The Hawk by hedongchenchen


									                                              The Hawk
                        The Newsletter of Kitty Hawk United Methodist Church
                    “Does the hawk spread his wings and take flight by your wisdom ……… ?” Job 39:26

                                                                                              JULY/AUGUST 2011
From the Pastor
Jo Anne and I are excited about being a part of this Kitty Hawk
faith community. As a body of believers seeking to live out our
                                                                               Happy Are the Adaptable
calling I want start off by asking you three questions.
                                                                   Yes, I’m beginning to like this word meekness. And I
My first question is “What is your mission?” Christ gave the       wonder if it stretches the meaning too far to think of a
church a mission when he told his followers to go and make         meek person as someone bendable, adaptable to God
disciples of all nations. In the UMC we understand this to mean    and to life. Yes, I think it fits…and I think I need more
that we are to “make disciples for Jesus Christ for the            meekness in my own life. So many things are changing
transformation of the world.” But my question is for each of       today…our way of life, our values, our children, our
you, individually: “What is your mission?” Where to you fit into   institutions. I want to be able to shift gears easily…to
God’s plan?                                                        understand and appreciate what is going on around
                                                                   me…to help whenever possible. So I can’t be rigid. I must
                                                                   be bendable…strong enough on the inside to adapt on the
My second question is how do you minister to others in the         outside. In other words, I must be meek in order to meet
Body of Christ (the church)? My first question is about your       tomorrow.
place in God’s creative and redemptive plan to transform the
world. This question is about your role in encouraging and         Adaptable…that’s a work I really like. Happy are the
supporting others to follow their calling to be disciples.         adaptable…it makes a lot of sense in our world. I certainly
                                                                   need to be adaptable. It’s not only my world that is
My third and final question is “If Kitty Hawk UMC ceased to        changing…my home is. too-constantly. The only sure thing
exist, would it be missed?” What I am asking is, are we making     about my schedule for any given day is that it will change.
enough of a difference in Christ’s name that people notice.        Adaptability is something I’ve had to learn over the years,
There are too many churches that make no real difference in the    and I think God has used the circumstances of my life to
world and would only be missed by those who are members.           make me more flexible. What a good thing it is that god
Kitty Hawk UMC prints its purpose on many of its publications      created us with a built-in ability to change. The unhappy
as “To know Christ and to make him known.” We must                 people are the ones who feel threatened by the changes
faithfully fulfill that calling.                                   going on around them…They look to traditions and
                                                                   institutions to give them a sense of security. Newness
These three questions are all connected in who we are              frightens them…They become rigid, and in their presence
collectively as the Body of Christ and individually as parts of    there is no peace.
that Body. Our biblical and Wesleyan heritage uniquely equips
us with an understanding in how to respond to that mission.        But there are others who haven’t hardened. Feeling the
Together, I am looking forward to our continued faithfulness to    flow of life, they move in rhythm with it. Their trust in Christ
Christ’s call.                                                     is so real, and the security he gives them is so strong, that
                                                                   they cannot be threatened by change. They realize that
Grace and Peace,                                                   newness is inherent in life…that if they themselves are
Alan                                                               going to expand and grow, they too must change. But
                                                                   they aren’t dominated by change - they are free to
                                                                   evaluate it, to reject or accept it, according to its merits.
    Welcome Reception for New Pastor                               These are the meek people of the world, and when I am
                             th                                    with them I sense peace. With God’s help, I want to be
Please join us on July 10 as we welcome Pastor Alan
                                                                   more like them.
and his wife to our church family. There will be no Sunday
school as the Brunch Reception will take place between             By Colleen Townsend Evans Matthew 5: 1-12 Women’s Devotional Bible
worship services in the Fellowship Hall at 9:30. Please
bring your favorite muffins, coffee cakes, or any pick-up
type food to share to give them a warm KHUMC welcome.
 We are proud and blessed to announce
   that Rev. Betsy Haas has been
appointed as our new Associate Pastor.

