Tier I Response to Intervention

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					                                              Tier I
                                                                                                         Response to Intervention
                              -Research-based core curriculum
                              -Includes ALL students                                                    Problem-Solving Flowchart
                              -Provide differentiated instruction                                             The School District of Lee County
                              -Universal screening 3 times per year

  Less than 80% of students meeting                                More than 80% of students meeting                -Individual student meeting benchmarks
             benchmarks                                                       benchmarks                            -Continue with Tier I core

-Review effectiveness of core                             Individual student not meeting benchmarks
-Review fidelity of instruction

                                                                  Collaborate w/ peer teachers and/or
                                                                       PLC school-based team

                                         Non ELL student                                                          ELL student

                                                                                                                          -Complete Comprehensive Student
                                                                                                                          Review Form
                                                              -Speech/ Language Concerns
 -Complete Comprehensive Student                              - Complete Comprehensive
 Review Form                                                  Student Review Form
 -Complete Colleague Observation                              -Complete Communication                                       ELL Committee Problem-Solving
                                                              Checklist (Form A or B)                                                    Meeting
                                                              -Complete Colleague Observation                             -Discuss implementation of ESOL
                                                                                                                          Strategies & document with ELL
     Problem-Solving                                                                                                      Accommodations/Interventions Form
          Meeting                                                                                                         - Complete Student Improvement
 -Team meets w/ parent                                                         SLP Review                                 Plan
 to prioritize needs
 -Consider need for Tier
 II strategic interventions          -Language concerns                                                                   Implement Accommodation Plan
 -Define problem                     -consult with RtI team                      Screening
 -Create intervention plan
 -Complete Student
 Improvement Plan                                                                                                Questionable Response           -Individual student
                                                                       -Concerns limited to                    -Monitor progress for             meeting benchmarks
                                                                       articulation, voice, or                 minimum of 4 weeks                -Continue Tier I core w/
                                                                       fluency                                                                   ESOL strategies
                                                                       -Conduct observations and
 -Implement plan                     - Complete Colleague              conferences to determine the
 -Monitor progress for 8-                                              need for evaluation                                       ELL Committee Meeting
                                     Observation                                                                        -Invite ESOL Specialist (if needed)
 12 weeks
 -Complete Progress                                                                                                     -Review progress
 Monitoring Graph                                                                                                       -Decide to revise, continue, or discontinue
                                                                                                                        current plan
                                                                                                                        - Complete SIP Review & Decision Form

        Meeting                                                                                                 Questionable Response                -Individual student
 -Review progress                       Positive Response                                                      -Monitor progress for                 meeting benchmarks
 -Determine response               -Individual student making                                                  minimum of 4 weeks                    -Continue Tier I core
 to intervention                   adequate progress or                                                                                              w/ ESOL strategies
 -Decide to tweak,                 meeting benchmarks
 continue, or                      -May discontinue plan
 discontinue current                            or
 plan                              -Continue Tier II strategic                                                              ELL Committee problem-Solving
 -Complete SIP                     supports and progress                                                                                 Meeting
 Review & Decision                 monitoring                                                                           -Invite ESOL Specialist (if needed)
 Form                                                                                                                   -Review progress
                                                                                                                        -Decide to revise, continue, or discontinue
                                      Questionable Response                                                             current plan
                                   -consider modifying or                                                               - Update SIP Review & Decision Form
    Poor Response                  tweaking the plan
 -Consider the need                - Update SIP Review &
 for Tier III intensive            Decision
 interventions                                                                                                  Questionable Response               -Individual student
 -Collect needed                                                                                               -Monitor progress for                meeting benchmarks
 diagnostic data                                                                                               minimum of 4 weeks                   -Continue Tier I core
 -Create intervention                    Positive Response                                                                                          w/ ESOL strategies
 plan                              -Individual Student making
                                   adequate progress or
                                   meeting benchmarks
                                   -May discontinue plan                                                                    ELL Committee problem-Solving
 -Implement new                                  or                                                                                        Meeting
 plan                              -Consider Tier II strategic                                                          -Invite ESOL Specialist (required)
 -Monitor progress                 supports                                                                             -Review progress
 for 8-12 weeks                                  or                                                                     -Decide to revise, continue, or discontinue
 -Complete Progress                -Continue Tier III intensive                                                         current plan
 Monitoring Graph                  interventions and progress                                                           -Define problem and consider need for
                                   monitoring                                                                           Tier II strategic interventions
                                                                                                                        - Update SIP Review & Decision Form

                                      Questionable Response
 Problem-Solving                   -consider modifying or                                                  Possible             -Possible                Communicative
      Meeting                      tweaking the plan                                                    communicative           learning                 difference (lang.
-Review progress                   -Update SIP Review &                                                    disorder             difficulties                  barrier)
-Determine                         Decision
response to
intervention                                                                                                                                           -Revise plan
-Decide to tweak,                         Poor Response                        -Comprehensive                   -Referral to Child                     -Monitor Progress
continue, or                       -Consider the need for                      review                           Study Team for
discontinue current                referral to Child Study Team                -Collect needed                  Evaluation
plan                                                                           diagnostic data                  -Complete CST                             Revised June 10, 2009
-Update SIP                                                                                                     Referral Form                                   Jason W. Kurtz
Review & Decision

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