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					                                    Marketing Plan Outline
I.       Executive Summary: Overview of the Plan

II.      Challenge: Brief description of product or service including strategic goals, sales

III. Situation Analysis:
         Company: Focus, goals, strengths, weaknesses, market share.
         Customers: Number, type, motivations, decision process.
         Competition: Market position, strengths, weaknesses, market share.
         Collaborators: Joint ventures, subsidiaries, distributors.

IV. SWOT: Strengths/weaknesses, opportunities/ threats

V. Market Segments: Description of each product line, percentage of total sales, what customer
wants, how they use product/service, what kind of support is required, how to reach them, what
price sensitivities exist.

VI. Alternative Marketing Strategies: Whether to increase or decrease line, rebrand,

VII. Marketing Strategy: The 4 P’s…

Product: Name, quality, size of the line, packaging and warranty.

Price: Strategy for volume, and other things that may affect pricing such as: list price, discounts, packages,
payment terms, and finance options, lease opportunities.

Place: Distribution channels, wholesale, retail, direct, distributors, how to motivate sellers, criteria to
evaluate sellers, locations, logistics of transportation, warehousing and delivery.

Promotion: Advertising, how much and which medias, public relations, special promotions, budget and
break even point, projected results.

VIII. Long and Short Term Projections: Include financial projections and the selected plans
expected results and time line.

IX. Conclusion: Summary of the above

X. Appendix: Any material to support the conclusions stated in IX.

If all of this seems too much and you want something simple, just take out a Calendar; write your
goals in at the end of the year. Turn back to the current month and write down all of the marketing
activities you will commit to doing that month. Schedule them into specific days and times and
check them off as you do them. Repeat this for every month of the year.

Each month give yourself an honest evaluation on how well you stuck to your plan and which
activities brought the
best results.

The important thing with marketing is to do something, anything. As you start to see results, it
gets much easier.

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