Divosan NR by liaoqinmei


Quaternary Ammonium Compound Sanitiser

NR is a quaternary ammonium compound based sanitiser for use as a
“post cleaning” sanitiser in the Dairy and Food Industries.


•Contains 10% QAC
Low use concentrations to achieve 200 ppm active QAC i.e. 2- 3

•Approved as Non-Rinse Product for Fishing Industry
Can be used as a non-rinse sanitiser during processing of fish which
reduces time and total cleaning costs.

•Good Soil Tolerance
Works as an effective sanitiser in presence of soil

•Effective Detergency Provided by High QAC Presence
Works as a cleaner also

•Low Cost for Litre Product
Low overall sanitation costs

Use Directions

Manual Application
•Prepare a NR solution of 0.2-1.0 % (2-10 ml/l).
•Apply liberally with a mop or brush to clean the soiled area. Allow
contact time of at least 5 minutes to allow complete disinfection.
•Rinse thoroughly with potable water.

Spray Applications
•Prepare a NR solution of 0.4-1.0% (4-10 ml/l).
•Apply using spray equipment. Allow a contact time of at least 5
minutes to allow complete disinfection.
•Rinse thoroughly with potable water.

Add 8-10 ml of NR/per litre of water to give 800-1000 ppm of active

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Physical / Chemical Properties
Appearance:                    Red liquid
Specific Gravity:              1.00 g/ml @ 20oC
                       Hazardous Contents:      N/A
UN No.                         N/A

Health & Safety

First Aid
•In case of contact with eyes or skin rinse immediately with large
quantities of water ( 20 minutes minimum).
•If swallowed remove material from mouth and drink milk or cold
•In all cases obtain medical attention without delay.

Safe Handling
•Wear gloves and suitable eye / face protection.
•Store in cool dry place away from food stuffs.
•Do not mix with other chemicals.

AgriQuality Approved (Dairy)
NZFSA Approved C43 (All animcal product except dairy)

For further information on safe handling and storage refer to Material
Safety Data Sheet.

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