create
as big a behavioural shift
    as electrification
  over a century ago.”
       The Economist
    What can Broadband do for me?
   Increase productivity
   Enhance research capabilities
   Enhance teamwork – online collaboration
   Security and resilience - offsite data storage
   Extend reach
   eLearning
   Security – surveillance
   Videoconferencing
   Enable remote working
   Improve employee satisfaction
             Increase Productivity
                 Share files across the world
Easier and faster collaborative working
     Design and prototyping (CAD/CAM Files)
     Content production (documents, artwork etc.)
     Take advantage of time differences
     White boarding and video conferencing
Integrate business processes
   Instantaneous up-dates and event alerts
   Real-time data exchange for Management
    Information Systems
Online Collaboration
Research and online advice
Extend Reach

 Enhanced experience
 Rich content
 Where you want it
 When you want it
            Improve Customer Service
 Text – open a chat window
 Voice – talk on the Internet
 Video – pre-recorded or live
  demonstrations on demand
 Dynamic simulators
    Virtual mannequins
    Test drives
 Collaborative shopping
    Assisted browsing
    Shop with a friend
 Remote diagnostics
    Maintenance alerts for appliances
 Global service
    Automatic re-ordering and updating       “Does my bum look big in this?”
    Get closer to your customers and suppliers
          New Business Model
   ASP – Application Service Provider
   Applications and data hosted offsite
   Low cost access to sophisticated
   Reduced cost of ownership
   Reduced reliance in scarce IT skills
   Automatic off-site backup
   Rapid implementation
   Access to latest technology
Examples of ASP Applications
           Virus checker online:
            £1 - £3 per month
           Firewalls
           Off-site data storage
           Credit checking: from £14
           HR
           Accounts
           CRM
           eLearning
           eBusiness suites
ASP Portals
          Cardiff Broadband Centre
 Unique partnership – a first in Europe
    Public
    Private
    Academic
 Cardiff Broadband Centre
    Major initiative for the partnership
    ‘The Connected City’
 Broadband is NOT just
  another product
    Will change the way we do business
            Cardiff Broadband Centre
       UK businesses can save £4.7bn
        per annum
       £3.2bn from productivity
        improvements alone
       Cardiff already reaping benefits
         20% business ADSL added since
          launch of CBC
         30% consumer ADSL added since
          launch of CBC                       £4.7bn
         Exchange enablement forward by
          4 months
         Rate of uptake higher than London
    Cardiff Broadband Centre
Drop in centre for SMEs
PCs with broadband
Independent and impartial
Business focussed
Watching brief on
     The Cardiff
  Broadband Centre
               Beverley Evans
      Manager, Cardiff Broadband Centre


  web info:

        tel: 029 2064 7026
Broadband in Action
         By: Dr James B. Waddell

          eCommerce Wales
      eCommerce Innovation Centre
           Cardiff University
          eCommerce Definition
 eCommerce is electronic trading
    Across all operational areas
        • Marketing, Sales, Research,
          Customer Service, Supply Chain,
          Procurement, Logistics, Finance, etc.

 eCommerce technology enables a
  business to:
    Bring about a radical change in working:
        • Practices and processes
        • Interactions with all stakeholders
      Operate more efficiently and effectively
      Offer new digital products and services
      Enter new markets at a lower cost
      Create additional value for the customer
            Broadband makes the
             Technology Invisible
 Shrink download times
  from hours to minutes
  to seconds
    Don’t flinch at a large files
    More enjoyable browsing
    Always on…
  “A successful technology should be as
  close as possible to invisibility.                    “Happy employees creates
                                                           happy customers.”
  The experience of the user should be of
  the content, not the process of the
  technology. Broadband allows the
  Internet to work at that level.”
                 Russell Henderson, Managing Director, 55degrees Ltd,
        eCommerce – an Integral
       part of a Business Strategy
External factors
   What do my Customers want?
   What are the Competition doing?
   What can Technology enable?
Broadband Internet connections
 will become the norm
   “It is our belief that eventually the majority
    of people will be connected to the Internet
    using broadband and that those who are
    not are in danger of being left behind…”
              Sid Ball, Managing Director
       Win Global Customers
Local Operations – Global Reach
 “It would have been unheard
  of in the past for global customers
  to choose a UK-based service
  provider over a local one….

 …but with broadband, we can offer
 real-time project management
 which is beyond our customers’
  wildest dreams.”
                                        Jamie MacLeod , Liaison Manager,
                                                             Supply Chain and Maintenance
                                                 and Repair services for electronics industry
                  Reduce Costs

Store and Transport Data - Eliminate paper
 “With broadband technology,
 virtually no paper is required
 for any of our business processes …

 The cost saving of eliminating paper,
 tape media and manuals is huge.”
                                       Ian Diment, Senior IT Engineer, Livingston,
                            Electronic Design Software

  “The company estimates that a saving of
   around £2,000 in courier fees was
                                                             Russell Henderson
   achieved in the first year following                      Managing Director
   the switch from dial-up to broadband.”        
  Processes into Applications

Standardise Business Processes
 “Over the years, each business process has been
  transferred on to a business application and located
  centrally for all to use worldwide.”
Digitised Products and Services
  “…online, communications are all electronic; software is
  often distributed online and manuals are always in
  electronic form.”
                      Ian Diment, Senior IT Engineer, Livingston,
                      Electronic Design Software
                  Lifestyle Benefits
Location independent

 “Up to 40% of a working day can be
 spent getting to work and then sitting
 at a networked PC.

 Broadband with other technologies
 enables the work to brought to the
 workers, eliminating most of the
  Brian Higton, Business Development Director
     Disabled Access
Internet text and video communication facility
for deaf and hard of hearing
               “VCam has been tested over
               broadband connections and the
               video was smooth enough to
               carry out a sign language
               <MITA> Cymru - Make IT Accessible
               Web Accessibility:
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