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                                          Rencontres d’affaires
                                               Amman, 18/20 juin 2006

Agroalimentaire – Huile d’olive – Cosmétiques – Textile/Habillement/Cuir – Prod. minéraux non métalliques - Bois & meubles –
       Produits pharmaceutiques et vétérinaires – Emballages – Recyclage déchets - Bijouterie – Travail des métaux –
                              Papier/Imprimerie – Logiciels & TIC – Artisanat – Projets greenfield

Agroalimentaire (hors huile d’olive)

VEGETABLE OIL PRODUCTION                                         FOOD PRODUCTS
Réf. : JOR/05/047
                                                                 Réf. : JOR/05/027
Established in 1991 within the Zalloum Group, a prominent
                                                                 ALPHA BETA has an impressive and diverse food product
Jordanian business group, The Arab Vegetable Oils Co. is
                                                                 line for Regional, US and EU markets. The company pro-
the biggest manufacturer of vegetable oil. It is ISO 9001
                                                                 duces a range of food products namely tomato concen-
and HACCP certified, and has the FDA registration required
                                                                 trate, tomato paste & ketchup, canned ready to eat food
for exporting to the US. At present, the company sells 80
                                                                 items, processed cheese, natural juices etc. Export Mar-
per cent of its production in the local market, while the
                                                                 kets: The company exports around 35% of its production,
rest is exported to Saudi Arabia and Sudan. Having the
                                                                 mostly to Eastern Europe, Egypt & Italy.
ability to meet US and EU standards, the group is now tar-
geting new export markets, especially the USA and Africa,        Cooperation Sought: The promoters welcome sub-
and intends to achieve this objective through a strategic        contracting agreements with international brands as well
marketing alliance with foreign partners. Export Markets:        as market access for existing products. The company is
Saudi Arabia, Sudan                                              interested to have foreign partners in forging joint market-
                                                                 ing venture to expand its regional market as well as to ac-
Cooperation Sought: Strategic marketing alliance with
                                                                 cess new export markets.
foreign partners.

HERBAL AND SPICES                                                CANNED TOMATO PASTE AND BEANS
                                                                 Réf. : JOR/05/028
Réf. : JOR/05/026
                                                                 Foreign investors interested in the agro food sector can
The company Adnan Khudari & Sons Trading Co. was es-
                                                                 join the Jordanian JOMOFOOD in establishing a new pro-
tablished in the year 1977 and is in the business of manu-
                                                                 duction plant for the production of tomato paste, canned
facturing, processing and packaging of food products,
                                                                 green and white beans and beans in tomato sauce for the
mainly spices, herbs, pulses and vinegar having 140 dif-
                                                                 export markets like Russia, UK, Iraq etc. JOMOFOOD will
ferent products. The company has acquired the ISO 9002
                                                                 provide the existing distribution channels in USA, Gulf,
certification and has an impressive and diverse product
                                                                 Europe and is negotiating with a Russian partner which
                                                                 will also bring the trading network in Russia.
Export Markets: The company exports around 45% of its
production to USA                                                Cooperation Sought: Equity and technical expertise. To-
                                                                 tal Estimated Investment: 1.5 million US$.
Cooperation Sought: The company intends to expand
the current production to meet the big demand in the in-
ternational market and is interested to explore the possi-
                                                                 ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES
bility for forming joint marketing venture with international    Réf. : JOR/05/029
companies for mutual benefits.                                   The company Zumot distilleries is the champion in the
                                                                 field of alcoholic beverages in Jordan. The company pro-
PICKLED OLIVES                                                   duces Red & White wine, Arak (local alcoholic beverage) ,
                                                                 Vodka, Gin & Brandy. The company is registered with the
Réf. : JOR/05/046
                                                                 FDA and can export to US and Europe market. Export
In 1997, pursuing the vision of becoming the leading sup-        Markets: The exports amount to 15% of its production to
plier of delicatessens products in the region, the Kayyali       Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Israel, Iraq, Russia & France.
family established Chains Trading Co. (CTC), a limited li-
ability company registered in the Hashemite Kingdom of           Cooperation Sought: The company, which has its own
Jordan. CTC has become the leader in Jordan for both             vineyard under expansion programme, intends to increase
processing and can packaging of Spanish style green and          the production for new export markets and fully utilize its
black olives. The company aims at expanding the current          production capability.
production plan by improving the manufacturing and mar-
keting capability of the company. The company is both            NON ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES
ISO and HACCP certified. Export Markets: Saudi Arabia,
Gulf Countries                                                   Réf. : JOR/05/069
                                                                 International Network For Development and Industry Corp.
Cooperation Sought: With the perspective of strengthen-          - INDICO is 100% Jordanian company, established in June
ing existing markets and of exploring new ones, CTC aims         2002 and is specialized in manufacturing non-alcoholic
at forging strategic marketing alliances with foreign part-      malt beverages with and without fruit flavours such as ap-
ners. Total Estimated Investment: 500,000 US$                    ple, strawberry, pineapple, peach and lemon and produces
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under licenses from “Quotron Corp.” Belgium. The com-         local and export markets. The company is open for foreign
pany has developed the technology and expertise to pro-       investors to invest in equity. Total Estimated Investment:
duce Non Alcoholic Beverages at a lower investment cost       500.000US$
but keeping all of the technical parameters intact as com-
pared to conventional technology, since plain non alcoholic
beer is very specific and sensitive product to produce and
                                                              FRESH BABY FOOD IN GLASS JARS
maintain stability. The company is interested to incorpo-     Réf. : JOR/05/033
rate the new technology in an expansion plan and also to      NUTRIDAR, is a well established company producing infant
add to the current product line, diet flavoured beverages,    milks and powder baby cereals in more than 10 countries
red non-alcoholic beer, energy drinks and sparkling fla-      of Middle East and Africa. The company is looking for op-
voured water. Export Markets: Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bah-        portunities to increase the exports by starting a new line
rain, UAE, Yemen, Sudan, Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait              for fresh baby food in glass jars, for the Gulf Region and
                                                              for Europe and North America and is ready to form strate-
Cooperation Sought: INDICO is looking for a foreign
                                                              gic marketing alliance with foreign partners to access new
partner to contribute in equity in the expansion and de-
                                                              markets and also develop the existing ones.
velop marketing alliance to strengthen the existing market
and access new ones. Total Estimated Investment: 4 mil-       Cooperation Sought: The potential investor interested in
lion US$                                                      venturing with NutriDar will find a company up to the in-
                                                              ternational standard in terms of management and certifi-
CONCENTRATES AND PRE-MIXES FOR ANIMAL FEED                    cations, good technical knowledge of product and market
Réf. : JOR/05/030                                             development and excellent distribution networks in the
                                                              Region. Total Estimated Investment: 4.500.000 US$.
Jordan Feed was launched in Jordan in 1964 with technical
assistance from the specialized well-known Dutch firm,
Provimi. The factory manufactures 60 tons of ready animal     LIQUORICE  CANDY,                POWDERED           JELLY,
feed, mash and pelleted, for chickens and dairy. The feed     MARSHMALLOWS.
plant maintains a storage capacity of 25,000 MT for grains
and other raw materials required for the production proc-
                                                              Réf. : JOR/05/037
ess. The company has 7 exclusive contracts with local         Ammoun Confectionery & Biscuit is the only producer of
companies and it has the largest share for ready feed in      jelly confectionery in Jordan established with the technical
Jordan.                                                       assistance of a British consulting company. Their only
                                                              competitors in the region are in Turkey and Egypt. In or-
Cooperation Sought: partnership for the joint manufac-        der to increase the local market share and penetrate the
turing of concentrates and pre-mixes for local and regional   export markets the company is planning to expand their
markets (20% for Iraq market). The company is interested      production line and introduce new items like liquorice
to access new markets and form strategic marketing part-      candy, powdered jelly, marshmallows.
nership with foreign companies interested to expand and
reach the regional market.                                    Cooperation Sought: Ammoun Confectionery & Biscuit is
                                                              seeking a joint venture agreement with a foreign investor
EGG PRODUCTION PLANT                                          who should provide know-how and/or market access. The
Réf. : JOR/05/031                                             company is also interested to sign cooperation agreements
                                                              with foreign companies in accessing new market and
Hammoudeh is seeking a business partnership to expand         strengthening the existing ones. Total Estimated Invest-
the current egg table production for the local market and     ment: 150,000 US$ as estimated by local sponsor.
start a new production lines and retailing of value added
products such as pastries and pasta for the regional mar-     READY MADE CHICKEN MEALS
ket. Hammoudeh launched SUNNY EGGS in Jordan in mid
2003. The Jordanian company enjoys the advantages of          Réf. : JOR/05/039
having a fully integrated operation with complete control     Hammoudeh Group, established in 1987, is the primary
over its production and distribution system. This allows      owners of Jordan Poultry Processing Co. and has been in
stricter control over quality and minimizes delays in mov-    the poultry and agro-business for over 40 years. Poultry
ing eggs and products to market The environmentally con-      Processing company currently produces fresh and frozen
trolled housing and computer technology to control egg        chicken meat ( both cuts and whole) and is sponsoring an
flow, quality control, and packaging assure that SUNNY        expansion line for the production of chicken nuggets,
EGGS are never touched until they are handled by the          marinated and tenderized raw chicken along with a spe-
consumer.                                                     cialized distribution outlets.

