Mrs. V. Kirkley, RN, MEd.
   Medical Records Technicians work in all types
    of medical facilities from local hospitals,
    physicians offices, clinics and long term care
   Their job is to collect, code and maintain the
    medical information of patients. Including
    confidential information such as a patients
    test results, health history, diagnosis,
    treatment plan, and insurance information.
   The Best Part of the      The Worst Part of the Job:
    Job:                      Eye strain and muscle
   Working in a               pain from sitting at the
    hospital which is          computer for long
    open all hours, so         periods of time.
    you can work 8,10,        Reading Dr’s Handwriting
    or 12 hour days &         Trying to track down a
    3, 4 or 5 days a           busy Dr.
                              Imperative understanding
                               & precise documentation
                               of procedures done.
   Must be able to use          Usually a 2 year
    computers and special         accredited program
    software programs             at a community
    that assign patients to       college earning an
    different diagnostic          associates degree.
    related groups (DRG’s)       Upon graduation
   Must know Medical             from above program
    Terminology and               take and pass state
    Medical Abbreviations         written exam to
   Understand diseases           become a Registered
   Have an Eye for details       Health Information
                                  Technician (RHIT)
   Ability to Multi-Task
   Good Vision
   Good Computer Skills
   Alert
   Detailed Oriented
   Good Interpersonal Skills
    Excellent Organizational Skills
   Ability to screen, evaluate medical records,
    and identify problems.
   Interest in Procedural Details
 Medical Records          Health Informatics
  Tech or Medical           Career Pathway
  Coders                   Completer can
 Faster than average       finish 3 courses in
  growth                    this area while in
 Salary Range –            high school.
$22,000 - $52,000
•Health Information Administrator works mainly in a
hospital or large physicians groups or clinics.
•Their job is to develop and manage systems for obtaining,
storing and maintaining patient records. They also
prepare information for legal actions and insurance claims.
•They’re ultimately responsible for the management and
supervision of patient confidential data, the medical
records staff, and the overall operations of the Medical
Records Department.
• Because computer operations are essential in maintaining
medical records the Health Information Administrator must
be extremely knowledgeable of a variety of computer
   The Best Part of the Job:       The Worst Part of
   Working in a hospital            the Job:
    with all departments,           Long hours at the
    physicians, insurance            computer
    companies, government           Reading Dr’s
    agencies & various               Handwriting
    organizations to prepare        Court
    patient information for          Appearances to
    legal actions, insurance         present patient
    claims/compile statistics.       records &
   Supervision & Training           representing the
         of Personnel.               medical records
 It is essential that       Usually requires a
  the medical records         Bachelors or Masters
  administrator be            Degree.
  knowledgeable of           Registration from the
  the operation of a          American Health
                              Information Mgmt
  variety of computer
                             Health Information
 Organizational Skills       Administrators who
 Supervision &               become registered use
  Training Skills             the initials RA .
 Faster than average      This is a career in the
  growth                    Health Informatics
 Salary Range –            Career Pathway
$41,000 - $89,000          Recommended-
                             3 courses in this
                            area while in high
                           Earn a Bachelor’s or
                            Masters Degree
                           Test and become a
                            Registered Health
•Medical Illustrators work using their artistic
abilities & talents to produce illustrations,
graphs, charts, and diagrams for medical
textbooks, magazines and journals.

•Medical photographer is a closely related
career. They take photographs or video tapes of
surgical procedures for health education
information, documentation of conditions
before and after surgery or legal documentation
of injuries received in an accident.
   A Medical Illustrator usually obtain a
    Bachelors or Masters Degree
   Have excellent artistic abilities
   May be certified through the Association of
    Medical Illustrators
   May branch into the Medical Photography
    field which is closely related.
 Average Growth
 Salary Range
 $44,000 -$133,000
   Health Unit Coordinator/Ward Clerk/ Unit
    Secretary/ Medical Records Clerk work in all
    types of medical facilities from local
    hospitals, physicians offices, clinics to long
    term care facilities.
   Their job is to record information on patient
    records, schedule procedures or test, answer
    the phone, make appointments and order
    supplies. They must also work with
    computers to record and obtain patient
   One or more years      Need excellent
    of a Career or          communications
    Technical College       Skills both written
    Program                 and verbal
   Some have on-the-      Organizational
    job training            Skills a plus
                           Must be able to
 Average Growth
 Salary Range
$14,000 – $34,000

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