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                                  Maine Contractors & Builders Alliance                                                                                                                       May, 2009
Officers                          255 Molyneaux Road
Jill Goodwin

                                                                                                                                         The Maine Builder
                                  Camden, ME 04843
Monroe & Goodwin                  Tel: 207.230.0261 Fax: 207.236.6281
                                  Email: info@mainecba.com www.mainecba.com
Charlie Huntington
1st Vice President
I & S Insulation
                                                                                                                           Helping Improve the Building Industry While Providing Quality Housing for the People of Maine
 Ginny Savage
2nd Vice President
Breakwater Design
                                                                                                                       Ways to Get Referrals that Reward
Lisa Burgess
Secretary                                                                                                                So many of our members have voiced exasperation with the number of bids they are
Rankin’s Inc.                                                                  Inside this issue:                        doing, against a dozen competitors… in trying to generate new business. An article
                                                                                                                         which just appeared in Housing Zone by Jonathan Sweet offers some alternative ideas
Tina Torres-York                                                                                                         worth considering.
Treasurer                                                                      From the President                 2
Camden National Bank                                                           New members                        2      With a sputtering economy and crashing home prices, it's not an easy time to find new
                                                                               Legislative Update                 3      clients. But it is a good time to take a back-to-basics approach to marketing and work
Peter Hill
                                                                                                                         on mining your most lucrative lead source: past clients.
Past President                                                                 Affordable House                 4- 5
PB Hill Builders
                                                                               Yard Sale                          6      This isn't exactly a cutting edge idea, but it's something many remodelers got lazy
                                                                                                                         about over the last few years as business boomed.
Board of Directors                                                             Certification Program              7
                                                                               Midcoast Home Show               8-9      If you've done a good job, past clients offer a wealth of advantages over new clients.
Thomas Bland
Thomas Bland Builders                                                          Repeats & Referrals            10-11
                                        •                                                                                “No. 1 is instant credibility,” says Dale Nichols, president of Artisan Remodeling in
Bob Baldwin
                                                                                                                         Granite Bay, Calif. “People know exactly what we're capable of doing.”
Eastern Construction
                                                                                                                         It's also much less expensive to land new business from old clients than it is to grab
Sonny Goodwin                                                                                                            new ones, Nichols says.
Monroe & Goodwin
                                                                                                                         At the same time, it's easier for a remodeler to work with a client she knows because
Bill Mullin                                                                                                              you know all their idiosyncrasies, says Patty McDaniel, president of Boardwalk
William D. Mullin Jr. Custom Builder                                                                                     Builders in Rehoboth Beach, Del.

Judy Hart                                                                         • If you would like to                 “We're familiar with the house, we're familiar with the client,” she says. “We know
Mathews Brothers                                                                    receive the most up-to-              what it's going to take to make them happy and we can be more comfortable putting a
                                                                                    date information on the
                                                                                                                         number together.”
                                                                                    Maine Contractors &
Gene Flanagan
                                                                                    Builders Alliance, please
Viking Lumber                                                                       contact the office of                The most important part of getting referrals is doing a good job in the first place, but
                                                                                    the MCBA with your                   even after that, it's important to reach out to those clients to make sure you stay top-
Karen Reed                                                                          email address.                       of-mind.
Allen Agency
                                                                                  • You will receive all of
                                                                                    the current information              Here's how several remodelers across the country are reaching past clients and re-
George Terrien                                                                      without having to wait               warding them for their repeat and referral business … .
G.B. Terrien, Architect                                                             for a mailing. Some
                                                                                    news regarding the
Executive Director                                                                  MCBA is only sent via
                                                                                    email. Sign up today!
