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									                                            Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub   1

          December 2010 | iNDEXTb                                                                              Issue 10

          The Global Business Hub
                             From the Desk
During Vibrant Gujarat 2009, it was envisioned that the summit, which has benefited
the development of Gujarat, fuelling the growth of India, needs to broaden its scope
from an investment event to a platform where knowledge sharing and development                Shri Narendra Modi
merge. The platform having benefitted Gujarat should become a global platform, thus         Honourable Chief Minister,
                                                                                             Government of Gujarat
offering an immense opportunity to other states and countries to converge in business
and to encourage knowledge transfer. In 2009 47 countries, 600 international delegates
participated across 12 sector-specific seminars and over 230 exhibitors showcased their
goods and services at the exhibition. The Summit witnessed over 20 thousand
                                                 th       th
registered delegates attending the event on 12 and 13 January 2009. Japan was the
partner country and its external trade organization JETRO acted as the partner
Vibrant Gujarat 2011 Summit has significantly broadened its scope and scale. It has two    Contents
partner countries, Japan and Canada, and participation by various state governments of
India. Delegations, investment promotion agencies and dignitaries from over 80             FROM THE DESK                  1
                                                                                           Message from Honourable Chief
countries have already registered and the number is still growing.
                                                                                           Minister, Government of Gujarat
The Summit has also grown beyond the 2-day format – with more than 30 events
planned for Vibrant Gujarat 2011. Five knowledge events, like discussion forums and
panel discussions on issues of global importance such as role of Emerging Geographies,     GUJARAT UPDATE                 2
Good Governance, etc., have been planned during the Summit, where eminent experts             Top News and Investments in
                                                 th        th
will discuss and deliberate over 2 days on 10 and 11 January 2011. International                                  Gujarat
Round Table of Academic Institutions, IIT Conclave, Innovation Summit, Young
Entrepreneurs’ Meet are added knowledge sharing platforms where a cross sections of
youth, entrepreneurs, academicians, technical experts and eminent speakers will            FEATURE ARTICLE                13
                 th       th
participate on 10 and 11 January 2011.                                                           Facilitation of Participants
Gujarat, “the growth engine of India”, will provide a platform for global business,
                                                                th       th
collaborations to other Indian states and other countries on 12 and 13 January 2011,
                                                                                           EVENT CALENDAR                 17
the Vibrant Gujarat 2011 Summit. The scope of the event has grown beyond the
                                                                                                Highlights of the Events in
borders of one single state. Participation of other Indian states signifies that the
                                                                                           December and Upcoming Events
successful growth story of Gujarat is aimed to fuel the growth of the country, where the
Government of Gujarat is extending its hand to other states to explore mutual business
opportunities and drive the development of the nation to a new level.
The new venue for the Summit, Mahatma Mandir named after ‘the father of the nation’
will host the event. Mahatma Mandir spanning across 60,000 sq meters is planned to
accommodate exhibition halls, a convention center, conference halls and meeting
rooms as well as a prayer hall and meditation room.
Come and join the mega event of global opportunities! I welcome you to participate in
the Vibrant Gujarat 2011 Summit in the Global Business Hub – Gujarat!
                                     2   Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub

India Inc. to invest Rs. 13.30 lakh crore in
Gujarat                                               Under this pilot project, waste water
December 19, 2010                                     management and solid waste management
                                                      will be carried out making this project a
Between April and September 2010, Indian              viable revenue model.
private sector companies have announced               “I have also made a proposal to the Prime
plans for investing a total of Rs. 13.30 lakh         Minister to implement this clean and green
crore in Gujarat.                                     city project in about 500 cities of the
According to the recent ASSOCHAM                      country with a viable revenue model,” said
Investment Meter report, the companies'               Mr. Narendra Modi, Honourable Chief
investment plans for Gujarat in this six-             Minister of Gujarat.
month period were the highest states in the           He further added, “I would not like to wait
country.                                              whether the Government of India would
Incidentally, the quantum of investments              implement it or not, Gujarat will surely take
planned was higher than the Rs. 12 lakh               the initiative.”
crore       worth        of                                                      Mr. Modi was
investments, the state                                                           speaking at the
had attracted during                                                             10th     National
Vibrant Gujarat Global                                                           Convention of
Investors' Summit - 2009.                                                        Real        Estate
The report says that                                                                       Industry
Gujarat leads the top                                                            organized by the
investment-attracting                                                               Confederation
states of the country. It                                                        of Real Estate
attracted 13.2% of the                                                                  Developers
total domestic investment                                                              Association
plans announced for the                                                          (CREDAI) on the
country as a whole in the period April-                                          theme “Home
September 2010.                                       for All – Working Together”.
The state witnessed Rs. 13,30,743 crore               Under the ‘Swarnim Jayanti Mukhya Mantri
worth of capital expenditure plans which is           Shaheri Vikas Yojana’, Gujarat has focused
17.3% higher than the total investment                on towns and cities including JnNURM
realized in the state during the past year.           mission cities.
The state attracted a majority of investment          The state has also approved Rs. 2,050 crore
plans in the power, manufacturing and                 for constructing 1.3 lakh houses for urban
services sectors.                                     poor, out of which 64,000 units have been
                                                      completed and 33,000 are under progress.
Gujarat to make 50 green towns                        The Honourable Chief Minister also
December 18, 2010                                     emphasized on cluster-based township
                                                      development with facilities of urban
The Government of Gujarat is mulling to               infrastructure and keeping intact the soul of
take up a pilot project to makeover the               rural culture.
urban infrastructure by pushing clean and             This is the innovative ‘RURBAN’ concept of
green concept for 50 towns in the state,              Government of Gujarat whereby rural areas
marking the Golden jubilee celebration of             are provided infrastructure facilities and
the formation of the state.                           public amenities equivalent to urban areas.
                           Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub   3

Gujarat chemical units sign MoU with Indo-                 sector could see investment proposals
African Chamber                                            worth Rs. 60,000 crore during the summit.
December 17, 2010                                          Gujarat has 12,000 million tonnes of
                                                           reserves of limestone, the mineral used as
The Gujarat Chemical Association (GCA)                     raw material for manufacturing cement.
signed a Memorandum of Understanding                       Leveraging on this natural resource, the
(MoU) with the Indo-African Chamber of                     Department of Industries and Mines had
Commerce and Industries (IACCI) for                        recently asked for specific plans from
promoting bilateral trade, especially for the              companies willing to invest in the sector.
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).                       "We will make Gujarat the cement capital
The MoU will also serve as a platform for                  of India by adding 50 million tonnes of
promoting technology transfer, joint                       capacity in the next five years," said Mr.
ventures and investments in the chemical                   Saurabhbhai Patel, Honourable Minister of
sector.                                                                               State           for
The MoU was inked at the                                                              Industries     and
Global Chemical Leaders’                                                              Mines during a
Summit (GCLS) 2010, which                                                                    conference
began in the run-up to the                                                            organized by the
Vibrant     Gujarat      2011                                                                  Industrial
Summit.                                                                               Extension Bureau
“Gujarat constitutes nearly                                                           (iNDEXTb), the
52% of the national chemical                                                                 investment
production with the presence                                                                  promotion
of big players such as ONGC,                                                          agency           of
Reliance, Essar, TATA Chemicals, Indian Oil                Gujarat    and      the    industry     body,
and GAIL” said Mr. Saurabhbhai Patel,                      Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).
Honourable Minister of State for Industries.               With annual capacity of 20 million tonnes,
“GCLS 2010 demonstrates the wealth of                      Gujarat ranks 4th in the country in terms of
opportunities open for the small and                       cement production. The major producers
medium chemical units in the state to                      include Larsen and Toubro (4 million
supply to these giants” he added.                          tonnes), Sanghi Cement (5 million tonnes),
                                                           Ambuja Cement (4 million tonnes),
Gujarat may see Rs. 60,000                crore            Saurashtra Cement (1.5 million tonnes),
investment in cement sector                                Grasim (2 million tonnes) and Siddhi
December 17, 2010                                          Cement (2 million tonnes).
                                                           Jaypee Group is coming up with a 4 million
Gujarat plans to triple its cement                         tonnes plant and ABG will set up a 2.5
production capacity in the coming 3-5                      million tonnes per annum plant. Ambuja
years. Proposals have been invited from                    Cements is also expanding its capacity and
cement companies like ACC, ABG, Ambuja                     Indiabulls has proposed setting up of 8
Cement, Emami, Indiabulls, Adani Group,                    million tonnes per annum cement plant in
Ultratech and L&T. The state hopes to raise                Kutch with an estimated investment of Rs.
its capacity from 20 million tonnes per                    4,000 crore.
annum to 70 million tonnes per annum.                      Recently, new reserves for limestone have
The state will host the biennial Vibrant                   been discovered in Kutch district. "The new
Gujarat Global Summit in January 2011 and                  reserves have created an opportunity for
a government official said that the cement                 setting up new projects. Responding to our
                                      4   Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub

