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Strategic Plan for Information Technology


Strategic Plan for Information Technology document sample

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									                                           Strategic Activity Worksheet (SAW)

       A strategic activity is a short-term, focused action designed to correct an identified weakness or
       prepare for real or anticipated changes in the community. Any strategic activity will impact a variety of
       institutional services and workunits. An activity can also be created in response to a strategy team
                     Please consult with the appropriate review teams prior to submitting this worksheet
                                                  to Planning & Research.

   I. General Information:
       Person Submitting Strategic Activity:                            ~~~~~ Please Select Your Name ~~~~~
                                                                                              (85 Character Limit 0 Used)

     SAW Title:
       Description of this Strategic Activity:                                               (630 Character Limit 0 Used)

       Desired Outcome:                                                                      (630 Character Limit 0 Used)

       Contact person for this activity:                              ~~ Who should be contacted for follow-up? ~~

   II. Strategic Connection:
       An activity must support at least one operational goal.         View Operational Goals
         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Select Appropriate Operational Goal ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       An activity may support a current strategic goal/objective.                      View Strategic Goals
          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                Select Appropriate Strategic Goal   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       An activity may also support a secondary current strategic goal/objective.
          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                Select Appropriate Strategic Goal   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       Was this activity developed in response to a Strategy Team recommendation?                ~~ Yes/No ~~

       An activity must support a workunit operational goal. Enter title.                     (85 Character Limit 0 Used)

eb6eae6c-242e-4dde-a96a-929a6569acf6.xls                     -1-
   III. Funding Information:
       Will this activity require money beyond the existing Workunit allocation?                                                ~~ Yes/No ~~
                    (A response of "Yes" to this question indicates that this activity will be included in this year's budget planning process. If it is
                    not answered, or "No" is selected, it is assumed that this activity will not compete for institutional funds.)

       A. First Year Budget Requirements (complete all that apply):
                 Hire new faculty (Contact the Business Manager for cost estimates.)
                              Estimated annual total of salary & benefits:                                                             $0.00

                    Hire new staff (Contact the Business Manager for cost estimates.)
                                  Estimated annual total of salary & benefits:                                                         $0.00

                    Equipment Costs: (For new positions include $1250 to equip workstation)                                            $0.00

                    Other Cost Money: (Supplies, Software, Printing, Travel, Maintenance etc)                                          $0.00

                    County Funds:                                                                                                      $0.00

                    Miscellaneous: (Grants, Special Funds, Fees)                                                                       $0.00
                                                                                                                            (55 Character Limit 0 Used)
                                          Please Describe:

                                                                                                                            (75 Character Limit 0 Used)

       B. Subsequent Year Budget Requirements:
                    If this activity is approved, will it require
                    funding in subsequent years?                                           ~~~~~~~            Recurring Costs         ~~~~~~~
                                                                                                                            (55 Character Limit 0 Used)
                                          Please Describe:

                Save this form to your computer and e-mail a copy to Larry Dendy (
                             Questions? Contact Larry Dendy 493-7239 or Matt Smith 493-7530