Frank Mundo                                                                                                                                                                   Continued page 10
                                       We’re on the web at: www.mainecba.com
                                                                                                                                                           The Maine Builder                                                                     Volume 3 Issue 5
                                    The Maine Builder                                             Volume 3 Issue 5
                                                                                                                                                           The Maine Builder                                            Volume 3 Issue 5
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                                     From The President
                                      The newsletter is back after a long      in Rockport.                                      e-mails to check on clients, ask how their pets or           The Woodbury, N.J., company sent out e-mails to
                                      absence. Many changes have oc-                                                             kids are doing and generally keep in touch. They             each client that contain their before and after pho-
                                                                               February: Jim Robbins of Robbins                  also send messages anytime there is press about the          tos and asked them to forward those e-mails to eve-
                                      curred since the last mailing and I’ll   Lumber talked about the new toy
                                      attempt to get everyone up to date.                                                        firm.                                                        ryone they know. Anyone who gets the forwarded
                                                                                division of the company and the out-                                                                          e-mail can follow a link in the message that takes
                                      As you’ve all noticed from the e-        look for the lumber industry.                     It's all about contacting past clients regularly,            them back to the Cipriani Web site to vote for the
                                      mail notifications from the MCBA                                                           Menke says.                                                  project as the best “Before and After.” The top
                                      office, Frank Mundo is our execu-        March: Bruce Gerrity of PretiFlaherty
                                                                                                                                                                                              vote-getter will get $1,000 from Cipriani and Cipri-
                                      tive director, replacing Sheila Kim-     gave us an update of legislative issues
                                                                                                                                 6. Cold, Hard Cash                                           ani is exposed to potentially hundreds of new cus-
                                      ball who moved to Texas. Frank           facing our industry.
Jill Goodwin—President                                                                                                                                                                        tomers.
                                      has jumped right in and beyond the       April: Tump May of Solar Winds                    It may be simple, but you can't argue with the value
                                      work normally associated with the        Northern Lights spoke about solar en-             of money. Atlanta Design & Build has a Referral              It's an extension of a program the company has
                                      job, has been learning construction      ergy.                                             Rewards program that gives clients up to $300                been doing for years, putting together polished
                                      skills at the house that the Alliance                                                      when they refer a project. Rewards are given out on          “Before and After” e-mails for all of its clients that
                                                                               May: Jeff Kuller of Camden Parks &
                                      has been building.                                                                         a sliding scale of $100 for projects less than               they encourage them to share with their friends and
                                                                               Recreation gave us an update on the
                                      The monthly membership meetings          plans to upgrade the Camden Snow                  $20,000; $200 for projects $20,000 to $75,000; and           families.
                                      have been informative and fun.           Bowl.                                             $300 for the largest projects.
                                      Here is a brief rundown of what you                                                                                                                     8. Open House
                                                                               A core group of Alliance members has              The Marietta, Ga., company is also reaching out to
                                      missed if you didn’t attend the
  The Maine Builder is the                                                     been working feverishly to finish a               past clients, sending them letters telling them that         Advanced Kitchens in Atlanta has staged open
  official newsletter of the                                                   house for the Camden Affordable                   now is a great time to remodel because suppliers             houses at past clients' homes where the company
  Maine Contractors & Builders
                                      September: Heather Rae of Maine          Housing Organization. Proceeds from               and vendors have reduced costs in the face of de-            invites neighbors to come see the completed work.
                                      Home Performance spoke about             the sale of this house will help pay for
  Alliance. The newsletter is                                                                                                    clining demand.                                              This gives the company an opportunity to explain
                                      energy efficiency and the programs       our lobbying efforts, along with other
  published bi-monthly and                                                                                                                                                                    how they work and the clients a chance to talk
                                      offered by MHP.                          ongoing expenses of the Alliance. The
  distributed to all members and                                                                                                 7. Let Them Brag                                             about their positive experience….
                                      October: This month featured our         board has voted to build a second
  local and national legislators.