initiatives, a number of companies including           Kishorbhai Kadvani, Chairman of Lodhika
ACC, ABG, Ambuja Cements and others                    GIDC Industrial Association.
have expressed their interest," said a senior          Mr. Kadvani said, “We aim to make Lodhika
official in the department.                            GIDC like Singapore and Hong Kong, which
"We are contemplating a 3 million tonnes               is why we are working on beautification of
per annum capacity plant at Abdasa in                  the industrial area. It will become a picnic
Kutch district. We will be investing Rs. 700           spot for people in Rajkot.”
crore in the project," said Mr. Shivamurthi            “In Lodhika GIDC, there will be a hotel,
Swamy, DGM of Ambuja Cement Limited.                   restaurant and a refreshment centre also.
As per the new limestone policy, cement                Moreover, in order to promote our
companies are mandated to return 3% of                 products, we plan to create products
their annual production to the state                   display centre too. Business representatives
government         for    building      social         of delegations can go there and see the
infrastructure in backward areas. This will            products and approach the manufacturers
release additional 1.5 million tonnes of               directly. It is a first-of-its kind display centre
cement in the social sector.                           in India”, said Mr. Jamanbhai Bhalani,
                                                       President of Rajkot Lodhika GIDC
Lodhika GIDC plans skill upgradation                   Association.
center                                                 The association has already built a
December 17, 2010                                      community hall, water supply systems and
                                                       developed roads inside the estate.
Lodhika Industrial Association, a Saurashtra-          Rajkot Lodhika GIDC has about 1,000
based industrial body, is setting up a skill           industries associated with it, employing
upgradation center at the industrial estate            20,000 people. Annual turnover of the
under the State Government’s Critical                  industrial area is about Rs. 4,500 crore.
Infrastructure Projects (CIP) with an                  Most of the units are medium scale units.
investment of Rs. 10 crore.
The association is also creating a products            Gujarat to have a Sports University soon
display center in Lodhika Gujarat Industrial           December 16, 2010
Development Corporation (GIDC) estate,
which will be the country’s first display              A separate sports university will come up in
center in any industrial area.                         the near future to promote various sports
Moreover, the association                                                    activities in the state,
has executed projects worth                                                  Honourable         Chief
Rs. 110 crore under CIP and                                                  Minister of Gujarat,
additional projects worth Rs.                                                Mr. Narendra Modi
70 crore have been taken up                                                  said.
for development. These                                                       Speaking        at     a
projects will be completed                                                   function to mark the
over a period of two years.                                                  end of the 24 day
“We have decided to build a                                                  long "Swarnim Khel
skill upgradation center to                                                  Mahakumbh",            a
reduce the skilled manpower                                                  sports competition in
crunch in Rajkot industries. The centre                which nearly 1.3 million sportspersons
would also provide advanced training to                participated in 16 events in about 1,100
workers for skill upgradation”, said Mr.               venues across the state, Mr. Modi
                            Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub   5

expressed his resolve to launch a separate                  “The project is estimated to cost around Rs.
sports university.                                          300 crore,” he added.
Describing it as India's largest sports’ meet,
Mr. Modi said that from now onwards the                     Government of Gujarat forms Dholera
"Khel Mahakumbh" would be held every                        International Airport Company
year.                                                       December 15, 2010
He said sports and games formed part of his
"Panchamrut Yojna", launched earlier for all                The Gujarat cabinet took the important
round development of the people and the                     decision of forming a Special Purpose
state.                                                      Vehicle (SPV) for the development of
He hoped the event, launched to mark the                    Dholera International Airport. The new SPV
golden jubilee of the state's                                                               has      been
formation, would create a                                                                   named       as
new sports temper in Gujarat                                                                      Dholera
and across India.                                                                           International
Ahmedabad to house Asia's                                                                       Company
biggest cancer hospital                                                                           Limited
December 16, 2010                                                                           (DIACL).
                                                                                            According to
The Gujarat Cancer Society,                                                                   Honourable
one of the oldest public                                                                        Ministers
charitable trusts in the country announced                  Mr. Jaynarayan Vyas and Mr. Saurabhbhai
a fund raiser event for their ambitious                     Patel, the work for Special Investment
project of building Asia's largest cancer care              Region (SIR) is in progress in Dholera under
centre.                                                     the Dholera Regional Development
“We are building a new super-specialty                      Authority. This would attract global players
cancer hospital on 25 acres of land. The                    and industrialists and eventually a state-of-
hospital will have a total capacity of 1,650                the-art airport would be required in
beds, making it one of the largest cancer                   Dholera. Thus, the government has taken a
treatment facilities in Asia,” said Mr. Pankaj              decision      to     develop       green-field
Shah, Director of the Gujarat Cancer                        international airport in Dholera.
Society.                                                    The Honourable Ministers said that the
“A self-financed medical college will also be               Defense Ministry has already given no
operational from August next year,” he                      objection certificate and the Civil Aviation
said.                                                       Department has also given site clearance to
Established in 1960, the Gujarat Cancer                     the proposed new airport.
Society has been instrumental in creating                   The state cabinet today also approved the
initial infrastructure for cancer care in                   names of the board of directors and
Gujarat. The event will also celebrate the                  modalities of capital structure of new
50th anniversary of the Society.                            special purpose vehicle as per the company
“More than 1.5 lakh people in Gujarat are                   laws.
currently afflicted with cancer. The existing               The Honourable Ministers said that
cancer hospitals in Gujarat are running at                  proposed airport would be developed in
near 100% bed occupancy levels,” said Mr.                   Public- Private Partnership (PPP) mode. The
Pankaj Patel, Executive Chairman and Vice                   special purpose vehicle will carry out all
President of the Gujarat Cancer Society.                    necessary tasks like approvals, master plan,
                                       6   Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub

