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Breast size (Genes) in the family?

Are breast size ALWAYS decided on your mothers side and Fathers side? or can you start something new? please help :) Thanks :)

Asked by Kate Sand at Aug 14,2011 06:01

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Sometimes breast size can be genetic. And sometimes not. Everybody is different. The women on my mom's side of the family all have large breasts: a C cup or
above. But I can still fit into an A cup (a B cup on good days) but I was also a dancer. You won't know what size your breast will be until you're done growing. My
breasts kept growing until I was twenty.

Answer from california at Aug 14,2011 06:19

On my mothers side everyone wears a D or higher and on my dads side everyone wears a B or C im 14 and wear a D38

Answer from Carmelicious at Aug 14,2011 07:17

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