                                      annual legislative night. Candidates     house once this one is completed to               Cipriani Remodeling Solutions recently launched a            Those actions, along with newsletters and other
  If you prefer an electronic                                                  further shore up our finances. If you
                                      from Lincoln to Waldo counties                                                             contest for the best “Before and After” project that         outreach efforts, have helped the company draw 75
  copy of this, please email at;                                               didn’t take the opportunity to help out
                                      were there to answer our questions.                                                        encourages past clients to send their friends and            percent of its business from repeats so far in 2009,
  info@mainecba.com and pass                                                   on this house, there’ll be plenty of
                                      November: Tony Payne of the Al-                                                            families to the company's Web site.                          says President Ed Cholfin.
  this hard copy on to someone                                                 chances to work on the second one.
  who may be interested in our
                                      liance for Maine’s Future gave us
                                      an update on various legislative         Last November, the first nine people to
  organization.                                                                complete the requirements of the                                                        Article adapted from May issue of Home
                                      matters facing the state.
                                                                               builder certification program were rec-                                                 Zone. Jonathan Sweet is Senior Editor of
                                      December: The annual Frank &             ognized at our meeting. More people                                                     the magazine.
                                      Sonny auction raised money for           have completed the requirements this
                                      various charities in the area.           spring and will be receiving recogni-
                                      January: We had a field trip to the      tion at the May meeting. Congratula-              THINKING OF MARKETING . . . Be sure to visit our Website, www.mainecba.com and check to see that your com-
                                      Center for Furniture Craftsmanship       tions to them all!                                pany information is correct and up to date. This important advertizing tool is included free for MCBA members. If
                                                                                                                                 you’ve forgotten your User ID or Password, give me a call at 230-0261. Frank Mundo
                                                             WELCOME NEW MEMBERS
                                                             Chris Gale - Kamco Supply                                                                                                 QUOTE
                                                          Karen Knowles - Midcoast Blinds                                 “These unhappy times call for the building of plans that build from the bottom up and not from the top down, that put their
                                                         Lewis Sukeforth - Sukeforth Builders                                     faith once more in the forgotten man at the bottom of the economic pyramid .” Franklin D. Roosevelt
                                                            John Ritz - Hood Distribution
                                                          Everett Rideout - Rideout Electric
                                                           Audrey Miller—Tile Connection
                                                          Kevin Brockmyre - Boston Cedar
                                                                                                                                                                                            Volume 3 Issue 5
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                                                                                                                                                                                                Jill Goodwin, Legislative
                                                         homeowner has accumulated at least half-a-day            Legislative Update                                                            Committee Chairperson.
1. Reward Testimonials                                   they can redeem that for work on their home.               Spring - 2009
Black Diamond Builders e-mailed all of its past          The West Chicago, Ill., design/build firm sends out
clients asking them for testimonials. Anyone who         mailings promoting the program to not only past            The legislative session is more than halfway over and already the legislators have dealt with several bills di-
responded got their name entered into a drawing          clients but also to any other homeowner the firm           rectly related to the building industry. Following is a brief synopsis of those bills:
for a dinner for two at a local restaurant.              has had contact with over the last few years —
                                                         even those who didn't hire them.                           LD 93- An Act to Amend the Laws Governing Construction Contracts
It offered several benefits for the Lake Forest,         The program not only drives referrals, but often
                                                                                                                    This bill would have required any legal action taken to be done in the county where the construction was
Calif.-based firm, according to owner J. M. Steele.      also leads to additional business from the referring
                                                                                                                    done. This bill was killed in committee.
Besides giving Black Diamond fodder for its mar-         clients who may need more work done, says CEO
keting efforts, it also makes sure the company is on     John Habermeier.                                           LD 201 – An Act to License Commercial Painters
the minds of past clients for referral or repeat busi-                                                              This bill would have required commercial painters to be licensed and to submit proof of insurance. This bill
ness. Giving them a chance to relive their success-      4. Don't Let Them Forget Your Face                         was defeated.
ful remodel brings them positive vibes and memo-
ries, Steele says.                                       Gehman Custom Remodeling uses a variety of                 LD 272 – An Act to License Home Building and Improvement Contractors
                                                         methods to get face time with its past clients. The        This bill would have required contractors to be licensed. The Alliance, along with others, argued that this bill
2. Make Them Part of the Team                            Harleysville, Pa., company calls past clients on the       was premature in light of the work being done on the building codes. The bill was carried over to the next
                                                         anniversary of their project to arrange a walk-            session.