infrastructural facilities, global tender, and          Gujarat Government initiates process to
land acquisition.                                       set up Medicities
The Honourable Ministers also said that                 December 14, 2010
initially the state government will own the
airport completely, but there is a provision                                          With an aim to
that eventually the Airport Authority of                                              boost medical
India, DMIC Development Company and                                                   tourism in the
other companies would become equity                                                   state,       the
share holders.                                                                           Government
                                                                                      of Gujarat has
Gujarat a model state on soil health                                                           invited
certification: Agriculture Ministry                     Expression of Interest (EoI) for setting up
December 14, 2010                                       Medicities, and other healthcare related
                                                        projects in the state.
Gujarat is a role model for the rest of the             "We have invited Expression of Interest for
country with respect to certification of                setting up of Medicities, which will provide
agricultural land, with more than 70% of the            super-specialty     medical     care     using
state's farmers provided cards with                     sophisticated medical facilities," the
                                                        Honourable State Health Minister, Mr.
                                                        Jaynarayan Vyas said. The state government
                                                        will sign MoUs with interested companies
                                                        for Medicity projects during the Vibrant
                                                        Gujarat Summit in January 2011, he said.
                                                        "Gujarat is already attracting a number of
                                                        people from across the world for medical
                                                        treatment. But, we feel that the state, with
information on the quality of their soil.               its existing medical facilities, lower
"Gujarat has emerged as a model in issuing              treatment costs and the fact that 32% of all
soil health cards, where more than 70% of               NRIs are Gujaratis, is best poised to emerge
the farmers have been provided with the                 as a popular destination for medical
cards in the last three years giving details of         tourism," he added.
quality of the soil," said Mr. Dhruvendra               Mr. Vyas said that the State Government is
Kumar, Deputy Commissioner, Ministry of                 also looking at investments in IT services for
Agriculture and Cooperation.                            healthcare and its respective related fields.
Mr. Kumar said though chemical fertilizers
are not as widely used in India as some                 Aegis to invest USD 90 million in oil
other countries, balanced use of chemical               terminal
and organic fertilizers would be good for               December 13, 2010
sustainability of soil.
"In India, the average usage of chemical                Aegis Logistics Ltd., one of India’s leading
fertilizers is about 128 kg per hectare, which          private-sector port facilities and logistics
is less than those in countries like China,             services providers, has signed an agreement
Japan and South Korea, where it is in the               with AP Moller Maersk Terminals
range of 400-500 kg per hectare annually,"              Management BV to secure a sub-lease of
he said.                                                100 acres of land for its proposed USD 90
                                                        million oil terminal, which will have a
                                                        capacity of 600,000 kiloliters, and other
                            Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub   7

allied facilities at the Pipavav port in                    "Given the determination of the promoters
Gujarat, India.                                             and the management team, one should see
In April 2010, Aegis acquired Shell Gas                     the gantries functioning at the port by New
(India) Ltd., a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell             Year's Day 2015."
plc. Shell Gas (India) owns an LPG-filling                  The port would handle container ships of
facility in Gujarat and other infrastructure in             200 m length and more, including Panamax
the Pipavav port.                                           and post-Panamax vessels of 335 m length
New Indian container port proposed                                                          requiring a
December 13, 2010                                                                           draft of 13
                                                                                            to 14 m. In
A new container port in the western Indian                                                  the      first
state of Gujarat built on a Public-Private                                                  phase, dry-
partnership could tap funding from                                                          bulk cargo
expatriate Indians or Indian-owned                                                              Panamax
institutions for its development.                                                           size vessels
There could even be opportunities for GCC-                  of 65,000 DWT are envisaged, Mr.
based port operators with the proposed                      Krishnamoorthy said.
project open to the idea of aligning with                   “Even with 280 working days a year and
potential partners.                                         berth occupation of 85%, cargo that can be
The intention is to create a fully functional               handled is a minimum of 2.5 million tonnes
port by 2015 that would be able to handle                   a year," he added.
throughput in keeping with Gujarat's                        "With      efficient   modern       handling
growing industrial base.                                    arrangements, a maximum of ten million
The Government of Gujarat would hold a                      tonnes a year can be handled."
stake in the operating company and for the                  He also added: "The private ports of
rest of the equity, private entities would be               Mundra and Pipavav in Gujarat have
encouraged to come on board.                                already made significant in-roads into the
The proposed investment size has not been                   container traffic of the northwestern
revealed. A feasibility study has already                   hinterland and other Gujarat ports have
identified a green field site for the proposed              similar plans. Connectivity issues for the
port — one which will offer easy access to                  Gujarat ports are being resolved through
the highway, railhead and an airport.                       Public-Private Partnership arrangements for
The proposed port would create a 600 m                      road and rail connectivity".
berth that could accommodate
three to four vessels at a time.                                              Zydus Infra to invest Rs.
More berths can also be created.                                              100 crore in Pharma SEZ
If everything goes according to the                                           December 12, 2010
plan, "the survey and hydro-
graphic     studies     would       be                                       India’s exclusive Special
completed by the middle of 2011                                              Economic Zone dedicated
and all clearances and design of                                             to the pharmaceuticals
the port should be ready by mid-2012," said                 industry on the outskirts of Ahmedabad,
Mr. Kumar Krishnamoorthy, a senior                          Pharmez, is getting bigger. Zydus
shipping industry official closely associated               Infrastructure is planning to pump in
with the feasibility study.                                 another Rs. 100 crore to develop the basic
                                                            infrastructure on 64.48 hectares that has
                                      8   Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub

already been approved by the Government                State to get Khadi Research Centre
of Gujarat.                                            December 11, 2010
“We have applied to the government for
final notification on expansion of Pharmez             Gujarat will soon have a Khadi Research &
and started leasing out land for commercial            Development Centre for Khadi technology
use. It is expected to come in a month’s               in Gujarat as an extension centre of
time and we hope to                                                  Mahatma Gandhi Institute of
see it operational by                                                Rural Industrialization (MGIRI).
the middle of 2012,”                                                 In a statement issued by the
said     Mr.      Kailash                                            Honourable Minister of State
Bahuguna,           Chief                                            for Micro, Small and Medium
Operating Officer of                                                 Enterprises, Mr. Dinsha Patel
Zydus Infrastructure.                                                informed that based on a
The company, which                                                   preliminary study carried out
has been set up as a                                                 by Khadi and Village Industries
subsidiary of Zydus                                                  Commission (KVIC) through its
Group in 2006, is overseeing the                       state     office     at   Ahmedabad        and
development of Pharmez.                                consultations held with Mahatma Gandhi
Post expansion, the total size of Pharmez              Institute of Rural Industrialization (MGIRI),
will be 113.3 hectares, including 48.83                Wardha,        Maharashtra       and     other
hectares that has been developed in the                stakeholders, setting up of a Khadi Research
first phase with an investment of Rs. 80               & Development Centre for Khadi
crore.                                                 technology in Gujarat as an extension
According to Mr. Bahuguna, Zydus                       centre of MGIRI with Gujarat Khadi
Infrastructure is expecting about 20 pharma            Gramodyog Mandal, Ahmedabad as
companies setting up operations in this SEZ            regional partner is under consideration of
under the second phase.                                KVIC.
“While the focus will continue to be on                The centre is expected to provide services
formulations       and      research      and          for design development of khadi, quality
development, the operating cost is 17% to              testing and technological guidance to khadi
19% less because of tax benefits. Further,             institutions in Gujarat as well as nearby
because of its proximity to ports, this SEZ is         states. The details of project cost are under
drawing       attention    of    all    major          consideration of KVIC.
pharmaceutical companies in India,” he
said.                                                  Japan eyes more investment in Gujarat
In the first phase, 12 companies have                  December 10, 2010
received allotment letters. Production has
started at Zydus Hospira Oncology, Famy                Japanese consulate general, Mr. Tamon
Care and Intas Pharma. Even service                    Mochida, flagged off the road show related
providers such as Fisher Scientific India,             to Vibrant Gujarat Global Manufacturing
Oxygen Bio Research and Piramal                        Technology Show (VGGMTS) in Surat. He
Pharmaceuticals Development Services                   also interacted with local businessmen and
have started operating in the SEZ.                     entrepreneurs during his visit, to gain
Construction of Cadila Healthcare has just             knowledge about Surat and its industrial
started while validation is on at Zydus BSV            capabilities.
Pharma and Zydus Technologies.                         For promoting VGGMTS among local
                                                       manufacturing units and industries, a
                           Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub   9

