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					                   Miller News
                A Newsletter for the Washburn High School Community
                                                                                                              May/June 2009

Dear Washburn Families,

With such an eventful year, I am not sure where to begin. Our students and staff have had many important successes in all ar-
eas of Academics, Athletics and Arts. The same weekend that our boys topped off a historic season with the State Basketball
Tournament title that drew huge crowds of supporters, the WIZ went on stage for four performances that filled the first floor of
the auditorium. The following weekend, our Robotics team hit the floor at the U of MN and ended up joining a winning team
that led them to Atlanta to participate in nationals. Our students are going to the state History day finals, putting on a fund-
raiser talent show for Senegal, and performing their own theater productions to audiences in different schools.

WE are the “buzz” in the neighborhood and for good reason. Students and staff have worked extremely hard this year. Despite
the many challenging changes and system constraints we’ve coped with, the positive attitude and energy coupled with tireless
“labor of love” remain high.

 The majority of our staff (teaching and support staff) has been involved in many different professional development trainings
throughout the year such as IB (International Baccalaureate), Restorative Circle, and DL (Disciplinary Literacy). I realize that
this has resulted in disruption to the flow of learning and the presence of many substitute teachers. With each year, however,
this time will lessen as we create capacity among our faculty and staff to meet the needs of all our students in the classroom
and the school at large. We are also establishing expectations for substitutes and clarifying their charge to meet the learning
objectives defined for the courses/classes they cover.

Below is the information presented at the 9th grade registration night in March. We had a record turn out of families and stu-
dents, which means that Washburn will most definitely have an increase in the number of incoming freshmen next year. The
main points explaining the educational structure for next year include:

    •   9th grade teams (Honors English, Honors Social Studies, Fitness for Life/Fine Arts) for all members of the class of
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Carol Markham-Cousins
Principal, Washburn High School
                                     M I L L E R NE W S— P A G E 2

                                           Outside the Box and Inside the Circle

                             As Washburn continues its push towards creating a place
                             where everyone belongs, it is necessary to think outside the
                             box. In fact, thinking in terms of circles can do wonders for
                             community and restoration.

                             Circles have existed for centuries within different indigenous
                             communities as a way to make decisions, resolve conflicts, or
                             simply build relationships. What makes these circles different
and more effective is the use of a talking piece, an object that grants sole attention to
whoever is holding it. This guideline, among a few others, creates an amazing space where
participants can shed the constraints that keep them from a sense of belonging in more
traditional settings.

With the support of administration, the Check & Connect program, and Washburn alumnus
Jamie Williams of The Restorative Way organization, we are paving the way toward circles
as an innovative intervention option at Washburn. We’ve already laid a foundation: this year
we’ve had weekly circles with a sizeable amount of 9th graders. A lesser number of 10th and
11th graders have also taken part in circles and experimented with circle facilitation.
Future goals include creating a group of students who would facilitate their own circles in
coordination with our already successful peer mediation program. Using circles as a team-
building tool for our 9th and 10th grade teams is also a priority. If you have any questions or
comments regarding circles and how they fit into Washburn, please visit
www.therestorativeway.org or contact William Poling at william.poling@mpls.k12.mn.us

                            Fall 2009-2010 Sports Information

Join us on Wednesday, August 5 at 6:30 for Fall Sports Registration Night Sports are

Girls Swimming
Girls Tennis
Boys & Girls Cross Country Running
Boys & Girls Soccer
Cheerleading (football)

All Fall Sports START on Monday, August 17. Please come out for a team. What a great way
to meet people and get to be a part of the great Washburn community. We'd love to have
                                        M I L L E R NE W S— P A G E 3

                                                            Washburn's boys swim team had a
                                                            successful 2008-2009 swim season

