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									CLR Newsletter 09.2009 - A

                                               CLR                     09. 2009

                             New CLR Active                                                      New CLR Active
                             SyriCalm CLR                                                        Maricol S
                             CLR has developed SyriCalm CLR, a natural, plant-derived active     We are glad to announce that we are now able to offer a new
                             ingredient, soothing and protecting skin after external stresses    quality of our active Maricol CLR, Maricol S with minimized
                             with a focus on reducing inflammation and keeping inflamma-         odour. Through special physico-technical process steps, the
                             tion under control. Based on Phragmites karka and Poria cocos       odour of this active has been drastically reduced. Maricol S is
                             SyriCalm CLR also has barrier repairing and barrier maintenance     obtained from the same raw material and using the same pro-
                             functions.                                                          duction procedure as that used for the existing product “Maricol
                             Negative external influences such as UV light, depilation,          CLR”, but contains Sodium Benzoate instead of Phenonip as
                             shaving or daily hygiene lead to inflammation and loss of the       preservative. Both Maricol S and Maricol CLR help to form a pro-
                             barrier function of our skin. The anti- inflammatory activity of    tective shield on the skin and due to their moisturizing and pro-
                             SyriCalm CLR was initially proven in vitro, and subsequently in     tecting properties are particularly suitable for the care of dry,
                             vivo. The in vivo studies showed an accelerated reduction in        UV-exposed and environmentally stressed skin as well as aging
                             UV-induced erythema (skin redness) and strong relief from           skin. Samples are immediately available.
                             itching caused by histamine. SyriCalm CLR has great benefits
                             for skin barrier repair. This was proven in vitro by ECIS testing
                                                                                                    Maricol S
                             and in vivo by measuring TEWL improvement after the skin
                             was subjected to UV light. SyriCalm CLR also reduces osmotic           	 suitable for the care of dry, UV-exposed and envi-
                             stress, an important, but rarely addressed feature of stressed            ronmentally stressed as well as aging skin
                             skin.                                                                    its
                                                                                                   		 nature identical structure helps to form a
                             All in all, SyriCalm CLR helps the skin become less reactive to          protective shield on the skin
                             negative impacts and helps the skin recover its natural balance
                             and will be perfect for a wide range of applications such as           INCI name:       Soluble Collagen
                             daily protection, after-sun treatment and baby care. The full          Dosage:          3.0–10.0%
                             data and samples will be available in early October 2009.              pH range:        4.0–6.5
                                                                                                    Preservation:    sodium benzoate

                                                                                                 CLR Service
                             In-Cosmetics Preview
                                                                                                 New contact for samples orders
                             In-Cosmetics 2010
                                                                                                 To be able to provide you with the best possible support, we
                             After a successful In-Cosmetics 2009 in Munich the 20th             always try to maintain direct lines of communication. Therefore
                             anniversary of In-Cosmetics is approaching fast and we are          our sample service is now being managed by our Sales Office
                             looking forward to seeing you next year at In-Cosmetics             along with the usual order processing. In future please send all
                             2010 Paris for this special occasion. Paris is considered as        your sample requests to
                             one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Please ar-
                             range your travel plans and hotels as early as possible and         New CLR Website
                             visit us at our stand J30 from April 13 - 15, 2010.
                             As last year we will have product training for distributors         CLR-Website has been redesigned and modernised - you will
                             on April 12, before the exhibition starts. Please let us know       find it at In addition to many well
                             if you will take part. If requested we are happy to tell you        known elements, the website is characterized by a modern
                             about our hotel in Paris and the available rates.                   imagery, revised text, a product/function search engine and
                                                                                                 simplified navigation. A revised version of our animated world
                                                                                                 map makes the worldwide search for our representatives more
                                                                                                 simple and clear. Finally a new contact form facillitates com-
                             Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Kurt Richter GmbH                       munication with us. Please enjoy surfing.
                             Bennigsenstraße 25 · 12159 Berlin
                             Tel +49 (0)30 85 10 26-0 · Fax -85
                    ·                               for fine cosmetics · since 1926
                                                                                                     CLR Newsletter 09.2009

