CUPCAKES by liaoqinmei


									*ALMOND FRUIT TART – baked almond cream in a pate sucree shell,          *DECADENCE – Devil’s food cake, filled and iced with cream cheese           MAUI – chocolate biscuit with caramelized macadamia nuts and white
topped with seasonal fresh fruit                                         frosting, garnished with chocolate dipped strawberries and dark chocolate   chocolate mousse, wrapped in white chocolate
*BANDE – puff pastry shell filled with vanilla custard and topped with                                                                               *MOJITO – white sponge cake soaked with rum, filled with lime cremeux,
seasonal fresh fruit                                                     *DIMANCHE – white sponge cake with lemon and raspberry mousses              with coconut buttercream and fresh mint

*BLACK FOREST – Chocolate sponge cake, fresh whipped cream and           EVASION – chocolate shortbread crust filled with ganache and creme          *NAPOLEON – layers of puff pastry filled with vanilla custard and
sour cherries, garnished with dark chocolate shavings and cherries       brulee filling, topped with a milk chocolate mousse dome, drizzled with     garnished with strawberries
                                                                         chocolate glaze
CAPPUCCINO – chocolate sponge cake with cappuccino mousse filling                                                                                    *OPERA – layers of almond cake, bittersweet chocolate, coffee
and Italian meringue                                                     *FAVORITE – chocolate sponge cake lightly soaked with rum, with fudge       buttercream and chocolate ganache
*CARAMELIA – chocolate sponge cake with caramel mousse, pear                                                                                         PANNA COTTA – Italian “cooked cream” in assorted flavors and coulis
Bavarian and poached pear filling                                        *FRASIER – white sponge cake filled with strawberry mousse and fresh
                                                                         strawberries                                                                *PRALIN – chocolate sponge cake soaked with brandy and hazelnut
*CARROT CAKE – carrot spice cake containing walnuts, raisins and                                                                                     buttercream
pineapple, filled and iced with cream cheese frosting                    *FRESH FRUIT CAKE – white sponge cake with fresh whipped cream and
                                                                         seasonal fresh fruit                                                        PYRAMID – chocolate sponge cake filled with caramelized bananas and
*CASSIS – white sponge cake with passion fruit and black currant                                                                                     chocolate mousse, topped with pralinettes
mousses                                                                  FRESH FRUIT TART – pate sucree crust, lined with chocolate, filled with
                                                                         vanilla custard and topped with seasonal fresh fruit                        *RASPBERRY TIRAMISU – layers of ladyfinger cake, raspberry flavored
CHEESECAKE – choose from original, white chocolate raspberry or                                                                                      mascarpone cheese and raspberry punch
chocolate swirl                                                          FROU-FROU – chocolate hazelnut mousse and hazelnut meringue,
                                                                         hand-wrapped with chocolate ruffles                                         RED DEVIL – Devil’s food cake with a layer of raspberry mousse, finished
CHOCOLATE BERRY TORTE – dense brownie-like torte with a thin layer                                                                                   with chocolate glaze
of raspberry jam, topped with fresh berries                              *GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE – Devil’s food cake, filled and iced with
                                                                         chocolate fudge and coconut-pecan frosting                                  RED VELVET – traditional red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting
*CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY TRUFFLE – layers of chocolate sponge cake
and raspberry-infused chocolate truffle filling                          *GIANDUJA – layers of chocolate sponge cake and chocolate-hazelnut          ROYALE – chocolate sponge cake, a layer of chocolate feuillentine with
                                                                         truffle filling                                                             chocolate mousse, enrobed in chocolate glaze
CHOCOLATE TART – chocolate shortbread crust, filled with chocolate
ganache, topped with fresh berries and white chocolate shavings          *KOPI – thin layers of hazelnut cake and coffee buttercream                 SATINE – ladyfinger cake filled with raspberry gelee and white chocolate
*CHOCOLATINE – layers of chocolate sponge cake and rich chocolate        *LEMON COCONUT – white sponge cake filled with lemon curd, raspberry
truffle filling                                                          jam and shredded coconut, iced in vanilla buttercream and topped with       *STRAWBERRIES & CREAM – layers of ladyfinger cake, fresh strawber-
                                                                         shredded coconut                                                            ries and strawberry cremeux
CITRONELLE – pate sablee with lemon mousse and ladyfingers
                                                                         LEMON TART – pate sucree tart shell filled with baked custard and lemon     *TIRAMISU – ladyfinger cake soaked with espresso, amaretto and run,
*CRÈME BANANE – ribbons of banana puree baked into an almond             curd                                                                        with mascarpone cheese
cake, layered with caramel mousse
                                                                         *MANGO – white sponge cake filled with mango mousse and fresh mango         *TRIPLE CHOCOLATE – chocolate sponge cake layered with dark, milk
CRÈME BRLUEE – baked custard, infused with Tahitian vanilla with a                                                                                   and white chocolate mousses, topped with white chocolate shavings
caramelized sugar crust                                                  *MARJOLAINE – layers of hazelnut meringue, vanilla buttercream and
                                                                         bittersweet chocolate                                                       * These cakes also available as Sheet Cakes
DAGOBERT – chocolate sponge cake lightly soaked with Grand Marnier
with crushed hazelnuts and chocolate truffle filling
                                                                                           Available in regular or miniature size
                                                                                             Minimum 6 cupcakes per flavor

       CARROT – carrot spice cake with cream cheese frosting                     PB&J – vanilla cake with raspberry jam and peanut butter
                                                                                                   buttercream frosting                                              DESIGN YOUR OWN CUPCAKE
         CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY – Devil’s food cake with
                                                                                                                                                             Choose from Devil's food, vanilla cake or red velvet cake
          raspberry jam filling and chocolate fudge frosting                  HOSTESS – Devil’s food cake with vanilla bean cream filling with
                                                                                                    chocolate glaze                                                Top with one of our other frostings: raspberry
    DECADENCE – Devil’s food cake with cream cheese frosting
                                                                                                                                                            buttercream, cream cheese, vanilla buttercream, chocolate
                                                                            GERMAN CHOCOLATE – Devil’s food cake with coconut-pecan and                        buttercream, mocha buttercream or chocolate fudge
   LEMON CURD – vanilla cake with lemon curd filling and lemon                                  fudge frosting
                    buttercream frosting
                                                                                         RED VELVET - with cream cheese frosting
    MOCHA – Devil’s food cake with mocha buttercream frosting

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