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					Did you know...
    From A Dictionary of Greek                                               T H E N E W S F RO M
   by Rev. Nicon D. Patrinacos

                                                                    SAINT NEKTARIOS
T     he Epistle is read or
      chanted before the reading
                                                                 VOLUME 13, ISSUE 7                                       JULY 14, 2009

of the Gospel and in the Greek
Orthodox Church is mostly
                                         ONE AND EQUAL IN CHRIST
                                         A MESSAGE FROM FR. STEVE
known by the word Apostle. It is
usually a passage from the             “For as many of you as              struggled to understand and to     clear that the Jewish faith
Epistles or the Acts of the            were baptized in Christ             define what this means.            had not been rejected by
Apostles bearing a close relation
                                       have put on Christ. There               The Jewish faith can be        Christ, but rather, it had
to the day’s feast or merely
alluding to it. Also, apostolic        is neither Jew nor Greek,           said to have its beginning with    been completed and
passages read at sacraments or         there is neither slave nor          the covenant made between          transformed into a “new
other ceremonies refer directly        free, there is neither male         God and the patriarch              covenant.” Whereas it was
or indirectly to the purpose and       nor female; for you are all         Abraham. God rewarded              once a local covenant
meaning of the ceremony.               one in Christ Jesus. And if                                            restricted to those of
                                                                           Abraham’s faith in Him with a
     The Epistles are writings of      you are Christ’s then you           covenant (or contract). God        common “sacrificial blood”
various Apostles, in the form of       are Abraham’s seed, and                                                lineage beginning with
our contemporary                                                           said that from Abraham’s seed
                                       heirs according to the              He would create great              Abraham and signed with
correspondence, to local
                                       promise.”                           numbers of faithful people.        the flesh and blood
Churches that were either
established or visited by them.                     (Galatians 3:27-29)    These people would be called       (circumcision) of him and his
                                                                                                              dependents, now it had
Some are addressed to all
Christians and are called
Catholic Epistles. The purpose
                                       I    n first century Christianity
                                            there was a controversy
                                       as to how non-Jews were to
                                                                           “God’s chosen people.” That is
                                                                           to say those who believe,
                                                                           accept and follow God’s
                                                                                                              become a universal
                                                                                                              covenant open to all
of writing and sending these                                                                                  mankind and signed with
Letters was to deal with
                                       be received into the Church.        instructions will be called His
                                       As we know, Jesus, the              people and will receive His        God’s own flesh and blood
questions of faith and practice or                                                                            through Jesus Christ. We no
with problems of administration        Apostles and the very first
and discipline. First place            Christians were devout                                                 longer show acceptance of
among these Epistles must be           followers of the Jewish faith.       Christ Himself said, in           God by giving our flesh and
given to the Epistles of St. Paul      The name Christian was               Matthew 5:17 that He              blood through the act of
who wrote to various Churches          mockingly given to those who            has come not to                circumcision. But now we
as per the following list: in all he   followed Christ in the city of       destroy or to change              show acceptance of God by
wrote fourteen Epistles; to the                                                                               accepting His sacrificial flesh
Romans, I and II to the
                                       Antioch. The early Christians         the Jewish faith, but
                                       felt honored to be called by                                           and blood. The contract
Corinthians, to Galatians,                                                     rather to fulfill it.
                                       His name and willingly                                                 between God and man is
Ephesians, Philippians,
Colossians, I and II to                accepted being called                                                  now signed by God Himself
Thessalonians, I and II to             Christians. They didn’t,                                               and offered to all humanity.
                                                                           abundant blessings. The            Whoever accepts this
Timothy, to Titus, to Philemon,        however, feel that by
to the Hebrews; also the                                                   people in turn were to show        sacrifice accepts the
                                       accepting His name that they        their acceptance (signing) of
following were written by other
                                       had changed religions or                                               covenant, becoming children
Apostles: I and II by St. Peter, 1                                         this contract by male              of God (John 1:12); His
by St. James, I, II, and III by St.    faith. Christ Himself said, in      circumcision. This contract
                                       Matthew 5:17 that He has                                               chosen people.
John, and 1 by St. Jude; in all,                                           was sealed with the flesh and
21 Apostolic Epistles are              come not to destroy or to           blood of circumcision.                  All of mankind is given
contained in the New                   change the Jewish faith, but                                           the opportunity to be one in
Testament.                             rather to fulfill it. For this           The question which now        Christ Jesus. We are no
     A great deal of subsequent        reason we say that He is the        arose in the early Church was;     longer Jews or Greeks,
moral theology is based on             fulfillment of the laws and the     must someone first become          slave or free, male or
opinions and answers to                prophecies. Those who               Jewish (circumcised) before        female, we are one and
questions supplied by St. Paul in                                          they can become Christian?
                                       accept Christ have also                                                equal in Christ. We are all
his various Epistles.
                                       accepted the fulfilled Jewish              Paul, in his above letter   His children if we accept
                                       faith. The early Church             to the Galatians makes it very     him.
W        herever you go,
         God is sending
you, wherever you are,
                                           Focus on our Community
God has put you there,
                                            Celebrations, Milestones, Comfort & Support
He has a purpose in
your being there. Christ
                                                             IN OUR PRAYERS
who dwells in you has    Tina Balosos     Ethan Barnard Margaret Blehi       Dave Blood    Mary Cestrone Betty Cowger
something He wants to
do through you where        Gary Coykendall      Bessie Demas    Mary Lou Elliott Shannon Elliott Maria Eleutherios
you are. Even now the     Karen Gardner Rita Gaze         Rima Ghanem      Ted Gillis   Elmer Goodwin Katina Hansen
Holy Spirit is                 Benita Husson     Lula Kouvaris Sandra Lucas      Sheri Maguire Alexandra Manalis
empowering you.             Peter Mannering Georgia Mantekas          George Mentavlos    Christina Nixon CJ Pakuris
Believe this and go in
                                      Vivian Pann    Eileen Petransky   Yianno Pournakas      Harry Reinhart
His grace and love and
power.                       Gus Sagos Jayne Savage Mildred Sellers       Linda Stowers    Jim Thevaos James Tyree
                                                              Irene Vallone        Teziah Williams
 (Copied from the June 14,
 2009 Sunday missal from
 Westminster Presbyterian
  Church, Charlotte, NC.)
                                                  To Victoria Flaherty and David Perryman on their marriage

