How School Prepares you for Success by MillyMorales

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									    How School Prepares you for Success
Many intelligent and well-educated women make the mistake of
assuming that they are not prepared for success. They think they do
not how to succeed because they do not realize how school prepares
you for success.

If you have successfully completed your high school and college
education you are well prepared for success. It is not just the
knowledge that school gives, it also gives you valuable experience.

The most important thing we learn in school is hard work. The most
successful students in school are often not the brightest girls but the
hardest working. In many cases average people who work and study
hard are the best students. The same thing occurs in real life, the
most successful women in many offices are those who work hard not
the smartest or most capable professionals.

Another lesson you can learn from school is dedication. Persons who
dedicate themselves to class work and study often succeed even if
they have hard time understanding the lessons. Women who dedicate
themselves to their professions and work and study hard will often
succeed even if they lack knowledge.

School also teaches you how to find the knowledge that you need. The
study skills you learned in school can help you in the office. In school
you learned how to find knowledge and apply it to your studies. In the
office you can find knowledge and apply it to your job. The most
successful professionals in today’s world are often not the smartest but
the best informed. Anybody who studies can be well informed about
almost any subject.

The final way how school prepares you for success is through
socialization and networking. The most successful students are those
who are most involved in the school community - the people who
participate in the clubs and the sports. The most successful
professionals in the real world are those who participate in their
communities and professions.

Persons who are willing to network are more likely to succeed. That
means you need to be involved just as you were when you were in
school. There are many organizations such as the National Association
of Professional Women or NAPW that can provide you with networking
opportunities. Getting out and getting involved will lead to friendships
and contacts that can advance your career.

Those who can remember how school prepares you for success are
prepared to succeed in the professional world. Those who do not will
fail and spend their days feeling sorry for themselves.

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