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State of Georgia Power of Medical Attorney Free Forms

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					                                           STARS Documents
                                             Sorted by Name

  Name     Description of Form
   500    Prison Case Genetic Test Results Letter
  AAA     Arrearage Affidavit
  AAC     OSAH Consent PAT/CS/MED
  AAS     Administrative Subpoena to Produce Documents and Affidavit of Service
  AAT     Final Child Support Order & Acknowledgment of Service / Waiver of Jurisdiction
  ABA     Account Balance Adjustment Form
  ACC     OSAH Form 1 – Complaint for Recovery of Child Support
  ACE     OSAH Form 1 – Complaint for Recovery of Child Support
  ACK     Acknowledgement / Child Support Obligation
  ACM     Administrative Consent Agree – Medical Only
  ACP     OSAH Form 1 – Hearing Packet for Child Support and Medical
          (Paternity is not an issue) w/Paternity Stipulation
  ADE     Appeal Of Notice To Issue Withhold And Deliver
  ADJ     Statewide Adjustment Form
  ADL     Application Deficiency Letter
  ADM     Application Deficiency Letter (Spanish version of ADL)
  ADO     Administrative Docket Dismissal Order
  AHA     Letter to OSAH - Hearing Request Withhold & Deliver
  AHC     OSAH FORM 1 – Hearing for Child Support and Medical
  AHM     OSAH FORM 1 – Consent for Child Support and Medical - No Hearing
  AHO     OSAH FORM 1 – Request for Paternity Testing Order – Prison Cases
  AHP     OSAH FORM 1 – Hearing for Paternity, Child Support and/or Medical
  AHQ     Hearing Request Arrears - Withhold & Deliver
  AHW     Hearing Request Withdrawal
  AMA     Hearing Request Obligation / Insurance
  AMH     Hearing Request Medical Support
  AMR     Hearing Request Reasonable Insurance Cost
  APF     Motion For Reduction Of Unreimbursed Public Assistance Debt
  APT     OSAH FORM 1 – Administrative Hearing for Pat Test and Final Order
   ARI    Authorization to Release Information
  ARL     COS Request for Information Ltr – CP
  ARM     Portal Deficiency Letter – AF
  ARO     OSAH Order of Remand
  ATP     CP Notice of Third Party Payee Cancellation
  ATQ     CP Notice of Third Party Payee Cancellation
  AWL     Lien for Workers Comp Benefits
  AWR     Lien Release for Workers Comp
  CAA     Contempt $ and Insurance Package
  CAB     Contempt $ Only Package
  CAC     Contempt / Insurance Only Package
  CAD     Contempt / DNA Only Package
  CAE     TANF Complaint Package
  CAF     Non-TANF Complaint Package
  CAG     Prior Decree Complaint Package
  CAH     Consent on Divorce Decree w/ Income Deduction Order

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                                           STARS Documents
                                             Sorted by Name

  Name     Description of Form
  CAI     Obligation Consent Order
  CAJ     Contempt Consent Order
  CAK     Long Arm Package
  CAL     Medical Support Only Package
  CAM     Contempt – Concurrent Jurisdiction Package
  CAN     Complaint for Insurance
  CAO     Consent Modification to Add Insurance
  CAP     Intervene as Plaintiff Package
  CAQ     Intervene as Defendant Package
  CAR     Scire Facias Package
  CAS     Consent Paternity Test Stipulation
  CAT     Consent Income Deduction Order
  CAU     Qualified Medical Support Order (QDRO)
  CAV     Domestic Relations Case Filing Information Form
  CAW     CA Disposition Form
  CAX     Subpoena w/o Documents
  CAY     Subpoena w/ Documents
  CAZ     Summons / Rule Nisi
  CBA     Notice of Hearing Continuance & Reschedule
  CBB     Acknowledgement of Service / Waiver / Order
  CBC     Bench Warrant
  CBD     Contempt Attach on Summons
  CBE     Litigation letter
  CBF     Long Arm Cost Letter
  CBG     Notice of Lien letter
  CBH     Pre-trial Amend
   CBI    Petition to Correct Error / Order
  CBJ     Voluntary Dismissal w/o Prejudice
  CBK     Voluntary Dismissal on genetic testing results
  CBL     Irrevocable Assignment
  CBM     Motion and Order of Transfer
  CBN     Motion to Continue
  CBO     Motion to Continue o/b/o Def
  CBP     Attach “a” Suspended Sentence / Order
  CBQ     Attach “a” Suspended Sentence / Consent
  CBR     Contempt Order to Jail on Suspended Sentence
  CBS     Affidavit for Incarceration after previous Contempt
  CBT     Order Releasing From Incarceration after previous Contempt
  CBU     Affidavit to Re-Incarcerate after Contempt
  CBV     Order to Re-Incarcerate after Contempt
  CBW     Revised Contempt Order to Re-Incarcerate
  CBX     Motion to Add Party and Rule for Contempt
  CBY     Motion to Add C/P and Guardian Ad Litem
  CBZ     Notice to Produce
  CCA     Request to Admit – Paternity (long)