 Our lives are the only                                          To Scott Conrow on his Baptism

 Bible some people will                       To Kathleen Andrews and Andrew McCullough on their marriage

ever read. This is a really                         To Katherine Kleto and Frank Bartis on their marriage
  scary example of how                        To Bill Peter Pappas on his advancement to the rank of Eagle Scout
much people watch us as                              To Rolandos and Claudia Lazaris on their new home
 Christians, and will put                     To Mena Nickolopoulos and Johnny Chalcas on their engagement
      us to the test!
 Always be on guard --                                               WITH SYMPATHY
     and remember --                    To Christina Bonderer on the passing of her aunt, Eunice Webb, in Charleston
 You carry the name of                  To the Elia family on the passing of Elias’ father, Rev. Fr. Papa Pieris in Cypress
     Christ on your                    To Maria Balatsias on the passing of her mother Rosalia Bania in Stenoma, Greece
        shoulders                        To the Keretsis and Kalariotes families on the passing of Sam Dennis Keretsis
 when you call yourself
                                                                  IN APPRECIATION
                               “Thank you to everyone at St. Nektarios. We had a wonderful time at our wedding.
B    ecause thy loving
     kindness is better
than life, my lips shall
                               Everything was beautiful, especially the service. Thank you for the church and hall
                                     and all the people that helped in anyway to make our day so special.”
praise thee.                                      Love, David and Vickie (Flaherty) Perryman
    Thus will I bless thee
while I live: I will lift up   Karen Gardner would like to, “Thank everyone for their support...for all the prayers,
my hands in thy name.          cards, good wishes, and good deeds offered during my illness. My family and I truly
    My soul shall be                        feel blessed to be a part of the St. Nektarios community.”
satisfied as with marrow
and fatness; and my                                    TO DIANE GILBERT AND COPYCAT FOR PRINTING
mouth shall praise thee                                    THE   CHURCH BULLETIN AND NEWSLETTER
with joyful lips.
              Psalm 63:3-5           Please contact the church office with information we may share with the community
                                                             or to add someone to the prayer list  .

                    Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Of America
                               FOURTH OF JULY
Jun 30, 2009 -- Protocol 56/09                                             The responsibility for others, especially in their time of
Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,                                 want or crisis, is also critical to the strength and viability of a
                                                                        free society. Our citizenship and our belonging in this great
   The Fourth of July is a day when we join with people across
                                                                        American nation implies the presence of a nurturing
this nation and around the world in the celebration of an
                                                                        community that advances the ability for all people to
historic achievement that exalted the necessity of human
                                                                        experience life, liberty, and happiness. It also implies the
freedom and initiated a political and social environment filled
                                                                        presence of a community that itself is nurtured by the free
with opportunity and potential. The United States of America,
                                                                        response of its members to the needs of their fellow citizens
in the words of Abraham Lincoln, was “conceived in liberty,”
                                                                        and residents. With discernment but without discrimination,
dedicated to the ideal of justice and equality for all, thus
                                                                        we respond to any person in need, knowing that our ideals of
becoming a nation that broadened the scope and function of
                                                                        freedom, justice, and equality are related to the well-being of
citizenship and of the meaning of belonging and community.
                                                                        each and every person in our society.
   As Orthodox Christians, in addition to our American
                                                                           In our celebration of Independence Day, may we take a
citizenship, we know and experience community also through
                                                                        moment to reflect upon the meaning of our citizenship and
our worship, fellowship and ministry in our local parishes. In
                                                                        our belonging as an American people, and as members of the
these communities of faith and love we are connected to a
                                                                        Kingdom of God, affirming that compassion for and
much larger and eternal community, the Kingdom of God. In
                                                                        assistance to others is essential to both. May we also
God’s Kingdom, we are citizens of a realm of life and being, in
                                                                        remember that our calling as Orthodox Christians is to share
which we follow His will, and are recipients of His grace. As
                                                                        the Gospel of love and truth, so that all may know the grace
citizens of His Kingdom, we are called to an awareness and
                                                                        of God and may find salvation in Jesus Christ. Our sharing
response to the needs of others during the course of our lives
                                                                        and heralding the message of the Gospel enhances our
on this earth. Our Lord affirmed this in His ministry and His
                                                                        responsibility as Americans to care for our neighbors. When
teaching, even emphatically stating that the inheritance of the
                                                                        we respond to others in need, we strengthen the general
Kingdom and of eternal life is intertwined with our response
                                                                        welfare of our society; and we sustain the freedom, justice,
to the needs of one of the least of these my (i.e. Christ’s)
                                                                        and equality that we cherish, and that we enjoy as a superb
brothers (Matthew 25:40). Thus, an essential characteristic of
                                                                        gift of God.
our heavenly citizenship is our active care on earth for those in
need.                                                                                                          With paternal love in Christ,
                                                                                                                           † DEMETRIOS

Congratulations to Nickie & Tom Kleto on celebrating
                                                                            A note of thanks from Socrates Academy for the use of the
their 60th Wedding Anniversary on June 12, 2009!                                 Spiritual Life Center for their Town Hall meeting.

