Tennis Skirts More Than Just a Fashion Statement

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					Tennis Skirts: More Than Just a Fashion Statement

Think of the most famous female tennis players of all time. Now, picture
their fashionable outfits, most specially their skirts. Makes you want
to do an appreciative whistle, huh? Well, do you think your reaction
would be the same if their skirts were ankle-length? Or would you
scratch your head and wonder 'what the heck has gone wrong'?

You see, early tennis skirts, WERE long skirts. In the 1800's it was
outrageous to have skirts worn above the ankle. If you have period films
in the 1800's setting, you would be able to observe that most women wore
corsets and empire cut dresses. The main purpose of these designs were
to 'hide a woman's legs!

It was not until 1922 that the skirts became less-restrictive. Thanks to
Suzanne Lenglen who showed up in a game wearing the shortest skirt then.
She also shed the usual hat that is donned with the outfit.    It was not
advisable to not wear a hat for tennis games before. It was only in 1930
when a 'hatless' head was already accepted, together with a very short

In 1947, a more fashionable look was introduced by Teddy Tingling.
Dior's sense of fashion inspired the man so he made tennis skirts look
more feminine by adding more flair to them. Very soon, aside from the
femininity of the tennis skirts, comfort was also prioritized. And since
tennis is sports, the outfit that goes with it should serve its purpose.

Modern-day tennis skirts have gone a long way from its predecessors.
Most are brilliantly designed to fit the player's needs, style wants and
comfort. They come in many fabrics and colors that women could choose
from.   Common fabrics are cotton (this is used due to its softness and
breathability), nylon (this one is used because of its durability) and
spandex (due to its elasticity). The most popular brand of spandex is

Also a necessary part of choosing skirts is the buyer's personal style.
A serious woman, for instance would not want to go for the loud colored-
fabrics or cuts that are sure to turn every head. The flamboyant girl is
sure to become a wallflower if she settles for plain fabric and design.

Here are some of the famous manufacturers of top-line tennis skirts:

Reebok- its skirts boast of moisture management which is very essential
during a heated match. It also has a wide array of fashionable designs.

Balle De Match
New Balance
LBH (lilys of Beverly Hills)
Prince and some imported skirts such as:


These manufacturers give value to the buyers' money by giving them style,
elegance, and most importantly, comfort. Most can be purchased online,
some are fairly-priced while others are a bit on the expensive side. But
some might reconsider because the more expensive skirts are promised to

There is no need to state that tennis skirts are an essential part of the
game itself. Before a woman can show her top form, she must first feel
comfortable and confident about the way she looks. Bagging that trophy
will never happen with drab clothing on! Believe me.

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