Cooperation Sought: The company is interested to ac-          Cooperation Sought: The company is looking for a joint
cess new markets and form strategic marketing partner-        venture with a well-established and experienced firm in
ships with foreign companies interested to expand and         this line of business coming in as a strategic partner and
reach the regional market.                                    access markets jointly for mutual benefits. Hammoudeh
                                                              Group might also be looking for technical and marketing
PRODUCTION OF MARGARINE AND SHORTENING                        expertise as consultancy service.
Réf. : JOR/05/032
                                                              QUALITY FOODS ITEMS
ALIA Specialized Industries Co. – Zaitt, was established in
2001. Zaitt’s main products are: extra virgin and virgin      Réf. : JOR/2005/074
olive oils, vegetable oils mainly sunflower and soya bean     Quality Food Co. Ltd, established in 1995 within the Jorda-
oil. The company has a production capacity of 30,000          nian Nuqul group, operates meat processing and packag-
tons/year for all vegetable oil products (Corn, Sunflower,    ing facilities for the production of canned luncheon and
Soya & Palm Olein) including margarine & shortening.          chilled “halal” (= respecting of the Islamic law) meat and
Such vegetable oils are cholesterol free and are a good       sausages under a renowned European brand name which it
source of Vitamin E.                                          presently owns. The Company benefits from Nuqul Group’s
                                                              capillary distribution network in the Middle East, exporting
Cooperation Sought: Given the local and regional market       to 16 countries. The Company is GMP, HACCP, ISO 9000,
demand, an investment of 500.000US$ is required to pur-       ISO 14001 and ISO 22000 certified.
chase European machinery and increase the production for

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Cooperation Sought: Quality Food Co. has three main                  est packer of tomato paste in Jordan. The company is the
objectives:                                                          Jordanian market leader in the Mediterranean food sector
1) Sub-contracted production of canned luncheon and                  and exports 30% of its production in the international
chilled “halal” meat and sausages for a EU partner (to be            market (mainly US) through partners with strong brand
commercialised in the Arab region or in the EU for the               names.
Muslim community).
2) Licensing or Joint Venture for expansion of its product           Cooperation Sought: The company is open to forge long
portfolio by producing and commercialising a foreign brand           term marketing alliances with foreign investors interested
of Cake Mix (and/or Baking Powder):                                  in enlarging their product portfolio as well as to penetrate
3) Expansion of its product portfolio by introducing a new           the European market.
line of Grain, Seeds and Spice products to be packaged
and commercialised under the Company’s brand name                    DATES OF JORDAN
(regular supply agreement).                                          Réf. : JOR/05/067

MEDITERRANEAN FOOD                                                   Established in the year 1998, for the cultivation of Medjool
                                                                     variety of dates, Progressive Agricultural Investment Com-
Réf. : JOR/2006/89                                                   pany, later created its own marketing company with a spe-
Kasih Food Production Company provides high quality and              cial division called Dates of Jordan. The company produces
tasty authentic healthy vegetarian Mediterranean food.               and markets Medjool and Barhi variety of dates, in addi-
Building on the strong reputation and long history in food           tion to some delicacies using the dates. Export Markets:
manufacturing, the company enjoys the leading position in            UAE, Libya
Jordan in the production of tahini (sesame seed paste) and
halua, canning vegetables (fresh and dehydrated), soups,             Cooperation Sought: The company is interested in
beans and dip.                                                       enlarging its market base, taking advantage of the various
                                                                     trade agreements signed by Jordan.
In its short history the Kasih Food Production Company
quickly grew to become the largest cannery and the larg-

Huile d’olive
Jordan is the 8th olive oil producing country. Its extra Virgin Olive oils is well known for its very distinct aroma of ripen olives
with hints of apple and other mature fruits with almost total absence of bitterness. The olive oil processing and finishing fa-
cilities include the latest state of the art equipment and minimal usage of chemicals in the cultivation of olives. Download
sector brief ( PDF, 133KB)

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (TERRA ROSSA)                                 a project supported by the Government of Jordan and
                                                                     UNIDO. The company has acquired FDA registration, for
Réf. : JOR/05/020                                                    export to US, as well as they are member of the North
Terra Rossa Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by JOMOFOOD,             American Olive oil Association. Export Markets: USA, EU,
is a valuable example of quality production and marketing            Gulf Countries
capabilities combined with a vision for promotion and ex-
port of Jordanian food products. JOMOFOOD, owned by                  Cooperation Sought: The company is interested to ac-
Jordan Modern International Trade & Investment Co                    cess new markets as well as to sub-contract some of their
(JOMITCO), a strong Jordanian industrial investment                  production capacity and is open to the idea of forming
group, was established in 1999 to produce extra virgin               marketing ventures with foreign companies to jointly ac-
olive oil in Jordan targeting markets such as USA, Canada,           cess markets.
Australia, Japan and the Arabian Gulf Region. The total
production of 700 tons/year of extra virgin olive oil is             OLIVE OIL MILL
reached by purchasing olives from a number of supplier               Réf. : JOR/05/044
farms in Jordan, selected on the basis of the quality of
growing and harvesting practices. The plant where TERRA              Samain Ideal olivel mill was established in the year 1993
ROSSA is produced has an Italian design to meet European             to produce extra virgin and virgin olive oil. The company
standards, is equipped with new Italian technology includ-           has modern machineries from Italy namely two extraction
ing the sinolea system. The company has ISO and HACCP                lines processing 6 tons of fresh olives per hour and has
certifications as well as Quality certificates from the Stan-        attained a presence in the export market mostly through
dards & Metrology Institution in Jordan. Export Markets:             bulk sales. 40% of the production are sold in the local
USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and the Arabian Gulf Re-               market. Export Markets: 60% of the production are sold
gion.                                                                in export markets, namely Israel, UAE, Italy, and Spain

Cooperation Sought: The management is open to ex-                    Cooperation Sought: The company is interested in es-
plore partnership and new business solutions to access               tablishing a business partnership with foreign companies
new markets and expand the existing ones.                            operating in this sector with an aim to access new markets
                                                                     such as the USA.

                                                                     EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (Holy Tree)
Réf. : JOR/05/021
                                                                     Réf. : JOR/05/011
INTEGRATED OLIVE Products exports 40% of its yearly
320 tons of extra virgin olive oil to US, EU and Gulf coun-          The Jordanian managers of Olive Tree Food Processing Co.
tries. The plant which is fully equipped with three process-         are considered amongst the leaders in promoting and pro-
ing lines from Italy, is located in Ajloun. The company, is          ducing extra virgin olive oil in bulk from Jordan. The com-
subsidiary of the Nuqul group, a prominent business group            pany, which has the biggest olive processing capacity, has
of Jordan and has been established under the directive of            twelve extraction lines (24 tons of fresh olives per hour)
His Majesty King Abdullah II for promotion of Jordanian              and the most advanced Italian technology. During the last
olive oil products As a matter of fact the company is also           three years the company has shown to have a vision for
a partner of a women cooperative producing olive oil soap,           the growth of the company on the international markets
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                                                                                                 Jordanie – Projets 2005 - 4
and has taken advantage of the marketing support pro-           EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (ZAITT)
vided by the international experts. The company has ac-
quired FDA registration, and is in the process to receive       Réf. : JOR/05/018
the ISO 9001 and HACCP certification. Export Markets:           ALIA Specialized Industries Co. (Zaitt) was established in
Olive Tree export 90% of bulk and bottled olive oil and the     the year 2001 to produce olive oil both extra virgin and
production mostly to USA, Japan, Europe and Gulf.               virgin & vegetable oils like corn and soya. The company
                                                                has two extraction line capable of processing 4 tons of
Cooperation Sought: The company is looking for new              fresh olives per hour. The company has modern machiner-
export markets as well as strengthen the existing ones and      ies from Italy and has acquired FDA registration for USA
is also interested to subcontract some of their production      and ISO 9001 and HACCP certification. Export Markets:
capacity. The company is interested in forming strategic        70% of its production are exported to USA, UK, Kuwait
marketing alliance with foreign partners to access markets      and Gulf
for mutual benefits.                                            Cooperation Sought: The company is interested in ac-
                                                                cessing new markets as well as sub-contracting some of its
EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (Al Toor)                                production capacity.

