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A More Strategic Approach To
Survive In Economic Downturn

March 26th-27th, 2009, Shanghai
                                               CHINA SHARED SERVICE CONFERENCE

                               With more and more companies, including over 30% of Fortune 500s implementing their Shared Service Centers
                               in Asia in recent years, Shared Service in this region has moved to a more maturing phase to embrace
                               "implementation wisdom" and suffer from "optimization challenges" now, especially when a cluster of new
                               technologies and fresh cases emerging as a wave--They need to find a place to announce their new concerns and find
                               solutions for that.

                               A  dditionally, companies who are still out of the door of Shared Services are urgently seeking for solutions to
                               streamline their diversified geographical operations, tackle their redundant workforce and tanglesome corporate
                               structures to be better positioned and beat the global economic meltdown which has already affected the world in
                               an unprecedented way--They have to be informed of the risks and learn something in Shared Service.

                               To meet the above demands and general concerns all over the Shared Service chain, CCH is going to host the
                               “China Shared Service Conference” in the next Mar. to fully discuss the Shared Service focusing on China, where has
                               long been praised as one of the most ideal country for putting up a Shared Service operation and has already been a
                               home for many companies Shared Service Centers, vertically from business functions as Finance & Accounting,
                               Human Resources, Information Technology, Procurement, Legal, etc., while horizontally looking deeply into topics
                               skirting around of being a successful Shared Service implementation, operation and optimization.

                               This conference will be designed as a two days set, featuring with Hot Topic Debates, Tangible Case Studies,
                               In-depth Panel Discussions and Workshops generating by a panel of top-tiered speakers, a group of +100 delegates
                               with thoughts and working problems and a super class of solution providers with leading technologies.

   Benefits of Attending • Shape thinking on the current situation of shared services in China
                               • Form the awareness of the Chinese features(laws and policies) in a Shared Service operation
                               • Provoke thoughts on how to achieve initial stage of success by good well-planned preparation
                               • Illustrate the attributes that have made the shared services jump-going from good to great
                               • Reinforce the direction and processes of the change management
                               • Discuss how to steer clear of common pitfalls in rational, political and emotional issues during a Shared Service project
                               • Define transnational, decision supporting and strategical business functions when housing a function into a
                                 Shared Service Center
                               • Select and customize the appropriate operating model aligned with the organization vision
                               • Develop ways to increase timeliness of response, improve internal controls and effective governance
                               • Gain access to truly customer-centric stand-alone shared services
                               • Approach more executive sponsorship and mandate
                               • Understand the alignment of IT and Shared Service strategy
                               • Identify a set of processes that, once streamlined, can add value to the business
                               • How to take shared services to new levels of effectiveness and efficiency

Delegate Segmentations • From different business parts                                           • From job titles

                                              3                                                                            General Manager/Director/
                                          5 4                      Shared Service                              5
                                    10                                                                                     Senior Manager of different
                                                                   Human Resources
                                                                                                  55                 15    business parts
                                                              35   Finance & Accounting
                                                                                                                           Head / Manager of Human
                                                                   Information Technology
                                   18                                                                                      Resources / Finance &
                                                                   Customer Services
                                                                                                               25          Accounting/ Information
                                                                   Logistics & Procurement
                                                                                                                           Technology, etc. Shared Services Centers
                                               25                                                                          Vice President / General
                                                                                                                           Manager of Shared Services
                                                                                                                           CXO, including Chief
                                                                                                                           Financial Officer,
                               • From industries                                                                           Chief Information Officer, etc.

                                          10                       Manufacturing
                                                                   Banking & Finance
                                   15                              Energy
                                                              20   Chemical
                                                                   Logistic and Transportation
                                                          5        Telecommunication
                                         15         10
                                           CHINA SHARED SERVICE CONFERENCE

  26th, March                               For What Contributes to a Successful
                                            Shared Service in China?
               Morning Session              Start with the planning and designing and end until the project has business
                                            sign off, avoiding a lack of vision, strategy and planning upfront, a lack of
                                            organization-wide “buy-in” during the initial stages, a lack of leadership,
                                            and a lack of understanding of the cultural implications within China.