989a6391-974c-4971-b039-f78e162ee6c3.doc    V-229                      Revised 8/15/2011
                                           STARS Documents
                                             Sorted by Name

  Name     Description of Form
  CCB     Interrogatories – Paternity
  CCC     Contempt – Discovery (full)
  CCD     Motion to Compel Discovery Package
  CCE     Mother’s paternity affidavit
  CCF     Objection to Chapter 13 Package
  CCG     Withdrawal of Objection Package
  CCH     Relief from Stay Package
  CCI     Motion for Relief / Auto Stay
  CCJ     Bankruptcy Checklist
  CCK     Final UIFSA Order
  CCL     Temporary UIFSA Order
  CCM     UIFSA Transfer Order
  CCN     Order to Pay DA $50.00 UIFSA Fee
  CCO     Standard Certificate of Service
  CCP     Add-a-Child by Modification Package
  CCQ     O.C.G.A. §19-6-19 Modification Package
  CCR     Foster Care Complaint Package
  CCS     Defendant’s Hearing Notice
  CCT     Hearing notice to others
  CCU     UIFSA Registration Package
  CCV     UIFSA Agreement / Service Waiver
  CCW     Final Hearing Notice to Defendant
  CCX     Amendment to UIFSA Petition
  CCY     IDO Contest Nisi
  CCZ     UIFSA Consent Package
  CDA     UIFSA Certification Letter
  CDB     UIFSA Acknowledgement Form
  CDC     UIFSA Payment Information
  CDD     UIFSA Appointment Letter – request for enforcement of order
  CDE     UIFSA Enforcement Letter
  CDF     UIFSA Responding Letter
  CDG     Acknowledgement of Service / No Order
  CDH     TANF Appointment Settlement Letter
  CDI     Prior Divorce Decree Appointment Settlement Letter
  CDJ     Non-TANF Appointment Settlement Letter
  CDK     Notice to CP of NCP Meeting
  CDL     Contempt w/ License Suspension
  CDM     Georgia Bar License Suspension Package
  CDN     Notice to State Bar of License Suspension
  CDO     CP List of NCP’s Assets
  CDP     Income Withholding Order – Employer Warning Letter #1
  CDQ     Income Withholding Order – Employer Warning Letter #2
  CDR     Lien Package for Personal Property and Worker’s Compensation Notice
  CDS     Temporary Child Support on Paternity Testing
  CDT     UIFSA Establishment Package

989a6391-974c-4971-b039-f78e162ee6c3.doc    V-230                               Revised 8/15/2011
                                           STARS Documents
                                             Sorted by Name