Réf. : JOR/05/017
The extra virgin Jordanian olive oil, AL TOOR entered the       ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL
local market in the year 2002 with a modern Italian pro-        Réf. : JOR/2006/083
duction line capable of producing a total of 260 tons/year
of extra virgin olive oil. The company has received the ISO     Established in 1970, the company is producing organic ex-
9001, HACCP certification and FDA registration. Export          tra-virgin olive oil in north of Jordan, a region known for
Markets: USA, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain                             quality olives. The company has acquired the certification
                                                                for Organic farming from Institute of Market ecology (IMO)
Cooperation Sought: The owner welcomes a partnership            from Switzerland. The company is equipped with one ex-
with a foreign entrepreneur to expand its production ca-        traction line and a number of stainless steel tanks from It-
pacity and introduce a new production line. The company         aly and has the capacity to produce 400 tons of extra-
is also interested to establish partnerships with foreign       virgin olive oil produced from organically cultivated olives.
companies to jointly access new markets and expand the
existing ones. Total Estimated Investment: 200,000 US$          Cooperation Sought: The company is interested to ac-
                                                                cess new markets utilizing the demand for organic food
EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (EVO)                                    internationally and its capability of producing quality olive
                                                                oil by forging strategic alliances with foreign partners.
Réf. : JOR/05/019
The company BARAKAT Modern Farm Co. produces extra-             OLIVE OIL (ZYOUD)
virgin olive oil and pickled olives. The company has its own
orchard of 20,000 olive trees and outsource the extraction      Réf. : JOR/05/061
in other olive oil mills and exports. The estimated invest-     Established in 1993, Al-Zyoud olive oil mill produces extra
ment for the expansion is 320,000 US$. The project’s            virgin and virgin olive oil. In recent years the Company
strength lies on availability of raw material and the exist-    introduced 4 new extraction lines from Italy, thus
ing export channels with special regard to the US through       strengthening product quality and improving economic
FDA registration. Export Markets: 60% of its production         efficiency. The company obtained F.D.A. registration cer-
are exported to the USA, EU and a number of Arab coun-          tificate and is in the process of being HACCP certified.
tries.                                                          Thanks to its strategy of bulk sales, Al-Zyoud attained
                                                                consistent results in export markets. 80 per cent of the
Cooperation Sought: looking for partners to enter into          production is exported, mostly to Israel, Brazil and Croa-
an equity participation agreement and to establish a new        tia, while the remaining 20 per cent is sold in the local
company for processing and bottling extra virgin olive oil      market. Export Markets: Israel, Brazil Croatia
and is interested to explore the possibility of forming joint
marketing ventures with international companies for mu-         Cooperation Sought: The company is interested in forg-
tual benefits. Total Estimated Investment: 320,000 US$.         ing strategic business alliances to expand its business
                                                                abroad, specifically targeting the EU market.

Bois - Meubles

PRODUCTION SYSTEMS                                              Réf. : JOR/05/042
Réf. : JOR/05/038                                               Protech Establishment is a privately owned independent
Jordan Wood Industries Co. Ltd. (JWICO) was established         manufacturing company, founded in 1993, specialized in
in 1975 as a joint venture with Jutlandia Dore A/S (Den-        the design, manufacture and installation of high quality
mark), which is the biggest and most technologically ad-        components for laboratory furniture and fume cupboards,
vanced company for producing wooden doors in Denmark.           health care furniture and medical casework. The company
The company would like to implement a new ERP system            has plans to install ERP software and to hire technical con-
across the company that integrates all facets of the busi-      sultancy companies to implement it in the company and
ness, including planning, manufacturing, sales, marketing,      include another CNC machine. The company has strong
inventory control, order tracking, customer service, fi-        management skills and technical know how. It is also look-
nance and human resources. The company is looking for           ing for new export markets, offers sub-contracting facilities
companies capable of implementing the ERP system. In            and is willing to enter into strategic alliances for marketing
addition, it is also looking to access new markets and to       with foreign companies. Investissement total estimé: 0,25
expand the existing ones in partnership with foreign com-       million(s) US $
panies. Investissement total estimé: 0,25 million(s) US $

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                                                                                                 Jordanie – Projets 2005 - 5

Réf. : JOR/05/060                                               Réf. : JOR/05/059
Established in 1981, Jordan Universal Wood Industries Co.       Established in 1992, Al-Watheer Furniture and Interior
Ltd. is one of Jordan’s main manufacturers of fitted kitch-     Decoration Co. is a family business to produce and market
ens, office furniture and residential furniture under the       superior and fine quality household furniture. The growing
brands of “Jorsal Kitchens”, “Jorsal Office furniture” and      demand for hand carved superior quality wooden furniture
“Crystal House Furniture” respectively. The company is the      and the availability of very high skilled labors for hand
market leader in Jordan, and being well positioned to meet      carving at reasonable costs makes the Company competi-
the regional demand, it is interested in accessing new ex-      tive in the local market. Free trade agreements signed by
port markets through a business alliance with foreign part-     Jordan may give the Company access to larger markets.
ners. Jordan Universal Wood Industries Co. Ltd. also looks      Al-Watheer plans to update the current production line by
forward to benefiting from technical expertise in new pro-      purchasing new automated machines either through loans
duction techniques and designing, as well as to increasing      or a joint venture. Its objectives are to strengthen the ex-
its existing production capacity. Investissement total es-      isting markets, open new export markets and forge a stra-
timé: 0,25 million(s) US $                                      tegic marketing alliance with foreign partners. Investisse-
                                                                ment total estimé: 1 million(s) US $
Réf. : JOR/05/062                                               ITEMS FOR HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY
Established in 2001, Advanced Furniture Industry Co. Ltd.       Réf. : JOR/2005/071
is specialized in manufacturing seats for offices, ballrooms,   Master International Group, established in the year 1997,
auditoriums and cinemas, and sofa sets and partitions. Its      is in the business of supplying items to be used in the hos-
main clients are large private companies, universities,         pitality industry. The company is importing products in the
hospitals and ministries. The Company’s main competitive        category of floorings, indoor & outdoor furniture, decora-
advantages are high quality products, competitive prices,       tive lightings, kitchen and restaurant equipments etc and
short delivery time. It has good export presence in the re-     supplying mostly to high end hotels. The firm will continue
gional market, selling 70 per cent of its production abroad.    in its business of supplying items as mentioned above and
Advanced Furniture Industry Co. is interested in involving      are interested to have enquires from foreign suppliers of
foreign partners in the expansion plan and is open for eq-      these items and take exclusive distributorship for the
uity participation. It also aims at building marketing ven-     items in Jordan and the regional market and access new
tures to access the EU market and consolidate regional          markets as a joint marketing venture.
markets. Investissement total estimé: 0,5 million(s) US $
                                                                In addition, the company is interested to start manufactur-
                                                                ing of chairs for the local hospitality
Réf. : JOR/05/063
                                                                SPECIALIZED FURNITURE
Established in 1985, Hamdi & Zeid Mango Furniture Co.
“MANGO” is a private corporation specialized in interior        Réf. : JOR/2005/06
and exterior wood works such as windows, doors, decora-         Established in 1986, Maani Furniture Co. started with
tions, gardens and swimming pools chairs, partitions, etc.      manufacturing quality school furniture and over the years,
MANGO’s target customers are hotels for interior and exte-      introduced auditorium seats, library furniture, office desk
rior wooden works, and end users on the basis of a “mak-        systems and office chairs and laboratory furniture. In 1996
ing to order” strategy. Aiming at expanding its current         another company was added to the group, Maani Compo-
production and design capacity, the Company looks for-          nents, specializing in the bending of laminated wood parts.
ward to forging a strategic business alliance with foreign      The company is planning to expand its existing production
partners in equity participation, technical expertise and       line and incorporate newer technology in the production
market access. Investissement total estimé: 0,43 mil-           process especially for the bent wood furniture. The com-
lion(s) US $                                                    pany is looking to forge strategic business alliances with
                                                                foreign partners through joint venture or marketing coop-
                                                                eration to enhance its marketing andtechnological capabili-
                                                                ties as well as jointly access the regional markets espe-
                                                                cially the Iraq market.

Dead Sea cosmetics’ industry is based on the mineral-rich salts (Carnallite) and mud that are extracted from the Dead Sea.
Jordan is currently exporting to more than 65 countries worldwide and has a great potential for taking up higher share in
the world market due to its competitive advantage in terms of costs and quality of raw materials. Download sector brief
(PDF, 143 KB)

DEAD SEA COSMETICS                                              Cooperation Sought: RIVAGE is trying to consolidate and
Réf. : JOR/05/012                                               expand its presence on the international markets counting
                                                                on its strengths such as: quality supervision of its products
'RIVAGE' is the registered trade mark of the company 'Al-       done by PAL. The company has good reputation in both
Mawared Natural Beauty Products Corporation' established        local and export market in terms of quality and impressive
in 1996 with the support of PAL, a Franco-British private       product line.
company. It is the biggest company operating in Jordan in
the cosmetic sector and has five lines of products, Dead        DEAD SEA PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS
Sea Cosmetics, Skin care products, Hair care products,
colour cosmetics and Detergents. Export Markets: 95%
                                                                Réf. : JOR/05/013
of its production is exported to USA, Spain, Australia, East    IRIS products is the brand name for the dead sea personal
Asia, South Africa                                              care products produced by the company Sawsan Laborato-