promotional road show event was                            Gujarat      has    plans      to      generate
organized by the Government of Gujarat.                    approximately 965 MW from the 80
Many government officials were also                        projects with over 15,000 crore investment
present during the event.                                  in the next few years.
Mr. Mochida claimed that Gujarat was one                   Charanaka has been chosen for the project
of the main business partners of Japan, with               due to its high level of solar exposure of 5.8
top Japanese companies investing in the                    - 6.0 kWh and the state has already
state. Six Japanese jewellery firms are also               acquired over 2,500 acres of land required
going to take part in Sparkle-2011, to be                  for the park in the village. It is planning to
held in January.                                                                       have all essential
"Friendship between Japan                                                                   infrastructure
and Gujarat dates back to                                                              facilities installed.
1972,     when      Panasonic                                                          The Government
developed a plant in                                                                   of Gujarat has
Vadodara.      Since     then,                                                         identified       few
business       has      grown                                                          more places in
considerably touching USD                                                              north       Gujarat,
417 million in 2009. Gujarat                                                           Saurashtra and
is leading in implementation                                                           Kutch regions for
of DMIC projects in India, which is again a                developing solar projects.
result of optimistic relations and economic
co-operation with Gujarat," Mr. Mochida                    Gujarat       Industrial  Development
said.                                                      Corporation (GIDC) announces new land
Mr. Ajoy Bhattacharya, President of SGCCI                  acquisition policy
(South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and                     December 09, 2010
Industry) termed VGGMTS a special
platform, where local manufacturers and                    GIDC has announced its new policy for
enterprises can display their skills. SMEs in              acquiring land for industrial and commercial
Surat can benefit a great deal and it can                  purposes.     Honourable       Minister    for
help them penetrate into new markets.                      Industries, Mr. Saurabhbhai Patel termed
                                                           the new policy as “Participative Policy for
Gujarat to generate 1,000 MW from its                      Land Development in Industrial Estates”.
proposed Solar Park                                        Under the new policy, developed by GIDC,
December 10, 2010                                          market price will be paid to the land owners
                                                           for land acquisition. The market price of the
Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam (GUVNL), the                      land will be determined by CEPT University.
utility of the state, is in the process of                 As per the new policy, GIDC has also
contracting long-term power purchase                       outlined broad guidelines for developing
accords with 80 solar investing companies                  estates on privately purchased land on
who have shown interest in the project.                    public private partnership mode. Land
Most of the companies have submitted                       owners will also be given developed
their proposals to set up 1 MW to 45 MW                    commercial plot to the extent of 1% of their
solar power generation units. In the first                 land acquired at a token price of Rs. 1 per
phase of the development, the solar park                   square meter.
anticipates to install and commission                      The policy also outlines that any land owner
around 500 MW and expects to commission                    whose entire landholding in the village has
1,000 MW in 2013 and 20,000 MW by 2022.                    been acquired shall be entitled to one time
                                     10   Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub

financial assistance equivalent to 750 days            advanced technology and unparalleled
of minimum agricultural wages for loss of              experience in large-scale solar PV systems."
livelihood, which amounts to Rs. 75,000.
Similarly, any landowner who becomes a                 McDonalds to invest Rs. 350 crore over
marginal farmer as a result of the land                next 4 years in Gujarat
acquisition will be entitled to one time               December 06, 2010
financial assistance equivalent to 500 days
of minimum agricultural wages.                                          Fast       food      chain,
                                                                        McDonalds said that it will
ACME inks supply pact with First Solar for                              invest Rs. 350 crore over
Gujarat plant                                                           the next four years in
December 09, 2010                                                       Gujarat to increase the
                                                                        count from the existing 10
Delhi-based ACME                                                        quick service restaurants
Tele Power Ltd.                                        (QSR) in Ahmedabad to over 40 by 2014.
(ATPL) and First                                       "We are looking to invest Rs. 350 crore in
Solar Inc. have                                        Gujarat over the next four years, which
inked a module                                         includes indirect investment by our few
supply agreement,                                      partners to open around 30 QSRs by 2014,"
which covers the                                       McDonalds      Director,    Alliances    and
supply of First                                        Corporate Affairs, Mr. Nishit Pandey said.
Solar’s advanced thin-film modules for a 15
MW (DC) solar power plant in the state of              The US-based food chain is expected to sign
Gujarat.                                               a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
The agreement entails building a 15 MW                 with the Government of Gujarat, in the
power generation project in the state of               forthcoming Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2011
Gujarat. The delivery of thin-film modules is          beginning January 12.
expected to take place by March 2011 to
fulfill the Government of Gujarat’s                    McDonalds has pitched in to Government of
expectation. Mr. Manoj Kumar Upadhyay,                 Gujarat’s proposal to open QSRs along the
Chairman and Managing Director, ATPL                   highways in the state beginning from Vapi.
commented, "This agreement is in line with             The company has shortlisted around 30
our endeavour of pioneering turnkey solar              locations in Gujarat off the highways.
technologies in India. We are enthusiastic
about working with First Solar to make this            "We have a chain of 24 QSRs along the
ambitious project a success and deliver                highways in states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu
larger benefits to the country."                       and Maharashtra, and they are doing well.
Commenting on the signing, Mr. T. K.                   Gujarat is next state on our agenda," Mr.
Kallenbach, Executive Vice-President of                Pandey said. "Sales from Gujarat contribute
Marketing and Product Management, First                nearly 10% of the total revenues in India,"
Solar, said, "We see India as a land of                Mr. Pandey said.
immense opportunity and potential. We are
pleased to collaborate with a leader like              The company has presence in Ahmedabad,
ACME and contribute through the                        Surat, Vadodara and Vapi. It plans to open
development       of     clean,    affordable,         an outlet in Rajkot district soon.
sustainable solar electricity utilizing our
                            Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub   11

                                                            resulting in rapid industrial growth in the
McDonalds sources 250 tonnes of potatoes                    state," Mr. Patel claimed.
monthly from Deesa in Banaskantha district
of Gujarat, which accounts for 90% of its                   Welspun to invest Rs. 700 crore in
complete requirement for the commodity.                     technical textiles venture
"We procure sesame from Rajkot district for                 December 03, 2010
about Rs. 10 crore. We are looking to
enhance procurement by four folds over                      Welspun India has allocated about Rs. 700
the next few years," Mr. Pandey said.                       crore for venturing into technical textiles. It
                                                            is expecting some assistance from the
Gujarat to spend Rs. 1.15 lakh crore on                     Technology Upgradation Fund (TUF) plan of
infrastructure                                              the Government of Gujarat, which is likely
December 05, 2010                                           to be revived shortly.