  Name     Description of Form
  CDU     UIFSA Rev/Mod Waiver
  CDV     UIFSA Rev/Mod Registration Compliant
  CDW     UIFSA Rev/Mod Order to Register
  CDX     UIFSA Rev/Mod Petition to Adopt
  CDY     UIFSA Rev/Mod Order
  CDZ     Contempt Package – Admin. Order / Current Support
  CEA     Contempt Package – Admin. Order / Medical Support
  CEB     Contempt Package – Motion for Failure to Maintain QMSCO
  CEC     Certificate of Service / FIDM Lien/Levy Order Package
  CED     Petition for Hearing Regarding Financial Institution Lien Package
  CEE     Waiver of DNA Testing
  CEF     Contempt Motion for Failure to Pay Support or Health Insurance
  CEG     Show Cause Order for Genetic Testing Contempt
  CEH     Contempt Motion For Failure To Secure Health Insurance
   CEI    Contempt Motion For Genetic Testing
  CEJ     Petition to Adopt Agency Recommendation
  CEK     Notice of RevMod Court Hearing
  CEL     Notice of Modification
  CEM     Acknowledgement of Service and Waiver of Jurisdiction and Notice
  CEN     Rev/Mod Contempt Petition
  CEO     Contempt Court Worksheet
  CEP     Establishment Court Worksheet
  CEQ     Rev/Mod Court Worksheet
  CER     Revive and Contempt on Temp Order
  CES     Motion to Revive Order
  CET     Motion to Reduce UPA Debt
  CEU     Motion to Set Aside Judgment
  CEV     Motion to Dismiss Chapter 13
  DCG     Response to Agency Review / Investigation
  DDR     CP Direct Deposit Request
  DDX     CP Direct Deposit Form Returned
  DVF     Daycare Verification Form
   EIP    EIP Letter - unable to reach NCP
  FAA     Recoupment Agreement – NCP
  FAC     Recoupment Agreement – CP
  FAD     Dishonored Check Notice
  FAF     Acknowledgement of Hearing Request           For Tax Offset Use Only
  FAH     Approve Hold Disposition Request
  FAP     Payment Redirect Notice to NCP
  FAR     Recoupment Notice to NCP
  FBC     OFS Request for Bank Credit for Paid DCSS Check
   FBI    Recoupment Balance Increase Notice
  FBP     Employer Redirect to FSR 1
  FBQ     Employer Redirect to FSR 2
  FBR     Employer Redirect to FSR 3

989a6391-974c-4971-b039-f78e162ee6c3.doc    V-231                                Revised 8/15/2011
                                           STARS Documents
                                             Sorted by Name

  Name     Description of Form
  FCC     Check Returned by County and Disposition Advice - Form 307
  FCD     DCSS Check Copy Request Form
  FCE     Certified Payment Request Form
  FCF     Check Pull Form
  FCK     Personal Check Refusal Letter
  FCP     Reversal of Recoupment Liability
  FCR     Recoupment Notice – CP
  FCS     Recoupment Hearing Request
  FCT     CP Overpayment Notice
  FDF     DCSS/ESS Communication Form
  FDR     Disposition Of Receipt
  FED     Dishonored Payment Letter to Employer
  FHD     Hand Drawn Request Form
  FHH     Fatherhood Invitation Letter (Spanish version of FHI)
   FHI    Fatherhood Invitation Letter
  FHJ     Fatherhood Transition Notice
  FHN     Fatherhood Non-Participation Letter
  FHR     Response to NCP contesting IDO issued by DCSS
   FIL    FIDM Notice of Lien/Levy
   FIN    FIDM Institution Information Letter
  FIW     Income Withholding Order For Support
   FIX    Income Withhold-Future Dates
   FJR    FTX Injured Spouse Letter              For Tax Offset Use Only
  FLA     CP Recoupment Due FSR / Loss ADJ
  FLC     Lost Check Report
  FLD     Lien/Levy Decision Challenge
   FLR    Lien Release/Revision Notice
  FNC     Lien / Levy Notice to Account Holder
  FNO     DFCS Notification of Order
  FNP     NCP Recoupment Liability
  FOR     Recoupment Letter – Intergovernmental
   FPT    Payment Tags
   FRL    FTX/STX Notice of Refund                For Tax Offset Use Only
  FRM     NCP Overpayment Notice
  FRN     Custodian Misdirected Payment Notice
  FRR     Notice Of Opportunity To Renegotiate Recoupment
   FSE    NCP Referred for ARRA Job
   FSJ    STAX Injured Spouse Letter              For Tax Offset Use Only
  FSK     STAX Injured Spouse Request Acknowl For Tax Offset Use Only
  FSO     $TARS Stop Payment Request for DCSS Check
   FSP    Stop Payment Letter to CP
   FSR    FSR Stop Payment Notification Form
  FTA     Federal Tax Adjustment Form
  FXP     Notice of Dishonored Payment
   FZZ    Payment Notice