                             Y oung at H eart

A     great big THANK YOU to the hosts/hostesses
      of our June gathering. They were Effie and
Xenny Koinis, George and Pauline Velonis, Nick
and Maria Collias, Jim and Gail Chomakos, Gus
and Bessie Vrettos, Maria and Tony Manousos,
Pitsa and George Nicolopoulos, Morphia and Tony
Bouboulis, Rita Castanas, and Nick and Florence
    In June we always pay tribute to fathers,
grandfathers, uncles, and mentors. Included in
this group are our priests and deacons. You are
much appreciated. We pulled a name out of a
basket and had one father represent all
fathers. That father was Badi Batshon. He was
presented with a special shirt and cap, and as
always, Badi was very gracious. The gifts were
courtesy of Ted and Madeleine Soloman.
    Georgia Poular had suggested that we play a
fun game. After some thought, it was decided
that we would play, "Put the collar on the
Father." A poster-size picture of Father Steve
was placed on the wall, and a representative
from each table was given a post-it note,
blindfolded, and told to post the note at Father's
collar. It was a hoot! We gave out three prizes,
a kite, a frisbee, and a picture frame to those
who came closest. Sorry, I didn't record the
winners' names, and like many seniors, my short-
term memory isn't working well today!!! Anyway,
we had a good time.
   In June, we also choose our leader for the next
year. We chose Georgia Poular by acclamation.

              See you in September!!
                                  Maria Collias

                    LIFE & FAMILY MINISTRY

L    ife and Family Ministry has formed a new small group in Mint Hill. Our first meeting was held at the beautiful home
     of Teddy & Deme Poulos on June 14th. In attendance were Deidre & Bernie Lepkowsky & family, Mark & Lynn
Lockyer & family and Jeff & Kim Clewell & family. We were served a delicious spaghetti dinner followed by a discussion
led by Deidre on dealing with worry and anxiety as our kids played in the backyard. (Ha, ha, ha!!! - that sounded funny.)
    We will be holding meetings once a month with each family taking turns as hosts. The July meeting will be held at
the home of Mark & Lynn Lockyer and the August meeting will be held at the Clewell’s home.

                     Philoptochos —A Legacy of Philanthropy
        Report from Metropolis of Atlanta
          Clergy-Laity Assembly and
           Philoptochos Conference

 R      Itsa Neary and I had the opportunity to attended the Clergy
        Laity Assembly & Philoptochos Conference on June 11-14.
 The theme of the conference was The Day After TODAY--Our Youth.
 The conference started with a kick-off dinner. His Eminence
 Metropolitan Alexios addressed the conference with the comments
 on how important our youth is to continuing our Orthodoxy in
 America. The youth of Holy Trinity Church of Clearwater participated
 in the banquet. The Second day was full of meetings; exchanging
 ideas about Philoptochos concerns and issues. Also at the
 Philoptochos lunch, there was a presentation to All Children's
 Hospital of a check for $10,000 dollars collected in the fund drive.
 Also, the Zoe Cavalaris Award was presented to our sister parish St.
 Luke for having the highest membership increase in the Metropolis.                     Newly Elected 2009- 2011
 The next day we had a great motivational speaker, Evelyn Ploumis-                Metropolis of Atlanta Philoptochos Board
 Devick Ph.D. If you are interested in any of the event details or       President:              Evan Scurtis         Board Members: Jeannie Demas, Helen
 workshop data, please let me know and I would be glad to share          First Vice President:   Laura Nixon          Doulaveris, Marty Driscoll, Valine
 my event book with you. Meeting highlights are also noted below.        2nd Vice President:     Rose Marie Connell   Georgeson, Mary Karam, Betty Lantz, Joan
                                                                         Recording Secretary:    Florence Lytle       Marinos, Helen McKane, Effie Moraitakis,
 It was a great opportunity for me to attend this conference and I       Corresponding Scty:     Marty Driscoll       Vicky Patronis, Irene Politis, Koula Poulos,
 learned a great deal which I will be glad to share with my sisters in   Treasurer:              Dee Nicolaou         Kiki Rothman, Margaret Sarafoglu, Irene
 the Philoptochos.                                                       Assistant Treasurer:    Kathy Theofilos      Tracy (not all pictured above)
                 Thanks, Charlotte Nickolopoulos

