Top 10 Party Schools in America

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					Top 10 Party Schools in America

Number 10, FSU? You’re really giving up there? Can’t handle that 6th beer bong, it would seem.

UCSB would have ranked higher, except students are a little too stoned to be truly motivated.

Bikini limbo parties are fun, but they’re not enough to rank among the top party schools. For that, you’ll need to throw an eyepatch into the mix.

Everything is a little hotter in Georgia, including the parties. What the picture doesn’t show you is that the girl was not lifted up by the crowd, but fell onto them through the ceiling.

These students would like us to think the fire symbolizes their zeal for higher learning, but really, one responsible kid just decided to burn up the turpentine before these people started drinking it.

Ever seen a bobcat hold a beer glass? If not, you’ve never been to Ohio U.

‘nuff said.

The bronze medal in this debauchery contest goes to Penn State, where Oktoberfest is only an obscenely large beer stein away at any time of the year (especially finals).

Placing in the respectable second place slot, Ol’ Miss students are there to prove the south will rise again… then promptly slip on some beer and fall down again.

The top ranking school did not earn this honor by accident. Their alcoholic recruitment programs are solid, and we’ve heard nothing but good things about their Department of Wasting Your Parents’ Money.

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Description: What makes a good university or college? Top-knotch academics? Athletic excellence? An unbeatable beer pong team? The the students of the top 10 party schools in America, the answer is obvious. Please enjoy this presentation of the top 10 party schools in America.
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