                                                                      ITEMS NEEDED FOR VACATION
                                                                             BIBLE SCHOOL
                                                                We will be decorating on Sunday, July 17th at 4:00.
                                                                If you have an hour or two to spare, please join us, as it
Lori and I would like to thank you all for the                  will take many volunteers to transform our church into
overwhelming outpouring of love and generosity as
                                                                a lush, green jungle! If we can borrow any of the
we move into the next phase of our lives. The cash gift
was wonderful, and we are using it to help kick-start           following items please label and drop them off in the
Lori's newest venture, a non-profit organization "Fit           Fellowship Hall: Large green plants & trees (real or
Beyond Cancer". We will never forget you, and will              artificial), large stuffed lions, giraffes, monkeys,
forever hold you close to our hearts. If you happen             snakes, & other jungle animals, bolts of green fabric,
down our way, please drop in!
                                                                tiki torches, vines, binoculars & compasses. Thanks for
                                                                making this an exciting week for our children!
Curtis and Lori
                                                                          VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL
             Forwarding Addresses for
              Our Outgoing Ministers                                        VOLUNTEER MEETING
                                                                A very important meeting for all VBS volunteers will
                  Curtis & Lori Campbell                        take place on Wednesday, July 13th at 9:00 in
                  7621 Champlain Road
                                                                Seekers Classroom. At this meeting you will receive
                  Wilmington, NC 28412
                                                                pertinent information, class rosters, and rotation
                Colin and Meredith Snider                       schedules. You will have the opportunity to have all
                  4057 Yellowfield Way                          your concerns addressed and questions answered. Also,
                     Cary, NC 27518                             please bring any decorating ideas you may have. If you
                                                                are a group leader, or rotation site leader and can not
                                                                attend meeting, please call Connie to arrange an
                                                                alternate time to meet.
We are so fortunate to have wonder Sunday School
Teachers throughout the year. In order to give our                    July & Aug. Children’s Church
teachers a break for summer, please consider substituting                8:30                      11:00
in one of our children’s classes. This is a great opportunity   July 10 Karyl Rhodes            Kristen Bernard
to support our teachers and let them know how much we           July 17 Melanie Long            Lisa Crumpler
appreciate their outstanding commitment to our children!        July 24 Jennie Ford             Becky Holland
Call Connie in the church office if you are willing to help.    July 31 John Welch              John Van Lunen
                                                                Aug. 7 Loui Beacham             Dragana Britt
                                                                Aug. 14 Kathleen Wasniewski     Jen Stecher
                                                                Aug. 21 Nancy Sugg              Chrissy Simmons
                                                                Aug. 28 Wendy Braithwaite       Sandy Beach
                   Musical Notes
Weekly Wednesday night 7:00pm rehearsals for                                  PRESCHOOL INFO
the Chancel Choir will resume after the Labor Day
holiday.                                                        Our Preschool is now accepting registration requests for
                                                                the fall session. Important dates to note are the Sept. 12
                                                                Open House with classes beginning Sept. 13. For
                                                                more information please contact Joy Ogburn at 261-1993
                                                                or email:
              FAITH AND FAMILY NIGHT                           We need volunteers for our next Ruthie’s Kitchen meal
Various churches in the community rotate being sponsors        which is August 2nd. They are also in need of paper
for Faith and Family Night for our local Dare Devils           products (cups, plates, napkins, etc.) Please use the
Baseball Games. KHUMC has been asked to sponsor the            collection box under the bulletin board in the Fellowship
game on Tuesday, July 26 .            Our church will be       Hall lobby.
recognized and will provide the invocation, music for the
national anthem, and will be providing dinner for both
teams ( 70 very hungry young men). Please check the                           FOOD PANTRY NEWS
sign up sheet in Sunday School Lobby if you can provide          We will staff the Outer Banks Food Pantry the week of
                                                                          th     th
any of the food items needed. Also, we will need several        August 8 - 12 from 2pm to 4pm each day. Sign up
people to help serve. Call Connie in the church office (261-   sheet is posted in the SS lobby. Any questions please call
2062) or Mona Tice (480-0307) if are willing to help.                            Carol Bibey at 441-7465.

