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                                          SNNA Newsletter
Summerfield North has gone                     Congratulations to our
              GREEN!                             2009 Graduates!
If you would like to receive an elec-
    tronic copy of our newsletter,             High School Graduates
             email us at            Enloe High School
                                          Toumey, Sam                  NC State University
July      4    Neighborhood Potluck
                                          Editors Note: We apologize if we have missed anyone.

July     18 Adult Social

                                                       4th of July                      Dessert Contest
Aug      23 Ice Cream Social                                                    Bring your decorative desserts to
                                                   Neighborhood Pool
                                                                                  the pool by 4 pm for judging.
Sept     19 Fall Yard Sale                        Celebration & Potluck
                                                      On July 4th                 Bring a large dish to share for
Oct      17 Fall Festival                              At the Pool                    the potluck along with
                                                  Games all ages - 2 - 4 pm       plates/utensils/drinks for your
Dec      12 Sleigh Ride/Caroling
                                                     Potluck dinner 5 pm

              Board of Directors

       Tami Hollingsworth

       Amy Davis
                   Vice Pres:
                                                     Annual Meeting and Adult Social
       Kirsten Harwood
       Kim Moore                                                      IN
                                                               PARADISE PARTY!!!
       Meredith Thorpe
       Carey Rivers
                                                                  Saturday, July 18th
       Eric Ledford                                                   See page 3
                   Hospitality:                                  for more information
       Alex Carr

               Community Watch:
       Jim Gallagher
       Rod Simpkins

       Andrea Nevill
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     From the President — Tami Hollingsworth
Hello Neighbors,                                   the 2009-2010 Budget. This shows how we al-
                                                   locate the funds we collect from your SNNA
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.          dues.
Swim team is now is full swing and I’m seeing
a lot of great neighbors enjoying the pool!        After the Annual Meeting, we will have an
Beth Pishko is organizing a 4th of July pool ac-   Adult Social Pool Party. Carey Rivers and Mere-
tivity with games and a potluck dinner. If you     dith Thorpe are working on a fun theme for
are in town for the holiday, be sure to come up    this year – “Cheeseburger in Paradise.” It is a
to the pool between 2 – 6 pm!                      fun event and a great time to socialize with
                                                   your neighbors, so attend if you can!
Our annual board meeting is on Saturday, July
18th from 7-11 pm at the pool. We have four All the best,
elected positions: President, Vice President,
Secretary, Treasurer, which we will vote in at            Tami Hollingsworth
the meeting. We will also review and approve

                                                         Kathy Barnes, Janie Kohler,
         Swim Team —                                         and Angie Coolidge

The Stringrays have had a very exciting season so far! We were challenged the first two
meets by swimming against two teams in higher divisions. Although we didn’t win, the re-
maining teams are in our same division, and they’ll get a run….I mean swim for their

Here is the schedule for the remaining season.

      June 30       Home against North Hills
      July 7        Home against North Raleigh
      July 14       Away against Harrington Grove
      July 21       Away against Stonebridge

Thanks to all the volunteers who help during the meets and make our meets a success!

Details of the banquet will be available soon and posted on the neighborhood’s website.

    On a final note, Janie’s term as swim team coordinator ends with this 2009
   season. Please contact one of the current coordinators if you are interested
                     in participating next year in this capacity.

                                     See you at the pool!
                                     Angie, Janie, Kathy
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             Annual Meeting and Adult Social

                …” Cheeseburger in paradise
             Heaven on earth with an onion slice
              Not too particular not too precise
           I'm just a cheeseburger in paradise” …


                         Please join us for
         the SNNA Annual Meeting and Adult Social Pool Party
                        Saturday, July 18th
                          7 pm to 11 pm
                            at the pool

               First, we will elect in a new SNNA Board for '09-'10.
    Then we'll enjoy cheeseburgers in our own little paradise poolside! We’ve
 planned for a lot of fun festive music and some other great activities so come,
 feel free to wear your really loud bright Jimmy Buffett shirt or just your swim
  trunks to relax in the pool. WE JUST HOPE YOU’LL COME! It’s a great way to
 meet new neighbors or reunite with old ones. Look for the evite in your inbox
                   soon so we can get an accurate head count.

  SNNA will furnish the cheeseburgers complete with a fixins’ bar catered by a
caterer we think you will really like!!! We ask that you bring your own beverages
          and a side dish or dessert according to the following chart:

                      Last Name A-M: Side dish or appetizer
                      Last Name N-Z: Desert

                      NOTE: NO GLASS CONTAINERS!
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     Congratulations                                                  CJ & Maryanne Skender
       To our June                                                       8312 Old Deer Trail
    Yard of the Month
                                                                           Jeff and Beth Board
        Winners!                                                            8232 Clear Brook

 9th Annual SNNA Fathers Day Golf Tournament
                                                             Wil~Mar donated eight rounds of golf, two hats and two golf
We had another successful and fun Fathers Day tournament. towels.
This year we played at Wil~Mar Golf Club since they were so
cooperative, generous and have also been good about keep- SNNA donated one golf shirt, two dozen golf balls, two golf
ing greens fees low for everyone all year round. Their restau- club swing rings, and two golf club wire brushes.
rant is inexpensive also!
                                                             The smaller prizes were distributed by pulling names from a
Winners for the tournament:                                  hat.
   1)      Low score, Prize (4 free golf round w/ cart)
          Ken Plue (guest of Fred Otto) score 80             Players
   2)       Most improved, Prize (Nike Shoe bag) Jake        Jim Gallagher, Jake Gallagher, Niles Mills, Alex Mills, Daniel
          Gallagher                                          Mills, Hugo Uyttenhove, Kris Conrad, Fred Otto, Dave Wells,
   3)       Closest to the pin front 9, Prize (1 free golf   Jim Johnson, Ken Brody, Elliot Brody, Beverly Liljequist,
          round w/ cart) Kris Conrad                         Johan Liljequist, Ken Plue, Joe Buzitky, Mike Brown, Stephan
   4)       Closest to the pin Back 9, Prize (1 free golf    Winz, Kathryn Winz, Sam Winz, Rob Hammersley, Paul Ham-
          round w/ cart) Sam Winz                            mersley, Caroline Hammersley, Bob Anderson, Ronan Cates
   5)     Longest drive front 9 Prize (1 free golf round     and Spencer Cates
          w/ cart) Ken Brody
   6)      Longest drive back 9 Prize (1 free golf round     Thank you Jim Gallagher for organizing this event and to
          w/ cart) Fred Otto                                 those of you who participated.
   7)      Low score women and men under 18 (1 golf
          shirt) Kathryn Winz                                I hope everyone had a very Happy Father’s Day.

           Welcome to the                                                  Frank & Michelle Nunalee
           Neighborhood!                                                     8313 Stryker Court

SNNA welcomes new neighbors:                                     Charles & Lauren Stroupe and their son,
                                                                     Boone, at 8405 Old Deer Trail
                 Lee Cheney
           8320 Apple Orchard Way                                David & Crystal Hostetler and Children
                                                                        Ethan, Rohan & Delaney
             Laura Chadwick Jones                                          8208 Blue Heron
           8425 Summersprings Lane

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