                             Meeting Highlights from the Philoptochos Conference
•    Medically Fragile Children -- MUSC                                                experience at the Miami Transplant
                                                 newsletters and our new website this fall.
(Medical University of South Carolina)                                                 Institute. The purpose is to inform chapters
                                         • Disaster Relief Fund -- Over $1.3
playground project for Medically Fragile                                               of organ donation and does not solicit
                                         million was distributed through this program
Children has been halted due to budget                                                 funds nor obligate anyone to become an
                                         and National Philoptochos has since
cuts and they have asked us to consider                                                organ donor. Nicky Psaltis gave an
                                         adopted a National Disaster Response
applying our donation toward their "A Place                                            inspiring presentation on how her father's
                                         Board with Dee Nicolaou as the
to Pray" area which will be in the new                                                 organ transplant 15 years ago saved his
                                         chairperson. IOCC, National Philoptochos
chapel building. The money given toward                                                life and touched their family.
                                         and the Metropolis of Atlanta Philoptochos
this project was as follows: $22,500 fromwill coordinate efforts to establish Disaster • Agape Celebrations are to be planned
National Philoptochos (CMF); $8,796.20   Response Centers in our Metropolis. The in each Conference during the upcoming
from chapter donations for               Disaster Response Plan is being               ecclesiastical year.
centerpieces, and $1,920 from the art    formulated and will be presented to your
auction at the 2007 Clergy Laity                                                       • Dynamic Leadership & Grants
                                         parishes and chapters.
Conference. By unanimous vote the                                                      Development Strategies was the topic of
general assembly moved to redirect the   • His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios           Saturday's workshop and was led
                                         has requested that we raise $25,000 in 5
total playground funds of $33,216.20 to the                                            by Evelyn Ploumis-Devick, Ph.D. This was
Place to Pray in the new chapel of the   years from all Metropolis chapters to build a highly motivational and educational
MUSC Hospital.                           a church in Cameroon, Africa. The             presentation on how to build successful
                                         General Assembly delegates and board          and sustainable programs. We all came
• The White Dove funds will be           members embraced the project and voted away inspired in our efforts!
heretofore redirected to the Website and to go forward.
eCommunications Committee and will work                                                Ask your representive delegates for more
towards enhanced Philoptochos            • Organ Donor Awareness Program is information on these meeting highlights.
communications throughout the            being reintroduced in light of the late       Also, start thinking about who will be your
Metropolis. Stay tuned for some exciting Archbishop Christodoulos' recent              2010 delegates for the
                                                                                       National Philoptochos Conference. It will
   Philoptochos —A Legacy of Philanthropy
                New Board Holds
                Planning Session                                                             Charlotte Titans
                                                                                              Win the Day
M       embers of the new Board held a morning- long
        planning session on Saturday, July 11 to define
the direction of the next year’s activities. Fr. Steve                                         The Saint Nektarios
                                                                                              Philoptochos sponsored the
opened the planning session with a devotional lesson on
                                                                                             annual Softball Challenge May 17th.
the purpose of this organization within the mission of the
greater Church.                                                                           There were three teams this year.
A calendar of events through the end of this year was                                   The Young Guns comprised of our best
developed and preliminary activities were set for 2010.                              high school and college students, The
                                                             Charlotte Titans comprised of the cream of the crop Charlotte
Committees were identified and some chairpersons
                                                             home town boys and The Legends, winners of last years
named. Meeting dates were set. Look for postcards to be      challenge, comprised of all non-Charlotte home town boys.
mailed in August with our new schedule.
General Meetings                                             The Titans first took on the Young Guns and showed impressive
In that the Community Fellowship Dinner is moving to         play considering their average age. They were able to hold off a
                                                             last inning run by the Young Guns to win 19 to 11. The Titans now
Wednesday night starting this fall, it was decided to hold
                                                             had to face the powerful bats of the Legends. The Legends came
General Membership meetings on the third Tuesday of the      to play the opening innings and led 3 to 0 after 2 innings of play.
month with varying times to accommodate those who can        But the momentum turned and the Titans bats were blazing. The
and cannot travel at night. The first General Meeting will   Titans took the lead in the third inning and kept it to win 11 to 5.
be a Dinner Meeting on Tuesday, September 15th at 6:30
p.m. at the Big View Diner. Details will follow.             It was a wonderful day filled with fun for the kids, great softball, and
                                                             good food. Thank you to Ole’ Smokehouse Restaurant for
Volunteer Opportunities                                      supplying the food. We raised over $700. 00 for charity. Thank you
Ladies, start thinking about how you can participate to      to all the people who helped to make this charity event so
make 2009-10 a great year. A catalog of opportunities will   successful.
be available for our September 15th meeting.
                                                                                                                  Theo Karavokiros

                       Strengthening our R elationship w ith G od
                       Time, Talent, and Treasure

Giving Regularly
Thank you to all of the stewards of the church. In these tough
economic times please continue to give proportionately and regularly
of what you have been given by God. If you have lost your job, give
more time to God in prayer. If your schedule does not allow you to
give of additional time, choose a talent God has given you and give that              Gift Idea
talent back to Him in the form of helping others. If your job is secure, Need a gift for someone who has
please continue to give of your financial treasure.                      everything? Make a gift to the
                                                                         church in honor of that person. We’ll
                                                                         send them an acknowledgement.

                                          ATHLETIC MINISTRY

T      he St. Nektarios men have
       been playing in the JCC
basketball league for 3 years.
They have played very well and
have come close to winning it all
many times. This spring they
finally put it all together and won
first place regular season with the
best record and won the
tournament to be crowned
“CHAMPIONS”. They have been                                  JCC Men’s Basketball Spring
“CROWNED”! This word sounds                                  2009 Tournament Champions
and feels important. Were these
men this worthy of such an elegant
                                                          Trophy Presentation on July 12, 2009
                                          Pictured (from left): Stuart Andrews, John Anderson, Vaki Karampourniotis, Fr.
and bold honor? Are these men
                                          Steve, George Demakis, Todd Fisher, and Dean Kalariotes (and a few future players).
deserving of the TROPHY given to
                                          Not pictured: Mark Duncan, Gus Gianakopoulos and Greg Oliven
them honoring them as Kings of
the court?                                                        sacrifice, the respect, and the commitment we must have in
                                                                  order to obtain each.
I remember being a young man in my teens and visiting
many Orthodox churches. I noticed in many of these                These humble men are Kings in my eyes and are well
churches there would be a trophy case. There would be             deserving of this FIRST PLACE TROPHY! I see in their
trophies, plaques, and pictures displaying victories from all     actions the love, sacrifice, respect, and commitment they
sports. As an athlete you understand the ultimate passion         give to their family, church and to God! I hope when you
behind this wall of hardware. And as a young Orthodox             see your TROPHY you will remember your DIRECTION
Christian there is an even more powerful meaning. I see           and always have good stories (exaggerated just a little) to
the parallel direction that we take for the joys of this world    share!
and the goal of coming closer to God. I see the love, the                                                     Theo Karavokiros