989a6391-974c-4971-b039-f78e162ee6c3.doc    V-232                           Revised 8/15/2011
                                           STARS Documents
                                             Sorted by Name

  Name     Description of Form
  GTR     Abandonment Court Genetic Test Referral Form
  HCL     HIPAA Letter to CP/NCP
  HEL     HIPAA Letter to Employer
  HHA     HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices - NCP
  HHB     HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices – CP
  HRS     OSAH FORM 1 - Hearing Request Summary
  IAC     Payment Redirect Notice to Other State
  IAK     Intergovernmental Certification Letter
  IAL     Intergovernmental Administrative Lien
   IAM    Central Registry Status Letter to the Other State
   ICC    Closure Notice Intergovernmental
   ICO    Intergovernmental Notice of Determination of Controlling Order
          Link to Intergovernmental Notice of Determination of Controlling Order Instructions
   IET    Intergovernmental Transmittal 1
          Link to Intergovernmental Transmittal 1 Instructions
   IEU    Intergovernmental Transmittal 2
          Link to Intergovernmental Transmittal 2 Instructions
   IEV    Intergovernmental Transmittal 3
          Link to Intergovernmental Transmittal 3 Instructions
    IFL   Intergovernmental Authorization Request to Use FPLS
   IGT    Intergovernmental General Testimony
          Link to Intergovernmental General Testimony Instructions
    IIS   Intergovernmental Status Letter: GA NCP
   ILD    Intergovernmental Locate Data Sheet
          Link to Intergovernmental Locate Data Instructions
  IMC     Central Registry Memo to Field Office of Change of CP
  IMO     Central Registry Memo to Field Office of Existing Case
   IMT    Multiple Intergovernmental Transmit
  INC     Intergovernmental 60-Day Closure Letter
   IND    Intergovernmental Nondisclosure Form
   IPA    Intergovernmental Paternity Affidavit
          Link to Intergovernmental Paternity Affidavit Instructions
   IRS    Intergovernmental Status Letter: GA CP
   IRV    Intergovernmental Registration Statement
          Link to Intergovernmental Registration Statement Instructions
   ITS    Intergovernmental Subpoena
          Link to Intergovernmental Subpoena Instructions
   IUP    Intergovernmental Uniform Support Petition
          Link to Intergovernmental Uniform Support Petition Instructions
   IWS    Central Registry Coversheet
   LAF    Military – Air Force
   LAR    Military – Army
   LAV    CP Locate Update Letter With Table to Return Information
   LCA    TANF Locate Letter to CP ($TARS Appt Scheduling)
   LCC    Continuing Services Notice to CP

989a6391-974c-4971-b039-f78e162ee6c3.doc    V-233                                   Revised 8/15/2011
                                           STARS Documents
                                             Sorted by Name