09:00-09:40 The Establishment Of An Award-Winning Shared                             Kuan-Thye, Sean
Service Center In China-The Story About FeDEx’s Wuhan Shared                         Managing Director
Service Center                                                                       Human Resources Service, China & APAC HR Services
                                                                                     Center, FedEx Express
• Define structures and make-versus-buy strategies
                                                                          Kuan-Thye (K.T.) Sean, a mother of three teenagers, joined FedEx twelve years
• Decide whether to take single leap or a step-by-step approach and
                                                                          ago as Personnel Manager for Singapore & Indonesia. She was promoted as
  how to lay out the steps if it is the latter                            Managing Director Human Resources (HR) for South Pacific in 2000 and
• Identify the links to customers and monitor them from the beginning     subsequently, as part of career development, relocated to Hong Kong on a work
• What processes to house in their SSO, how and in what areas to use      assignment with HR Asia Pacific responsibilities. In July 2006 she moved to
  outsource providers, and where they should locate their shared          Shanghai as part of the merger and acquisition team to launch FedEx domestic
                                                                          service in China where she led close to 80 HR professionals to set up FedEx first
  services locations around the globe                                     HR Services Center in Asia and ensure a smooth transition of close to 2,300 new
• Manage expectations: Gaining buy-in from your organization              hires located across 63 cities in China. She is now HR Managing Director of
                                                                          FedEx China and APAC HR Services Center.

09:40-10:20 Planning A Successful Shared Service Conversion-A                        Sanjay Khanna
Transition To The Shared Services And A Transformation Of The                        Managing Director, Global Head of Implementations –
Retained Functions                                                                   Treasury and Trade Solutions
• Develop and outline a clear vision with a workable implementation
                                                                          Sanjay is responsible for working with clients on implementing new Treasury and
  strategy and realistic goals                                            Trade solutions business that has been awarded to Citibank. His team manages
• Identify inefficiencies and develop remediation after thoroughly         the client interaction from the post sale process through to handing over the
  examining the existing BPM                                              client to the operations and service teams within the bank.
• Select the technology that will best enable companies to achieve        In his prior assignment, as the Head of Operations - Treasury and Trade Solutions,
                                                                          Asia Pacific, Sanjay was responsible for operational delivery to our clients for the
  business goals, automate workflow management processes                   Cash and Trade business in Asia. He works in partnership with the Senior Country
• Provide better facilitation through comprehensive, real-time, flexible   Operations Officers, Regional Processing Center Managers, Product and Sales
  reporting                                                               teams and GTS Heads on delivering a robust and effective operating
                                                                          infrastructure for our business in the region.
                                                                          Sanjay has been with Citi for 22 years and has spent a large portion of his career
                                                                          with the Global Transaction Services, in both front office and operations roles.
      10:20-10:40 Morning Tea Break

10:40-11:20 Benchmark The Process Performance Of Shared                               Paul Aram
Services                                                                              Regional Director – China
                                                                                      ITT Corporation
• To meet customer requirement with SLAs, KPIs and charging
• Actual requirements based on statutory, internal and customer           As Regional Director – China for ITT Corporation, Paul Aram is responsible for
                                                                          manufacturing strategy in China, the sourcing and supply chain infrastructure,
                                                                          and the implementation of lean processes on a worldwide basis. He currently
• Why and what to measure and how to go about measuring                   focuses on a manufacturing footprint rationalisation project involving the
• Staff involvement in producing the required information must also       creation of three new manufacturing sites over the next 12 months, and the set
  be consideration to ensure continuous effective reporting, and          up of a new centralised sourcing team. He says ITT’s manufacturing will be lean,
  clear recognition of the work content in producing that information.    flexible, and fast.
                                                                          Mr Aram joined ITT in the UK in 1996 and worked in a variety of operational roles
• Apply maximum automation on data gathering, reviewing the               in Europe before moving to Shanghai in March 2005.
  reporting requirements frequently and aim to provide quality of         He received his BSc degree from Loughborough University and is a Six Sigma
  information as well as quality data                                     Black belt specialising in lean-order fulfilment tools.
                                              CHINA SHARED SERVICE CONFERENCE

11:20-12:00 Outsourcing in China                                                      Charles Hunting
                                                                                      Managing Director, Outsourcing Great China
• Ideal locations for off-shoring activities in China                                 Accenture
• Back office operations to up stream activities
                                                                          Charles Hunting is the Accenture Managing Director – Outsourcing, Greater
• Outsourcing Vs Shared Services                                          China. Charles is responsible for all aspects of the Accenture outsourcing
                                                                          business in China, including growth and operations.
                                                                          Prior to his current role, Charles led the Accenture outsourcing business in India.
                                                                          Previously, he worked for Capgemini and led their financial services and
                                                                          manufacturing, retail and distribution practices in Melbourne. He was also
                                                                          account executive for the General Motors account across the Asia Pacific region.
                                                                          Before joining Capgemini, Charles worked for Accenture in the company’s
                                                                          Market Maker team to identify, develop and close opportunities of more than
                                                                          $50M in the Asia Pacific region. Charles holds a bachelor in information
                                                                          technology from Queensland University of Technology.
                      12:00-13:30 Luncheon

