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					Interesting Facts about Halloween

The name Halloween has been derived from the phrase ‘All Hallow Even. It
is logical that the word ‘even’ has been shortened to e’en. It is even a
shortened derivation of the word ‘evening’. The original phrase was even
derived from an Old English phrase ‘Eallra Halgena afen.’ Now, that old
English term is known as All Saints’ Day. Halloween is basically
coinciding with the observance of All Saints’ Day on November 1. However,
many Halloween parties and events are held on the eve of the 31st of

In the 800s AD, the Catholic Church has measured the day as beginning at
sunset. This is in accordance to the Florentine calendar. It was believed
that modern Halloween observance came directly from the Celtics in
Ireland. Samhain is an old Irish word that means ‘summer’s end.’ The same
festival was also observed by ancient Britons who called their
celebrations as Calan Gaeaf. Samhain commemorates the end of the year’s
lighter half and the start of the darker half. Thus, some people then
called the occasion as their ‘Celtic New Year.’

Halloween has truly become customary. caring and being scared has become
part of pure Halloween fun. Every year, you would notice that people are
getting more and more creative in putting up unique Halloween ideas.
Interestingly, some people are able to create freaky decors and unique
looking foods without actually altering the way things are done. Do you
want to scare the nerve out of your visitors this coming Halloween? You
do not have to spend too much for it. Here are some practical and
effective fun ideas.

Halloween has become synonymous to spirits. It was believed that wearing
ghostly costumes and putting up scary decors could be a way to appease
the harmful spirits that could roam around. Thus, most people try to wear
spooky costumes and make their homes look scary to be able to avoid
encountering problems with the third kind. To this day, this belief is
still creating waves.

Halloween has always been associated with orange and black, now known as
the universal Halloween colors. These are associated with the popular
symbols like jack-o’ lantern. Aside from the decors, the colors, and the
symbols, Halloween has been made even more fun and interesting by the
many activities that have created a unique modern tradition. Observe that
when you go to department stores, there could be color scheme featuring
black and orange storewide.

The occasion is now known for fun tasks like trick or treating, ghost
tours, bonfires, costume parties, pranks, watching of horror movies, and
reading of ghost stories. Halloween has also become that time of the year
when people sit back and hear stories and anecdotes about ghosts and
paranormal encounters. This notion has created a great scare among
children, who now are changing gears and are seeing Halloween more as a
fun celebration.
No wonder, people from all walks of life are now looking up to and
anticipating the fun Halloween experience. Every year is a different year
for parties and celebrations.

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