   Disciple Classes Fall 2011 - Spring 2012
We are planning to offer Disciple I (tentatively on                              ATTIC CLEAN UP
Wednesday 9:30 am - 11:30 am), and Disciple III                Do you have items stored in the attic of KHUMC? If so,
(tentatively on Tuesday 9:30 am - 11:30 am). If you would      please take the time to assure that it is in containers and
like to be contacted when sign-ups are available, please       tagged with your group or committee name before August
contact Betsy Haas at                         1 . The Board of Trustees will be organizing the attic in
                                                               August and anything without a tag will be removed.
     NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION CLASS                              KHUMC Board of Trustees
Join Rev. Betsy Haas for a two session class on United
Methodism and KHUMC. Participants may join the church                               NAME TAGS
                             st     th
after completion. August 21 and 28 at 9:45 a.m. in the
                                                               If you have not already received your brand new NAME
Pastor’s Office. Sign up in the August bulletin.
                                                               TAG, please pick them up on your way to worship in the
                                                               Acolyte Room. The new NAME TAGS will help to make us
                NEW SMALL GROUP                                more visitor friendly AND will be a tremendous blessing to
Plus or Minus 20 is a new small group for young adults         our new pastor! If your name is missing, please add to the
age 18 (must have graduated from High School) through          list for tags and pick up next week.
25. This group will meet upstairs in the Youth Lounge
every Monday night from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. Everyone is
encouraged to worship at Spirit Cafe first at 7 p.m. in the           United Methodist Men Fellowship
Fellowship Hall and then come up for food, fellowship and      The UMM hosted members of the NC Forest Services at
Bible Study. The group will be working through The             the June Meeting. They had a slide presentation detailing
Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. Each lesson is stand-      the growth and current status of the Pain Bay Fire. The
alone, and you don't need to have read anything to get         next monthly meeting will be held on July 19th at 6:30
something out of the lesson. Come and bring your friends!      P.M. in the Fellowship Hall. We will have a guest
For more information, contact Jamie Dale Haas at               speaker and will also briefly review plans for our Pancake                                             Dinner. All Men of the church are invited to attend.

                      JY Club
JULY 19 - Trip to Roanoke Island for lunch & a comedy
show with Pastor Alan and Jo Anne. See Mona for details.           DON’T MISS THE PANCAKE SUPPER!!
Get ready to pick peaches! Watch the Joy Club bulletin               Friday, July 22 5-8pm in the Fellowship Hall
board for more information. We need of a "Bus Driver" for               Adults $7.00 - Children under 12 $4.00
the Peach PIckin' Outing End of July. It will be on a                   Tickets available from UMM members.
Wednesday leaving the church. Time 12PM - 5:PM.
Please contact Mona Tice or the Church office if you can       ALL CHURCH MEMBERS AND GUESTS ARE INVITED!
                                                                       AUGUST GOLF TOURNAMENT
 Check out our recently updated website at:                    Watch for details for our August Golf Tournament. Date to                                    be determined. Call Dan York for details.
Kitty Hawk United Methodist Church
Our Mission: To Know Christ and To Make Him Known
P.O. Box 900, 803 W. Kitty Hawk Road
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
(252)261-2062; FAX (252)261-8633

Church Staff
Rev. Alan Swartz, Pastor
Rev. Betsy Haas, Associate Pastor
Connie McGlaughon, Program Director
Ellen Davis, Administrative Assistant
Jayne Beasley, Music Director
Susan Stroud, Children’s Music Ministry
Joy Ogburn, Preschool Director
Nancy Echols, Treasurer
Laura Barker, Financial Secretary
Rick Estabrook, Custodian/Security

Worship Services Sundays at 8:30am and 11:00am
Sunday School for All Ages at 10:00am.
Monday Worship “Spirit Café” at 7:00pm in the Fellowship Hall.

July 10-16    Youth Mission Trip
July 18-22    Vacation Bible School
July 19       Joy Club trip to Roanoke Island 2-4pm
July 19       UMM Monthly Meeting 6:30pm (Fellowship Hall)
July 22       UMM Annual Pancake Dinner (5-8pm,Kitchen & FH)
July 26       Faith & Family night at the Dare Devils’ game
Aug. 2        Ruthie’s Kitchen at the Dream Center
Aug. 3        Choir Rehearsal for Chancel Choir
Aug 7         Administrative Bd. Meeting (7pm, Open Door Room).
Aug. 8-12     Food Pantry
Aug 16        UMM Meeting (6:30pm, Fellowship Hall)
Aug. 21       New Member Class (9:45 Pastor’s Office)
Aug 26        Wedding Rehearsal (4:30pm, Sanctuary)
Aug 27        Wedding in Sanctuary (4:30pm)
Aug. 28       New Member Class (9:45 Pastor’s Office)
                                                                           JULY, 2011

Sunday                      Monday                 Tuesday                   Wednesday                      Thursday                  Friday             Saturday
                                                                                                                             1                      2

3                       4                    5                        6                           7                          8                      9
8:30 Worship                                 9:00 Pray & Share*        9:30 Breaking Free(OD)     9:30 Stick Bible Study**
9:30 Coffee Social                                                     7:30 Choir Practice (CR)   8:00 AA (OD)
10:00 Sunday School
11:00 Worship