 26th, March                                    Managing People, Process, Organization,
                                                Technology in Optimizing Your Shared
            Afternoon Session                   Service
                                                Leading organizations will address the top operational challenges and
                                                introduce their experiences in the implementation and optimization period
                                                                                    Wee Gee Ong
                                                                                    Vice President, Finance and Administration
                                                of Shared Service from which their organization get the real economy of
                                                                                    Equinix Asia Pacific
                                                scales, reduce cost and process inefficiencies

13:30-14:10 How To Do Further Cost-Controls To Reach Greater
Economic Returns

• Fully utilize workforce capacity
• The organizational span of control issue
                                                                          Wee Gee, based in Singapore, he is responsible for all financial and fiscal
• Consolidate activities in the existing regional hubs                    management aspects of Equinix Asia Pacific operations. He oversees the
• Implementing a project plan                                             company financial planning, accounting and budgeting, treasury, tax and internal
• Hidden Costs and Issues in implementation                               audit functions. Equinix is the leading global provider of network neutral data
                                                                          centers and internet exchange services.
                                                                          Wee Gee, prior to joining Equinix in December 2006, was with IBM for 13 years,
                                                                          covering all major finance functional areas such as accounting, pricing, contract
                                                                          financial management and cost control. In his last role as Chief Financial Officer
                                                                          of IBM Singapore, he was responsible for the finance and administration
                                                                          operations of all business units ranging from hardware and software sales and
                                                                          delivery, to IT services. Prior to this role, he has assumed different roles in IBM in
                                                                          the Asia Pacific region including one 3 years and another 2 years assignments in
                                                                          Tokyo and Hong Kong respectively.
                                          CHINA SHARED SERVICE CONFERENCE

14:10-14:50 ZTE Financial Shared Service Center: What
                                                                                        Dong Hao
Technologies Could Bring
                                                                                        Director For Shared Services
• Collecting and formalizing different businesses and geographies
  into one center
• How to provide service in specialized functions
                                                                         David Dong, graduated from City University of Hong Kong International
• Define and manage a common design/build project across functions        Accounting Professional. Business process director and senior project manager of
• Consistent agendas of the various functional areas on different        ZTE current financial shared services center.
  schedules, avoiding rendering implementation of Shared Services for    His main research direction is financial shared services, finance and enterprise
  all functions unrealistic                                              management information system. With others, co-author of "shared service of
                                                                         finance and accounting,"

       14:50-15:10 Afternoon Tea Break

15:10-15:50 HR shared service strategy and practice- Talent                        Elaine Lin
Strategy in Financial Crisis                                                       Human Resources Director,
                                                                                   Baxter China
• Steep role changes of a traditional functional leader to become
  more internal and client-facing                                        As Human Resources Director of Baxter China, Elaine Lin oversees all human
                                                                         resource activities for staff of 2,500 employees working in 9 offices and 5
• How to drive internal talent retain and development in reducing the
                                                                         manufactures across China. Since she joined Baxter in February 2005, Elaine has
  cost of hiring new                                                     developed and enhanced the HR function of Baxter China through the creation of
• Typical staff changes and typical function changes                     the shared service module and a better performance management process.
                                                                         Elaine also provides expertise and guidance in talent acquisition and
                                                                         development for Baxter China, in particular for the career development of the
                                                                         middle management. Meanwhile, she is a key member of Baxter China Operation
                                                                         Committee, responsible for fostering the company's culture, increasing employee
                                                                         morale and maintaining a sense of community. Prior to Baxter, Elaine held
                                                                         several high-level HR posts at Accenture and Schering -Plough in the past 10
                                                                         years. Elaine holds an MBA from the University of Strathclyde, UK.

