July 2009 Issue
The monthly Northside Coin Club meeting will be held on Thursday July 2nd, 2009 at 7
PM (doors open at 6:30) at the Cimarron Village Community Building in Broomfield, see
our web site for directions. The program for this month has
not been determined as this newsletter goes to press.
COIN of the MONTH – Foreign Coin (not Canadian). (If possible a higher grade, nice
collector coin, preferably un-circulated).
[The “Coin of the Month” works as follows. Bring one coin, of the type described as the
featured coin of the month, preferably in a 2x2 or flip. If you bring a coin, you will get a
ticket in the drawing and your coin goes into the pot. We then draw one ticket and the
winner gets the entire pot of coins that were featured.
SHOW and TELL – bring some interesting item from your collection that you would
like to show the members and give a quick (1 minute) talk on.
Last months meeting was held on June 4th. 26 members were present and we also had 2
guests, Bob Davis who is a friend of member Terry S. and Ken Roberts. Also a visitor
from the May meeting, Joann L. became the newest member to the Northside Coin Club.
MINUTES – President Tim Z. called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm.
Tim reviewed the minutes of the last meeting. A motion was made and seconded to
approve the minutes. Michael T. gave the Treasurers report and stated we have $1122.47
in the club account. A motion was made and seconded to approve the Treasurers report.
(Remember that any adult member may see the complete Treasurer’s report by simply
requesting to view it at the meeting.) It was noted that Tim Z. had spent $80 for the
purchase of many door prizes to be used for upcoming meetings.
Tim introduced the 2 guests.
Tim reviewed the upcoming coin shows. Bob T. gave a preview of the upcoming 2-day
Front Range Show in Longmont.
Don K. requested a report on what happened at the most recent CWNA meeting. Mark H.
and Bob T., who were present at the meeting, drew a blank on what had happened. Mark
H. indicated he would place a report in the July Newsletter.
CWNA Report – Meeting was held on April 25th. Minutes for previous meeting were
approved. Secretary submitted a written annual Membership report. Indicated a net
increase of 1 member, and that 2 members had passed away. Treasurer’s report
showed an asset value of $20,013.30 in the club’s treasury. Election results of new
officers were announced. Allen Nye (President), Mark Hammang (Vice President),
Jerry Morgan (Secretary/Treasurer), Howard Hinsey, Bob Thayer, Dave Francis,
Aaron Lancaster (Directors).
Discussions were had on whom the CWNA would vote for, as a club, in the upcoming
ANA elections. It was decided to have each Board member submit their preferences to
Jerry Morgan who would tally the choices and submit the ballot to the ANA.
The Secretary announced the winners of the CWNA scholarship awards for 2009 as
Dave Francis (Partial Scholarship) and Dave Welch (Full Scholarship). A letter was
sent to the Colorado Springs clubs thanking them for their donations to the
Scholarship funds.
The Board voted to decline the written request from the Denver Coin Club for money to
pay for costs associated with trying to obtain a 501 C-3 tax status. Jerry indicated he
would talk with the DCC president on this matter.
Jerry Morgan was nominated to receive the Herman Boraker Award and the Board
approved his nomination.

Old Business
Coin Show - no new information on the proposal for hosting a coin show.
Tim reminded members of the need to sign up to bring refreshments. You can sign up on
the sign-in sheet and the Secretary will also add a reminder announcement of who has
signed up in the newsletter.
New Business
Tim Z. wanted input from club members on who they wanted to vote for in the upcoming
ANA elections. The board, in making the selections, would use the input from members.
Tim made a motion to accept the plan and it was seconded and approved by the club. The
results of the club’s choices are as follows. President-Cliff Mishler, Vice President-Tom
Hallenbeck(Tom was running unopposed), Governors-Joseph Boling, Michael Ellis,
Brian Fanton, Jeff Garrett, J.P. Martin, Walter Ostromecki Jr., and Wendell Wonka.
No coin quiz was given this month. Dave F., the last winner, will give a quiz some time
in the coming months.
PROGRAM – Stuart R. gave the program on “Which Dollar makes sense”. He gave a
brief history of Dollar coins, both gold and silver, and Paper Dollars. He presented
statistics on the cost of producing both coin and paper dollars and how long they last. He
then presented cases for eliminating one or the other.
The “Coin of the Month”, which was Sacagawea or Presidential Dollars, consisting of a
pot of 7 coins, was won by Linda G.
Door prizes and Raffle winners were;
The Door prize: A 1985 Proof set, was won by Dick C.
Second Door prize: A 1985 Proof set, was won by Don F.
The Raffle prize: A Presidential Dollar Album (Lighthouse brand) containing two
Washington Presidential Dollars (P & D) was won by Terry S.
Auction was held following the meeting.
If you would like to bring treats, just sign up on the attendance sheet for the month you
would like to bring them.
No one has signed up for treats for the July Meeting.
Treasurer Michael T. has signed up to bring treats for the August meeting.

                                  Upcoming Coin Shows

July 3rd -5th         Colorado Springs Coin Show
                      Phil Long Expo Center
                      1515 Auto Mall Loop
                      Colorado Springs
                      10am to 6pm Fri, 9am to 6pm Sat, 9am to 4pm Sun
                      Contact Frank Thomas 719-632-4260 for more information

         Northside Coin Club Officers and Directors for 2009
                  President                                                 Tim Z. *
               Vice President                                               Dave F.
                  Secretary                                                Mark H. *
                  Treasurer                                                Michael T.
                 Director #1                                               Wayne W.
                 Director #2                                               Dave W. *
                 Director #3                                               Stuart R.
* Indicates that this persons’ term expires at the end of 2009.

                               Secretary’s Editorial Page
(Views here are mine and may not reflect the views of the NSCC or its other officers)

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