                                                    The Washburn and Southwest (Miller/Laker) boys
                                                    swim team took both the Minneapolis City Champi-
                                                    onship and the Twin City Championship title for the
                                                    second year in a row. Washburn swimmers went on
                                                    to participate in the 2A sectional meet February
                                                    27th and 28th at the College of St. Catherine.
                                                    Our Miller swimmers won the "All Academic"
 World Heritage is seeking host families
                                                    award at the sectional meet with an average GPA
 for 16 or 17-year-old students from a              of 3.74. Max Pratt qualified once again for state
 variety of countries for the 2009-010              competition in both the 200 and 500 meter free-
 school year. Students have been well               style.
 screened for flexibility in living in a busy
 family. They have their own spending               Max went on to compete in the state high school
 money & medical insurance. Volunteer               swim meet March 6th and 7th. He advanced his
                                                    2008 standing at the state level from 12th to 5th
 hosts provide a home, meals & guid-
                                                    place in the 200 meter freestyle and from 4th to
 ance. Help make a dream come true!
                                                    3rd place in the 500 meter freestyle. Washburn
                                                    swimmers include; Thomas Haase, Lester Cherry-
 For more information contact: Daniel               homes, Matthew Herrmann, Ryan Chalmers, Andrew
 Middleton at 800-888-9040.                         Peters, Max Pratt, Ethan Schuld, Al Straumann,
 Or visit us on the web at                          Ben Straumann, Mitch Ritterman, and Johnnie
 www.world-heritage.org                             Clark. Way to go Miller swimmers!

The Southside Rugby Club is
off to an exciting start this
season with wins over Western
Alliance and Mounds View. The
club is made up of stu-
dents attending school in South
Minneapolis (Washburn &
Southwest), Richfield
and neighboring communities.
Southside has enjoyed much
success in the last 3 years as
state champs in 2006 & 2008
and runner up in 2007. That's
only one loss in 3 years! Come
see what all the excitement is
all about on a Friday night! Com-
ing home games on Friday 5/1 and 5/8 at Richfield Middle School on 65th and Morgan Ave S. U17 plays
at 5:15, U19 follows. For more information visit our website at southsiderugbyclub.com
                                                            Spring cleaning?
                 Peace Jam

                                              Washburn recycles cell phones and ink jet
 For the fourth year in a row, Washburn
                                              cartridges that fit in the palm of your
 High School was represented at the Peace
                                              hand. Washburn also collects Box Tops for
 Jam Youth Conference. On March 28th
                                              Education and milk caps from both Kemps and
 and 29th, five Washburn students
                                              Land O’ Lakes. All these items can be
 attended Peace Jam 2009 at the
                                              dropped off in the office.
 Wellstone Neighborhood House and at
 Metropolitan University. This year Adolfo      Dropping off or picking up your student
 Perez Esquivel was the Nobel Peace Prize                    from school?
 Laureate in attendance. He is originally
 from Argentina and won the Nobel Peace       Please pull in to the 50th Street parking lot
 Prize in 1980 for his courageous work in     when you are dropping off or picking up your
 human rights. Señor Perez gave several       student. Stopping on the street in front of
 inspiring talks and answered questions       the school can cause traffic accidents. The
 asked by the student participants.           49th Street parking lot is very busy with bus-
 Twelfth grader Tecsil Lopez presented        ses pulling in and out. Violators may receive
 our “Mentoring One by One” service pro-      citations from MPD
 ject to SeñorEsquivel.
                                              Thanks for your cooperation.

  Peace Jam in a national youth organiza-      Summer Driver Education
 tion. Youth groups from all over the coun-
 try meet annually with Nobel Peace Prize      Good news for Washburn students with
 Laureates for a two day conference. Each      busy schedules during the school year:
 year a group of students prepare for the
 conference by learning about the visiting     Community Education summer driver educa-
 laureate and preparing a service project      tion runs in June. Dates: June 15-June 30,
 to present.                                   9 AM-12 Noon. Cost: $150.

 If you have any question please contact       Register at www.mplscommunityed.com or
 Ms Jensen – Peace Jam advisor.                stop by Room 005A to pick up a flyer.