Over Rs. 1.15 lakh crore will be spent in the               The company is also expected to establish a
coming years on development of                              R&D entity in the Kutch region of Gujarat.
infrastructure facilities in Gujarat to attract             The sales turnover stood at USD 650 million
more industries, Honourable Minister for                    during the last fiscal year and the company
Industries,       Mr.                                            is seeking a hike of 8% to 10% in the
Saurabhbhai Patel                                                overall earnings from its sales this
said.                                                            fiscal year.
The sum will be                                                  The textile company is planning to
spent              on                                            make a total investment of Rs. 900
development        of                                            crore in two to three years' time. This
roads, power, ports                                              includes investment of Rs. 200 crore
and other facilities,                                            on machinery and equipment and the
which are needed                                                 remaining Rs. 700 crore for foraying
to set up industrial                                             into technical textiles.
units, Mr. Patel
"Despite the fact                                                Siemens plans Rs.          1,200    crore
that Gujarat is the                                              investment in Gujarat
only state not                                                   December 03, 2010
offering          any
incentives to the industrialists or corporate               Having inaugurated the second phase of its
bodies for setting up units here, it has                    steam      turbine      and     compressor
continued to attract more industries on                     manufacturing facility at Vadodara, Siemens
account of good infrastructure," he added.                  Ltd. has chalked out a capital expenditure
The Minister was speaking at the Ancillary                  plan of Rs. 1,200 crore for the next two
Development Summit organized by the                         years in Gujarat.
Federation of Gujarat Industries (FGI).                     While the company has already invested Rs.
"After becoming a separate state on May 1,                  275 crore of the amount for the second
1960, Gujarat has spent only Rs. 49,000                     phase of turbine and compressor plant, the
crore on development of infrastructure                      company has also planned to expand the
facilities up to 2003. After this, it has spent             existing unit, apart from setting up
about Rs 78,000 crore on these facilities,                  transformers      and      wind      turbine
                                                            manufacturing units in the region.
                                    12   Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub

Mr. A. K. Dixit, CEO, Energy Sector, Siemens          announcement made by Mr. Peter
Ltd. said that "We had invested around Rs.            Loescher, President and CEO of Siemens AG
300 crore for phase one of the plant where            in February 2010 when he announced an
we began manufacturing small steam                    investment of Rs. 1,600 crore in India over
turbine with a capacity of 45 MW. At an               the next three years to set up six hubs of
investment                                            base level products.
of Rs. 275
crore,     we                                         Gujarat Pavilion Wins Gold Award at IITF
have      now                                         2010
launched the                                          November 27, 2010
phase                                                 The 30th edition of India International
wherein we                                            Trade Fair was held at Pragati Maidan, New
will manufacture steam turbine with a                 Delhi during November 14-27, 2010. The
capacity of 150 MW and compressors. Next              theme for this Trade Fair was Clean and
stage of the plan is to expand and                    efficient technology, products and services.
manufacture 250 MW steam turbines,                    The Gujarat Pavilion won the Gold Award
transformers and renewable energy                     for excellence in display of the theme
products like wind turbine. In all, we would          prescribed by India Trade Promotion
be investing Rs. 1,200 crore in the next two          Organization. The Gold Award was
years in Gujarat including the current                presented by Smt. Sheila Dixit, Chief
second phase expansion.”                              Minister, Government of NCT Delhi in an
As against the conventional gear drive                impressive function held in Delhi. On behalf
technology used for manufacturing wind                of Government of Gujarat, this award was
turbines, Siemens Ltd. is planning to                 received by Shri HC Desai, Advisor (Inv.
manufacture the same using                                                             Promotion),
direct drive technology and                                                    iNDEXTb.
intends to set up a manufacturing                                              In the Gujarat
unit in Gujarat. Mr. Dixit added                                               Pavilion,       the
that "We will be investing Rs. 350                                             progress made by
crore to Rs. 400 crore for the wind                                            Gujarat in recent
turbine unit which we would like                                               years in the area of
to put up in Vadodara. The plant                                               Clean and Green
should be operational by 2013.”                                                Energy          was
The      steam      turbine     and                                            exhibited with the
compressor factory has been                                                    help of 3-D live
operational in Vadodara since                                                  models of solar
January 2007 and is already                                                    panels, wind mills,
established as a 'Centre of Competence' for           extraction of ethanol from maize, biogas
smaller steam turbines up to 45 MW for                plant, eco Chula, LNG Storage &
industrial applications. The smaller turbines         Distribution network, BRTS bus and station,
up to 15 MW are sourced from this factory             etc. In addition, all the subjects were
by Siemens AG to cater to Asia, Africa and            treated with related back-lit panels. The
even to European markets. The second                  project details of Sabarmati Riverfront
phase of the factory will further enhance             Development and the initiatives of the
company's manufacturing footprint in India.           Government for water harvesting and
The expansion program is in line with the             recharging were impressively projected
                            Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub   13

through back-lit panels. The display in the                 Earlier, the Gujarat Pavilion received Gold
Pavilion proved to be star attraction for the               Awards in 2005 and 2008 also.
visitors to the fair, numbering about 20 lakh
during the course of two weeks.

 Feature Article

                Information for Guests of Vibrant Gujarat 2011 Summit

Gujarat is the gorgeous melting pot of races and culture, the perfect amalgamation of tradition
with trend. The rich heritage, beauty of nature and the association with the father of the nation
has made Gujarat the preferred tourist destination.

                         Gujarat is a land of festivals and fairs. Along with its rich cultural
                         heritage, Gujarat is also blessed with a variety of scenic, historical and
                         archeological destinations. Fascinating landscape, exciting beaches,
                         magnificent monuments, the most ancient remains of human
                         civilization, exquisite cuisine and above all, the all pervading warmth of
                         people make Gujarat a memorable experience for a visitor.

                         Gujarat is a land of captivating contrasts. Known as an industrial and
                         commercially successful state, Gujarat is also famed for its handcrafts
                         that are a living legacy with age old skills passed on from generations.
                         Some of the crafts forgotten elsewhere have survived over the
centuries in Gujarat. These handicrafts are a part of the lifestyle of the people of Gujarat
whether it is Patola, a silk weaving technique patronized by
the Solanki Rajput rulers in the twelfth century, or Lipan, the
process of decorating mud-walled houses with terra-cotta
relief designs, murals and mirror inlay that prevails in the rural
areas like Kutch and Saurashtra. It is this traditional handiwork
that makes Gujarat one of the most colourful states in India.
The living legacy of handiwork can be seen at markets, at
homes and at the workshops of artisans.


Gujarat is unique in its geological and topographical landscape. From volcanic outpourings
through bedrock to fossil fields of indigenous dinosaurs; from the art of the Neolithic cave
painter to the stone masterpieces of a series of civilized architecture. Gujarat has it all. Ancient
cave paintings to historic murals, natural and manmade caves. Art, history, music, culture, all
dovetail within each other to form a wondrous matrix that is the cultural exuberance of the
people of the state.