Like many remodelers, Larry Murr tries to keep in        through to make sure there are no warranty issues          LD 440 – An Act Regarding Exceptions to the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code
touch with his past clients through things such as       during the five-year warranty period.
Christmas cards and periodic letters. What makes                                                                    This bill would have exempted single family and two unit residences from adhering to the building code.
the approach Murr uses for his company, Lawrence         Gehman staff also ask if they can take after-photos        This bill went down to defeat.
Murr Inc., so striking is how honest and open he is      of the project as another way to spend some time           LD 652 – An Act to Clarify the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code
with his clients about his company, the market and       with the homeowners. Those photos are then used
                                                                                                                    This bill clarified some of the provisions in last year’s code bill regarding third party inspectors. This bill
the current business environment.                        to produce photo CDs and albums that the home-
                                                                                                                    was voted ought to pass by the committee.
                                                         owners can share with their friends and co-workers.
Consider the most recent letter from the Jackson-        Hand delivery of the albums also gives him more            LD 937 – An Act to License Septic System Installers
ville, Fla., design/build firm: “First of all we are     face time with the clients, says President Dennis          This bill would have required septic system installers to be licensed, with both proof of insurance and a
still in business, but business has been very slow,”     Gehman.                                                    plumbing license. This bill was killed in committee.
he writes. He goes on to discuss decisions in the
company to reduce salaries and cut staff as the          These visits result in at least some small additional      LD 1085 –An Act Concerning Dispute Resolute in Home Construction Contracts
company adjusts to the market. He also talks about       work for the clients about 25 percent of the time,         This bill adds small claims court action to the list of means to settle disputes in the home construction con-
the challenge the company is facing from new,            Gehman says. It also reinforces the idea of the            tract. This bill was passed by both the house and the senate.
low-price competition.                                   company as one that cares and keeps them in the            LD 1256- An Act to Prohibit Predispute Mandatory Binding Arbitration Clauses in Consumer Con-
                                                         clients' thoughts when people ask for referrals.
Murr has received a positive response to the letter,
with many clients calling about jobs and saying          5. Go Digital                                              The bill title pretty much describes what this bill intends to do. It is still in committee.
they were glad to hear he was still in business. Cli-                                                               LD 1456 – An Act to Ensure that Construction Workers are Protected by Workers’ Compensation In-
ents were reassured that the company was taking          Myers Constructs in Philadelphia is taking full ad-        surance
steps to survive the downturn, Murr says….               vantage of modern communication to keep in touch
                                                         with its past clients.                                     This bill provides that beginning January 1, 2010 a person performing construction work on a construction
3. Work on the Honey-Do List                                                                                        site for a hiring agent presumed to be an employee of the hiring agent for purposes of workers’ compensation,
                                                         Myers is using LinkedIn and Twitter to keep in             unless the person either meets the definition of “construction subcontractor” or carries workers’ compensation
Every homeowner has little projects that need do-        touch with past clients and asks them to pass the          insurance. This bill is still in committee.
ing, so Synergy Builders decided to capitalize on        firm's information to their friends on the social net-
that by offering handyman services in exchange for       working sites, says COO Diane Menke.                       There are still plenty of big issues facing the legislature. The budget and decreasing revenues are still before
referrals.                                                                                                          them. Health insurance topics are on the table. Optional local sales taxes are being considered. We will con-
                                                         The company sends monthly e-newsletters, each              tinue to update the membership as much as possible via e-mail messages. As always, if you have any ques-
Any referral that leads to an appointment is re-         focused on a single topic to keep it short and sweet.      tions or concerns, please feel free to contact the MCBA office or me.