CLR Brochures                                                       ECOCERT

New brochures released                                              DayMoist CLR and ECOCERT
Consumer interest and European legislation is increasingly          We make every effort to improve our products and to meet the
focusing on the composition of cosmetic preparations and the        increasing demand for certified „natural“ cosmetic actives. As
active ingredients they contain. This year we had to deal with      a result, we now can inform you that in addition to Vitamin F
the challenge of formulating PABA out of our products. At CLR       forte and Epicutin™-TT, DayMoist CLR™ has been accepted as
we concentrate on making things simple for our customers.           conforming to the ECOCERT system of reference.
Wherever possible we are ensuring our products can be mar-          DayMoist CLR™ improves the hydration level in the upper
keted and sold in accordance with market requirements. We           layers of the skin, shows an immediate and long-lasting mois-
will continue to monitor legislative changes and customer re-       turizing effect and its great skin feel properties can enhance
quirements and update our products where applicable.                the aesthetics of many types of formulation.
We also continue to revise our product data and have taken
the opportunity to fully update the Phytosan™ K brochure to         New test results show positive effects of DayMoist CLR™ for
include the excellent new DNA repair study. The following bro-      hair care. Because of its moisturizing effect DayMoist CLR™
chures have been revised and updated to promote our current         gives higher elasticity and improves break extension. Please ask
range                                                               for the new test results.
	         Product Overview
	         Ceramide Complex CLR™ K
	         Repair Complex CLR™ PF                                    Meet CLR at international tradeshows
	         Phytosan™ K
                                                                     IFSCC Conference
Our new leaflet MPC™ – Milk Peptide Complex informs you on           Melbourne, Australia                     Oct. 7 - 9, 2009
new findings with regard to MPC’s strong boosting effects on
collagen, fibronectin and especially hyaluronic acid, thus con-      In-Cosmetics Asia
firming its dermal restructuring activity. In addition to our        Singapore                              Oct. 13 - 15, 2009
                                                                     Stand J24
English, German and French product overview, we now can
offer also a product overview in Spanish language. All updated
brochures and leaflets can be downloaded from our webpage
                                                                     SEPAWA Kongress (log-in required).
                                                                     Würzburg, Germany                     Oct. 14 - 16, 2009
Social Responsibility                                      

DKMS Life                                                            XIX COLAMIQC
                                                                     Guayaquil, Ecuador                    Oct. 25 - 28, 2009
Charitable activities are an important component of CLR’s com-
                                                                     Stand 101
mitment to social responsibility. This year we have begun to
support the following initiative:
DKMS Life is a German-based sister organization of the “Look
good ... Feel better” charity programme, which operates inde-
                                                                     Moscow, Russia                    Oct. 29 - Nov. 1, 2009
pendently but shares the goal of helping women with cancer
                                                                     Stand 14-01
approach their disease and treatment. CLR supports DKMS Life
whose mission is to organize nationwide cosmetic workshops
for women suffering from cancer, offering them support and
                                                                     SCS Formulate
helping them gain their self-confidence and vitality by showing
                                                                     Coventry, U.K.                        Nov. 18 - 19, 2009
the best ways to minimize the visual effects of their illness and
helping them “look good and feel better”.
                                                                     NY SCC Annual Scientific Meeting
New agents/distributors                                              and Technology Showcase
                                                                     New York, USA                   Dec. 10 - 11, 2009
We are proud to announce that CLR is now represented       
in Denmark by:

                                                                     Paris, France                          Jan. 19 - 20, 2010
Buhl & Bønsøe A/ S
Hassellunden 11A
DK-2765 Smørum
                                                                     Paris, France                          Apr. 13 - 15, 2010
Tel. +45 45 950426
                                                                     Stand J30
Fax +45 45 950412

                                                                       for fine cosmetics · since 1926

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