                            7-12-09 COMMUNITY LUNCHEON

                                                       T      he Hospitality Ministry under the direction of Pete Douglas, presented their
                                                              second Community Luncheon. Almost 200 people enjoyed hamburgers and
                                                       hotdogs hot off the grill with all the typical cook-out side dishes and topped off with
                                                       freshly baked cookies for dessert. Thanks to Tommy Demopoulos for braving the
                                                       heat from the grill, and the incredible hospitality team for keeping the all-you-can-
                                                       eat buffet stocked and the beverage containers full. Proceeds help fund our church
                                                       ministry budget. Plan to attend the next luncheon on August 16th!
                                                                                                                         “The future of our
                                   CLERGY-LAITY ASSEMBLY REPORT                                                         youth is the Church”
T       he Holy Trinity Church of Clearwater graciously His Eminence reflected on the many wonderful
        hosted the 2009 Metropolis of Atlanta Clergy- things that have happened in the Metropolis and in
Laity Assembly and Philoptochos Conference from         the local parish communities over the last two years:
                                                                                                                committees of the Assembly. Mr. Jerry Dimitriou,
                                                                                                                Executive Director of Administration for the
June 11th to the 14th. The event opened with the          (1) The position of Ierokyrix, or a traveling         Archdiocese, presented a detailed report on the
Grand Banquet when over 210 clergy, delegates and preacher and confessor was created and                        financial position of the Archdiocese. The 2010 and
participants were officially welcomed. Special            implemented. V. Rev. Archimandrite Grigorios          2011 budgets for the Metropolis were approved.
remarks were also delivered by local dignitaries.         Tatsis, serving in this position, has been            While Fr. George Tsahakis, Chancellor, distributed a
                                                          enthusiastically welcomed by the numerous             written report highlighting the areas of responsibility
In his keynote speech at the opening banquet, His         communities he has visited. He not only assists       of the office of the Chancellor, he stressed the
Eminence Metropolitan Alexios gave “thanks and            the local pastors by emphasizing and                  importance of the combined work of all those within
praise to Almighty God for all His abundant               highlighting the Sacrament of Confession; he          the Metropolis and at the Parish level. George
blessings, among them is this blessed opportunity to      celebrates the Divine Liturgy, gives homilies         Matthews explained how the workings of the
gather as the people of God . . . and to discuss our      and inspirational talks, and meets with people in     Metropolis Council had been restructured into five
common concerns, sharing our ideas, hopes and             different organizations and programs;                 working committees to address the issues identified
dreams for the future for our Metropolis of Atlanta,      (2) The Metropolis Parish Development team            in a strategic planning session held in 2007. Those
and specifically for our youth.”                          has focused on developing leadership and              committees are Outreach and Evangelism, Priest
       The theme of the Assembly, “The Day after          involvement on the Parish level by assisting the      Continuing Education, Laity Education,
Today: Our Youth,” is to help all to understand not       local communities to better organize themselves       Communications and PR, and Parish Council
only the responsibilities but more importantly the        in a professional way, and helping them to            Education. Information on the Diakonia Center was
opportunities enabling us to create ways to serve our understand the life of our Church and the spirit          presented. Fr. Tatsis reported on the Youth
Lord and our precious children, according to the          of sharing;                                           Education Cultural Ministry and introduced the new
Prophet Jeremiah,                                         (3) The Metropolis of Atlanta Philoptochos and        Youth Director for the Metropolis, Presbytera Mari
   “There is hope in your future, says the LORD,          the 65 parish Philoptochos chapters have been         Mars. Fr. Chris Metropulos updated the assembly on
  that your children will return to their own land.”      very active and productive. Last year they            the latest developments of Orthodox Christian
                       Jeremiah 31:17                     received the most awards for recognition of           Network. Dee Nicolaou queried everyone, “Are we
Further, this continues the theme of His Eminence         good works at the Clergy-Laity Congress of our        ready” to respond to emergencies and natural
Archbishop Demetrios’ address to the Clergy-Laity         Archdiocese in Washington, DC;                        disasters in our parish communities. Training
Congress last year in Washington, D.C.: “Gather my        (4)The Metropolis Education, Culture and Youth        opportunities are available to help parishes respond.
people to My home.” His Eminence Metropolitan             Ministry staff and volunteers have worked hard        Evangeline Mekras-Scurtis reported on the
Alexios commented that while we say that the youth        to develop programs and provide resources for         diversified list of programs supported by the Ladies
are the future of the Church, he believes more            our youth, Sunday School, HDF and Greek               Philoptochos and their goals for the future.
importantly that “the future of our youth is the          culture and heritage programs. There has been
Church.” He emphasized that everyone must devote          an increase in programs and participation             Elected and appointed to serve on the Metropolis
time, energy and resources to shape the right             because of the unselfish offering of the time,        Council for 2009 to 2011 are: Nick Moraitakis,
character in the hearts of our children. As he stated, talent and resources of the Metropolis staff,            Metropolis Council Vice Chairman; George
“It is our God-given privilege and responsibility to      many clergy and lay volunteers working on             Matthews, Metropolis Council Vice Chairman of
teach our children what is right and wrong in the         behalf of our precious youth.                         Finance and Development and Council Treasurer;
eyes of God, to teach and model love and respect for                                                            Larry Gess, Metropolis Council Vice Chairman of
ourselves and for each other, because this leads to In conclusion, His Eminence reminded all that               Administration; Evelyn Klund, Metropolis Council
true Christian love. We must promote and strengthen evangelism is not limited to the mission field in           Secretary; with members: Fr. Stavros Akrotirianakis,
authentic Orthodox Christian spirituality and guide     foreign countries. The real work of evangelization is   Tina Christy, Les George, Fr. John Johns, Fr. Paul
each young person to become an active member of here among our children and youth, our college                  Kaplanis, Andrew Karres, Dr. George Koulianos, Fr.
the Church so that they experience our Orthodox         students, our young families, and our unchurched        Nick Louh, Chris Mandelaris, Dr. George Mavros,
Faith through participation in the ecclesiastical and   brothers and sisters.                                   V.R.Fr. Constantine Mersinas, Fr. Panayiotis
sacramental life of the Church.” He highlighted how                                                             Papageorgiou, George Psetas, Fr. Anthony
the Metropolis through its Education, Cultural and      In addition to participating in the routine committee   Salzman, Fr. Joseph Samaan, Harry Stathopoulos,
Youth Ministry is there to support the parishes in this meetings on the business of the Metropolis, Clergy-     Nick Stratas, Evvie White, Tommy Yearout, and
critical work.                                          Laity delegates had numerous opportunities to attend    Peter Zervakos. Elected to the Archdiocesan
                                                        one of the six workshops offered: Teaching our          Council are: Fr. James Rousakis, Gerry Clonaris,
His Eminence shared that he has received the
                                                        Youth, Reaching out to our Youth, Faith and             and Ted Vlahos.
highest honor that can come to a Hierarch, and
                                                        Science, Stewardship for our Youth, “I Was in Prison
consequently to this Metropolis, to have the honor of
                                                        and You Visited Me, and Parish Stewardship 101&         Interspersed throughout the four days of ceremonies,
serving in the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical
                                                        201. Through these workshops attendees were             meetings and workshops were many opportunities
Patriarchate. This is a great responsibility which
                                                        armed with information to support the work to be        for the delegates to enjoy each others fellowship.
allows His Eminence the opportunity to participate in
                                                        done in our parishes with resources offered by the      The four days culminated on Sunday with the
the discussions and decisions regarding the
                                                        Metropolis and by the Archdiocese. Fr. Mark Leondis     Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, Oath of Office of the new
challenges and opportunities of the global Orthodox
                                                        and Fr. James Kordaris were among the presenters.       Metropolis Council Members and Philoptochos Board
Church at this time. Through this experience, there is
                                                                                                                followed by the Farewell Luncheon.
even a better understanding of the love of the
                                                        The Joint Parliamentary Session for all delegates of
Ecumenical Patriarchate. One also can see the
                                                        the Clergy-Laity Assembly and Philoptochos                                                      Evelyn Klund,
Metropolis of Atlanta as one cell of the larger body
                                                        Conference accepted the reports of the working                                         St. Nektarios Delegate
becoming better servants of God.
WORKING IN HIS VINEYARD                                               MISSIONS AND PHILANTHROPY MINISTRY
                                    “ So faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead.”   James 3:17