Parents – Did you know that your student needs a sport physi-
cal to be eligible to play a sport in high school? Your student
can get this done at your clinic or at the Washburn School-
Based Clinic. It’s good for three years. You will need to get
the sport physical forms and fill them out before the physical
exam. You can get these from the athletic office, from the
School-Based Clinic link on the Washburn web page, or from the School-Based Clinic in room
006. If you have questions call the athletic department at 668-3456 or the School-Based
Clinic at 668-3453.
                                    Washburn Counseling & Career Corner

                     In the Counseling Corner, we will provide you with key dates, deadlines and
                      snippets of information that we deem important for charting your student’s
                                                  academic calendar.

                                        Did you know...Washburn has the highest graduation rate of all seven high schools!

Calendar Highlights       Time for Summer School sign up!
                          Is your student on track for graduation? Remember that all students must pass all four
ACT College Entrance Exam years of English and Social Studies, three years of Math, and three or four years of Sci-
     Exam: June 13th      ence.
 Late Registration: May 22nd
                               If your student has failed a required class, make plans to attend summer school! Summer
SAT College Entrance Exam      school dates are July 7-30th. Students must be present during all but two days to re-
          June 6th
 Late Registration: May 15th
                               ceive credit.

            Prom               How to sign up:
           May 9th             Counselors will be at the lunch hours April 30th, May 1st, 7th and 8th to sign up stu-
  St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox    dents.
            Church             Online: at Washburn’s website, click on “Summer School Sign-up” on right hand side of
       7:30-11:30 p.m.         page.
  Graduation Rehearsal         ATTENTION Senior Families!
 Cap & Gown Distribution       Senior status letters were sent home in late April updating you on the credit status of your
   June 3rd 9:30—11:30
                               senior student along with financial obligations owed in order to graduate. If you did not
    June 4th 1:00 –3:00
   June 5th 9:00—11:30         receive one, please call our office.

     GRADUATION!               If you are missing a required class credit or think you are behind in credits, please visit
    June 7th at 4:30 p.m.      our office and check with your counselor. If you are not on track to graduate, you will
   Northrup Auditorium         not get your diploma on time.

                               If you are attending a credit make up program outside of Mpls. Public Schools, you are
                               responsible for getting your credits to us by June 1st. Washburn’s ALC program ends
                               May 21st. You should make arrangements to have credits made up ASAP!
     Counseling Staff
                               Post Secondary Education Options (PSEO)
   Herb Crowell (A-K)
                               is a program for juniors or seniors who are interested in taking classes at colleges in Min-
       612-668-3408            nesota (at no cost) while earning college credits and high school credits. Students gener-
 Michelle Terpening (L-Z)      ally should be in the top 50% of their class to be considered. Each college has their own
       612-668-3430            application form. Several forms are available in the Counseling Office; their deadlines
 Emily Frankfurth (9th Gr)     are listed below. If a student is interested in another college, they can check with that
       612-668-3462            college or go online to the website.
      Diane Thorpe
     Counseling Clerk           •    MCTC - Deadline to register for Fall 2009 is June 1. For more information, go to:
      612-668-3502                  http://www.minneapolis.edu/prospectivestudents/pseoapplicant.cfm or call 612-659-
 Reggie Perkins, College &          6200.
Career Center Coordinator
      612-668-3442              •    Normandale - Deadline to register for Fall 2009 is July 1. For more information, go
       Nora Guerin,                 to: http://www.normandale.edu/admissions or call (952) 487-8208.
       Work Based
   Learning Coordinator
                      School’s Eye View by Linda Conley

Three years ago Dr. Verna Price was the keynote speaker at a luncheon on the Univer-
sity of Minnesota Campus that was sponsored by Achieve! Minneapolis. Dr. Verna’s
enthusiasm for her work, her passionate plea about youth and particularly girls not
only resonated with me, but also struck a chord I could not forget.