10                      11                   12                       13                          14                         15                     16
8:30 Worship            7:00 Spirit Café     9:00 Pray & Share*       9:30 Breaking Free(OD)      9:30 Stick Bible Study**
9:30 Brunch Reception   8:00 +/- 20 (YL)     Youth Mission Trip       9:00 VBS Meeting (SR)       8:00 AA (OD)               Youth Mission Trip
for the Swartz’s (FH)   Youth Mission Trip                            Youth Mission Trip          Youth Mission Trip
11:00 Worship
Youth Mission Trip

17                      18                   19                       20                          21                         22                     23
8:30 Worship            7:00 Spirit Café     9:00 Pray & Share*        9:30 Breaking Free(OD)     9:30 Stick Bible Study**   9:30 - 12 VBS
9:30 Coffee Social      8:00 +/- 20 (YL)     6:30 UMM Meeting (FH)     9:30 - 12 VBS              8:00 AA Youth Lounge       5 - 8pm UMM Pancake
10:00 Sunday School     9:30 - 12 VBS        9:30 - 12 VBS                                        9:30 - 12 VBS              Supper
11:00 Worship
                                             12-4pm Joy Club trip
4:00 VBS Decorating

24                      25                   26                       27                          28                         29                     30
8:30 Worship            7:00 Spirit Café     9:00 Pray & Share*        9:30 Breaking Free(OD)     8:00 AA (OD)                                      Key: K (Kitchen)
9:30 Coffee Social                                                                                                                                  CC (Children’s Ch Rm)
                        8:00 +/- 20 (YL)     Faith & Family night @
10:00 Sunday School                                                                                                                                 CR (Choir Rm)
                                             Dare Devils’ game                                                                                      FH (Fellowship Hall)
11:00 Worship
                                                                                                                                                    N (Narthex Rm)
31                                                                                                                                                  OD (Open Door Rm)
Same as above                                                                                                                *McPherson Residence   S (Sanctuary)
                                                                                                                             ** Marge Tillett’s     SR (Seeker’s Rm)
                                                                                                                             Residence              UP (Upstairs Youth Rm)
                                                                    AUGUST, 2011

Sunday                    Monday              Tuesday                 Wednesday                     Thursday                 Friday                Saturday
                      1                  2                     3                          4                          5                        6
                      7:00 Spirit Café   9:00 Pray & Share     9:30 Breaking Free(OD)     9:30 Stick Bible Study**
                      8:00 +/- 20 (YL)   Ruthie’s Kitchen      7:00 Choir Practice (CR)   8:00 AA (OD)

7                     8                  9                     10                         11                         12                       13
8:30 Worship          7:00 Spirit Café   9:00 Pray & Share*     9:30 Breaking Free(OD)    9:30 Stick Bible Study**   Food Pantry 2-4
9:30 Coffee Social    8:00 +/- 20 (YL)   Food Pantry 204        Food Pantry 2-4           Food Pantry 2-4
10:00 Sunday School   Food Pantry 2-4                                                     8:00 AA (OD)
11:00 Worship
7:00 Admin. Bd.(OD)

14                    15                 16                    17                         18                         19                       20
8:30 Worship          7:00 Spirit Café   9:00 Pray & Share*    9:30 Breaking Free(OD)     9:30 Stick Bible Study**
9:30 Coffee Social    8:00 +/- 20 (YL)   6:30 UMM Meet. (FH)                              8:00 AA (OD)
10:00 Sunday School
11:00 Worship

21                    22                 23                    24                         25                         26                       27
8:30 Worship          7:00 Spirit Café   9:00 Pray & Share*     9:30 Breaking Free(OD)    9:30 Stick Bible Study**   4:30 Wedding Rehearsal   4:30 Wedding (S)
9:30 Coffee Social    8:00 +/- 20 (YL)                                                    8:00 AA (OD)               (S)
9:45 New Memb.
10:00 Sunday School
11:00 Worship

28                    29                 30                    31                                                                             Key: K (Kitchen)
                                                                                                                                              CC (Children’s Ch Rm)
8:30 Worship          7:00 Spirit Café   9:00 Pray & Share*     9:30 Breaking Free(OD)
                                                                                                                                              CR (Choir Rm)
9:30 Coffee Social    8:00 +/- 20 (YL)                                                                                                        FH (Fellowship Hall)
New Memb.                                                                                                                                     N (Narthex Rm)
10:00 Sunday School                                                                                                                           OD (Open Door Rm)
                                                                                                                     *McPherson Residence
11:00 Worship                                                                                                        ** Marge Tillett’s       S (Sanctuary)
                                                                                                                     Residence                SR (Seeker’s Rm)
                                                                                                                                              UP (Upstairs Youth Rm)

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