warded with two hours worth of labor. Once the           Besides that, employees send occasional “hello”
                                The Maine Builder                                                             Volume Issue 5
                                                                                                            Volume 33Issue 5
                                The Maine Builder
        Page 4                                                                                                                        Page 9

Lupine Terrace – the Camden Affordable Housing Organization’s Development
Contributed by Jill Goodwin                                                                                                           Maine Home & Design Midcoast Show - Exhibitors
                                                                                                                               AE Sampson & Son                    Down East Doormats                  Northern Building & Design
The Lupine Terrace Project is just about complete. This project, which represents a major funding source for the Alliance
                                                                                                                               Aerus Electrolux                    Down to Earth                       Nuimage Awnings
has had the support of many Alliance members.                                                                                  Agren Appliance & Television        DSO Creative Fabrications           Oak 'n Pine Cabinet Shop
                                                                                                                               Allen Agency                        Duvall Dynamic Spaces               Old Port Specialty Tile
                                                                                                                               American Institute of Architects    EBS Building Supply                 Patty Bolz Designer Goldsmith
 Ashley Curtis Painting                        Infinity Construction                   Nash Plumbing                           Anderson Design                     Efficiency Maine                    Pella Windows
 Atomic Painting                               Irv’s Drywall                           N.C. Hunt                               Arnold Reed Builder                 Fish in the Garden                  Penobscot Bay Porch & Swing
                                                                                                                               Artisan Boatworks                   Flagstones                          Phi Home Designs
 Aurora Sails                                  Jake Barbour                            N.Q.C. Pumping Services                 Atomic Painting                     Freshwater Stone                    Pine Ridge Carpentry
 Aurora Timberframe                            Jackson Landscaping                     Peter B. Hill Builders                  Aurora Timberframes                 Gleason Fine Art                    Port City Life
                                                                                                                               B4 & After Renovation Design        GO Logic Homes                      Quantum Insulators
 Breakwater Design                             Josh Torres                             Peter J. Warren                         Barbour by David Wood               Green Energy Organization           Ragged Mountain Millworks
 Camden National Bank                          Kelsey’s Appliances                     Rankins                                 Bath Fitter                         Green Energy Products               Rankin's, Inc.
                                                                                                                               Bayard Chanler                      Haskell's Water Treatment           Realty of Maine
 Cold Mountain Builders                        Kurrz Electric                          Redlon & Johnson                        BBA Building Solutions              Hickory Dickory Decks               ReVision Energy
 Eastern Construction                          L.O. Gross                              Rideout Electric                        Beckstrom Architecture & Planning   Hilltop Log & Timber                RH Price
                                                                                                                               Bench Dogs, Inc.                    Horch Roofing                       RHEAL Day Spa
 EBS                                           Maine Coast Construction                17-90 Lighting                          Blue Spruce Joinery                 Houses & Cottages by Eric Allyn     Rockport Post & Beam
                                                                                                                               Breakwater Design & Build           Jaret & Cohn Real Estate            Rockport Pottery & Fern Hill
 Ferraiolo Construction                        Mainely Concrete Pumping                Starbird Concrete
                                                                                                                               Budget Blinds                       JC Stone                            Seal-It Insulation Systems
 Floor Magic                                   Maritime Energy                         State Sand & Gravel                     CAHO & MCBA                         Jerry Chase Blind Time              Shawshank Stone
                                                                                                                               Camden National Bank                Kelsey's Appliance                  Skaala, LLC
 F.W.Webb                                      Mathews Brothers                        Techno Metal Post
                                                                                                                               Camden Real Estate                  Kennebec Company                    Smith & May, Hearth & Patio
 George C. Hall                                McCormick & Associates                  Temp Control                            Carriage House Studio Architects    Laurie Stearns                      Softub of New England
                                                                                                                               Carver Hill Gallery                 Legacy Properties Sotheby's Int’l   Solaris Renewable Energy
 Hancock Lumber                                Mid-Coast School of Technology          Tim Fortune Carpentry                   Castle Kitchens                     LePage & Eaton Countertops          TD Bank North
 Handle It                                     Mid-Coast Blinds                        Tom Bland Builders                      Catalano's Construction             Lighting Concepts                   The Harley Company, Inc.
