What Successful Women have in Common by MillyMorales


									    What Successful Women have in Common

August 11, 2011. So what do successful women have in common
anyway? That is actually a very easy question to answer because the
attributes of success are actually fairly easily to ascertain and access.

The main thing that successful women have in common is that they do
not give up. They have strength and courage which gives them the
tenacity and persistence required to stay in the game. This strength
and courage usually comes from a strong character and strong moral

Therefore a successful woman will develop strength, courage and
strong moral values. The best way to do this is to expose yourself to
other women who have those qualities. Successful people spend time
with other successful people.

The kind of individuals that you spend time around will have a strong
impact on your world view, your capabilities and the faith you place in
yourself. Your values, your beliefs and your actions will be reflected in
your choice of companions.

That means you should spend time with other successful women. After
tenacity the other thing successful women have in common is that
they spend time with each other. They find other women to serve as
role models and they spend their spare time with professionals.

Persons who spend time with losers or failures will begin to think that
everybody is a loser or a failure and give up. Those who spend with
successful people begin to believe that they can succeed.

This is why it is so important for women that want to succeed to
participate in groups like the National Association of Professional
Women or NAPW. Such groups can provide successful persons to
inspire you.

Women need such role models because they are more social than
men. Simply reading about successful women in books is not enough
you must be around them to learn from them. Exposure to success
breeds success. More importantly it provides what successful women
have in common: inspiration.

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