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Bigger boobs really fast?

I'm gonna be a freshman in highschool and guys think im really pretty but not "hot" cause my boobs are small. I wear a 32A in strapless 32AA. This makes me
really self concince about myself. And I feel bad all the time. I'm only 14 and I know I'm not done growing but is there any way besides surgery to make them grow
big and like within a year? Serious answers please. thanks for reading this

Asked by flowers19 at Aug 15,2011 03:08

you gotta lick your nipples

Answer from juicy at Aug 15,2011 03:10

Don't make yourself look like a whore. Nobody will respect you.

Answer from ssssThe soupsss♥™ at Aug 15,2011 03:10

gain weight

Answer from Naya Loves you at Aug 15,2011 03:10

There is no faster way of making just your boobs grow faster, if you put on weight they will grown but do you want to put on weight? thats up to you. But here a
few other tricks you could do. wear your bra tighter, wear a push up bra were two bras

Answer from Donna G at Aug 15,2011 03:11

There are push ups that you can put in your bra that will make you look a little bigger. They're not very expensive and do wonders.

Answer from Gep at Aug 15,2011 03:12

Being pretty is way better than being hot. And don't start being slutty, just becase of boobs. Boob size honestly doesn't matter. However if you really want to, I've
always heard massaging them a couple of times a week improves blood circulation, so apparently that increases the size slightly. But honestly. You're beautiful

Answer from Emmzy Girl at Aug 15,2011 03:13

Best answer

you can do these things to naturally let them grow i'm not sure if there is anything you can
do to make them grow for sure, but you can sure make them appear that way! you could buy a victoria's secret miraculous push-up bra and that will make your boobs look 2 cup sizes bigger. also, the pill can sometimes make your boobs grow bigger
because of the estrogen. but that doesn't always work, those are only the side effects for some people, and i wouldn't
suggest taking the pill unless you are sexually active and you can make them look bigger with makeup to give the illusion of bigger breasts good luck!

Answer from Dreana Brime at Aug 15,2011 03:18

Massage them I know this sounds weird but it works. Here are some other tips that really work: Hope I Could Help! Best of Luck! :)

Answer from Lima at Aug 15,2011 03:23

Nothing is going to dramatically increase your size. And being hot isn't all about boobs. I have huge boobs and my friend has pretty much no boobs and she gets
way more male attention than I do. So seriously don't worry about changing who you are. Embrace the body you have and know that you are already beautiful.

Answer from Superwoman4415 at Aug 15,2011 03:23

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