  Name     Description of Form
   LCF    Closure Request Form – CP
   LCG    Military – Coast Guard
   LCM    CP Application With Merge Fields
   LCN    NCP Application With Merge Fields
   LCP    Postal Verification – Custodial Parent
   LCR    Corrections Letter
   LCS    Request for Information or Closure
    LCT   CP/PCA Non-cooperation Closure
    LDL   Letter to DOL – NCP Wages
    LEU   Utility Locate Letter
    LEV   Employment Verification Letter - Non Custodial Parent
   LEW    Employment Verification Letter - Custodial Parent
    LHS   Mental Health Letter
    LLK   CP Lack of Knowledge Affidavit
   LMA    Military – Marines
   LML    Military – General
   LNA    Not in use at this time
   LNS    CP Notice of Services & Application - TANF/Medicaid
    LNT   CP Notice of Services – TANF/MAO (Spanish version of LNS)
   LNV    Military – Navy
   LPO    Postal Verification – NCP
    LPR   Parole / Probation Letter
   LRM    Obsolete – refer to FormLNS
    LRS   Reinstate Benefits Letter to DFCS
   LRV    Request Death Certificate from Vital Statistics
   LSA    Termination of Benefits Request – DFCS
   LSC    School Letter Veterans Benefits
    LSE   TANF/MAO Final Termination Letter to DFCS County and Regional Director
   LXX    Appointment Letter, Guidelines CP/NCP ($TARS Appt Scheduling)
  L01 THRU L20       FREE FORMS
   MAC Closure Notice-NCP
   MAD Fatherhood 1st Appt Letter
  MAM Closure / Payment Change Notice-NCP
   MCA Response CP Req to Withdraw Assign
   MCB Employer Ltr - CP Withdrew Assignment
   MCC Closure Notice to CP
  MCD     Acknowledgment of CP Withdraw Right
  MCE     NCP Notice of CP Withdraw Right
  MCF     Notice of Enforcement Termination CP
  MCL     Acknowledgment - NCP Withdraw Right
  MCM     Employer Ltr – NCP Withdrew Assignment
  MCO     Final Closure Notice to CP
  MCP     Portal Application Closure Letter
  MDL     Local Office Deficiency Letter
  MEC     Closure Notice to CP – Child emancipated before paternity est.

989a6391-974c-4971-b039-f78e162ee6c3.doc    V-234                                  Revised 8/15/2011
                                           STARS Documents
                                             Sorted by Name

  Name     Description of Form
  MFN     License-Deny / Suspension Intent Final Letter
  MID     Obsolete due to DDS Automation
  MIS     Notice of Intent - Professional, etc
   MIT    Multiple Requests for Information Letter
  MLN     Notice: Late Request for Hearing
  MNC     60 day Closure Notice – CP
  MNL     License Notice of Non-compliance
  MNR     Notice to Release Vehicle TAG / Registration
  MNS     Notice to Suspend TAG / Registration
  MRA     Enforcement Deferral - License Suspension
  MRB     DNR Enforcement Deferral
  MRL     License release Notice Agency / NCP
  MWC     Most Wanted Information Packet
  NAA     Non IV-D Family Support Registry Notification Letter - CP
  NAB     Non IV-D Family Support Registry Notification Letter – NCP
  NAC     Closure (TANF) CP Response Letter
  NAD     CP Notice To Pick Up Check
  NAE     CP Notice Contact Re: Stop Check
  NAF     Collect Agency / Attorney Letter – TANF CP
  NAG     Letter to employer following new information
  NAP     Non-IVD Letter to NCP
  NCA     CP/PCA Non-cooperation
  NCB     NCP Outstanding Debt/Fee Letter
  NCC     CP Outstanding Debt/Fee Letter
  NCD     NCP Escrow Agreement Letter
  NCE     Emancipation Letter – CP
  NCG     Garnishment - NCP Advance Notice
  NCP     Non-IVD Letter to CP
  NDA     Arrears Only Intent to Increase Repayment
  NDL     Intent to Increase Arrears Repayment – Current Support
  NEM     Employer Medical Information Letter
  NFA     Collect Agency / Attorney-TANF Arrears Letter
  NFR     Fraud Referral Form – TANF
  NFX     Tax Intercept Hearing Notice – NCP
  NIA     Military Involuntary Allot Notice
  NIC     Notice of Intent to Close Case
  NID     Medical 85 Day notice
   NIE    National Medical Insurance Enroll Notice – Employer
   NIF    Medical Insurance Not Available Notice – Vendor
   NIL    Medical Insurance Obtained – CP Notice
  NIM     Medical DEERS Coverage – CP Letter
  NIN     Medical NCP Advance Enroll Notice
   NIR    Payment Inquiry Letter / Forms – CP
  NLA     FiFa Affidavit
  NLB     Lien Attachment Packet

989a6391-974c-4971-b039-f78e162ee6c3.doc    V-235                      Revised 8/15/2011
                                           STARS Documents
                                             Sorted by Name

