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									                                                     STATE BAR OF WISCONSIN FORM 2 – 2000
                                                                WARRANTY DEED
            Document Number
           This Deed, made between           Grantor, and        Grantee.
         Grantor, for a valuable consideration, conveys and warrants to Grantee the
following described real estate in       County, State of Wisconsin (if more space
is needed, please attach addendum):

           Exceptions to warranties:

                                                                                                     Recording Area
                                                                                                     Name and Return Address

                                                                                                     Parcel Identification Number (PIN)
                                                                                                     This (click to select) homestead property.

Dated this           day of           ,        .

___________________________________________________                                 __________________________________________________
*                                                                                   *

___________________________________________________                                 ___________________________________________________
*                                                                                   *

                          AUTHENTICATION                                                           ACKNOWLEDGMENT
                                                                                    STATE OF WISCONSIN     )
Signature(s)            authenticated this             day of           ,                                  ) ss.
      .                                                                                 County             )

___________________________________________________                                         Personally came before me this       day of        ,     ,
*                                                                                         the above named         to me known to be the person
TITLE: MEMBER STATE BAR OF WISCONSIN                                                who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledged the same.
       (If not,    authorized by § 706.06, Wis. Stats.)
                      THIS INSTRUMENT WAS DRAFTED BY                                *
                                                                                    Notary Public, State of Wisconsin
                                                                                    My Commission is permanent. (If not, state expiration date:           ,
(Signatures may be authenticated or acknowledged. Both are not necessary.)

*Names of persons signing in any capacity must be typed or printed below their signature.

WARRANTY DEED                                                     STATE BAR OF WISCONSIN                                                  FORM No. 2 – 2000

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