As fortune would have it, we met again, two years later. Dr. Verna was a presenter at a youth conference
I attended. Her message about girls was mesmerizing and powerful. Everyone in the session was en-
gaged, active, asking questions and buying the “little purple book,” The Power of People. I wanted the
book, complete with Dr. Verna’s autograph and determined to attend the afternoon session where there
would be a panel of high school students. Once I heard the girls articulate their goals, talk about the
women mentors, and the service learning projects I knew it was time to find a way for Girls in Action™
to come to Washburn High School.

After some email correspondence and an in-person meeting with Dr. Verna, the wheels were set in mo-
tion. Washburn received a small donation to help defray the costs associated with adding the program.
Over 100 girls expressed an interest in Girls in Action™ and they meet weekly with women mentors to
learn about, understand, and embrace their personal power in a positive manner. Team building activi-
ties, inspirational field trips, and speakers, have infused this program. My hope for the future is that our
Girls in Action™ will accept their personal power, achieve academically, participate in the arts, and ath-
letics, all while learning to give back to the community.

                Girls in Action Founder Fundamentals by Dr. Vera Price
                 This year many of our girls have personally commented to me, “I don’t know where I would be if
                 it wasn’t for Girls in Action™”. This statement highlights the profound impact of Girls in
                 Action™. Last year, more than 65% of our girls increased their grades, more than 75% stopped
                 fighting and getting suspended and 100% of them demonstrated leadership in their community
                 by realizing their personal power and creating change through service-learning. I am thrilled by
                 the progress of our girls! To partners in our school sites across Minneapolis and Detroit, the
                 many foundations, corporations and individual contributors, the Girls in Action™ team and the
                 hundreds of women leaders, mentors and volunteers who continuously educate, inspire, motivate
                 and empower our girls, I thank you!

                              Washburn High School Visits Ecolab
One good way to teach girls about science is to invite them to one of the greatest chemical manufacturers in the
country. On January 13, 2009, Ecolab welcomed 50 girls from Washburn High School. The purpose for the visit
was to expose high school girls to science and technology and allow them to interact with women in science.

                              The half day began with a welcome to Ecolab message by Jamice Obianyo, Director
                              of Emerging Markets. She talked about Ecolab’s business, the products they manu-
                              facture and how these products are used in industry. She gave the girls a glimpse
                              of many of the various divisions and disciplines. In addition, Ecolab Associates in-
                              troduced themselves and gave an overview of their job functions and length of em-
                              ployment at Ecolab. Many of the girls were quite impressed with the diversity in
educational backgrounds and number of women in science at Ecolab.

The most popular question was, “What do I need to do to get a position like yours?” For many of our girls an op-
portunity like this does not come very often. Therefore, their interests were at peak level and they were very
engaged in the discussions. The day ended with lunch and some debriefing questions that the girls wrote answers
to in their memorable Ecolab journals.
                                        M I L L E R NE W S— P A G E 7

                              MILLER CALENDAR
May 7     Plant Sale Pick Up
May 7     Senior AOHT Recognition Luncheon
May 11    AP Bio and AP Physics Exam                                     Washburn’s Phone Numbers
                                                                         Main Office            668-3400
May 12    AP Chemistry Exam
                                                                         Main Office Fax        668-3410
May 18    Science Classes going to Valley Fair                           Attendance             668-3429
May 21    Last Day of ALC                                                Counseling             668-3502
May 21    6:00 Wallin Reception                                          Nurse                  668-3434
                                                                         Police Liaison         668-3416
May 25    Memorial Day Holiday—No School
                                                                         Transportation         668-3410
May 28    7:00 Spring Concert                                            Community Education    668-3450
June 6    SAT College Entrance Exam                                      Athletic Director      668-3456
June 7    4:30 Graduation at Northrup Auditorium                         School Based Clinic    668-3453
June 9    Last day of School for K-12 students
June 13   ACT College Entrance Exam

                                                                               We’re on the Web!!!

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