                                                                                                                               Center for Maine Contemporary Art   Lincolnville Business Group         Tile Connection
 Harbor Builders                               Mid-Coast Seamless Gutters              Viking Lumber                           Central Maine Stoneworks            Lyman Morse Boatbuilding Co.        Time Warner Cable
 Heartwood Carpentry                           Mid-Coast Waterproofing                 Vision Builders                         Church Street Consultants           Maine Boats, Homes, & Harbors       Union Agway
                                                                                                                               Classic Post & Beam                 ME Traditions Hardwood Flooring     Union Stone
 Horch Roofing                                 Monroe & Goodwin                        Wayne Bolan                             Cold Mountain Builders              Maine's Wooden Thumb                Viking Lumber
 I & S Insulation                              Morris Construction                     York Excavation                         Concrete Artisans                   Maritime Energy                     Vintage Perkins
                                                                                                                               Cornerstone Kitchens                McCormick & Associates              Vision Builders
                                                                                                                               Dan Eaton Landscape Services        Midcoast Blinds & Shades            VoxPhotographs
                                                                                                                               Deveau Gallery & Designs            Monroe & Goodwin                    Ward Cedar Log Homes
                                                                                                                               Distinctive Concrete Designs        More than Paint                     Wooden Screen Door Company
Through the efforts of many Alliance members (some more than others!), the house being built for the                           Distinctive Tile & Design           Morningstar Marble & Granite        Yarkitecture
Camden Affordable Housing Organization is just about completed. This has been a collaborative effort of
builders, suppliers and friends of the Alliance. Many organizations have donated time and material to the
project or have sold goods at a discounted price. Joan Vose will be the new owner as soon as we get it

This will be the first house completed in the Lupine Terrace project, with more to follow. Many thanks to
all those who have participated.
                                                                                                                                Volume 3 Issue 5
                                                                   Volume Issue 5
                                                                 Volume 33Issue 5            The Maine Builder
                                                                                             The Maine Builder                                     Volume 3 Issue 5
          Page 8                                                                    Page 5

  Maine Home & Design Midcoast Show

Maine Home & Design Midcoast Show ’09 . . .
May 30th & 31st
The Alliance Board of Directors in close collaboration with
the Home Show Committee made the decision earlier this
year to work with Maine Home & Design and the Camden -
Rockport - Lincolnville Chamber of Commerce to conduct
the Home Show this year. Its part of a five year commit-
ment that we believe will tap the marketing and promotional
clout of this dynamic publishing and marketing organiza-
tion. Thus far, the promotion of this show far exceeds any-
thing we’ve done in the past. While 60% of the exhibitors
are “new” (some former exhibitors are either sitting it out
this year for financial reasons or simply to see how this year
pans out)… more than 100 exhibitors have committed to
133 booths.

The location for this year’s Home Show is ideal – it offers a
major draw for the public being right on Route 1 and the site
itself will appeal to those who’ve been there as well as those
who have simply heard of the facility. With dramatic views
of Penobscot Bay, an open air (but closeable Pavilion of
11,000 square feet) , with another 6,000 square feet in Erick-
son Hall, the area is well planned in terms of traffic flow.

Maine Home Design Magazine has enthusiastically and ef-
fectively thrown their full support behind the show. They
have been so successful in their promotional activities that
an additional outside tent has been added for Exhibitors.
Always… the proof of the pudding lies in attendance. MH
& D has done a mailing to ten thousand people, has adver-
tized the show in their magazine and handed out 1,000 pro-
motional cards at the Portland Flower Show. Newspaper                                                Affordable House Project
and radio advertizing has been carefully planned, and is be-
ing executed.