Eight tourism hubs have been created, which are Ahmedabad Metro, Ahmedabad Rural (North
Gujarat), Surat (South Gujarat), Vadodara (Central Gujarat), Rajkot, Junagadh & Jamnagar
(Saurashtra) and Bhuj (Kutch), for convenience of tourists visiting Gujarat.
                                     14    Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub

These hubs are well equipped with the modern infrastructure, facilities and services in the
areas of commerce, communication, connectivity, hospitality, transportation, medical facilities

                        AHMEDABAD, the largest city of the state, offers marvelous monuments
                        built in the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. Ahmedabad is renowned
                        for its textile mills and is often referred to as the 'Manchester of the
                        East'. Nowadays it is better known by Gandhi
                        Ashram, Sardar Patel Smarak Bhavan, Indian
                        Institute of Management, National Institute of
Design, Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries, etc. In addition
to these places, Kankaria Lake, Jain Temples at Hathesing ni Wadi, Gita
Mandir, Hare Krishna Temple, Zulta MInara, Sidi Saiyad ni Jali, Jama
Masjid are worth visiting places. There is a wide spectrum of gardens
in Ahmedabad that exhilarate the gleam and appeal of the city. People from all over India and
from all walks of life prefer to settle in this city.

                      NORTHERN GUJARAT is known for such sites of attraction like Ambaji,
                      Mehsana, Wild Ass Sanctuary, Patan, Shamlaji, Taranga Hills, etc. Ambaji
                      is an important temple town with millions of devotees visiting the Ambaji
                      temple every year. Mehsana is the district headquarters and the nearest
                      town to Modhera and an ideal central location to plan out an itinerary to
                      the surrounding areas. The town is known for its ‘Dudhsagar Dairy’ plant,
a post modernist structure designed by Achyut Kanvinde and a must
see for architecture enthusiasts. A soothing drive amidst green
farmlands just 35 km away from Mehsana on the way to the temples
of goddess Bahucharaji reposes the village of Modhera. Set along the
backdrop of River Pushpavati, surrounded by a terra-formed garden
of flowering trees and songs of birds, rests the famed Sun temple of

                          SURAT also known as Suryapur is the commercial capital of the Indian
                          state of Gujarat. It is the administrative capital of Surat district and
                          one of the fastest growing cities in India with a population in 2010
                          nearly the double of that in 2001. The district of Surat is famous for its
                          various religious sites, heritage monuments and structures, museums,
                          beaches and coastal sites. The Chintamani Jain Temple, Dutch Garden,
the Surat Fort, the Sardar Patel Museum, Gaurav Path, Saputara are just a few famous
destinations that attract numerous tourists.

VADODARA is known as ‘Sanskari Nagari’, i.e.
Cultured City. It is the most sought after location
for Garba in the entire Gujarat. Vadodara is one
of India’s most cosmopolitan cities and a place
where the magnificent Lukshmi Vilas Palace and
the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda
(M.S.U.), the largest university in Gujarat, are
located. Apart from that one can visit now derelict but once lavish Nazarbaugh Palace, the
                           Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub   15

Vodadara Museum and the Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum, or admire the painted walls of the
Tambekar Wada haveli, and the Nandlal Bose murals of the Bhagvad Gita in the old Kirti Mandir

                                located in Panchmahal district in Gujarat and is a part of
                                Vadodara tourist hub. It was inscribed in 2004. There is a
                                concentration of largely unexcavated archaeological, historic and
                                living cultural heritage properties cradled in an impressive
                                landscape which includes prehistoric (chalcolithic) sites, a hill
                                fortress of an early Hindu capital, and remains of the 16th
                                century capital of the state of Gujarat. The site also includes,
                                among other vestiges, fortifications, palaces, religious buildings,
residential precincts, agricultural structures and water installations, from the 8th to the 14th
centuries. The Kalikamata Temple on top of the Pavagadh Hill is considered to be an important
shrine, attracting large numbers of pilgrims throughout the year. The site is the only complete
and unchanged Islamic pre-Mughal city.

These are just a few places of attraction in Gujarat from a large
plethora of famous and captivating tourism heritage of this state. To
name a few others, the following sites can be mentioned: For the
famous bead/mirror work, tie and dye (bandhani), silk embroidery
and appliqué work of Gujarat pay a visit to Rajkot. The Mahadev
Temple at Bhavnagar, Emperor Ashoka's rock edict at Junagadh and
the ornamented triple gateway atop the Uperkot hill are other prime
attractions in Gujarat. The more religious tourists must visit the
pilgrim center of Somnath. The city of Patan is renowned for its
architectural wonders including the step well of Rani Udayamati and
the Sahastralinga lake. The city of Jamnagar has the Lakhota Fort,
Kotha Bastion, Willington Crescent, Solarium, Jamsaheb's Palace and the ports of Rozi and Bedi.


                         The festival of Uttarayan is a uniquely Gujarati phenomenon, when
                         the skies over most cities of the state fill with kites from before dawn
                         until well after dark. The festival marks the days in the Hindu calendar
                         when winter begins turning to summer, known as Makar Sankranti or

                         On what is usually a bright warm sunny day with brisk breezes to lift
                         the kites aloft, across the state almost all normal activity is shut down
                         and everyone takes to the rooftops and roadways to fly kites and
                         compete with their neighbors.

Uttarayan is celebrated every year on 14th January across Gujarat, with major centers of kite-
flying in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Nadiad, among others. The International Kite
Festival is held in Ahmedabad this year.
                                     16    Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub


Gandhinagar is the state capital of Gujarat. It is
located at the banks of river Sabarmati. With an
area of 205 sq km, Gandhinagar is just 25 km
away from Ahmedabad, the commercial hub of
Gujarat. The city is among the few planned cities
of India. All state administrative head offices are
located in Gandhinagar.

The city of Gandhinagar is the venue for the 5th
Global Investors’ Summit – Vibrant Gujarat
2011. Vibrant Gujarat is a biennial Summit held
by the Government of Gujarat in Gujarat, India.
The Summit is aimed at bringing together
business leaders, investors, corporations,
thought leaders, policy and opinion makers; the
Summit serves as a perfect platform to
understand and explore business opportunities
in the State of Gujarat. The Summit has had
resounding successes in the past attracting
several companies from all over the world to
establish their presence in Gujarat.


Starting 2003, all four summits were held at Science City in Ahmedabad. But the 5 th edition of
the biennial investors’ meet will be held at a convention centre in Gandhinagar, being
                                                        developed as Mahatma Mandir – it is
                                                        also planned as an iconic tourist
                                                        destination in Gandhinagar to exhibit
                                                        the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

                                                              A convention centre with capacity to
                                                              accommodate over 5,000 people is
                                                              located in the same complex. The
                                                              60,000 sq meter complex also has an
                                                              exhibition hall over 10,000 sq ft area. It
                           Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub   17

has conference halls for sector specific sessions and meeting rooms. An auditorium for
entertainment, prayer hall, meditation room and a grand spinning wheel will also come up as
part of the project.

By road: Gujarat has one of the better developed
road networks in India. Ahmedabad is well
connected with all major cities and towns by road.
Prominent bus stops are located at Gita mandir
near Kalupur Railway Station and Paldi. Regular bus
services are available by Gujarat state transport
buses and private operators to all the major
destinations of the state.

                                               By rail: The main railway station is located in Kalupur
                                               area. This station falls under the prominent national
                                               railway circuit and is connected to all major cities of
                                               India. If you are on the western side of the
                                               Sabarmati river, then you can go to the Gandhigram
                                               station near Ashram road to buy your railway tickets

By air: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel airport at
Ahmedabad is an international airport with direct
flights to USA, UK, Singapore, Dubai and other
international hubs. Numerous domestic flights are
also operational from here. Flights operate
between Ahmedabad and the metropolitan and
other major cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata,
Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa
and Jaipur.

