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					What is Chitosan?

Chitosan is one of the fundamental ingredients playing a part of
commercial and biomedical applications. However, most people do not know
what Chitosan is and majority of people do not have much knowledge about
it either. It is human nature to be curious about the new things and is
no different with Chitosan. This is why people who hear the word
"Chitosan" for the first time ever seem interested in finding out what
Chitosan really is.

The basic answer of this query is that Chitosan is a natural compound
derived from chitin. Chitin is polymeric carbohydrate generally found in
the outer skeletons of crustaceans and shellfish. Previously, people
mostly make use of Chitosan in processes such as water detoxification.
Although, the existence of Chitosan is quite old yet its latest form has
just been prepared in recent times. Another significant the discovery
that Chitosan is a natural compound with similar chemical properties as
that of cellulose.

Cellulose is a fibrous plant and as Chitosan chemically resembles to it
that is why it possesses fibrous properties. These fibers has made
Chitosan a significant ingredient in products used for controlling weight
and cholesterol of human body. The fibrous nature of Chitosan
considerably helps in binding fat present in human's digestive tract.
This fat magnet is slightly capable of preventing the fat to be absorbed
in human body. Chitosan products are also helpful in promoting the
healing process of lesions as well as ulcers.

Moreover, some of the Chitosan based products may involve its antacid
properties, which seem quite helpful in reducing the plaque formation
plus tooth decay. Several biomedical studies on Chitosan have revealed
that it is quite useful substance for controlling blood pressure. In
addition, this valuable compound is also present in medicinal products
used for following purposes.

•   Prevention from constipation
•   Reduction in blood levels of uric acid
•   Calcium enhancer
•   Bone strengthener

Number of biomedical and chemical analysis has been carried out by
professionals just to get answer. These analyses have shown that Chitosan
actually absorbs the oils, toxic substances and greases etc when spread
over water surface. This exposes the attractive property of Chitosan
towards bio-hazardous substances often present in human body because of
drinking water. However, medical studies fail in providing the basis for
safe use of Chitosan in a routine diet.

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