                                                                                                          Lupine Terrace
The addition of Maine Home Design as well as the spectacu-
lar location offers an opportunity this year for our locally
focused Home Show to become a State event and to draw
attendees from an even broader geographic area. In terms of
timing, May 30th puts the show the weekend after Memorial
Day Weekend – when the weather will be better and more
summer visitors will be in the area.
         Page 6                      Yard Sale News                                                                            Page 7

                                                                                                                               MCBA Certification Program
                                   GOT STUFF… WANT TO GET RID OF IT?
              Contractors and Builders Alliance Yard Sale . . .
                  could use any quality items you want to offer !
            When: June 27th, 7:00 to 4:00                                                                                    MCBA has a certification program for available for
                                                                                                                             builders. Builders with two or more years of docu-
                    June 28th, 9:00 to 12:00                                                                                 mented field experience can take the certification
            Where: State of Maine Cheese Factory                                                                             test and be certified as to their knowledge of con-
                Route 1, Rockport                                                                                            struction and the Maine State Building Code.
                                                                                                                             Classes have been established by MCBA to prepare
                                                                                                                             builders to pass the exam.
         We need workers before, during and after. If we haven’t called you, YOU can call us; either
         Cindy Bland (236-4752) or Frank Mundo @MCBA (230-0261) . We appreciate the help.                                    Builders do not need to take a class in order to take
                                                                                                                             the examination. Certified builder information is
                                                                                                                             made available to prospective customers, financial
                                                                                                                             institutions, municipalities, and may be used in ad-
                                                                         th         th                                       vertising.
The MCBA survey is in and the vote is to have a Yard Sale June 27 and 28 . Thank you to the folks at State of
Maine Cheese Factory for allowing us the use of their prime location on Route 1 near the Rockport/Rockland line for our
sale.                                                                                                                        Builder certification is available upon completion of
                                                                                                                                                                                   Over the past twelve months we have issued 13
                                                                                                                             other program components:
                  We have a date and a place so we now need items and workers!!!                                                                                                   Certificates. A number of members are one class
                                                                                                                                                                                   away from earning their certification. Call the
Check your inventory and all through your shop, and consider donating left over, odd lot, slightly used or NEW items to      • The Building requirements of the State Resi-        MCBA office if you would like to know which
the Maine Contractors and Builders Alliance Contractor’s Yard Sale. This sale is really building up a reputation for our         dential Building Code IRC 2003                    courses you need to complete to get your certifica-
organization, from the variety of items we have for sale, to the main purpose of our sale – the scholarship fund for local
                                                                                                                             • Contract Law                                        tion, or if you would like to get started in the pro-
We are working out the details of accepting items on consignment. MCBA to receive 20% of the sale – so keep that in          • Ethics
mind when going through your inventory.                                                                                      • OSHA Safety
                                                                                                                                                                                        People Receiving Certification in Last Year:
We will need workers for…..                                                                                                  • Proof of general liability insurance and worker’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Bob Baldwin
    The tent set up on Wednesday or Thursday evening                                                                         compensation insurance (where required)
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Marty Creamer
    Pick up of items on Friday                                                                                               • Proof of a minimum of two years construction                         Jim Doughty
    Unloading and tagging items on Friday                                                                                                                                                           Jill Goodwin
    Sales on Saturday and Sunday                                                                                             Classes conducted thus far in 2009:                                    Tim Fortune
    Clean up on Sunday and transfer to storage                                                                                                                                                      Sonny Goodwin
                                                                                                                                        OSHA - March 17th and 18th                                  Peter Hill
We can use two hours or more of anyone’s time throughout this function.                                                                 Contract Law April 23rd                                     Joel Lind
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Gordon Lind
                                                                                                                             The next class we’ll be running is the Ethics Class.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Kelley Macomber
                                                                                                                             We need a minimum of twenty students to run this
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Jack Meehan
                                                                                                                             class. The time commitment is approximately 90
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Patrick Murphy
                                                                                                                             minutes and the cost is $25 per student. If you’re
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Boyd Smith
                                                                                                                             interested in being added to the list to take the class,
                                                                                                                             please let us know.

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