         Reflections from Project Mexico

O       ur group gathered at the airport nice and early on
        Tuesday morning, as we prepared to fly to San
Diego. Everyone was excited to go on our mission trip. I
was looking forward to going back and to getting to know
the group from St. Nektarios. Upon arriving in San Diego
we went to Walmart to get our necessities. Afterward, it
was off to find a place for lunch. That afternoon we met
with our Project Mexico family to cross the border and
head to the orphanage, which we all refer to as the
Ranch, and our home for the next week.
       Our community would be so very proud of
the group that represented St. Nektarios.
Everyone was respectful and worked very hard to
help build the house for the family. We also got to
know and spend time with the boys at the Ranch.
Sam Alyateem came up with the great idea of
purchasing a soccer ball, which we all signed, and
presented to the boys at the Ranch on our last
night there. It was a beautiful gesture which the
boys loved. It represented the bond we had
created with them over the week. One of my
favorite times of the week was the last work day.
       My most memorable moment of the week
was when we had completed the house blessing
and given the keys to the family (very emotional
time) and were preparing to head home for the
day, and when Madi took some of us to visit the
family we built for in June 2007. It was Emily
Couchell, George Alyateem, & myself who had been
on the trip in 2007. The three of us, along with
Rachel Kokenes, Sam Alyateem, and two Project
Mexico interns, went to visit the family from 2007.
Maria and her family welcomed us with open arms.
They were so excited to see us. It was very nice to
see the finished house with wedding pictures
hanging on the wall, and their little boy Chuye
running around. Sofas were in place and there was
a television in the front room of the
house. They had painted the front
of the house and had also built a
smaller house on the front of the
land for one of their sons and his
family. We gave them a little help
in 2007 and they took that
knowledge and help and were
able to better their lives. I enjoyed
visiting them and being able to see
what truly happens after we are
long gone. I pray that Edgar and
his family have the same success
over the next two years, as did Maria and her family.
       Project Mexico was a wonderful time and I
recommend that everyone take the opportunity to
participate on a project. I look forward to going back to
the orphanage with a future mission group in 2011.
                                     Vaki Karampourniotis

           “ So faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead.”             James 3:17