  Name     Description of Form
   NLL    FiFa Cancellation – Clear Letter
  NLR     FiFa Lien – Clerk Letter
  NLX     Lien Release – Clerk
  NMC     Medical Support Checklist
  NNA     Arrears Appt – NCP
  NNC     Arrears Notice – 30 Day Delinquency Letter
  NNP     Payor Notice – Employer Packet
  NPA     NCP Settlement Letter Mailed
  NPB     CP Completed Registration For Services
  NPP     Notice of Privacy Practices – English
  NPQ     Notice of Privacy Practices (Spanish version of NPP)
  NRA     Payment Redirect-Case reopen-CP/NCP
  NRL     NCP Redirect Letter
  NRS     IDO Stmt of Rights – NCP
  NRT     NCP Overpayment Notice
  NRW     Garnishment or Withhold/Deliver Release
  NSA     SSA Benefit Verification Letter
  NSR     Employer Status Letter
   NST    NCP Multi-Purpose Status Letter
  NSW     Notice of Garnishment
  NUS     Application for Collection of Delinquent CS Payments
  NVA     Veterans Benefits Inquiry Letter
  NWA     Withhold/Deliver Advance Notice
  NWD     Withhold/Deliver Administrative Order
  NWS     Legal Worksheet For Agent
  PAS     Request to Release Passport Hold
  PCA     CP Contracted with a PCA
  PCB     Notify NCP of PCA Services
  PCN     Deny CP Request for PCA
  PFA     Personal Financial Affidavit
   PIL    Notice of Lien to Insurance Company
  POA     Georgia Power of Attorney for Care of a Minor Child
   PRL    Personal and Real Property Lien
  PSC     NCP referral to Problem Solving Court
  PSD     Problem Solving Court Checklist
   PSE    PSC Community Agency Referral Form
   PSF    PSC Consent to Release Confid Inform
  PSG     PSC Drug Screening Consent Form
  PSH     PSC Job Search Consent Form
   PSI    PSC Non-Immigrant Affidavit
   PSJ    PSC Background Check Form
  PSK     PSC Weekly Action / Progress Form
   PSL    PSC Participant Staffing Sheet
  PSM     PSC CP Information Letter
  RAC     RevMod Request to Coordinate Reviews

989a6391-974c-4971-b039-f78e162ee6c3.doc    V-236                Revised 8/15/2011
                                           STARS Documents
                                             Sorted by Name

  Name     Description of Form
  RAD     Judicial Notice of Amended Recommendation – New for 2011
  RAF     Response to RevMod Inquiry
  RAH     Obsolete and included in new RJD
  RCL     Status of Review and Modification
  RCM     Status of TANF Review and Modification – New for 2011
  RCS     Administrative Subpoena Request
  RCT     Administrative Transfer Cover Letter
  RDD     Administrative Agency Determination
  RFA     Request for Forgiveness Appointment
  RFO     RevMod Final Order Letters / NTP
  RFP     Notice of Modified Order
  RFU     Request for Forgiveness of UPA Debt
  RFX     Obsolete and included in new RJD
   RIL    Obsolete and included in revised RJA
  RJA     Judicial Notice of Review Packet
  RJB     Agency Recommendation - Judicial
  RJC     Administrative Notice of Review Packet
  RJD     Administrative Recommendation and Petition to Adopt packet – New for 2011
  RJE     Administrative: Notice of Amended Recommendation – New for 2011
  RJF     Administrative Late Request for Modification Hearing – New for 2011
   RJT    Judicial Transfer Cover Letter
  RLC     Personal Service Cover Letters
  RRC     Obsolete and included in revised RCL
  RRE     Obsolete and included in revised RJT
  RRF     Response to More Freq Rev Request
  RRR     Obsolete and included in revised RCL
  RRU     Obsolete and included in revised RAF
  RRZ     Obsolete and included in revised RCL
  RSU     Obsolete and included in revised RCL
  RVA     RevMod Verification of Order / Affidavit of Arrears
  SAA     NCP Obligation Appointment – TANF
  SAB     NCP Abandonment Referral
  SAI     Incarcerated AF Letter to the Warden / Inmate & Paternity Statement
  SAP     Incarcerated Paternity Establishment Fatherhood Appointment
  SAT     NCP Genetic Test Results Appt
  SAX     Genetic Test Exclusion Letter to CP / NCP
  SBB     NCP Obligation Appointment – NTANF
  SCC     NCP Obligation Appointment – MEDICAID
  SCR     Certification NCP Pmts to 3rd Party
  SDD     NCP Paternity Statement
  SEE     NCP Income Withholding Order Appointment
  SEO     Sheriffs Entry of Service Pre-print data
  SES     Sheriff/Process Server Entry of Service
  SFO     Foster Care Update to DFCS
  SFP     Juvenile Court Case Update w/ Form 123

