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					June 2009
                                                   Quilting and Beyond

                                 The Squirrel’s Nest Newsletter
                                                          They Are Finally Here!
                                                    Paper Dolls by Windham fabrics has arrived and boy is
                                                    it flying off the shelf. This cute fabric can be used for
                                                    quilting or for making paper dolls for that young girl in
                                                    your life. Just cut out the clothes and attach fusible
                                                    fleece to the back and they will stick to the dolls
                                                    whether they are in a quilt or have been cut out and

This pattern is featured in the January/February
      issue of Love of Quilting, #40231.

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                                                                     Cowboy Stars
                                                                           July 11, 2009

                                                               Class is free with purchase of the kit
                                                                (Free Gift With Class Attendance)

                                                              This is a perfect quilt for an Advanced
                                                              Beginner. You will learn tips and tricks
                                                             for piecing with triangles as well as a fun
                                                               way to organize your quilt. It is quick
                                                                    and easy to put together and
                                                                   would look great in any room.
                                                                    You will want to stop by and
                                                                      sign up early. This class
                                                                          is filling up fast!
        Mischief Makin’ Music Man
                     August 15, 2009

Kokopelli is back again with all of his tricks on this new
design by Donna Sylvia. Done in rich southwestern colors,
this quilt makes you feel like you have stepped into a
deepening southwest sunset. Join Donna as she shows you
how easily this design goes together.

                             Locker Hooking
                                  July 25, 2009

     Locker Hooking is a twist on traditional rug-making
     techniques. Using rug canvas, strips of fabric (new
     or recycled) and a locker hook, create a unique and
     durable floor mat This is a great way to either use
     up scraps of patchwork fabrics or select colors
     particularly suited to your home. Suitable for all
     skill levels.

July 2009
 New On The Shelves

                                                                    Two-Way Tote

Buffalo Bill Collection
 By Windham Fabrics

                                            Bali Bags

                                                                                   June 2009

                                 Please Hold On To Those Scraps
                   Paula is taking a little break from making doggie pillows for the shelter
                   and has requested that you hold on to all your scraps until September. If
                   you would like a empty pillow to fill, just drop by and pick one up.
                      Looking for Tofutsies
                        Limited Edition
                            Yarns?                                           General
                       We still have a great selection of                     Class
                      the limited edition yarns from this
                                great company.
                         Made from superwash wool,                             Needles
                        soysilk, cotton and Chitin these                      Seam ripper
                       yarns are great for making socks.               Straight pins and pin cushion
                                                                                Thread
                                                                            Fabric scissors
                                                                             Paper scissors
                                                                            Thread nippers
                                                                            Pencil and paper
 What Can Fusible                                                            Book/Pattern
  Fleece Be Used
                     Purses
                    Totebags
                Paper Doll Clothes
               Machine Embroidery
                 Table Runners
                   Placemats
                Cloth Baby Books
                   Costumes
               Christmas Stockings
               And So Much more….                             Payment in full at time of registration se-
                                                                cures your place in the class.
                                                               Supply Lists will be handed out upon Pay-
                                                                ment in full.
                                                               Published books or patterns are required for
       Garden Friends BOM                                      We reserve the right to cancel a class if the
                                                                minimum enrollment is not met.
         Tips and Tricks                                       7 day notice required for class credit.
                                                               Full refund if we cancel a class.
                                                               Refunds will be made in the same method
            July 2 & August 6                                   as payment.
                                                               If your class runs during the lunch hour
                                                                please bring your lunch unless otherwise
                                                                specified on your supply list.
                                                                For everyone to enjoy a successful class
                                                                experience, please do not bring visitors,
                                                                children or cell phones to class.

June 2009
           Class Calendar

                                              July 2009
     Sun          Mon                   Tue                   Wed                 Thu                   Fri             Sat

                                                         1                   2 Garden Friends 3
                                                                               2-4pm                              4
                                                                               Happy Stitchers
                                                                               10-12                                   Closed

5            6   Reserved for
                 Private Group
                                 7 Stitching Ladies 8                        9 Happy Stitchers 10                 11
                 9-?                 10-12               Making the Rounds
                                                                                10-12                             Cowboy Stars 10-3

12           13                  14                      15                  16                   17 Butterfingers 18 10-4 Club

                                     Stitching Ladies                                                                 Sock
               Embroidery Club                                                  Happy Stitchers        10-4
               3-8                   10-12                                                                              10:30—12:30

19           20                  21                      22                  23                   24              25 Sock Club
                                     Stitching Ladies                           Happy Stitchers                        Locker Hooking
                                     10-12                                      10-12                                  10-3

26           27                  28                      29                  30                   31
               Embroidery Club       Stitching Ladies                           Happy Stitchers
               3-8                   10-12                                      10-12

                                      August 2009
     Sun          Mon                   Tue                  Wed                  Thu                  Fri             Sat

                       School Start August 6. Drive Carefully                                                     1 Sock Club

2            3                   4                       5                   6 2-4pm              7 UFO Night     8
                 Reserved for                                                  Garden Friends
                 Private Group
                 9-?                 Stitching Ladies                          Happy Stitchers
                                                                                                    5:30—9:00pm   Circles—Adv 10-3
                                     10-12                                     10-12

9            10                  11 Ladies 12
                                                                             13                   14              15    Mischief
              Embroidery Club                            Making the Rounds      Happy Stitchers                   Music Man 10-3
              3-8                    10-12               10-4                   10-12

16           17                  18Stitching Ladies 19                       20Happy Stitchers 21 Butterfingers 22 Sock Club
                                      10-12                                     10-12

23           24                  25                      26                  27 Stitchers 28
                                                                                                                  29 Sock Club
              Embroidery Club         Stitching Ladies                                                                 Circles—Beg
              3-8                     10-12                                     10-12                                  10-4

30           31                    We Will be Closed On Labor Day, September 7.