                                                                         Project Mexico’s Gift

                                                 R         ecently I had the pleasure of accompanying nine of the best
                                                           folks I have ever met on a Project Mexico trip. In spite of the
                                                  H1N1 scare and my overprotective mother and sister, we trekked
                                                  down to Rosarito, Mexico, just outside of Tijuana, and stayed at the
                                                  St. Innocent’s Orphanage while building a home for a family in need.
                                                         In preparing for the trip, I arranged for my pets to be taken care
                                                  of, got some extra vaccinations, squared everything away at work,
                                                  made sure I packed my work gloves and wondered if this area of
                                                  Mexico would be like the third world countries we so often see on
                                                  television. And, as the folks in my van heard me say over and over –
                                                  it is exactly like TV. People live with no electricity, no running water,
                                                  no bathroom or toilet and have to purchase potable water. Children
                                                       cannot afford to finish elementary school much less graduate from
                                                       high school or college; the average education level in Mexico is
                                                       the 5th grade. Homes are built out of scraps of rubbish, even old
                                                       garage doors, and many people must walk miles to make it out of
                                                       the shanty towns they live in just to get food or water. And, much
                                                       to my dismay, I was not surprised by this in the least – in fact, this
                                                       lack of surprise brought home how desensitized I have become.
                                                              What did surprise me was the kindness of the family we,
                                                       along with 2 other groups: one from St. Louis and the other from
                                                       Jacksonville, Florida, built for. “Our family” was there all four
                                                          construction days and “our dad”, Edgar, helped us build on
                                                          three of these days (the first day he was at work). And while I
                                                          got tired and hot and frustrated with how long the nails we had
                                                          to hammer were - or how tricky I found it to get the stinkin’
                                                          stucco to stick to the wall, Edgar smiled non-stop. He came
                                                          over and showed all of us how to do things in an easier way...
                                                          smiling as he went – never once upset with the Americans or
                                                          frustrated by the language barrier.
                                                                Edgar made me realize how blessed I truly am. This man,
                                                          who by most standards, has so little and has every reason to
                                                          resent Americans, was so kind to us and so happy to see us
                                                          and have our help - it was truly humbling. Edgar, who grew up
                                             in a country with no such thing as “credit”, could not have been happier to
                                             build his new home and seemed focused on how blessed he was by such
                                             a gift. I learned many things about myself on this trip and thanks to
                                             Edgar, I now kiss every student loan payment I make and gleefully make
                                             that mortgage payment, because as an American I have been afforded
                                             countless opportunities I take for granted on a daily basis.
                                                    Yet, when I returned to Charlotte, I could feel these lessons and the
                                             beauty I had seen in Mexico slipping away. But through sharing my
                                             experiences with others and staying focused on the positive we all can
                                             do, like food drives, sponsorship of a child at St. Innocent’s and
                                                                                                        participating      in
                                                                                                        Project Mexico, or
                                                                                                        other mission trips.
                                                                                                        I am doing my best
                                                                                                        to hold tight to my
                                                                                                        time there and to
                                                                                                        show God how
                                                                                                        thankful I am of
                                                                                                        the            many
                                                                                                        blessings he has
                                                                                                        bestowed on me
                                                                                                        and my family.
                                                                                                              Megan Sadler

At Vacation Church Camp, we
always checked in with our
teachers, then we began the
day with prayers and hymns…..

                                     Then the GOYANS
                                     would tell us
                                     about the
                                     Evangelist of
                                     the Day in
                                     a funny skit...
Next, we would go
to our class rooms to learn
about that day’s Evangelist
with our teachers...


 After class time, we
 would line to go to
 our Activities:
                                         We did CRAFTS,

            We did MUSIC,

                        We did SPORTS,

                   YOUTH MINISTRIES

         On the last day at VCC, we sang
         songs about the FANTASTIC 4:
         Matthew, Mark, Luke and John!

                           Some things we learned at VCC:
THE GOSPELS are the first four books of the New Testament and tell the story of Christ and His teachings.
“Gospel” means “good news.” The “Good News” is Christ is risen from the dead and has granted us eternal life.
MATTHEW: WHO? Matthew, also called Levi, a tax collector, became a disciple of Christ. WHAT? A gospel
about Jesus’ life, ministry and teaching. WHEN? Written around 70 AD, about 37 years after the crucifixion.
WHERE? Happened in Judea (Israel) ; written in Antioch. WHY? To show the Jews that Jesus was the Messiah
promised by the prophets of the Old Testament.
MARK: WHO? John Mark, a follower and student of the Apostle Peter. WHAT? A gospel about Jesus work.
WHEN? Written around 65 AD about 32 years after Christ was crucified. WHERE? Happened in Israel, written
in Rome. WHY? For the Roman Christians. They were being persecuted by the Romans and Jews—Mark reminded
people that Jesus suffered too, and was sent to serve.
LUKE: WHO? Luke, a physician, became a follower of the Apostle Paul. He is the only evangelist to write a
“sequel”: The Acts of the Apostles, which tells of the Apostles after the resurrection and ascension of Christ.
WHAT? A gospel about the life and ministry of Jesus. WHEN? Probably written around AD 70—80 AD, about
37—47 years after the Crucifixion. WHERE? Takes place in Israel; written in Greece or Asia Minor. WHY?
For the non-Jews (Greeks) to show Jesus as the Savior of the world, Who has compassion for all human beings.
JOHN: WHO? John, the beloved disciple of Jesus. He was the brother of the disciple James. Jesus called them
the “Sons of Thunder” because they were so outspoken. John was the only disciple brave enough to witness Jesus’
crucifixion, and Jesus asked him to look after His mother Mary after His death. WHAT? About the life and
teachings of Jesus. John probably read the other gospels before writing his gospel. He wrote when he was very
old (lived to be 100)and had thought a lot about Jesus. His gospel has more theology. WHEN? Was probably
written around 96 AD, about 63 years after the crucifixion. WHERE? Takes place in Israel, was written in Asia
Minor. WHY? To show Jesus as the Son of God, so that all His followers would continue to believe in Him, that
He lived among us and provides eternal life for all who believe in Him.