989a6391-974c-4971-b039-f78e162ee6c3.doc    V-237                             Revised 8/15/2011
                                           STARS Documents
                                             Sorted by Name

  Name     Description of Form
  SGG     Good Cause Decision – CP
  SHH     CP Letter & App – NCP Applied Services
    SII   Paternity Affidavit – CP
   SLL    CP Appt Letter – Affidavit of Non Support
  SMM     NCP IV-D Cover Letter Application for Services
  SNA     Payment Instructions Form
  SNC     Settlement Negotiation Consent Form
  SNN     NCP Application Status Letter
  SOA     CP Notice – Pmt Through DCSS
  SOB     Renamed - See FormSOG
  SOC     Non-Parent / Grandparent Services Letter
  SOD     Copy of Order letter – NCP
  SOE     Copy of Order letter to CP
  SOF     Form 713G / Grandparent Referral Form
  SOG     DFCS Paternity/Order Info
  SON     NCP/CP Ltr w/copy of Order – NTANF
  SOS     Chain of Custody for Gen Testing
   SOT    Genetic Testing Letter to CP and NCP
  SOW     NCP/CP Ltr w/copy of Order – TANF
   SPL    CP Portal Housing Letter
   SPP    Transfer Letters – NCP/CP
   SRR    CP Medicaid Appt Letter with Application
  SSQ     CP Status Update (Spanish version of SSR)
   SSR    CP Status Update
   SSS    Appointment Letter – NTANF CP
   SST    Appointment Letter – NTANF CP (Spanish version of SSS)
   STC    Transfer Form – Intra-state
    STT   Appointment Letter – TANF CP
   SXR    STAX NCP Refund Request
   TXH    Tax Offset OSAH FORM 1
  TXN     Tax Offset Hearing Request Notice
   TXS    Tax Offset Hearing Dismissal Request
  TXW     Notice to Settle with NCP
  UAF     USAO Referral w/CP Authorization
  UEA     UIFSA Acknowledgement to Initiating State
  UED     Central Registry Acknowledgement with Deficiency
  UGS     UIFSA Acknowledgement Locate status Letter
  VRR     Vital Records Paternity Acknowledgement Request Form
  WDR     Data Reliability Form - SCR Done
  WWN     Advance Notice of FIW and Legal Action
   ZZZ    Certificate of Authenticity for License Denial or Suspension

989a6391-974c-4971-b039-f78e162ee6c3.doc    V-238                        Revised 8/15/2011
                                           STARS Documents
                                             Sorted by Name

  Name     Description of Form

          Spanish Translated Versions of DocGen Forms
  ADM     Application Deficiency Letter (Spanish version of ADL)
  FHH     Fatherhood Invitation Letter (Spanish version of FHI)
   LNT    CP Notice of Services – TANF/MAO (Spanish version of LNS)
  NPQ     Notice of Privacy Practices (Spanish version of NPP)
  SSQ     CP Status Update – (Spanish version of SSR)
   SST    Appointment Letter – NTANF CP (Spanish version of SSS)

          Forms Other Than DocGen That Are Frequently Used
          Back_to_School_Settlement_Letter.doc $TARS Sample Letter
          Customer Inquiry Form
          Settlement_Week_Preparation_Checklist.xls Excel Checklist

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