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									                                  NAMIBIA AIRPORTS COMPANY LIMITED



        The Namibia Airports Company (NAC) is a State-Owned Enterprise established in terms of the Airports
        Company Act, 1998 (Act No. 25 of 1998). The company seeks services of an experienced service provider to
        undertake Manpower (skills) Audit. The audit is intended to identify gaps in employees’ skill level and
        establish the percentage of engagement per employee. The audit will further counsel on areas for strategic
        skills development, organisational restructuring and placement. It is thus expected of the exercise to be
        highly consultative and interactive with both managers and employees alike.


        -   To conduct a skills audit and prepare a status quo report
        -   To establish the gap on the level of skills and knowledge of the workforce at present as opposed to the
            future needs
        -   To establish incumbent’s mismatch per position in terms of existing knowledge, skills, academic
            qualifications and job requirements and recommend remedies
        -   To make out if available skills are well placed to contribute to the attainment of the company vision,
            mission, values and strategy
        -   To advice on behaviour requirements that are necessary to realize the company vision, mission, values
            and strategy
        -   To establish NAC’s strategic area for skills development
        -   To establish productivity level by calculating the percentage of engagement per employee on a working
        -   To benchmark productivity levels of current staffing per department and advice on whether it is in line
            with comparable organisations
        -   Develop a resourcing model that will ensure that right skills, knowledge and attributes are well placed for
            the attainment of company objectives
        -   To identify redundant skills and recommend appropriate course of action
        -   Develop and populate an occupation classification matrix
        -   Develop a succession and development plans for critical positions


        -   Interested service providers must demonstrate their competency by indicating their most recent but
            similar examples of work undertaken
        -   Indicate academic qualifications of their project team
        -   Service providers must be prepared to impart knowledge to the NAC project team
        -   Present the methodology they will employ in carrying out the assignment
        -   Indicate the time frame in which they will complete their exercise
        -   Give a breakdown of their budget and link it to activities
        -   They must have thorough knowledge of the Namibian labour market and its statutory provisions
Interested service providers must submit their sealed proposals to the Manager: Human Capital Development 5
Floor Sanlam Building, Independence Avenue Windhoek or post them to:

Namibia Airports Company
P.O. Box 23061
For further enquiries, e-mail or call 061 2955004

                                         CLOSING DATE 28 January 2011

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