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									Wedding videography tips

People who are planning to get married these days no longer consider
hiring wedding videography services because these are quite expensive.
But, they also don’t want to miss out on their wedding souvenirs so they
continue to search for alternatives to document their special day.

If you have a close friends is having this kind of problem for his or her
wedding, why not try to give that friend an advance wedding gift by
becoming a wedding videographer yourself? Today, more and more people are
into covering their own events because of the convenience that technology
brings. This trend has become possible through digital video cameras that
are available in various price ranges and capabilities.

Becoming a wedding videographer

If you are into videos and even   photography, giving your friend a free
wedding videography coverage is   probably the best present you could
bestows the couple. This is the   reason why you have to take some time off
to learn at least the basics of   wedding videography coverage and pick up
some tips that you can use.

While it's true that digital video cameras do all the work in producing
good images, it is still up to the user how he or she will compose the
subject and how will he or she use the functions the camera video has.
For newbies in wedding videography, here are some tips that can help you
shoot like a pro despite using so-so digital video camera brands and

- Warm up tones using by adjusting the white balance setting of the
digital video camera. Cozy images that have warm tones on them are better
to look at compared to those, which are too bright yet plain. To get a
cozy and warm effect, especially when you're shooting outdoor weddings,
make sure that you change the white balance setting of your video camera
from "auto" into "cloudy". This is because this adjustment will put a
mild warming filter on the digital video camera setting that will
increase the red and yellows shades that result to warmer and richer

- Make that outdoor portraits shine. Seasoned videographers agree that
one of the greatest hidden features of today's digital video cameras is
called the "fill flash" or the "flash on mode." If you want to
revolutionize the outdoor images you usually shoot, try to take control
of the light. Here, you can produce images that illuminate the subject
especially in portraits.

- Blow up you shots using the macro mode. The macro mode is also
considered as one of the hidden features of digital video cameras over
traditional ones because it enables the user to take shots at a closer
range without really stepping towards the subject. If you want to explore
and take shots with finer details, try to activate the close up mode or
the macro mode on your digital video camera that is usually come in the
symbol of flower.
- Practice level framing on your shots. Most people are having hard time
holding the video camera level especially when they use the Liquid
Crystal Display (LCD). This inability of taking images in a perfect
horizontal line usually result to shots that can either be lopsided,
titled, or cockeyed. When taking shots for a wedding videography
coverage, make sure that you capture the images as level as possible by
framing the scene at a straight line or by repositioning your video
camera slightly.

Once you have mastered the art of level framing, you will learn to take
images is more horizontal level.

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