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                                                                                                Jordanie – Projets 2005 - 6
ries for Dead Sea Products. It is a family owned and man-
aged Jordanian company established in 1989 which has            DEAD SEA BEAUTY PRODUCTS
shown to have a knowledge of market demand of thera-            Réf. : JOR/05/015
peutic treatment creams and personal care products. IRIS
has its own formulations and a vision for innovation. Ex-       A natural range of 23 types of health and beauty products
port Markets: The current production is sold mostly to          produced under the brand name of BLOOM, is run by a
the Gulf, Spain, Italy and Hong Kong.                           successful Jordanian woman who has strong entrepreneu-
                                                                rial capacity and has acquired relevant marketing skills to
Cooperation Sought: The company would like to enter             export her production, and has been announced as a suc-
EU markets with new formulations and packaging and is           cess story in many websites while searching under Ealham
looking for partners bringing in technical know how and         Zeadat . The company Dead Sea Gift Enterprise has used
machinery under a joint venture agreement. The company          international experts from PIRA International Co., UK for
is interested in forming strategic marketing alliance with      product design and has invested 250,000 US$ in machines
foreign partners to access markets for mutual benefits          and packaging. Export Markets: USA, EU
both in the regional markets and the EU markets.
                                                                Cooperation Sought: The company enjoys a strong mar-
                                                                ket presence in USA and EU and would like to increase the
NATURAL DEAD SEA PRODUCTS                                       sales volume and is interested in establishing marketing
Réf. : JOR/05/016                                               cooperation with foreign partners to jointly access new
                                                                markets and expand the existing ones.
AL ZARA is owned and run by a leading woman entrepre-
neur in this sector. Her company, AL ZARA Natural Dead
Sea Products, established in 1989 as a partnership, and         DEAD SEA PRODUCTS (MARKET ACCESS)
rapidly developed to become a leading Jordanian manufac-        Réf. : JOR/05/036
turer and suppliers of skin and hair care products that are
Dead Sea Minerals based. The production capacity of the         Lisan is the registered trademark of the company N.H
company is 4 tons per day of Dead Sea Bath Crystals and         Partners & Co., which was established in the year 1987 to
900 Kg/day of all other products. Export Markets: USA,          produce dead sea cosmetics. The company is wholly ex-
EU                                                              porting its production in the USA through a j.v. agreement
                                                                with an American company which is the sole distributor of
Cooperation Sought: The company exports 93% of its              Lisan products in the US market. Export Markets: The
total production and has the capacity to enter new mar-         current production is sold mostly to US and Gulf countries.
kets. Interested to explore the possibility of establishing
industrial partnerships such as joint marketing ventures        Cooperation Sought: The company is interested to form
with international companies for mutual benefits.               strategic marketing alliances with foreign partners in ac-
                                                                cessing new markets and expanding the existing ones.

ONE WITH NATURE SOAPS                                           DEAD SEA COSMETICS- BEAUTY SECRETS
Réf. : JOR/05/051                                               Réf. : JOR/2006/081
Established in 1997, Madaen Industrial Co. Ltd. (MIC) is a      The company Beauty Secrets was established in 2004 by a
private Jordanian Company Limited engaged in the pri-           group of experts in dermatology, chemistry, and market-
mary production of a Toilet and Laundry Soap Noodles and        ing, supported by modern research laboratory.
Bars. MIC has a strong presence in the regional and Afri-
can markets and recently the marketing initiatives have         Beauty secrets sells health products locally and to the
focused on expanding MIC’s market to include Western            neighboring markets, and it exports 55% of its products to
Europe             and           North           America.       the Middle East, Far East, Gulf, North Africa, Austria and
Export Markets: The Company has an established mar-             Greece. Beauty Secrets also specialized in private label
ket, and exports to USA, Egypt, Ukraine, Netherlands,           manufacturing, spa industries products. The company is
Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Algeria, France, Ivory coast, Dji-       certified from Jordan Food Drug Authorities (JFDA) and
bouti, Ethiopia, Syria and Lebanon.                             Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). It has a strong capa-
                                                                bility in Research and Development to assure the quality of
Cooperation Sought: Business alliances with foreign             products is according to the Post Manufacturing Standards.
partners to open new markets as well as to upgrade the
technology of its existing production facilities. Total Esti-   Cooperation Sought: The company is interested in form-
mated Investment: 1.5 million Us$                               ing strategic marketing alliance with foreign partners to
                                                                access markets for mutual benefits both in the regional
                                                                markets and the EU markets. The company has the advan-
DEAD SEA HEALTH AND COSMETICS                                   tage of its marketing linkages in the Gulf and middle east
Réf. : JOR/05/014                                               to be offered in forging strategic alliances. The company is
                                                                also interested to sub-contract some of its production ca-
ALLIED, special Dead Sea products was established in
1985 for production of Dead Sea health and cosmetic
products for the export markets.The company has a strong
capability in Research & Development through its parent         TOILET SOAP PRODUCTION
company, which is in the business of anti-microbial, anti-
                                                                Réf. : JOR/05/064
septics. Export Markets: The current production is sold
mostly to Gulf, USA Australia and Canada.                       Kamel Azar & Sons Co., established in the year 1989,
                                                                produces toilet soaps under the license of Imperial leather
Cooperation Sought: The company is looking to access            casein ( British Co.), antiseptic soap ,skin whitening and
new markets with high quality products and accordingly          ex-foliating soap under private labeling. Nearly 95 % of
attractive packages.                                            the production is exported.The company has a subsidiary,
                                                                which is into the production of natural soap targeting
                                                                market niches. Export Markets: USA

                                                                Cooperation Sought: The company is interested to forge
                                                                marketing alliance with foreign partners in accessing new
                                                                markets , provide the production facilities for sub-
                                                                contracting and produce under private label.
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                                                                                                Jordanie – Projets 2005 - 7

Produits pharmaceutiques et vétérinaires
At present, there are 18 registered Jordanian pharmaceutical companies, all basically branded generic manufacturers. The
combined investment of these companies stands at around US$ 400 million, and accounts for 3.4% of manufacturing em-
ployment in Jordan, producing 8000 direct and indirect jobs. The pharmaceutical manufacturers have posted a turnover of
US$ 270 million, which has increased more than five-fold since 1991. Download sector brief (PDF, 152 KB)

Réf. : JOR/05/052                                              PRODUCT
Established in 1989, Amman Pharmaceutical Industries Co.       Réf. : JOR/05/054
(API) is a private share holding company started opera-        The Arab Pesticides & Veterinary Drugs Mfg. Co is a Jorda-
tions in 1992 and specialized in the production of Sterile     nian company specialized in the formulation and the pro-
Eye Drops. In 1999 API expanded its product portfolio          duction of agricultural pesticides, veterinary medicines,
with eye and skin ointments as well as oral liquids. The       injectables, and disinfectants. It plans to start the produc-
Company’s products are registered and marketed in 17           tion of injectable beta–lactam product, which is not manu-
countries, mostly in the region and Africa. API plans to       factured in the region and can be marketed exploiting the
add a new production line for atomizers (micro-dosers)         Company’s strong regional presence. Export Markets:
and injectables. Export Markets: Arabian Gulf countries,       Arabian Gulf countries, Taiwan, and Pakistan.
Tanzania, Sudan, Somalia, Bosnia, Tanzania, and Roma-
nia.                                                           Cooperation Sought: The Arab Pesticides & Veterinary
                                                               Drugs Mfg. Co is looking for a joint venture agreement
Cooperation Sought: The company seeks a for foreign            with a partner to acquire know-how, technology and es-
partner for equity participation and technology transfer.      tablish marketing alliances. Total Estimated Investment:
Total Estimated Investment: 3 million US$                      4.2 million US$

(KUDNA)                                                        Réf. : JOR/05/057
Réf. : JOR/05/055
                                                               Jordan Veterinary and Agriculture Medical Industrial com-
Kudna Medical Ltd. is a Jordanian based company estab-         pany (JOVET) was officially registered as a limited liability
lished in 1997 as a manufacturer and supplier of quality       company in 1994 with a capital of 1.3 million USD. The
diagnostic kits and reagents to the region. The product        company manufactures veterinary pharmaceutical prod-
range is comprehensive and includes rapid tests (espe-         ucts (antibiotics, anticoccidia, antifungus, antitoxins and
cially pregnancy tests), latex kits for serology, clinical     premixes). The quality control department of the company
chemistry, blood grouping reagents and febrile antigens.       ensures the quality of all finished products, and follows the
The company currently exports 90% of its production to         requirement of the latest editions of international pharma-
more than 10 countries, mostly in the Middle East, the         copoeias such as (U.S.P.) and (B.P.). In order to meet the
others in Europe. Export Markets: Italy, Germany, South        increased demand of finished veterinary pharmaceuticals
Korea, KSA, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Oman, and           in Arab countries and Africa, the company is interested in
Uruguay                                                        producing injectable veterinary products. Export Mar-
                                                               kets: 20 Arab countries, Ukraine, Russia, Ethiopia, and
Cooperation Sought: The company is interested to forge         Pakistan
strategic marketing alliances in order to enhance exports.
It is also ready to acquire international licenses and pro-    Cooperation Sought: JOVET is looking for a business alli-
vide sub-contracting facilities.                               ance with foreign partners aimed at new markets penetra-
                                                               tion and technology transfer, and is also ready to offer
                                                               sub-contracting facilities. Total Estimated Investment: 1
QUALITY DIAGNOSTIC KITS & REAGENTS (ATLAS)                     million US$
Réf. : JOR/05/051
Established in 1996, Atlas Medical is a Jordanian company      AGRO-CHEMICALS AND VETERINARY PRODUCTS
manufacturing and supplying quality Diagnostic Reagents
and Kits to local and international markets. The company       Réf. : JOR/05/056
is highly export oriented, with exports reaching nearly        Established in 1994, MEDMAC is specialized in the formula-
97% of its sales. The estimated value of license to be pur-    tion of agro-chemicals and veterinary products. The com-
chased is approximatly equal to US$100,000. Export             pany is one of the first and largest formulators of agro-
Markets: Main export markets are South Korea, Malaysia,        chemicals and veterinary products in Jordan. It exports
Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, the Middle East      nearly 80% to neighboring Asian and North African coun-
and the Arab African countries.                                tries. In keeping pace with modernization, total automa-
                                                               tion and PLC-based control technology has been intro-
Cooperation Sought: Atlas Medical intends to expand its        duced, thus maximizing economy of operations, improving
operations by acquiring new equipments and technologies,       quality control and matching international product specifi-
accessing new markets and contracting manufacturing in         cations. Export Markets: Asian and North African coun-
terms of (OEM) or a private label and is looking for busi-     tries
ness alliances with foreign partners to achieve its objec-
tives. Total Estimated Investment: 100,000 US$                 Cooperation Sought: The company seeks to establish a
                                                               joint marketing venture with foreign partners in order to
                                                               access new markets in Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