       The FACES of


Panteleimon the Great                                           DIRECTORY                               SUNDAYS AT
Marytr & Healer                                                 Church Office: 704-708-4669
                                                                                                        SAINT NEKTARIOS
                                                                Church Fax: 704-846-6094
July 27                                                         Email: office@stnektarios.org             Worship
                                                                Website: www.stnektarios.org              Orthros: 8:15am
                                                                5108 Kuykendall Rd.
T     his Saint, who had
      Nicomedia as his
homeland, was the son of
                                                                Charlotte, NC 28270
                                                                                                          Divine Liturgy: 9:15am
                                                                                                          Youth Catechism:
                                                                                                          Suspended until September
Eustorgius and Eubula.                                          Father Steve Dalber, Protopresbyter       Adult Catechism:
His father was an idolater,                                     Home: 704-708-4638                        Suspended until September
but his mother was a                                            Cell Phone: 704-451-6524                  Fellowship Coffee:
Christian from her                                              Email: frdalber@stnektarios.org           Following the Divine Liturgy.
ancestors. It was through
her that he was instructed                                      Father Seraphim Dedes                     Prosfora
in piety, and still later, he                                   Music Ministry                            Please contact Christie Asimos at
was catechized in the                                           Phone: 704-719-3074                       704- 542-6729 if you would like to
                                                                Email: frdedes@stnektarios.org            provide Prosfora.
Faith of Christ by Saint
Hermolaus (see July 26)
and baptized by him.                                            Deacon Fr. Stephanos Potter               Coffee Hour
                                                                                                          Please contact the church office or
Being proficient in the
                                                                Parish Council                            Mike Neary at 704-845-6229 if you
physician's vocation, he                                                                                  would like to host or co-host a Coffee
practiced it in a philanthropic manner, healing every illness   President: Jim Thomas
                                                                Vice President: John Lowen                Hour on Sunday. Your Stewardship
more by the grace of Christ than by medicines. Thus,                                                      pays for the coffee hour refreshments
                                                                Secretary: Mathew Demetriades
although his parents had named him Pantoleon ("in all things    Ass’t Sect’y: Stavroula Koutsoupias       provided by the Hospitality Ministry
a lion"), because of the compassion he showed for the souls     Treasurer: Scott Munday                   Team.
and bodies of all, he was worthily renamed Panteleimon,         Ass’t Treasurer: Mark Malatras
meaning "all-merciful." On one occasion, when he restored       Members:
the sight of a certain blind man by calling on the Divine       John Anderson, Kellie Karavokiros,        Flowers
Name, he enlightened also the eyes of this man's soul to the    Emile Khuri, Dennis Kokenes,              You may donate flowers in honor of a
knowledge of the truth. This also became the cause for the      Dimitrios Stefanidis                      family member’s feast day, in
martyrdom of him who had been blind, since when he was          Parish Administration                     memory of a loved one or friend, on
                                                                Evelyn Klund                              the occasion of a holiday, or simply
asked by whom and in what manner his eyes had been
                                                                Administration Staff                      as a gift to the community of St.
opened, in imitation of that blind man of the Gospel he
                                                                Kim Clewell Stamie Despo                  Nektarios. To donate flower
confessed with boldness both who the physician was and the                                                arrangements to be placed at the
manner of his healing. For this he was put to death             Carol Jelush Effie Koinis
                                                                                                          Iconostasis or in the Narthex for
immediately. Panteleimon was arrested also, and having          Director of Youth    Property             Sunday Services, please contact the
endured many wounds, he was finally beheaded in the year            Ministries       Manager              church office to reserve a Sunday.
305, during the reign of Maximian. Saint Panteleimon is one       Elaine Miller    Dena Kondilis
of the Holy Unmercenaries, and is held in special honor
                                                                Philoptochos Board
among them, even as Saint George is among the Martyrs.          President: Cristi Carras
http://www.goarch.org                                           1st V P: Bessie Vrettos                 UPCOMING
                                                                Rec. Secty: Dawn Galanis
                                                                Corr. Secty.: Jennifer Drizos           DEADLINE
Dormition of St. Anna,                                          Treasurer: Charlotte Nickolopoulos
                                                                Ass’t Treasurer: Evelyn Klund           Community Bulletin &
mother of the Theotokos                                         Members: Maria Wheatley, Pauline        Newsletter:
July 25                                                         Blehi, Liz Karagounis, Mary Gallis,
                                                                                                        Published: August 11, 2009
                                                                Ritsa Neary, Melinda Holtzman,
According to tradition, Anna, the                               Advisor - Alex Tatsis                   Information Due: August 4, 2009
ancestor of God, lived for sixty-nine
years, and her spouse Joachim, for
eighty; according to one account, Saint
Joachim died two years before Saint
                                                                                             OUR MISSION:
                                                                St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church is dedicated to the continuation of our Lord
Anna. The Theotokos had been                                       and Savior Jesus Christ’s ministry of salvation through the proclamation and
orphaned of both her parents already                            teaching of the Gospel; through Baptism in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy
when she was eleven years of age,                                            Spirit; and through loving service to God and to mankind.
when she was living in the Temple (see                                                          OUR VISION:
Sept. 8 and Nov. 21). Saint Anna is invoked for conceiving      The community will provide a loving, caring and welcoming environment where all
children, and for help in difficult childbirth.                        belong and grow in the faith through worship, service, witness,
                                                                                                 and fellowship .