eb6eae6c-242e-4dde-a96a-929a6569acf6.xls                                    -2-
 Submitting      Title       Desc    ExpOutcome Responsible Operational StratPrimaryStratSecond
~~~~~ Please Select Your0Name ~~~~~0                        ~           ~~~~         ~~~~
                                              0 ~~ Who should be contacted for follow-up? ~~
StratTeam WorkunitGoal  Beyond       Faculty       Staff       Equipment       OtherCosts    County
~~ Yes/No ~~        0 ~~ Yes/No ~~             0           0               0             0            0
Misc       MiscDesc       FundNotes     SubsequentSubsequentDesc Comments
       0              0                                      0
                                      0 ~~~~~~~ Recurring Costs ~~~~~~~
    PCC Operational Goals                                     Return to SAW Form

1. Encouraging Lifelong Learning: Promote a culture of lifelong learning that
   enables students and employees to function in the workforce, upgrade skills, seek
   additional higher education, or pursue personal enrichment.

2. Establishing Positive Learning Environment: Provide a dynamic learning
    environment to ensure successful achievement of students' goals by administering
    sound policies, curricula, instruction, and support services. Deliver quality services
    and educational programs to a diverse community respectfully, proactively,
    and professionally.

3. Ensuring Academic Excellence: Train the workforce for current and emerging
    jobs and be continuously responsive to the needs and interests of business,
    industry, and the public sector. Support employee professional development in
    order to advance the college as a learning organization.

4. Enhancing Economic Development and Quality of Life: Strengthen and create
    new links between the college and its communities in order to facilitate economic
    and community development and respond to the needs of the community.

5. Emphasizing Multicultural Experience: Promote learning through exposure to
    different cultures and a diversity of experiences, beliefs and perspectives. The
    College fosters an environment of mutual respect and teamwork where attitudes
    of fairness and integrity are encouraged.

                                      Return to SAW Form
2007-2011 PCC Strategic Plan
Goal #1 – Engagement and Access                                                          Return to SAW Form
The growth of our region brings with it new and unmet needs. To meet these needs, creative approaches
to providing programs and services are necessary. Emphasis will be placed upon programs that enable
workforce development and other academic programs that connect Pitt Community College to the community.

Key Objectives
1.01 Engage citizens and organizations with College programs, services, and activities

1.02 Increase the enrollment, retention, and degree attainment of underserved current and prospective students.

1.03 Serve as a catalyst to recognize and respond to the needs of the community and enhance the offerings
     of the College.

1.04 Establish partnerships and strategic alliances to serve as an educational training resource and to
     support a community that adjusts to meet the needs of changing markets.

1.05 Integrate information technology into College processes to improve student access, learning
     environments, and instruction.

Goal #2 – Active Learning and Student Success                                            Return to SAW Form
Active and collaborative learning are strong predictors of student success and persistence. To help improve
educational practice and performance, and to meet regional accrediting standards, an emphasis will be
placed on learning outcomes and the value of using data to improve curriculum, instruction, and other
practices that lead to student success.

Key Objectives
2.01 Develop innovative teaching and learning methods, including the use of appropriate technology, to
     expand high quality instruction and improve student success.
2.02 Focus on innovative learning processes and academic support models to assure optimal student outcomes.
2.03 Encourage interdisciplinary collaborations to strengthen connections among the programs of study.
2.04 Enhance general education and all instructional and student support programs and services through
     assessment and evaluation.
2.05 Enhance instructional content and learning processes with campus-wide access to appropriate technologies,
     infrastructure, and support.
2.06 Support student retention efforts through employee training and the development of additional strategies
     to realize student educational goals.
2.07 Expand the College’s efforts to internationalize programs and bring global perspectives to students,
     employees, and the community.
Goal #3 – Professional and Organizational Development                                     Return to SAW Form
The College’s greatest resource in achieving its mission is its employees. As the expectations, attributes,
and skills necessary to be successful in today’s society change, opportunities for education, renewal, and
skill development are necessary.

Key Objectives
3.01 Cultivate a shared sense of purpose through organizational development programs and activities.
3.02 Build personal and professional knowledge and leadership skills necessary for all employees to
     advance the College mission.
3.03 Develop a campus community of effective technology users that can access, develop, and act upon
     information resources from a variety of IT environments.
3.04 Improve the ability to attract and retain qualified employees and integrate them into the culture and
     life of the College and community.
3.05 Encourage a collaborative College culture that emphasizes joint planning, decision making, and
     quality improvement.

Goal #4 – Financial Resources and Facility Development                                    Return to SAW Form
Pitt Community College is deeply committed to its role as a community resource and to meeting community
expectations. The growth of the College and its community necessitate the development of options to expand
the main campus and extend learning into the community.

Key Objectives
4.01 Foster a safe, secure, and aesthetically appealing environment for working, teaching and learning.
4.02 Achieve an information technology foundation for the College that can accommodate current and
     emerging instructional and administrative needs.
4.03 Pursue state, local, and private funding to achieve the facilities master plan, support student access,
     and advance faculty and staff development.
4.04 Systematically evaluate programs, services, and processes for high quality, continuous improvement,
     and fiscal integrity.

                                            Return to SAW Form
Pre-submission Process Help                                                     Return to SAW Form

Heretofore, the process was as follows: (1) have a strategic idea, (2) complete a SAW form, (3) share
with boss, (4) send to Dendy to enter into the planning database. Due to feedback from users like you
and the introduction of the new PCC 2007-2011 Strategic Plan (and the accompanying Strategy Teams)
the “Pre-Submission Review” section has been added to the SAW Form.

Why do we need the Pre-Submission Review?

In the past, by the time a SAW reached the PLT, the PLT often had unanswered questions. For example,
is the salary estimate for a new position reasonable and are employee benefits included? Are there
unknown/hidden Information Technology costs not identified on the SAW? Does the strategic idea
impact facilities (for example, is there sufficient electrical supply to implement the idea)? The solution to
this problem is to collect input from providers of these support services early on in the planning stage.

Lastly, this year Strategy Teams have been created to lead the implementation of the 2007-2011
Strategic Plan. These teams will be identifying what the “desired outcomes” are. It is workunits like
yours which must determine how the “desired outcomes” can be achieved. The SAW will become a
communication tool between the Strategy Teams and workunits like yours.

How does the Pre-Submission Review work?

Strategy Team: If a Strategy Team has assigned a “desired outcome” to your workunit, clearly you
want to develop an appropriate strategy in response. After completing Sections I-III, send an electronic
copy of this SAW to the chair of the assigning Strategy Team for review. As stated above, this SAW form
will be the primary communication tool between Strategy Teams and workunits.

Business Manager: If your Strategic Activity included adding new staff or faculty (part-time or full-
time) send and electronic copy to PCC’s Business Manager to review.

OITS Advisory Committee and Facilities: Forward an electronic copy of every SAW to the (1)
Assistant Vice President, Information Technology and Services, and (2) Director, Facilities Services.

When the above persons have completed his/her pre-submission review and returned it to you
electronically, transfer the pertinent information onto your copy of the SAW. Only when all Pre-
Submission Review comments have been returned will the SAW be forwarded to Larry Dendy for entry
into the planning database.

                                             Return to SAW Form

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