Events in December 2010
   Seminar on “Opportunities and Growth of Stone Industries” in Gujarat, 3rd
                              December, 2010

An international seminar on opportunities and growth of stone industries in Gujarat was held
on 3rd December 2010. Renowned architects, sculptors, industries, government authorities and
academicians attended the seminar. The conference was organized jointly by Gujarat Mineral
Development Corporation Ltd (GMDC), Government of Gujarat and Department of Geology and
Mining, Government of Gujarat in association with Federation of Indian Chambers of
Commerce Industries (FICCI) and Centre for Development of Stones (CDOS), Jaipur.

Speaking about the stone industry and its potential in Gujarat, Honourable Minister of State for
Industries and Mines, Government of Gujarat, Mr. Saurabhbhai Patel informed that it was the
right time for Gujarat to capitalize on the opportunity in the stone sector with respect to
                                    18   Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub

investments as well as employment. The conference, which had around 180 delegates
participating from across the country, discussed the need to take the stone industry to the next
level and brainstorm pertinent issues with decision makers over interaction with fraternity and
leaders in this sector.

          Seminar on “Gujarat Tourism & Aviation: Exploring Investment
                      Opportunities”, 6th December, 2010
The Department of Tourism, Government of Gujarat, Gujarat Tourism Opportunity Ltd.
(GUJTOP) in partnership with Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI)
Gujarat State Council organized a Conference on Gujarat Tourism: Exploring Investment
Opportunities on December 6, 2010. The Seminar highlighted various areas of investment in
tourism sector like Convention Centers, Eco-Tourism, Medical Tourism, Wayside Amenities,
Adventure Tourism, Heritage Tourism, Beach Tourism, etc. in the State along with special
emphasis on exploring investment opportunities in the Aviation sector. The seminar witnessed
leading national personalities in this sector as speakers / panelists including policy makers,
industry and sector representatives and investors in the State – the Seminar addressed the
challenges in the future path for the Sector to reach the next level.

The Tourism and hospitality industry in Gujarat is expected to see heavy investment inflow
during Vibrant Gujarat 2011, as the government has chalked out a lucrative hotel policy for new
investors and proposed an up-gradation of prominent tourist destinations including beaches,
cultural heritage and religious monuments in the State. GUJTOP, a company floated by Gujarat
Tourism Corporation Ltd. and IL&FS has identified 39 projects across categories. The
Conference was followed by structured, pre-fixed meetings between investors and officials
from GUJTOP.

  Seminar on “Agribusiness- Opportunities and Challenges”, 8th December, 2010

A seminar on “Agribusiness – Opportunities and Challenges” was organized by the Government
of Gujarat and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) with the support of the Industrial
Extension Bureau (iNDEXTb) on 8th December, 2010. The objective of this seminar was to bring
together relevant government agencies, private sector players, external consultants,
academicians and advisors to deliberate on the Indian agriculture scenario and to explore
investment opportunities in Gujarat’s food and agriculture sector. Speaking at the seminar, the
Chief Guest, the Hon’ble Minister of State for Agriculture & Cooperation, Government of
Gujarat, Shri. Dileep Sanghani said, “To tap the vast opportunities in the agro sector it is time
for the state government to facilitate forward linkages in terms of setting agro manufacturing
and processing units. This seminar is an ideal platform for entrepreneurs and SME’s to
discover new opportunities, latest technologies, main trends and issues faced by agriculture

Special address was given by Mr. Ashok Sinha, IAS, Secretary, Ministry of Food Processing
Industries, Government of India and Mr. Asit Tripathy, IAS, Chairman, Agricultural and
Processed Food Products Export Development Authority. The event witnessed participation
from eminent players in the Indian food, retail and agriculture sectors like Mr. Piruz Khambatta,
                          Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub   19

Chairman, Rasna Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Devanshu Gandhi, Managing Director, Vadilal Industries Ltd, Mr.
KR Narayanan, Managing Director, McCain Foods Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Arup Chauhan, CEO, Parle
Products Pvt. Ltd. A diverse range of topics included contract farming, warehousing, seed
banks, horticulture and floriculture etc. The highlight of the seminar was a CEO Roundtable
where 8 top officials from different food and agro companies together discussed various
investment opportunities and challenges for companies and entrepreneurs who are keen to
foray or expand their business in the food and agriculture sector.

          Seminar on “Fostering Healthcare for All”, 14th December, 2010

A seminar on “Fostering healthcare for all” was organized by the Health and Family Welfare
Department, Government of Gujarat and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and
Industries (FICCI) with the support of the Industrial Extension Bureau (iNDEXTb) on 14th
December, 2010. This seminar focused on “Investment opportunities and growth of the
Healthcare Sector in Gujarat”. The objective of this seminar was to bring together relevant
government agencies, private sector players, external consultants and advisors to explore
investment opportunities in Gujarat’s Healthcare sector. The seminar covered areas like:
“Evolving Innovative Investment Ecosystems in Healthcare”, “Emerging Trends &
Transformational Opportunities”, “Gujarat: Marching towards a New Paradigm in Healthcare”.
The panel discussions during the seminar deliberated on trends like evolving innovative
investment ecosystems in healthcare like setting up of a medicity, alternative financing in
healthcare, healthcare education and setting up of new projects through Public Private
Partnership model. GE Healthcare presented a case study on their successful partnership with
Government of Gujarat during the discussion.

The Chief Guest, Shri. Jay Narayan Vyas, Honourable Minister for Health & Family Welfare,
Government of Gujarat, said “The healthcare landscape in Gujarat is changing rapidly. The state
government is taking several initiatives to make Gujarat a global healthcare destination. The
Public Private Partnership (PPP) model in medical care is on a fast track and many hospitals in
Gujarat have adopted this successful model in various practices. To further boost the PPP
model, we have received encouraging response from private companies wanting to adopt this
model”. The Guest of Honor was Mr. Parbatbhai Patel, Hon’ble Minister of State for Water
Supply, Co-operation, Health and Family Welfare, Government of Gujarat. Distinguished guests
like Ms. Sujata Rao, Ex-Health Secretary, Government of India spoke of need of regulation in
PPP model and healthcare sector. The Seminar saw the presence of Health Minister of Punjab,
Mr. Tikshan Sud and eminent experts such as Mr. Marvan Abdul Aziz, Business Director, Dubai
Health City, Mr. Prem Jigyasi, International Consultant, Medical Tourism and other eminent
personalities of international repute in the Healthcare domain.

            Seminar on “Integrated Mining Cities”, 16th December, 2010

This seminar was organized by the Government of Gujarat, GMDC and Confederation of Indian
Industry (CII) with the support of the Industrial Extension Bureau (iNDEXTb) on 16th December,
2010 in Ahmedabad. This seminar focused on the concept of introducing integrated mining
cities in India as well as discussing the vast investment opportunities and the growth of the
                                    20    Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub

mining sector in Gujarat. The seminar bought together relevant government agencies, private
sector players, external consultants, academicians and advisors from various parts of the
country. The plenary sessions primarily focused on global delivery models for developing a
mining city, conservation of natural minerals and deploying environmentally-friendly mining
technology processes and methods to ensure pollution is kept to the bare minimum.