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                                                                                                  Jordanie – Projets 2005 - 8

PRODUCTION OF FLEXIBLE PACKAGING                                 pany plans to expand its present capacity and is looking
                                                                 for equity participation through foreign investor bringing in
Réf. : JOR/05/022                                                new export markets. The expected investment has been
Very few companies in the Region are producing flexible          estimated 500,000 US$. The project’s strength lies on the
packaging materials and only one is well established in          fact that the promoters have a long experience in this in-
Jordan. PACKAGING INDUSTRIES Co. Ltd was established             dustry since 1940’s in the West Bank, Palestine, and in
in 1987 for the production of flexible packaging materials       the procurement of recycled paper from a sister company
mainly for the agro-food and the pharmaceutical industry.        based in Jordan used as test liner and fluting paper.
50% of sales are from export. Since the agrofood and
pharmaceutical sectors are increasingly demanding, the           PRODUCTION OF PACKAGING MATERIALS
company intends to improve the quality and quantities of
                                                                 Réf. : JOR/05/023
the current products as well as diversify the line by manu-
facturing paper cups, PVC slips, and coffee bags. For the        The company BAIDA Pack Co. was established in the year
expansion, the company is ready for part financing and           1996 for production of packaging materials for pharmaceu-
equity partnership. The strength of the company comes            tical companies and water bottling plants, which includes
from its quality production capability, the availability of      cardboard boxes, inserts & printed labels. The company
non-traditional markets in the African countries and the         has acquired ISO certification. The product quality of the
technical experience of the promoter and the technical ex-       company is impressive and at present supply to 14 of the
perience of the promoter in the sector. Investissement           17 pharmaceutical companies operating in Jordan. The
total estimé : 2 million(s) US $                                 company plans to expand its production and to introduce a
                                                                 new line for the export market by identifying proper tech-
CORRUGATED AND LAMINATED BOXES                                   nologies and loans. There is a strong potentiality for de-
                                                                 velopment of a regional market for BAIDA since it is one of
Réf. : JOR/05/024                                                the few regional companies in this field. BAIDA is inter-
3Arab Cardboard Manufacturing Co. ltd” is a family owned         ested to have foreign partner to expand in the regional
business established in 1989 for the production of corru-        market as well as to access new export markets.
gated and laminated boxes. They have a major share in
the local market (30%) and 35% of total production is ex-
ported to Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Palestine & Israel. The com-

Bijouterie - Joaillerie
The jewelry sector has been identified as a sector that stands to gain from the Generalized System of Preference, which al-
lows for duty free access to the US market. Jordan’s competitive edge in this sector is its established and experienced man-
agement, the ability to execute and implement new orders and expand to start exporting. The competitive cost of Jordanian
jewelry is also a major factor.

Réf. : JOR/05/008                                                Réf. : JOR/2006/077
Imseeh Jewellrey, a family business, is the biggest manu-        OPERA is a jewellery manufacturing company established
facturer of gold and diamond jewellery items in Jordan and       in the Industrial Estate of Amman, in 2004. It produces
has a high percentage of the local market share. The             for export markets upon incoming orders a wide range of
company producing regular and designer items in white            fancy jewellery ranging from charm bracelets, necklaces,
and yellow gold and diamonds is ready to expand its mar-         rosaries, to earrings and tubing.
ket base and attract foreign companies for sub-
contracting. Imseeh Jewellery has its own subsidiary             OPERA’s fashion jewelleries are produced using state of
wholesale company and retail outlets and supplies most of        the art Italian machines, with consistent quality control on
the jewellery items to the Jordanian retail outlets and also     the various levels of production.The company envoys a
exports around 15% of its production. It is interested in        strong presence in USA and would like to increase the
foreign partners to develop joint marketing ventures in or-      sales volume and is interested in establishing marketing
der to expand the regional market as well as to access           cooperation with foreign partners to jointly access new
new export markets.                                              markets and expands regional and Gulf ones.

Réf. : JOR/2006/076                                              Réf. : JOR/05/043
Alessi of Italy was established in Jordan in 2002 to pro-        The brand name of the jewellery line “Nadia Dajani” is well
duce and market superior and high quality Italian design         known in Jordan where it is sold in exclusive stores
gold chains in different size and patterns The company is        throughout the country. The handmade jewelry is made
equipped with the latest Italian machinery and exports           from copper and silver with semi precious stones. Ms. Da-
100% of its production to the US. Thanks to its ability to       jani is currently promoting her business with success in the
execute several designs and variants with the highest            Kingdom and is now ready to launch her fashionable pro-
quality standards the company can respond to the request         duction on the export markets. The products are inspired
of high quality and large quantities gold chain production.      by local cultural heritage thereby giving an ethnic product
                                                                 positioning. The company is interested in establishing a
The well-experienced Jordanian workforce and the Italian         joint marketing venture with foreign partner to expand in
design of its gold jewels are the key factors for its desire     the regional market as well as access new export markets.
to enlarge the customers’ portfolio in the region and Gulf

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                                                                                                 Jordanie – Projets 2005 - 9

Recyclage & environnement

Réf. : JOR/05/034                                               Réf. : JOR/05/035
Jordan Specialized Company for Industrial Waste Treat-          The project is to start a solid waste recycling plant with
ment is considered as one of the leading companies in Jor-      facilities for producing organic compost. The project is be-
dan working on recycling and recovering of industrial           ing promoted by NASSER GROUP, whose current line of
waste and was established in 2004. The company is al-           business includes manufacturing of steel waste container,
ready recycling chemicals such as organic solvents, lubri-      refuse collection, consultancy and services for solid waste
cant oil and is looking for expansion and better technology     management.
to improve the final recovered products.
                                                                Cooperation Sought: The company, which is in the proc-
Cooperation Sought: The company is seeking a partner-           ess of signing a contract with Amman Municipality, is look-
ship for technology upgrading and know-how in recycling         ing for foreign partners to invest and provide technical ex-
lubricants oils to be used in the automotive and engineer-      pertise. Total estimated investment: 1 Million US$.
ing industries. Total estimated investment: 375,000 US$

Travail des métaux
ALUMINIUM PROFILES                                              RED SEA METAL INDUSTRIES
Réf. : JOR/2005/075
                                                                Réf. : JOR/2006/087
Established in 1995 within the Jordanian Nuqul group,
                                                                Red Sea Metal Industry Co. Ltd. is a company specialized
Modern Aluminium Industries Co. Ltd (MODAL) operates
                                                                in the manufacturing of metal works such as steel doors,
an aluminium extrusion plant that manufactures different
                                                                fire doors, lighting fixtures, furnishings as well architec-
aluminium profiles for architectural, industrial and other
                                                                tural design for both interior and exterior. In order to meet
applications. The Company also operates three service
                                                                the increased demand for metal works in Aqaba Special
treatment lines for anodising, powder coating and wood
                                                                Economic Zone, the company is expanding its metalwork
finishes. MODAL is Jordan’s leader in its field with 40% of
                                                                production capacity to include Aluminium fabrication,
the market share. It has market presence in Iraq and Pal-
                                                                woodworks as well as steel structure erection plants.
estine but they also have market in Germany, Belgium,
Holland and Denmark. MODAL plans to introduce a new             Thanks to its strategic geographical location as well as the
extrusion line in order to expand its production capacity       availability of highly skilled labour at reasonable cost, the
(presently fully utilized). Export Markets: Palestine, Iraq     company is able to respond to the request of high quality
                                                                and large quantities of metal works in the local and inter-
Cooperation Sought: The Company is interested is in-
                                                                national markets and present its clients top quality prod-
terested in being sub-contracted for the production of
                                                                ucts at competitive prices. As the company enjoys a strong
value added products (machining/downstream): cut-to-
                                                                market presence in Jordan and is interested in establishing
size, bunched, labelled. The company also seeks to acquire
                                                                marketing cooperation with foreign partners to jointly ac-
smelting technology to recycle aluminium scraps deriving
                                                                cess new markets and expand existing ones (especially the
from the production of the main line.
                                                                fire doors production line).