15:50-16:15 Designing Excellence through Recruitment Process                       Wallace Gao
Outsourcing For Your Organization                                                  General Manager
                                                                                   Career International
• Steps involved to help you assess what recruitment solutions you       As General Manager of Career International, Wallace Gao draws upon his 13
  require, what should be outsourced.                                    years of experience in the recruitment and staffing industries. He established
• Operational structure of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing           Career International in 1996, together with his partners. In these 13 years, Career
  (RPO) for best results                                                 International has become one of the largest China Specialist Recruitment
                                                                         solution providers, offering Permanent Recruitment; Recruitment Process
• Where RPO fits into the overall strategy of HR and the organization     Outsourcing (RPO) and Staffing Services. As GM, Wallace has overall
• Maximizing the partnership between RPO and in-house HR                 responsibility for the group's activities nationally, delivered from eight offices.
                                                                         Wallace is well known in the industry as a thought leader, sharing his ideas,
                                                                         experience and theories in many regional and national HR conferences. Through
                                                                         his vision and innovation, Wallace was the first to introduce RPO service model
                                                                         into China, and is responsible for the strategic positioning and execution of
                                                                         growth strategies for Career International’s RPO business. He is passionate about
                                                                         the development and globalization of world class recruitment and HR Consulting
                                                                         products, services and best practice. Wallace won an EMBA from Peking
                                                                         University China.

16:15-17:00 Panel Discussion/ Minefield Discussion:
• The choice between BPO or Shared Services–or the decisions on the
  structure of a hybrid model
• The challenges of executive support and change management
• How to bring out the extra performance of the workforce
• How to do cost allocation and control in a further extent
• How to continue consolidating activities into the existing portfolio
• How to achieve quick wins here-and-now

17:00 End of Day 1
                             CHINA SHARED SERVICE CONFERENCE

                             09:00-11:30 Workshop A: Addressing Rational, Political and Emotional Issues during the Whole
27th, March                  Shared Service Implementation

                             • Staff motivation and et executive support
                             • Plan for and implement necessary, practical steps to support people through the transition
                             • Reporting structures-Resistance to new reporting relationships
                             • Gain buy-in from business unit and other managers
               Workshop      • Change management

                                              Sanjay Singh
                                              Vice President, Human Resources,
                                              Whirlpool Asia

                                  Sanjay Singh, 40 is Vice President (Human Resources) Whirlpool - Asia : including India, China, Hong
                                  Kong, Taiwan, Australia & SEA. A leading player in the Indian consumer durables industry,
                                  Whirlpool’s workforce of approx 2000 is spread across 3 manufacturing units and 18 branch offices.
                                  Sanjay, located at the Corporate Office reports to the Managing Director and is a member of the
                                  senior leadership team.

                                  Sanjay has had 15 old years of solid experience with pedigreed companies like ITC, GE, Coca Cola &
                                  Gillette with high quality HR practices in place, before joining Whirlpool in June 05.

                             14:00-16:00 Workshop B: After Shared Services go-live, is it all done?

                             • Interactive: How far is your Shared Service journey
                             • Interactive: Why would your company and/or yourself be interested in HR shared services or outsourcing?
                             • Interactive: Your reasons determine how you approach the journey
                               - What will you emphasize in your journey, under each different reasons?
                             • Interactive: The radical changes to HR if you want HR to reach analytical and strategic levels
                               - How will you structure the team?
                               - What are the programs you'll do to solidify the new structure?
                               - Firm up your HR people's ability to operate at analytical / strategic level?
                             • Interactive: How to Build Shared Services?
                               - Defining what is a project, and the structuring of projects
                             • Ideas on what to include in project activities
                               - Include a discussion on e-capabilities
                             • Things about project management I learnt from Stanford
                             • Post-live improvement
                               - Factor in governance and improvement thinking during project phase

                                          Raymond Pun
                                          Certified Project Management Professional

                                  Raymond is a certified project management professional by the world Project Management Institute.
                                  He is currently finishing his advanced certification by Stanford University.

                                  He was on the pioneering team of Standard Chartered’s journey in setting up HR Shared Services and
                                  electronic platforms. From 2000 to 2004 he led various HR and IT teams to move many HR and
                                  manager / employee self-service activities into the new model, covering countries from Asia to
                                  Middle-East to the West.
If you would like further
                                  Before that, he was the global HR system support lead for Standard Chartered.
information, please call
                                  His current customer assignment is again with his old employer Standard Chartered, providing
  us on 400 816 8080 or           coaching and leadership on project management discipline, for their payroll outsourcing project to ADP

        visit our website:        His previous assignment was with Marsh & McLennan, the parent company of Mercer. He provided
                                  thought leadership to help them organize their Asia end-state picture and project activities, for the             company’s HR outsourcing initiative with IBM.

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