The Chief Guest, Shri. Saurabhbhai Patel, Hon’ble Minister of State for Industries, Government
of Gujarat, said “Gujarat is a treasure trove of minerals, having 18 different deposits of
significance, including lignite, bauxite, limestone, manganese, fluorspar, bentonite, clay, silica
sand and dolomite. To understand and implement comprehensive and scientific mining in the
State, “Integrated mining Cities” need to be set up. The Government wishes to encourage
sustainable mining with due conservation of valuable resources at par with international best
mining practices and to make use of the latest environmentally-friendly mining technology.”
Special addresses were given by Mr. Maheshwar Sahu, IAS, Principal Secretary, Department of
Industries and Mines, Government of Gujarat. The event witnessed various eminent national
speakers addressing the audience like Mr. Arun Basu from JNE Consulting, Mr. Hemant Shah
from Cubex Ltd, Mr. K V Chittranjan from Scanpoint Geomatics Ltd, Mr. KP Shetty from Wirtgen
India, Mr. Ravi Jhunjhunwala from Orind Singapore Pte Ltd, Mr. Sandeep Ray from CAE
Datamine International, Mr. K Y P Kulkarni from Ultratech Cement, Mr. Ganpat Roonwal from
Ministry of Environment & Forests Govt. of India and Mr. Arijit Dey, Scientist, Ministry of Water
Resources, Government of India, etc.

       “Global Chemical Leaders Summit 2010”, 17th - 18th December, 2010

The Government of Gujarat in association with Gujarat Chemical Association (GCA) organized
the Global Chemical Leaders’ Summit 2010 (GCLS 2010) on 17th & 18th December 2010 in
Ahmedabad. The first day, organized with the support of the Industrial Extension Bureau
(iNDEXTb), focused on showcasing Gujarat’s perspective to the global competitiveness agenda
in the chemicals, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, dyestuff and specialty chemicals sectors while
green manufacturing services was given priority. The second day of the summit highlighted and
showcased the role of SMEs and MSMEs as growth engines in the sector. The seminar bought
together relevant government agencies, private sector chemical units, leaders in chemical
manufacturing and trade, academicians and advisors from various parts of the globe. Diplomats
of 9 international missions from United Kingdom, South Africa, Ethiopia, Botswana, Kenya,
Mozambique, Zambia, Ghana and Peru participated. Gujarat Chemical Association (GCA)
signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Indo-African Chamber of Commerce and
Industries (IACCI) for promoting bilateral trade information technology and mutual interest
especially for SMEs. The MoU will also serve as a platform for promoting technology transfer,
Joint Ventures and investment in the chemical sector.

The Chief Guest, Shri. Saurabhbhai Patel, Hon’ble Minister of State for Industries, Government
of Gujarat, said “Gujarat constitutes 52% of the national chemical production with the presence
of big players such as ONGC, Reliance, Essar, TATA Chemicals, Indian Oil and GAIL”. Special
addresses were given by Mr. Pankajbhai Patel, Chairman, Zydus Cadila Group, Ahmedabad; Mr.
Jaimin Vasa, President, GCA and Mr. Harish Davey from Reliance Industries Limited. The CEO
conclave which discussed the opportunities, challenges and future roadmap for chemical and
                            Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub   21

petrochemical industries saw the participation of eminent panelists – Mr. Maheshwar Sahu,
IAS, Principal Secretary, Department of Industry and Mines, Government of Gujarat; Mr. Harish
Davey, President, Reliance Industries Ltd; Mr. Girish Shah, CMD, Chemcrux; Mr. Dangayach
from Sintex Ltd; Mr. Deepak Padia from Osho Pharma; Mr. Manish Kiri from Dyestar Group and
Mr. Mukesh Jain from Dena Bank.

     “Gujarat: Catalysing Inclusive Growth through ICT”, 20th December, 2010

A seminar on 'Gujarat: Catalyzing Inclusive Growth through ICT', was organized on 20th
December, 2010 by Gujarat Informatics Limited, Department of Science and Technology,
Government of Gujarat along with NASSCOM and Industrial Extension Bureau (iNDEXTb). The
summit focused on ICT adoption in education, e-governance which has been the major focus of
Gujarat till now. It also deliberated on possibilities of exploring opportunities to capitalize on, in
the context of BPO, KPO, and semiconductor sectors.

“With improved IT infrastructure and education, Gujarat is set to drive IT growth in the next
decade. With an integrated IT policy, initiatives like GSWAN, e-governance and GIFT, Gujarat
has immense potential to become the next IT hub," said Mr. Som Mittal. Offering a projection
of the IT industry in the country, Mr. Mittal said that the total turnover of the industry this year
will be at around $70 billion (Rs 3 lakh crore) which will grow to $225 billion (Rs 10 lakh crore)
by 2020. "The CAGR of IT for the next decade is pegged at 15% - with the first half of fiscal
2010-11 having seen a growth of 20%," he added.

“An integrated IT policy, state-of-the-art infrastructure development and a strong focus
towards developing human capital development are some of the major steps taken by the
government," said Mr. Ravi Saxena, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Science and
Technology (DST), Government of Gujarat. Apart from Mr. Mittal, the speaker list at the summit
also included representatives of Mahindra Satyam, HCL Infosystems Ltd, Mindtree, IBM, Oracle,
Microsoft, among others.

                           BIOINVEST 2010, 22nd December, 2010

The Bioinvest 2010 was organized on 22nd December, 2010 by Gujarat State Biotechnology
Mission (GSBTM), Department of Science and Technology, Government of Gujarat along with
ABLE and Industrial Extension Bureau (iNDEXTb). The summit focused on newer paradigms of
Biotech business, investment opportunities in Biotech, Government initiatives and investors

Speaking about potential in biotechnology industry in Gujarat, Mr. Ravi Saxena, Additional Chief
Secretary, Department of Science & Technology, Government of Gujarat informed that Gujarat
holds strong base in industries like pharmaceutical, chemicals, food and beverages, which
would provide an ideal ecosystem for the development of the biotech industry in the state.
“Gujarat has a huge potential for developing biotechnology industry in the state, but the state
has much to do for improving higher education, which will further open investment avenues in
                                   22   Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub

this sector," said Dr. M.K. Bhan, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of

The event witnessed various eminent national speakers/panelists addressing the audience like
Mr. Ravi Saxena, Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Science & Technology, Government
of Gujarat, Mr. K.V. Subramaniam, President Life Sciences, Dr. M.K. Bhan, Secretary,
Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India, Ms. Deepanwita Chattopadhyay, MD
& CEO, IKP Knowledge Park & Director, India Innovation Fund, Mr. Akshay Kumar Saxena, IFS,
Mission Director, GSBTM, Ms. Kiran Mazumdar Shah, Chairman & Managing Director, Biocon,
Dr. Rashmi Barbhaiya, CEO & Managing Director, Advinus Therapeutics beside other dignitaries.

                           IIM Conclave, 27th December 2010

IIM Conclave was jointly organized by IIM Ahmedabad Association and Government to
celebrate 50 years of incorporation. IIM Alumni from all over the world have been invited for
this event to have an interactive session with Mr. Narendra Modi, Chief Minister, Government
of Gujarat. In this Conclave, from the IIM's side Professor Atanu Ghosh has made presentation
and shared his ideas on IIM Ahmedabad Alumni Association. Mr. Maheswar Sahu, Principal
Secretary, Industries and Mines, Government of Gujarat, has spoken about the industrial eco
system in the state and elaborated upon state's industrial performance over the last few years.
He has pondered upon avenues of collaboration between IIM A alumni and Government of

The Chief Minister has given an inspiring speech on the performance of the state in the last 50
years and has shared his vision for Gujarat. Mr. Dangayach, MD Sintex Industries and Mr. Amal
Dhru, were coordinating the event on behalf of IIM A Alumni. The event was conducted in the
R J Mathai auditorium on 27th December 2010.
                                 Gujarat: The Global Investment Hub       23

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