Réf. : JOR/2005/070
                                                                Réf. : JOR/05/025
Petra Aluminum Company is one of the largest aluminum           UNIVERSAL INDUSTRIES Co. ltd, established in 1981 owns
fabricators in Jordan and was established in the year 1971      and operates several factories and has plans to expand its
to manufacture aluminum cladding items and steel prod-          existing lithography and can making factory from small
ucts namely windows, doors, curtain walls, skylights, etc.      facilities that is mainly focused to produce for the group’s
At present, the firm is exporting around 22% of its produc-     other factories demand, into a modern factory that caters
tion to Sudan, Syria, Egypt, Gulf countries and has started     to Jordan and neighbouring countries demand. It now pur-
its exports to Iraq. With the expansion, the company is         chases tinplate from France, Turkey, Russia, Brazil and In-
planning to increase exports to 35% and strengthening its       dia but plans to start from sheet rolls cut to size in its fa-
presence in the Iraq market . Export Markets: Sudan,            cilities. The company is interested to access new markets
Syria, Egypt, Gulf countries and Iraq                           and form strategic marketing partnership with foreign
                                                                companies interested to expand and reach the regional
Cooperation Sought: The company is interested to have
strategic business alliances with foreign partners for equity
participation, market access and technology transfer for
expansion of its existing production capacity. Total Esti-
mated Investment: 4.8 million $

Papier - Imprimerie - Edition
DIARIES AND ORGANIZER                                           the local market for production of stationery promotional
                                                                items & diaries. The company is involved in designing,
Réf. : JOR/05/053                                               covers production and marketing of diaries and organizers,
Established in 1995, National Stationery Industries manu-       while printing and binding activities are subcontracted to
factures PVC welded material and paper on board products        local printing presses. The Company plans to expand its
(binding) as well as business bags . It is a reputed name in    production facilities and perform in-house the functions

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                                                                                              Jordanie – Projets 2005 - 10
that it presently subcontracts. National Stationery Indus-      demand of regional market and utilize the brand equity of
tries is also looking for partnership in form of equity par-    the local sponsor after integrating all the operations. In-
ticipation. The eventual joint venture might access the         vestissement total estimé: 3 millions US $

Produits minéraux non métalliques
The Jordanian stone industry offers great opportunities for cooperation. This sector has seen tremendous growth since the
recent trade agreements with the United States and the European Union. Moreover, the Jordan valley offers great reserves
of various types of stone, including marble, desert stone and golden travertine.

HALLABAT, GRANITE AND LIMESTONE                                 country. The company products include granite, limestone,
                                                                travertine and marble slabs and tiles and produces
Réf. : JOR/05/006                                               300,000 m2 annually. It has invested 6 million US$, pos-
Attanqeeb Construction Material Manufacturing Co estab-         sess latest machines from Italy and imports 30% of gran-
lished in 1947, is known as one of the largest construction     ite and marble blocks from Italy, India, Spain and export
materials manufacturing companies in Jordan and has rich        35% of total production to USA, Canada, Australia, Saudi
quarries in Hallabat, Ajloun and Aqaba to produce finished      Arabia etc. The company is interested in forging marketing
marble and granite products and terrazzo tiles. The pro-        alliances with foreign partners to access new markets and
duction capacity for granite and marble is around 155,000       expand existing ones in the same product line.
sq. m and for cement and terrazzo tiles is about 100,000
sq. m annually. The company is owned and run by a well
established Jordanian entrepreneur who is looking at US
                                                                DECORATIVE STONES ITEMS
and Gulf markets as priority export markets. The company        Réf. : JOR/05/005
is also interested in establishing marketing cooperations       Various designs of natural stones from Jordan produced by
with foreign partners to jointly access new markets and         A.W Yasin & Sons Co. specialised in cutting and reshaping
strengthen the existing ones for mutual benefits.               with strong potential to enter new markets. The company
                                                                started the stone business in Jordan in 1963 and in 1986
LOCAL GRANITE AND LIMESTONE SLABS AND TILES                     expanded its activities in wall cladding stone, tiles and
Réf. : JOR/05/001                                               stone architecture items. The skills in the decorative work
                                                                on stones are highly appreciated by the local, regional and
The company "Al-Radhwan for Marble and Granite" proc-
                                                                international market where the products have been dis-
ess imported marble and local granite and limestone
                                                                played. Currently selling in Jordan (80%), Gulf-countries,
(Ajloun, Karak, Hallabat). Slabs and tiles are produced
                                                                Italy, Germany, and USA. “A.W. Yasin & Sons Co.” is look-
with latest Italian technology and 20% of the total produc-
                                                                ing to increase its quota in this niche market of the stone
tion is exported to USA, Australia, UAE (United Arab Emir-
                                                                business. It is also ready for strategic partnerships in mar-
ates) and Kuwait. The company aims at upgrading its pro-
                                                                keting with foreign companies in accessing new markets
duction capacity in terms of volumes, quality and diversifi-
                                                                and expanding the existing markets.
cation, through investment in technology in the framework
of a joint venture agreement with a potential counterpart.
The foreign investor will be offered equity shares and pos-     JERUSALEM STONES COLLECTION
sibility to access local raw material. It is expected to pro-   Réf. : JOR/05/003
vide access to new markets and technical now-how in or-
der to establish a new joint production line. The company       “Marble & stone”, established in the year 1999, produces
is interested to access new markets and form strategic          and distributes the famous Jerusalem stone collection and
marketing partnerships with foreign companies willing to        owns a number of limestone quarries in Jordan, Palestine
expand and reach the regional market. Investissement            with colour like Royal Mink & Royal Black/ Brown, in addi-
total estimé : 1 million(s) US$.                                tion to three quarries in Oman for Marble. The company is
                                                                equipped with the latest Italian machinery and exports
                                                                70% of its production to Gulf Countries, China, Japan and
                                                                Australia. The sister company based in Palestine covers
Réf. : JOR/2006/086                                             the US and EU markets. The efficient delivery systems and
One of the leading Jordanian companies engaged in the           quality production of the company are the key factor for
field of stone processing since 1977, aims at upgrading its     enlarging the customers’ portfolio. The company is inter-
production capacity in terms of volume and quality through      ested to access new markets utilizing the availability of
establishment of a joint venture agreement with a poten-        raw material from their quarry in Palestine, Oman and Jor-
tial counterpart. The company having its own quarries in        dan. Investissement total estimé : 0,3 million(s) US$.
Jordan and also imports stone slabs from Italy, where it
owns a factory, exports nearly 35% of its production of         DEAD SEA TRAVERTINE
slabs and tiles made from Marble, Granite and Limestone         Réf. : JOR/05/004
to Middle east, Spain , Italy and USA. The foreign investor
will be offered equity shares and possibility to access local   TRAVCO is a public shareholding company established in
raw material. It is expected to provide access to new           the year 1999 to quarry, process and trade the beautiful
markets and technical know-how in order to establish a          Jordanian Dead Sea coloured travertine (yellowish and
new joint production line. The company is interested to         reddish) and limestone in slabs and tiles. The company has
access new markets and form strategic marketing partner-        its own quarry of travertine in the Jordan Valley and im-
ships with foreign companies willing to expand and reach        ports limestone from Oman. The current production capac-
the regional market and EU market. Investissement total         ity of TRAVCO is 200,000 sq. m annually and the company
estimé : 2 million(s) US$.                                      exports 63% of total production to USA, Gulf countries,
                                                                and EU. In order to enter new markets and up-grade its
                                                                production capacity, TRAVCO has plans to purchase new
GRANITE, LIMESTONE AND TRAVERTINE                               Italian equipments. The company is interested in forging
Réf. : JOR/05/002                                               marketing alliances with foreign partners in accessing new
                                                                markets and expanding the existing markets.
“Jordan Marble Co.” is one of the subsidiaries company op-
erating under the umbrella of Al Zammar Group, a leading
Jordanian group engaged in the field of stone processing
since 1973 and has access to a number of quarries in the

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                                                                                                Jordanie – Projets 2005 - 11
                                                                 companies either through equity partnership or strategic
BRASS SANITARYWARE                                               marketing alliances. The company has existing marketing
Réf. : JOR/05/050                                                network in the Gulf countries, which will be offered for
                                                                 building strategic marketing alliances with international
Sayegh Brothers for Engineering Industries Co. is part of
                                                                 partners. Investissement total estimé : 0,5 million(s) US $
the Sayegh industrial business group which was estab-
lished 70 years ago and now comprises of 29 companies
spread amongst the Arab world, Eastern and Western               JERUSALEM STONE COLLECTION-AL SAHEB
Europe and Asia. The Company is Jordan’s sole brass sani-
                                                                 Réf. : JOR/2006/090
tary ware manufacturer and is interested in making strate-
gic marketing alliances with foreign partners to access new      The company is one of the leading Jordanian-Palestinian
markets and consolidate the existing ones. The company is        companies engaged in the field of stone processing since
also open for equity participation to expand its business or     1980 in Palestine. The company aims at upgrading its pro-
technology transfer in the form of new design to comple-         duction capacity in terms of volumes, quality and diversifi-
ment the existing product portfolio. Sayegh Brothers for         cation, through investment in technology in the framework
Engineering Industries Co. offers foreign partners a strong      of a joint venture agreement with a potential counterpart.
potential market in the region including Iraq due to its         The foreign investor will be offered equity shares and pos-
parent group’s network. Investissement total estimé : 0,25       sibility to access local raw material. It is expected to pro-
million(s) US $                                                  vide access to new markets and technical know-how in or-
                                                                 der to establish a new joint production line. The company
CONSTRUCTION & DECORATION STONE                                  also is looking for accessing new markets with Jerusalem
                                                                 stones collections extracted from their own quarries either
                                                                 in Palestine or Jordan.
Réf. : JOR/2006/084
Established in 1975 in Nablus, Palestine, Mohammad               TERRAZZO TILES PRODUCTION
Mustafa Esbeih & Sons Company started out in the con-
                                                                 Réf. : JOR/05/045
struction sector by providing the Palestinian and Jordanian
markets with first grade construction stones that comply         The local sponsor, runs his own business in the terrazzo
with the international specifications.                           and cement tiles production since 1976. Being one of the
                                                                 leading companies in the sector for vision and entrepre-
With the aim to improve their production and further de-         neurial spirit, the sponsor is willing to establish a business
velop the company, a new factory was opened in Amman             partnership with an overseas company operating in the
in 1991. At present, the company is in the business of           terrazzo tiles manufacturing sector, to upgrade and diver-
construction & decoration stone manufacture & supply. It         sify the current production and establish market alliances
provides various types of internal and external wall clad-       to access new markets. Joint-venture agreements or sub-
ding stones and is specialized in producing various types of     contracting are options to be discussed with interested for-
interior and exterior landscape, flooring and columns.           eign investors. The Jordanian Cypriot Construction com-
The company is interested to expand the current produc-          pany has low production costs (as compared to European
tion line) of stone cladding and looking into expanding into     standards) and access to the Iraqi market. Investissement
new markets by forging cooperation with international            total estimé : 0,35 million(s) US $

