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									                                                                                          The Power of
                                                                                        Group Purchasing
                                                                                   Volume 1, Issue 2/ July 2009

                                       SPS IS THE ANSWER
                                         TO YOUR SOS!
                          As a service to our members, Shared Purchasing Solutions (SPS) will analyze your
                          accounts payable vendor listing to make certain we are capturing all the cost saving
                          opportunities available to you as a member.

                          SPS will identify vendors you are currently using that are approved SPS vendors to
                          insure you are receiving the correct enhanced pricing. SPS will also identify comparable
                          vendors on contract for your consideration.

                          Historically, this has provided us with a quick snapshot of your purchasing and helped
                          to identify “easy” opportunities to save you money.

                          Simply provide SPS with an electronic or hardcopy listing of your account payables. We
                          will analyze your overall vendor spend to insure you are receiving quality products at
                          reduced pricing. Contact Sue Hayman, Marketing Coordinator, at 800-657-4445 or
                          haymans@shsc-gpo.com with any questions that you may have.

                                     Principle of the Month
                            “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you’ll never cease to grow.”
                                                                              ~Anthony J. D’Angelo

                                                   Serving Educational Facilities in Wisconsin, Minnesota & Iowa
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                              Good News!
 A love of knitting prompted two employees of the Altoona School District to begin
the “Altoona Middle School Knitting Club,” thanks to a grant from the Helping
Hands Foundation, and community donations of needles and yarn. Mary Stamos,
a fifth-grade language arts teacher, and Char Lynum, a district secretary,
launched the program to fifth-graders. Forty eight students took part in the club.
The district is one of two clubs in Wisconsin taking part in the Needle Arts
Foundation, a project of the Helping Hands Foundation, which was established to
create community partnerships promoting relationships between adults and youth
that encourage curiosity, creativity, and a feeling of achievement.
In addition to being a good experience for the children, several students donated
items that were made to a local nursing home.
                      Submit your Good News to Sue Hayman
                 at haymans@shsc-gpo.com or fax to 608-781-4412

    Furniture Fixtures & Equipment
   The current economic status has many educational facilities challenged.
   They want to be cost conscientious, yet would like to purchase quality
   furnishings and equipment.

   During the summer months schools typically plan to refurbish buildings with
   products such as: fresh paint and wall coverings, new floor coverings,
   artwork, chairs, tables, and light fixtures. The Shared Purchasing Solutions
   (SPS) vendor portfolio includes green and environmentally friendly
   products which are all available with our contracted suppliers. The portfolio
   includes but is not limited to: dietary equipment, communications, electrical
   and plumbing fixtures, school desks, workstations, office furniture, lobby and
   lounge furniture, and computers.

   SPS is your solution with our portfolio of contracted suppliers for furniture,
   fixtures and equipment. Contact Bob Eder, your SPS Marketing Specialist, at
   800-657-4445 or ederb@shsc-gpo.com with your plans for construction,
   renovation and remodeling projects. He will be happy to assist you.
 CEU’s For
                  2009 Food & Nutrition
                        Audio Conference Series
July 23                  Create Customer Service SuperStars                               Faculty: Kathy Gillen
What if your service were so exceptional it became your brand and customers were attracted to you
and sang your praises? What if you had no employee turnover, no staff complaints, no fighting/
squabbles and your employees were loyal, creative and solution oriented? What if you were stress-
free, hassle-free and actually hade a life outside of work? This is what happens in companies when
they follow the five-step Customer Service Success System (CS3). CS3 is the height of simplicity, but
it's not easy. Most organizations talk about customer service, and many try hard to provide great
customer service, but it is more of an accident than an intention because the little things...the
intangibles of communication...are overlooked. This program will discuss how you can energize and
motivate your staff.
                                  Investment for SPS/ Amerinet members is $49 per connection

Sept. 24        Allergies and the Relationship to Food and Nutrition                      Faculty: Linda Gamlin
People avoid food for a great many different reasons. Some suffer from clearly defined medical
conditions such as celiac disease or IgE-mediated food allergy. Others have medical conditions that
involve a sensitivity reaction to particular foods, but are much more difficult to diagnose; these are
generally referred to as ‘food intolerance’. Although there are no objective tests for food intolerance,
this is a real condition, and patients do need their sensitivities to be taken seriously. Other conditions,
such as lactose intolerance, reactions to fiber in the diet, and malabsorption of fructose are also
concerns. This seminar will explain the different categories of food sensitivity reactions, and outline
how they are diagnosed. Another important area that will be covered in the seminar is the speed of
response to mistakenly ingesting a prohibited food. This varies hugely. In the case of an IgE-
mediated food allergy, for example, the effect of a mistake on health can be detected by the patient
within minutes, but in the case of celiac disease it might not be obvious for many months. In addition,
there will be discussion on nutritional issues relating to food avoidance diets.
                                  Investment for SPS/Amerinet members is $49 per connection

   Register by calling 800.865.1496 ex7262 or e-mail registration@inquisit.org
   CEU’s for both programs: ADA/CBDM (dietary mangers) and ADA/CDR (dietitians)

               For more information on our audio conferences and live programs visit www.inquisit.org
                     For more information on our iQasts please visit www.inquisit.org/iQast

                                   Ideas in
                              School Nutrition
                              Rainbow Fruit Salad
                10 cups red fruit (strawberries, watermelon or apple)
                10 cups green fruit (green grapes or kiwi)
                10 cup purple fruit (frozen blueberries or blackberries)
                10 cups yellow/orange fruit (canned pineapple or mandarin oranges)
                10 cups white fruit (bananas or pears)
                10 cups orange juice
Wash fruit— chop fruit into bite size chunks— toss salad with orange juice— refrigerate salad.
          Submit your A+ ideas in school nutrition to Sue Hayman at haymans@shsc-gpo.com
                                                                                                          By: Delores Teale

                       To order videos, or to work out your in-service schedule for the whole year, contact Delores Teale between
                                      9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. at 800.657.4445 or e-mail tealed@shsc-gpo.com.

