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									                                                                                                                         Women's Health Ask

are condoms enough to prevent pregnancy?

recently got married, dont want to have kids right now, don't want to use pills or any hormones or IUCDs. are condoms enough to protect? even when im

Asked by sectum sempra at Aug 15,2011 22:38

It can be enough, but there is always questions about leakages and breakages with condoms.

Answer from StellaStarfire at Aug 15,2011 22:39

They are about 99% effective. I'm 13 and even I know this

Answer from Stephanie Jones at Aug 15,2011 22:39

I use three usually just in case, it helps

Answer from chad at Aug 15,2011 22:39

they are but the sex is terrible

Answer from Paul Mahon at Aug 15,2011 22:39

they can break.

Answer from Leslie at Aug 15,2011 22:40

pull out method is about 80%

condoms are about 90%

and birth control is 99%

Answer from simpsonv27 at Aug 15,2011 22:42

Don't use multiple condoms like some people may suggest. It causes them to tear more easily because they rub against one another, creating friction. I would say
condoms are pretty effective, but not entirely, because of tears and incorrect usage. They are probably about 95% effective. In most cases, I wouldn't rely on
them, but since you are married, I don't think it's as big of a deal if you become pregnant.

Answer from Superwoman4415 at Aug 15,2011 22:45

Best answer

Condoms are 98% effective in perfect use (like in laboratory conditions, where they are tested using perfect methods every single time), and about 85% effective
in typical use (i.e. how the average person, who is capable of human error, tends to use them, like putting them on wrong, forgetting to use one, using the wrong
lube with it, etc.). If you want to increase your protection, you can combine condoms with other forms of birth control other than the pill, hormonal forms, or IUD's,
like: 1) Natural Family Planning/Fertility Awareness Based Methods (between 78% and 88% effective in typical use and between 95% and 97% effective in
perfect use) 2) Diaphragms (84% effective in typical use, 94% effective in perfect use) 3) Cervical Caps (84% effective for typical use and 91% effective for
perfect use in women who have never given birth; 68% effective for typical use and 74% effective for perfect use in women who have given birth) 4) Spermicides
(71% effective in typical use and 85% effective in perfect use) 5) Sponge (84% effective in typical use and 91% effective in perfect use in women who have not
given birth; 68% effective in typical use and 80% effective in perfect use in women who have given birth) 6) Withdrawal (82% effective in typical use and 96%
effective in perfect use) Hope that helps!

Answer from Gwennie B at Aug 15,2011 22:45

If used the properly, it can be. The pill is a simple yet affective way to prevent any unwanted pregnancy. I know you don't want to take it but it's worth it!

Answer from Lisa at Aug 15,2011 22:46

There's always the risk of the condom breaking without you knowing. And layering condoms over each other is a stupid idea, so seriously don't even try that. I
hope you're smart enough not to. The birth control pill is pretty good. Although you don't want to use pills, I recommend the birth control pill anyway.

Answer from Acee at Aug 15,2011 22:46

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