Textile - Habillement - Cuir
In 2004 Investment in the sector amounted to US$ 1,060 Million, an increase of 52.9% from the previous year (US$ 693
Million), ranking the garment industry at the first place in attracting investments. Jordan’s market access agreements and
investment/tax incentives give investors full access to the world’s largest market free of duties or quota for garment prod-
ucts made in Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZ). Profits derived from export operations are exempt from income tax and
maybe fully repatriated out of the country.
                                                                 The company has estimated an investment of 700,000 in
NON WOVEN FABRICS PRODUCTS                                       machinery to expand its present line of production.
Réf. : JOR/2005/073
Specialized Industries (SPIC), founded in 1987, is the first     MEN AND WOMEN GARMENTS
non-woven fabric producer in the Middle East specializing
                                                                 Réf. : JOR/05/009
in the production of light to medium weight fabric for use
as cover stock for baby diapers and feminine sanitary nap-       El ZAY is a leading manufacturer of men suits, shirts, cas-
kins, as well as for various medical applications among          ual & formal trousers and casual and dressy woven tops
other products. The factory has modern equipment and             and bottoms for ladies in Jordan. The company announced
electronic instruments supported by an advanced labora-          entered in 1992 into a joint venture with a well-known
tory to ensure consistent quality. SPIC is interested in es-     Italian company, Gruppo GFT, and started operations in
tablishing a strategic business alliance with foreign part-      1995. El ZAY has worked on two levels, producing quality
ners to enlarge its product portfolio and to improve its         garments for the European market under notable brand
technical expertise.                                             names. It also penetrated the US market positioning itself
                                                                 with leading brands such as Kenneth Cole, CK, Murano and
                                                                 JC Penny and many others. The company strategy is to
LADIES GARMENTS                                                  continue expanding its exports to different markets and
Réf. : JOR/05/007                                                seeks industrial collaboration with companies around the
SABCO5 is a unique example of Jordanian manufacturer
specialized in ladies garments selling 40% of its production
to the US market. In order to take advantage of the cur-         WOVEN TROUSERS FOR MEN AND WOMEN
rent export channels established under the FTA with USA,
                                                                 Réf. : JOR/05/040
and expand the sales volume, the owner is seeking sub-
contracting agreements, equity participation and new de-         Prime Five was established in 2002 and is a wholly export
signs. The company has demonstrated to have design ca-           oriented company with clients ranging from Levi’s to Gloria
pability and quality parameters to new export markets.           Vanderbilt. It manufactures woven and knitted items both
                                                                 casuals and formals namely woven bottoms, stretch den-
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                                                                                               Jordanie – Projets 2005 - 12
ims, fleece tops etc. The company has the latest machiner-
ies sourced from international brands with modern facili-      UNISEX APPARELS PRODUCTION
ties for washing and design. In order to expand and up-        Réf. : JOR/05/010
grade its manufacturing facilities and enter the European
                                                               Mina Apparel Co. is a local Jordanian company established
market, the company is looking for sub-contracting
                                                               in the year 2003 to benefit from the Qualifying Industrial
agreements and/or International licenses as well as forging
                                                               Zone Agreement to export to the US market. The company
marketing alliances. Investissement total estimé : 1.5 mil-
                                                               is in the business of sub-contract manufacturing of Jack-
lion(s) US$.
                                                               ets, undergarments, Pants and Polo-Shorts 100% for the
KNITTED GARMENTS                                               International brands such as Walmart, Victoria’s Secret for
                                                               the US market.
Réf. : JOR/05/041
Tawileh Trico company is a family owned business which         Thanks to the management and high skilled expatriate
was established in 1990 to produce knitwear for                workers the company is able to respond to the request of
men/women and children. The market for the company is          high quality and large quantities and ready to enter with
mostly in the local market. The company has invested till      new types of products and markets and is interested to
date more than 2.5 million US$ and is equipped with com-       explore possibility of forming joint marketing venture with
puterized knitting machines, modern sewing and finishing       foreign partners.
machines. The project aims at expanding the current pro-
duction lines of the factory to increase the local market
and to access new international markets through sub-
                                                               SHOES MANUFACTURING
contracting or equity participation in new expanded and        Réf. : JOR/2005/072
upgraded capabilities at an estimated investment of 2.5        Established in the year 1960, Jordan tanning co. is the sole
million USD. In addition, the company has plans to start       tannery in Jordan having the capability of producing cor-
another factory for woven labels at an estimated invest-       rected and full grain leather. It expanded in the year 1980
ment of 1 million USD. In both the above cases, the com-       to include shoe manufacturing. At present, the company is
pany is ready to enter into mutual cooperation agreements      the only supplier of military boots for the Jordanian army
with foreign companies in marketing the products in both       and police and has the capability for producing quality
existing and new markets. Investissement total estimé :        leather shoes. The company is interested to forge business
3,5 million(s) US$                                             alliance with good quality shoe manufacturers to import
                                                               high quality uppers and assembling the shoes using PU
                                                               soles made in house. The company is also looking for
                                                               partners who can bring in design and quality improvement
                                                               and access new markets using the trade agreements
                                                               signed by Jordan

Logiciels & TIC
ARCADIA SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                                   At present, it enjoys a strong presence in Jordan being the
                                                               major dealer for a well known handset brand, providing E-
Réf. : JOR/2006/078                                            wallet service and GSM logistics for the biggest mobile
Arcadia Software Development headquartered in Amman            phone operator. In addition the company has also entered
Jordan, seamlessly delivers unique enterprise solutions fo-    regional markets such as Iraq and KSA.
cusing primarily on the pharmaceutical and financial indus-    The company is planning for a multi-prong expansion
tries. Arcadia is more commonly known throughout the           strategy which includes classifying targeted business activ-
software development community for their unmatched ex-         ity into incorporating new wholesale distributors for hand-
pertise in software development tools. As a market expert      sets and seeking new telecom operators for GSM logistics
in this arena, Arcadia provides the tools to better assist     activities and E-wallet (Electronic Top-Up) services.
software developers by enhancing the functionality and
user interface experience of programs with minimal effort.     The company is interested in accessing new markets form-
                                                               ing alliances with international players in its field to pene-
With a clientele base in over thirty five countries, Arcadia   trate markets such as Oman, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, African
attributes its success to the company’s exceptional focus      and East European countries. The company will be utilizing
on delivering high quality, user friendly and reasonably       its holding partner Orascom’s presence in the Middle East
priced products while maintaining a strong customer sup-       to consolidate the strategic alliances.
port commitment. Customers include government and
non-profit organizations, multinational companies, manu-
facturing firms, small-to-medium businesses, and inde-         INTEGRATED SOFTWARE CO.
pendent consultants.                                           Réf. : JOR/2006/88