Have you checked out the Shared Purchasing Solutions in-service library? As a member of Shared
Purchasing Solutions, your district has free access to a media library covering a variety of topics of
interest. (The only fee is return postage!) We are very pleased to announce that eight new titles have been
added to the library...just in time for “back-to-school” in-service training. To reserve a title for your
 in-service activity, call Delores Teale, in-service liaison, at 608-781-4410.

These new materials include:
Administering Medications To Students: A “how-to” from routine to emergency; standard medical and
documentation practices including oral medications, EpiPens, inhalers, and so forth. 14 minutes
Bloodborne Pathogens in Athletes: For coaches, trainers and anyone who works with student athletes.
14 minutes
Bullying Prevention: Understanding the behavior; how to deal with it; taking action. 14 minutes
School Bus Drivers/Dealing with Young Riders: Understanding behavior and showing concern may
prevent negative incidents inside the bus. 36 minutes
Buildings and Grounds/Avoiding Slips, Trips and Falls: One of the leading causes of on-the-job
fatalities; includes prevention techniques; wet surfaces and poor weather; ladders and housekeeping.
18 minutes
School Crisis Planning/Intruder Drill: What should staff do if there’s an intruder on school premises?
14 minutes
Crisis Preparedness for Schools: Help staff develop a proactive, organized and well thought out plan for
any emergency situation. 18 minutes
Playground Safety/ Supervising Our Children: Focuses on playground dangers and supervision
techniques. 15 minutes

You may access a listing of additional videos and DVD’s through the following path: www.shsc-gpo.com;
Click “K-12.” Note the blue box in the middle of the page, and click the hyperlink to view a listing of
available titles and descriptions.

Remember to check out our website at www.shsc-gpo.com for a complete listing of our materials. You
will be able to access both a short list of titles only or a list of titles with full descriptions of each item.
                  At the home page, click on (Services) and then click on (In-service).
                           Click on links for listing and description of videos.
               Food/Nutrition Program
                         By: Food Program Coordinator ~ Darcy Fechner

                 ♦   Looking for more opportunities to save?

 ♦       Ever thought that if you just had more time, you could focus
               more on your students and less on paperwork?

     ♦    Want to place more of your energy towards bettering your
                        district’s nutrition program?

These are common themes facing food service directors today. Feeding students
             healthy meals within an ever-tightening budget…

  Shared Purchasing Solutions continues to work with our members to gather
 thoughts and ideas to pin point areas of need and opportunities for solutions.

          If you find something particularly challenging, use us as a resource!

     We can network your questions, thoughts and ideas with other food
      service directors throughout the tri-state area, as well as utilizing
        nutrition specialists through our national affiliate, Amerinet.

             Email Darcy Fechner, Food Program Coordinator
                 or Sue Hayman, Education Coordinator

                     Let Us Do The Work For You!
                                                    Contract # VH23800
♦    National Account price list is 20% off retail pricing.
♦    SPS/Amerinet members receive an additional discount of 21%
     off the National Price List.
♦    Paint sundries are 15% off list price.
♦    PROMAR 200, PROMAR400, PROGREEN 200 and Harmony
     paints are specially priced.
               Orders can be placed at you local Sherwin Williams store.
       Call 800-321-8194 or visit www.sherwin.com to locate a store near you.
         In order to receive contract benefits, please inform Sherwin Williams
                         that you are a SPS/Amerinet member.

                                                Contract #SH20000
     HILLYARD CCAP Database Management Services will create a “virtual
     building” from your facility, then provide you a “what-if” analysis and
     “best practice” answers on a multitude of facility management
     •  What are my total cleaning costs in labor and supplies?
     •  Do we have a cost efficient cleaning system in place?
     •  If we are paying overtime, do we know why and if it's necessary?
     •  Do we have balanced labor allocation throughout our buildings?
     •  Do we have dependable accountability of our cleaning staff?
     •  Is our cleaning task list in balance with our staffing?
     •  Can we cost justify our current staffing levels?
            Contact John Dalman at 612-578-2596 or jdalman@hillyard.com
          for more information or to schedule a CCAP informational meeting.

        In order to receive all of the contract benefits please state that you are a
             Shared Purchasing Solutions/Amerinet Member when ordering
                            Visit us at www.shsc-gpo.com
                            800-657-4445 or 608-781-4410
                      New SPS Vendor
      Minnesota Clay USA
                        Contract #SH60005


         Enhanced pricing for SPS members on
         clay bodies, underglazes, and glazes.
                 For more information on Minnesota Clay
              please contact Mike Meyer at 800-252-9872 or
                    To receive contract benefits, inform MN Clay
                            that you are a SPS member.

Take the time to review your facility’s capital equipment budget for 2009
with Bob Eder, your SPS Marketing Consultant, at ederb@shsc-gpo.com -
800-657-4445, or Vicky Gunderson, Marketing Coordinator at
gundersonv@shsc-gpo.com. They will be able to provide you with
contracted solutions.

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