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Strategies Toyota Indus Motor Company Pakistan by dkx50028


Strategies Toyota Indus Motor Company Pakistan document sample

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report of the judges
Introduction                                              Entrants 2003
The ACCA-WWF Pakistan Environmental Reporting             Attock Refinery Ltd.
Award Scheme was jointly launched by ACCA and   
WWF Pakistan in May 2002
                                                          BP Pakistan Exploration & Production Inc.
The objectives of these awards are to:          
  reward organisations which report and disclose          Century Paper and Board Mills Ltd.
  environmental information                     
  raise awareness in corporate transparency issues
  encourage the uptake of environmental reporting         First Grindlays Modaraba
All organisations have a direct impact on the             ICI Pakistan Ltd.
environment. These impacts can be direct (from day
to day operations) or indirect (via the products used
and services provided). All organisations should be       Indus Motor Company Ltd.
accountable to their stakeholders, and as such these
awards are open to all sectors and organisations of all
                                                          National Refinery Ltd.
                                                          OMV Pakistan
                                                          Pakistan State Oil Company Ltd.
                                                          Qarshi Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
                                                          Tetra Pak Pakistan Ltd.
                                                          Shell Pakistan Ltd.
                                                          Sui Southern Gas Pipelines Ltd.
                                                          Unilever Pakistan Ltd.
Panel of judges                                   Examples of ACCA criteria indicators are:

Dr. Parvez Hassan                                 Completeness (40%)
Partner                                           Corporate context
Hassan and Hassan Advocates
                                                  Key (direct and indirect) environmental impacts
Ms. Jaweria Ather                                 Environmental policy and management commitment
                                                  Environmental targets and objectives
Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
                                                  Supplier procurement policies and issues
Ms. Ambreen Waheed
                                                  Scope of the report (by entity)
Executive Director
Responsible Business Initiative                   Report audience identified

Mr. Ali Tauqeer Sheikh
National Program Director                         Credibility (35%)
LEAD Pakistan                                     Compliance/non-compliance record
Mr. Dawood Ghaznavi                               Environmental impact data
Associate Professor                               Environmental financial statements and full cost accounting
                                                  ISO accreditation/certification
Mr. Farhan Sami                                   Approaches to stakeholder dialogue
Head of Society
Economy & Environment Group IUCN Pakistan         Third party statement

                                                  Communication (25%)
                                                  Layout and appearance
Judging criteria                                  Understandibility, readability, accessability and appropriate length
                                                  Innovative approaches
The judging panel assessed the applications
based on three key elements: completeness,        Availability of a summary report and/or executive summary
credibility and communication. More information
about the criteria can be found at:               Appropriateness of graphs, illustrations and photos                 Integration with financial statements
Winners 2003
National Refinery Limited
Corporate Environmental Report

reports National Refinery Limited’s Safety, Health and Environmental
Policy statement
explains its Developmental Strategies for attaining high standards of
SHE and production of environmental friendly products
enhances credibility through details on NRL’s latest pollution control
includes details on NRL’s Corporate Social Responsibility Team and
how it is following its mission statement


Unilever Pakistan Limited
Environmental Performance Report 2003

details its Environmental Policy that has statement of overall objectives,
a commitment to prevent pollution, continual improvement and
compliance with NEQS and Unilever Pakistan Limited’s internal
states the code of business principles not only for consumers,
shareholders, business partners but also for the environment
provides its Environmental Performance Reporting Format
reports the use of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to explain environmental
impacts and contributions to environmental sustainability
reported & provided its trends of environmental impacts and indicators

Qarshi Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Commitments & Policies in Action

enhances credibility throug inclusion of Qarshi Industries (Pvt) Limited’s environmental
performance data
covers various health and environmental topics: soil and ground water protection;use
of energy; wasted water; packaging and material conservation;supply chain
management; health and safety; raw material protection and accident/incident
reports company’s environmental policy and employees’ responsibility towards a
better environment

 “The ACCA-WWF Pakistan Environmental Reporting Awards scheme and the related trophy are implicitly
 and explicitly for reporting only; and reward transparency. ACCA, WWF and the jury clarify that the
 Reporting Award is only for environmental reporting and not for environmental compliance and that this
 award in no manner certifies that the practices and policies of the awardee are sustainable or environmentally
Judges’ remarks
Over the course of one year, there has been a considerable improvement in the
quality of reports. The enhanced disclosures reflect growing interest in and
awareness about communicating corporate environmental performance. However,
it is desirable to further improve the presentation and disclosure of environmental
reports to provide greater clarity and comprehension of various aspects of
environmental performance.

The entrants should be assessed under the categories of (a) Local Listed
Companies, (b) Local Non-listed Companies and (c) Multi-national Companies
to allow meaningful comparisons. Accordingly, separate awards for best
environmental reports should be given in each of these categories.

As in the previous year, a prominent and distinct disclaimer should be included
in the certificate of the award and widely disseminated to accentuate that the
award is only for environmental reporting and not for environmental compliance.
The jury, in deciding on the best environmental report in each of the categories,
does not certify that the practices and policies of the awardees are sustainable
or environmentally friendly. The language of the disclaimer should be the same
as that used last year.

The constitution of the judging panel should preferably be consistent over time,
particularly in the first few years of the commencement of the awards, so that
familiarity and expertise is enhanced.

The evaluation criteria should be more precisely defined so that it can serve
as a guide for the entrants in preparing their reports as well as enable the jury
to properly assess and appraise these reports.

The entrants to future awards may wish to refer to the reports of the applicants
awarded this year in preparing their own environmental reports. While not a
benchmark, the awarded reports contain information and presentation techniques
that can be useful to other companies in devising the structure and contents
of their reports.

It is a healthy indication that the number of entrants has doubled since last
year. Moreover, most of the applicants had placed their reports on their respective
websites that allow wider dissemination. It is expected that over time, more
and more companies would resort to communicating environmental performance
to the stakeholders.
An invitation to                             Environmental Reporting:
participate:                                 sources of further information
If you disclose environmental, social or     ACCA
full sustainability information about your   ACCA is actively involved with the unfolding debate on corporate
organisation, we invite you to participate   social and environmental responsibility since 1990.
in ACCA-WWF Pakistan Environmental           ACCA aims to help businesses and organisations realise the growing
Reporting Awards. The ACCA-WWF               importance of sustainability, and for this purpose ACCA has launched
Pakistan Environmental Reporting             a number of high profile initiatives.
Awards 2004 timetable will be:

September 2004                               Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
Launch of the 2004 Awards
                                             The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) was established in late 1997
                                             with the mission of developing globally applicable guidelines for
November 2004                                reporting on economic, environmental and social performance,
Entry deadline                               initially for corporations and eventually for any business,
                                             governmental, or non-governmental organisation.

January 2005                       
Judges’ meeting

March 2005                          is a directory of published corporate
Awards ceremony
                                             environmental and social reports. It has been developed as an
                                             information tool for stakeholders in the field of environmental and
                                             social reporting. The site has been developed to help site visitors
If you have any questions about the awards   find report details as quickly and efficiently as possible.
scheme, please contact:
                                             To access these ACCA-WWF award winners, together with thousands
                                             of additional environmental, social and sustainability reports, visit
Ms Rehana Ghani                    
Tel:    +92 (0)21 431 5301/438 6612
Fax: +92 (0)21 438 6613

                                                  A register of steps towards sustainable business

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