Arcadia welcomes the opportunity to establish partnerships     Since its establishment in 1991, INTEGRATED Systems has
with foreign companies (more particularly within the Euro-     been a leader in the ICT industry. Currently, we offer three
pean market) to jointly access new markets in an effort to     major services; Software Development where our main
continuously expand their global presence.                     product is IntegratedLAB® which is a comprehensive
                                                               management system for medical Labs. We also offer Soft-
                                                               ware Outsourcing Services where we can develop tailored
GSM LOGISTICS PROVIDER, HANDSETS DEALER                        software packages. Our third line is professional Technical
& E-WALLET OPERATOR                                            Translation Services for brochures, manuals, software, and
                                                               web pages from English to Arabic.
Réf. : JOR/2006/082
Ring Jordan, a subsidiary of Orascom Telecom Holding Co.,      INTEGRATED Systems’ qualified staff coupled with its ex-
started operating in Jordan since the year 2001 and is now     cellent range of products and services makes it a reliable
a leading regional handset's dealer and service provider as    partner for foreign investors.
well as GSM logistics company specialized in the Telecom
business.                                                      The company is willing to expand its operation in the
                                                               European countries and is open to forge marketing alli-
                                                               ances with Western companies.
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                                                                                                Jordanie – Projets 2005 - 13
ESTARTA SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS                                      CNS' services are mainly concentrated on Software Solu-
                                                                tions, Web Development and Multimedia Presentations. Its
Réf. : JOR/2006/079                                             development also includes: web applications, portal devel-
Estarta Solutions is a key international IT player that spe-    opment, e-commerce, e-government solutions and data
cializes in delivering software solutions to Public Sector,     warehousing. In addition, CNS provides its clients with all
Financial Services and Telecommunications across the            their needs on the web, ranging from web design, man-
Middle East, United States and Europe. Working in a col-        agement and maintenance, to marketing thru e-mail shots
laborative and consultative approach with both its clients      and e-newsletters. They also provide hosting and IT con-
and workforce, Estarta Solutions recruits the most talented     sultancy. In addition, CNS has another division which is PC
business and technical professionals who have years of          Doctor, which provides onsite pc repair and maintenance
industry experience. The company offers its clients the         services, in addition to network design and implantation.
convenience of a single point of contact for all comprehen-
sive IT solutions. Estarta Solutions Head Quarters is in        Their client base started in Jordan, and has expanded to
Amman, Jordan, with sales headquarters in Dubai, as well        the United States, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait,
as offices in Doha, Kuwait, Riyadh and Khobar in Saudi          Qatar, Palestine and Lebanon.
                                                                CNS has already developed markets in these countries and
Estarta is partially owned by Microsoft Corporation, Cisco      is currently aiming to enter the European market through
Systems. Microsoft and Estarta are partnering on the Pub-       getting introduced to companies there. CNS can work with
lic Sector Innovation Center for the MENA region. Cur-          these companies through subcontracts, partnerships, or
rently Estarta is successfully operating the Cisco TAC.         any other suggested method. CNS can also work with
Estarta is interested to forge partnerships with investors      companies in this market who are aiming to come to Jor-
and technology companies to focusing on:                        dan and the region, as it has professional expertise in this
− Partnering with Leading companies to utilize Estarta ca-      area and has already worked on large projects with foreign
  pabilities in operating advanced technical support cen-       companies in Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, and other countries.
− Utilizing Estarta mature software development capabili-       ESKADENIA SOTWARE SOLUTIONS
  ties in the Offshore software development model,              Réf. : JOR/2005/068
- Partnering with Local System Integrators to promote and       The widespread use of telecommunications services based
implement its leading Products for the public sector            on the dominance of the Mobile Internet has resulted in a
                                                                considerable global market for applications based on open
                                                                interfaces and general-purpose computers. Eskadenia
                                                                Software solutions established in the year 2000 is in the
Réf. : JOR/2006/080                                             business of design, development and deployment of a
Computer Networking Services (CNS) – Primus, was estab-         range of software products in the telecommunications, en-
lished in 1996 to meet the maturing needs of the Jorda-         terprise and Internet application areas. The company is
nian IT community, and has since become one of the lead-        interested to have strategic business alliance for accessing
ing Software and web development companies in Jordan.           new markets for their products.

                                                                niche export markets, an objective it wishes to achieve by
HANDCRAFTED CERAMIC PRODUCTION PRODUCTS                         forging strategic marketing alliances with foreign partners.
Réf. : JOR/2005/066
The company "SILSAL" produces handmade modern func-             UNIQUE HANDICRAFTS (JORDAN RIVER
tional pieces of ceramics with historical references (plates,
vases, pots, cups, ashtray …) importing clay, glazes from
the UK. Their ceramic products are entirely handmade and        Réf. : JOR/05/049
glazed with special matte glazes. Each piece is incised and     The Jordan River Foundation ( JRF), established in 1995
painted to give bas-relief imagery. Silsal's pieces are non-    and chaired by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, is a
toxic and designed for practical use in the contemporary        non-profit Jordanian non-governmental organization (
home. The company is interested in new export markets,          NGO) working on socio-economic projects for women to
to strengthen the existing markets and forge strategic          provide employment opportunities. Items manufactured
marketing alliance.                                             under the foundation’s umbrella are rugs, carpets, cush-
                                                                ions, wall hangings, table clothes etc. JRF’s handicraft
AL BURGAN HANDICRAFTS                                           products are highly appreciated by customers in local and
                                                                export outlets because of their unique design and quality,
Réf. : JOR/05/048                                               as the foundation is specialized in creating innovative de-
Established in 1993 in Amman, Jordan, Al Burgan Handi-          signs reviving Jordan’s traditional craftsmanship. JRF’s
crafts is a family business specialized in designing and        ability to raise institutional sales represents a strong asset.
manufacturing unique top quality artisan (handcrafted)          JRF aims at penetrating niche export markets and is inter-
products involving old Jordanian folklore in embroidery and     ested in forging strategic marketing alliances with foreign
sewing skills. The company sells about 70-75 per cent of        partners as well as in appointing new agents to commer-
the production in the local market through its own show         cialize its products.
room, gift shops in 5 star hotels and duty free shops, while
the remaining 25-30 per cent is exported, mostly to Dubai,
Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The company is now targeting

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                                                                                             Jordanie – Projets 2005 - 14

Projets “greenfield”
Find below a list of downloadable project summaries of greenfield investment opportunities in Jordan, identified and
formulated by MMIS- Management Consultants, Amman, on behalf of the Jordan Investment Board. For further information,
please contact: Mr. Fawwaz Abboushi, Director - MMIS- Management Consultants - E-mail:

CITRIC ACID PROJECT                                           SCENTED OIL PROJECT
Reason : Demand from growing food industry in Jordan +        Products : The proposed project aims at producing
avail custom duties exemption for the regional market us-     scented oils extracted from plants used in food industries
ing the Arab Free Trade agreement.                            as mint extract; in pharmaceutical industries as chamomile
Raw materials : The major raw material (sulfuric acid) is     extract; in cosmetics, perfumes and daily household usage
available locally in South of Jordan. Importation of molas-   as antiseptic like lemon and mint extracts
ses required.                                                 Reason : All the raw materials namely mint leaves, so-
Location : Suitable location in South of Jordan because of    dium hydroxide, boric acid, packaging materials can be
raw material availability and the port of Aqaba for import.   locally procured.
Estimated market : (Jordan=1,100 t/y + Arab Gulf              Location : Close to Mint cultivation
states=2,400 t/y + other countries region) = 5,000 t/y        Production capacity : Pure mint oil – 25 tons/annum ;
Suggested production capacity : 2000 t/y                      Dry and pure menthol crystals- 5 tons/annum ; Concen-
                                                              trated liquid flavors – 24 tons/annum

                                                              DIAGNOSTIC AGENTS PROJECT
Products : Herbs packed in instant bags similar to tea
bags wrapped in attractive boxes and cellophane.              Products : Diagnostic agents by x ray in the form of ster-
                                                              ilized, ready to use 50ml injections (agent used in labora-
Reason : For medical treatment, niche product with grow-      tories and hospitals for necessary diagnostic tests through
ing demand; substitute or complementary to tea. The av-       x-rays) - Production for Jordanian market + exports in the
erage local consumption of tea is 5,147 tons, substituting    region
even 1% will have a demand for more than 50 Tons not-         Raw materials : Sodium Amidotrizoate, Meglumine Ami-
withstanding the increase in demand and the export mar-       dotrizoate is procured locally and also imported, whereas
ket. Increasing demand for herbs in EU, America, Gulf as      packaging materials like glass containers and carton pack-
well as in the local market : thyme, chamomile, sage,         ages to be imported.
mint, anis, other herbs available locally + packaging mate-   Location : Amman
rial can be locally procured or imported.
                                                              Estimated market : 741,000 units (injections):covering
Suggested prod. cap. : 1 million boxes (25 bags /box)         40% all Jordan market + 60% of production for export in
                                                              regional market
OLIVE PICKLING PROJECT                                        Suggested production capacity : Jordan at present on
Products : Olive pickle (preserved in vinegar or salt wa-     an average imports 150,000 injections
ter) in metal and glass containers
                                                              MEDICAL WASTE INCINERATOR
Reason : Consumption shift towards readymade food,
thus packaged olive pickles has potential to be accepted      Project : to establish a facility for the disposal of bio-
locally as well as exported.                                  medical and pharmaceutical waste by commercially oper-
                                                              ating a medical waste incinerator. The project will handle
Raw materials : locally available (olives), good quality
                                                              the waste collection, sorting, transporting, treating and
bottles and cans to be imported.
                                                              final disposing of medical wastes in a safe and secured
Location : Irbid / north Jordan                               area far away from population centers.
Estimated market : local mkt: 17 thousand tons per an-        Location : Amman
num of olive used in pickle form (20% Jordan olive pro-
                                                              Estimated market : Amman Governorate itself produces
duction) + export
                                                              350 Tons of medical waste per year. Assuming a growth
Suggested production capacity : 2000 tons per annum:          rate of 5%, it is expected that the volume will reach 629
glass bottles 1000 tons + 800 tons in cans                    Tons in the year 2015
                                                              Suggested production capacity : 300 tons / year
Products : Medical soap made from dead sea salt, olive oil    BARCODE SYSTEM FOR LABORATORIES AT
and mineral water. Soap made from Olive oil, with salts
from dead sea, in addition to mineral water containing sul-
fur is nutritive to human skin and also to treat some de-     Project : creating Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for
rmatological problems like acne, eczema and psoriasis.        patients. A major part of the hospitals information sys-
                                                              tems is the doctor order – entry system that enables doc-
Reason : Availability of raw material locally with high ex-   tors to efficiently order medications and tests, check lab
port opportunities especially to Europe, USA and the Arab     results and track treatment online
                                                              Estimated market : Estimated 1351 hospitals in the
Raw materials : Olive oil, Soda Ash, Dead Sea salt, Min-
                                                              country including private/public hospitals, RMS hospitals,
eral water locally available , packaging material and other
                                                              clinical and medical centers etc
ingredients to be imported
Estimated market : Data 2001: Jordan imported 100             Suggested production capacity : It is assumed that the
tons of medical soaps and exported 1.1 million JD worth       unit will sell 30 software package in the 1st year, followed
of medical soaps.                                             by 45 and 60 in the next two years
Suggested production capacity : 1,350,000 units

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